Born and raised in L.A., Doja Cat made her first upload to Soundcloud in 2013 at just 16-years-old. She developed a knack for music by studying piano and dance as a kid and listening to the likes of Busta Rhymes, Erykah Badu, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and more. Soon, she went from obsessing over Catwoman to “crate digging” on BGclip and learning Logic and composition on a midi controller. Cooking up vibrantly, candy-coated beats, dropping bars doubled-up on double entendre, and singing with claws out, Amala unlocks a sweetly sexy world soundtracked by wild hip-hop, twisted pop, and smoked-out R&B. Asserting a feline-esque dominance and a style that can only be described as every color in a box of crayons, Doja Cat’s unapologetic charisma, charm, and confidence immediately take center stage. With co-signs from Chance The Rapper, Katy Perry, Chris Brown and J.Cole among others, 2018's hit “Mooo!” propelled Doja Cat forward and added many fans to her already feverishly loyal fan base.

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  1. Walter Schmitter

    She’s an angel and the video is 3:33….. angel number. coincidence? I THINK NOT

  2. Victoria Ceriani

    why is the yellow shirt censored? like who are they censoring?

  3. Nevena Mladenovic

    im libra😂♎

  4. youngmoneykid3689

    Doja cat your the best and I really love this collab 😍 this was one of the best collabs with #theweekend besides My fav kiss me more ft. #Sza

  5. youngmoneykid3689

    Planet her is OUT NOW!!! Go stream AND download and also listen to #dojacat planet her album on all streaming platforms

  6. youngmoneykid3689

    This collab is fireeeeeeee and I love the whole collab and I love this song and also I love you so much #dojacat and #theweekend

  7. youngmoneykid3689

    Yassssss, I love the whole planet her album aweeeeee perioddddd, it's 2 juicy

  8. Everything But Basic

    Empress ♎️

  9. Karl Fermilan

    I've listened to all of her songs and i have not hear any bad songs at all

  10. Alysha Raedt

    This video is art and captures the feeling perfectly😁🥰

  11. Louis Collins

    This video is flawless

  12. Laila Abibi

    Team Libra♎️💜

  13. Sensitive_ Salamander

    it truly cant be put into words how much i love this woman

  14. Tsurika Keii

    fav mv lmao. stan queen doja cow

  15. Towelie

    Now this is a soundtrack I would like to hear on cybperpunk

  16. Kat Loves Ariana

    They deserve eachother

  17. Kat Loves Ariana

    She’s so talented

  18. Loona chandran

    Just addicted to the song 🔥 .

  19. Criss


  20. vip


  21. Christian Cuecuesha


  22. Craisin Crazy

    Just imagining if the lyrics were “I want a man but I got you” 💀🖐

  23. Yolanda Kandikore

    Her: I'm not a cat I don't say meow Me: Okay. Doja CAT

  24. zepeto tik tok

    You r my fav rappper ever I love you ❤️🌸💖

  25. Tiffany

    Love it

  26. Gizem

    ı am turkish but ı liseen ı love inglesh music

  27. Duy Phuong Nguyen Ho


  28. Jeff Toobaboo

    *Y* *O* *U* *R* *I* *G* *H* *T*

  29. 🍬Sugar Rush🍬


  30. Mallika Mondal

    These visuals are just Alluring and Doja's voice is like cherry on top, believe me. And Weekend made it so valuable ... This has such a vibe.

  31. leprogaimeur 466


  32. leprogaimeur 466

    Je suis un mec je peux pas acheter ton produit

  33. カエルイチゴ

    This song is so relatable 😌

  34. Mike Mikey

    " I got a macbook I want you"

  35. Cooksta Rap

    Weres my money or I end the world wide with my life simple. From me Mr Luke Anthony fuller Byron bay NSW Sydney Australia.

  36. xanny berry

    T-T iconic

  37. Anisha angel

    She legit sneezed 💀

  38. D McMillion

    I'm done with music it's all fake now computer generated with state if art software the FBI controls and owns the music an movie industry nothing is real any more any one wonder where the Band is there is no instrument players all fake all fake people not reap computer generated no one looks that good especially nappy heads

  39. Little Ninja’s

    The Weeknd looks like the default character with mods

  40. John Fox

    i love how free u are, and my gf bonnie grant , who's a libra too loves u more than anything. she's been a fan off yours since she first found u singing mooooooo and grabbed my arm and said i needed to check u out and u are seriously the most REAL, AUTHENTIC, SPIRITUAL, SEXY, RAP-SAVAGE, BARS KILLER, VOICE SEDUCER, and I have MAAAD respect for what u. i feel your intense dedication to your art and it shines when you perform, on stage, and in your music videos. but it's when ur live on IG or show us glimpses into your life on here and tiktok that we'd DIE to see u on tour! maybe for herwe both seriosuly respect ur IDGAF what anyone thinks attitude which we feel so many people would pay anything for, but that's the thingL u can't pay for it. u can develope it over time or ur just born with it. (suddenly hearing a maybelline ad in my head lol) anyways her birthday is oct 13th (she always says u are her libra soul mate) and would give a limb to see u live. so when's the tour???

  41. Yinka Adewunmi

    #2021 ❤💜🔥🔥🔥

  42. juliaxmiss


  43. Moriah Salado


  44. Peace Love

    I love her and the weekend best duo I’m so in love with lyrics everything she so natural

  45. Joanna Okafor


  46. Moriah Salado

    Doja you vape girl Find you a man

  47. Big T

    She is insanely gorgeous.

  48. Rejane Fatalla

    Lisa from blackpink bring me here 😅😂😂

  49. dna


  50. Fujiwara Chika

    Bruh she is literally tell me u r a Libra without telling me you are a libra P.s:- I'm a Libra too

  51. L I L L I E


  52. kgotlelelo selala

    I’m so proud of Doja

  53. unicorn star


  54. Meredith R

    All the astrolgers are probably crying with happiness to get the birthtime. 😂😂😂 Edit: thanks dojas mom!

  55. Kate

    The quality really got me

  56. Scroomers

    This is the pinnacle of songwriting

  57. Leila Rahimi

    i hate you the weekend

  58. Frank Rodriguez

    Lol already saw what it's meaning is and people like this 😆

    1. BellaxBTS

      I dont like the meaning but it's catchy and I like it

  59. Popluff _

    doja cow

  60. Max Power

    I'm Cow Shite, should be the chorus.

  61. _Fabio_

    I'm in love.

  62. Camila Sapin


  63. Raida Nawar Arisha,roll:42,sec:Alfa

    She has a beautiful face and a magical voice 😇

  64. Adinda Hanna Zahira


  65. Icon


  66. Cosmic intelligence University

    Purely masonic

  67. Kaylee Cocco


    1. Golden Goddess of Cats

      Okay so why are you here watching

  68. Michellaneous Me

    I can’t get enough of this!

  69. Avion Boyd

    That dance tho

  70. Ricardo Ortegon

    It's the best video ever!! 😃

  71. SxmpplyJoe

    Me not even noticing she has the pices sign in her hair

  72. Rouow Ward

    Got milk bitch? Got cream? Got steak hoe? Got cheese? Is how i will be placing all my food orders.

  73. Rouow Ward

    This is what drew me to doja cat and now km hooked

  74. Alina Jacobson

    Work it doja cat I just found out that you are a Libra like me and love your song 🥰

  75. Andrian Cahyo Nugroho

    indo sendiri

  76. Josh callahan

    1:50 is where it gets good

  77. that_treat

    i cant find that comment saying doja cat came out as a cow 😭

  78. that_treat

    dojas greenscreen looking @ this from her basement : 👁💧👄💧👁