Heya! My name is Vivienne, and I like to animate cartoons and songs!
I am a grad of SVA in NYC, majoring in traditional animation, and I animate films based on the silly characters I keep coming up with! I have also taken to trying to fan animate some songs every now n' then. Songs that give me inspiration or direct visuals! I adore musicals and villains and animals, can't you tell? Hope you enjoy! c:

"What programs do you use?" TV Paint for animation, Adobe premiere, After effects, Sai and Photoshop!
"When is your next animation?" Animation takes time, but I'm almost always working on something! Soon as I can finish you'll see it!
"What are these characters you draw from?" They are from my various projects, I have TONS of projects!
"Why is your taste in music such shit?" It's cause it's my taste in music, it's not yours. I choose what songs I LOVE so they aren't shit to me!


Hazbin Hotel (comedy/Musical series) -IN Production-

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  1. •_simp studios_•

    When mayberry was crying about what she done infront of the students her dying words were “don’t forget to work on your times tables”

  2. MediumWoke

    Yo how did they get Norman Reed us for this fr

  3. lucas brown

    Ok but all jokes aside. RIP blitzø's cat sock puppet

  4. Loser Loser

    Man we should pay or fund for you

  5. Darkhan Bakitzhan

    It's perfect

  6. Dinkle Berry

    THIS IS HOW U MAKE A TRANS CHARACTER. implement them into the story but dont make the fact that they are trans their whole character that just makes them seem flat and make ppl not like them

  7. Darkhan Bakitzhan

    It's good

  8. rrothenberg123

    Did anyone else notice Moxxie blush and roll his eyes when Millie was teasing him??? XDDD Cute af

  9. Erika

    This vid is making the hell a heaven

  10. Greg Simmons

    We need the oh millie version from the camera's perspective

  11. Sir snickerz

    This always cracks me up when I'm sad , especially everytime there is a ew episode

    1. Sir snickerz

      Not ew

    2. Sir snickerz

      New episode!

  12. Lylybeebee

    "Bodyguarding was a job we did poorly" Given how many thugs you murdered I think you did it pretty well all things considered

  13. Messi

    17:01 just read it

  14. Zodiac textxox

    How old do you have to be to watch dis, im 10

  15. OXHI GT

    bi türkte yogkmu amq

  16. Amina Ibrahim

    that mother is bae

  17. David Regan

    When the audience screams from the woman dying and it zooms out you can see a guy with increfibly similar hair and looks to angel, try it.

  18. Generic pumpkin

    rip da homie

  19. nelly chevez

    7:03 best rape face ever since that docter therapist guy in the Tom and Jerry movie in the 90s

  20. Armando Barba

    Voice actors?

  21. DinoBoi

    You've been gnomed

  22. Yinyan Katagoi

    My question is how did her parents die? Is her sister a man?

    1. Miranda The kitten

      Imps are born in hell actually so none of them died, abd millies sister is trans

  23. JinXed_Rose 956

    ok when angel puts on the glasses you cant tell me he doesnt look like a bird

  24. anya wilson

    Where’s his mom at yo??

  25. Nunya Business


  26. Professional Idiot


  27. Dr. salt

    Vivziepop really deserves moresubs like there is 67,105,300 veiws on this video and still she only has 5.32 million subs

  28. after m

    So what happened to the show. One episode and its done or are they still working on it.

  29. Elizabeth Darrah

    I just realized that Moxie swears a lot in this episode... I mean for him lol

  30. John Walker

    This should be a Netflix series

  31. shinyfox

    18:14 those doors are the lesbian flag and you cant change my mind

  32. TheLogan

    Still waiting for episode 2.. 60 mio views and 2.5 mio likes, this really needs to become a series

  33. Gavin Hillaker

    Why is moxie in hell tho,he seems like a nice guy, right?

    1. TotallyNotAFox

      He ws born there - in the Wraith ring as he says in this episode ;)

  34. Madhattergirl56

    I love the development of all the characters so far.

  35. Minori-Shukman Kami

    I hope that my grandchildren will watch Hazbin Hotel

  36. Kiwivenuestar

    I thought blitzo went to wrath for horse riding lessons?

  37. Kiwivenuestar

    I thought blitzo went to wrath for horse riding lessons?

  38. Cameron Pilgrim

    I loved this episode! Just a suggestion, but could we get to see Loona meet her real parents?

  39. Nonametag1494

    And the fact that this is free.

  40. Samantha McNary

    Norman Reedus 😍

  41. Help Pls

    Uhm striker is norman Reedus 😩😩

  42. gotorv demon

    this still sucks

  43. Lock Tale

    The hat getting gradually sadder killed me

  44. Mystic

    4:08 can someone tell me what loona meant when she said he definitly watches?

  45. JujJej

    Sooo, who's Blitzo's twin Barbie?

  46. ava lps

    Striker: "starting with the one who treats you like a play thing" Blitz:"ooh that's kind of hot" Me: WELL NO FUCKING SHIT😩✋

  47. Crumbly Quacks

    Springtrap of furr

  48. ๏Fat nuggets๏

    The fact is that cherri is my favorite character is because i've been to jail for exploding stuff.. viv

    1. ODSTman 2

      I’m sorry what

  49. Karen Bohorquez

    14:30 oh damn i like this ewe

  50. Godzilla But With Internet.

    Damn this comment section has more bots than a Tf2 casual match.

  51. The Main Character

    Hell yeah! This episode was awesome!

  52. Psychic Friend Fredbear •u•

    Vaggie: “Well don’t let him in” *Charlie let’s him in*

  53. Thiccclover996 Henry

    Was that Norman reedus?!

  54. That Cherry Cat

    Moral of the story f Karen and her entitled parent Ness

  55. Raev'n Mouser

    My favorite words"oOoO fish:}"

  56. ZT K11

    Who's the best singer moxie or striker?

  57. tired efforts

    I can't be the only one who psychically can't watch the beginning scene because of bad memories with my own dad.. right?

  58. gotorv demon

    is that cratior gay

  59. MarineChicken

    WHAT THE FUCK DAD Im sorry but that was the best qoute

  60. Polski Jamnik

    Fun fact: the credits scene music is Addict VIP.

  61. Shadow_girl

    My mind: Val is a f*ckin a$$hole

  62. Isaiah Gill

    I don't like the way they treated Moxxie. I can't watch this show anymore, I dont like what the writers have to say.

    1. Soakaliz Laminectomy

      @Miranda The kitten guess we live in hell then

    2. Miranda The kitten

      It’s just the story, Abd violence is normal abd treating people like crap is normal, plus it helped moxxie grow backbone

    3. Soakaliz Laminectomy


  63. aron fnaf ar trader

    8:03 ooo

  64. Dulce

    Octavia just vibing while hearing her mom's plan 😂

    1. TotallyNotAFox

      The only one looking really concerned is the imp holding the phone ^^

  65. AnthonyKusanagi

    The fact that they got Richard horvitz into the show. I love it.

  66. EGhostArtist

    I found Blitzo's sister... *HIS TWIN SISTER, 'BARBIE-WIRE'!!!* 😱😱😱1:40

  67. WHB


  68. •random_fandom_gacha•

    Sooo we not gonna talk about how loona is literally watching hazbin hotel-

  69. WHB

    I don't know but Stolas is my favorite character hahahhahaha

  70. WHB

    So lovely this chapter!!

  71. WHB


  72. Artemis red

    Drunk moxxie saying Milly was adorable I don't usually ship straight couples but MnM need to stay together

  73. WHB

    Thanks, Vivziepop, for this content of high quality!!!!! I will follow this series until the end and after!!!!

  74. Rëd Dïåmøñd

    The good ol' days

  75. Bin Bin

    The censorship doesn't make sense

  76. WHB

    Now I have seen this chapter 4 times!! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! Hope I can see more about Via, Stolas, Blitz and Stricker in the future!!!!

  77. Daniel Salazar

    9:07 lol

  78. caitlin polhamus

    Dragon: *eating the clown* Me: *missed three times when i first watched * Me: be like O_O though the clown deserves it for scaring little via >:(

  79. WHB

    17:25 Is the most smooth moment I have ever seen in my life!!!