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  1. Nishi Sonowal

    I'm still watching déjà Vu (。•́︿•̀。)

  2. Vini Emanuel Walpaper Academy

    Wonderful, adoroooooooo, proud to be from the United States 🇱🇷

  3. Tessie 💕🔥

    Um, this sounds and is Misery Buisness right? I heard it on the radio and started singing Misery Buisness because I really thought someone did a remix, ha. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. Sophie Adcock

    Why I like Biden

  5. Dewi Rachmawati

    I really really really love her songs. They're showing Olivia's character, which is great! Makes me always wana hear them again and again. And the lyrics are so simple, yet touching. Love the way you sing Olivia, keep it up girllll!! Your songs are masterpieces ❤️

  6. María Fernanda Herrera Belmonte

    Soy el único comentario en español? XD


    Resisting de Tudor😭

  8. hello Angel's vlog

    An Angel's voice

  9. Musical Gamer

    She angy

  10. André Saramago

    Isn't this a nos to Kate Bush? The red outfit the super dramatic song. It seems so. A nice touch.

  11. Musical Gamer

    1:23 that fake smile tho, I felt that

  12. spacey

    How did I just experience a heartbreak without ever being heartbroken

  13. Gracie Davis

    Me and my nanny where lidListening to this song before she’d bead

  14. Dominic -

    travis scott!!!

  15. Diana sam


  16. Catia Souza


  17. Robert Winkel

    “Your so unaffected” Me when I eat a bag of chips in my bed after my dad told me not to eat in my room

  18. SKS


  19. Rejuve Clinique


  20. Zenitsu

    were her drive license

  21. Taufiq Hidayat RPl


  22. wRodrig0

    My name Is Rodrigo AND im a mam. I feel special

  23. Indy Fernandes


  24. •emiliaa•

    Liv t amo <33

  25. Kauã Enrique

    👉👈 why we are so sad about this beautiful song... 😢

  26. Stanley Steamer


  27. happygamer1234 gamer

    She's in a show in Disney plus called High School Musical the musical the series that show is good

  28. 🌱♡Leafy Wonders♡🌱

    i wish you all the best really oh geez, her songs- pure gold

  29. jy kim

    미치겠드아 너무 좋은거 아니냐고 이런곡 나만 좋아하냐고 노래 분위기 어쩔꺼야 진짜 올리비아 언니 너무 잘소화하잖아 ㄹㅇ 뭔데ㅜㅜ

  30. FF

    All Her song like a story so i can feel it 🥺🥺🥺

  31. happygamer1234 gamer

    shes from a show in Disney plus called High School Musical the musical the series :)

  32. Nikkie Zhang


  33. Dabis Waifu

    idk if anybody gonna date her anymore since they would be too scared to break up with her

  34. sudilos117

    idk I sense allot of, mind control? in here? Or mind teasing as I put it. The tones and auto tune ect

  35. Alexio

    first time listening to the song, my partner just broke up with me, feelin shit and i thought this was the perfect song for the situation

  36. isi Ruiz

    i love uuuuu

  37. Smoove J

    You know her producer wrote these lyrics. No one under 40 remembers Billy Joel.

  38. KelvinHamasaki


  39. Ushijima Wakatoshi

    it took you 2 weeks to go off and date her

  40. Sean Kim

    Olivia Rodrigo Is Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

  41. Martín Gallegos

    Omg I love her so much

  42. Jin An

    i think they'll kick her out of the cheer squad next lol

  43. Kilo 3

    Fun fact: this girl can't make a bad song

  44. Charlotte Donovan


    1. Charlotte Donovan


    2. Charlotte Donovan


    3. Charlotte Donovan


    4. Charlotte Donovan


  45. Marv Noji

    Respect the pilows with the tiers there the only one with you after a break up so respect the pilows🥺

  46. Maxwell Rose

    Ummm what happened to Paige from bizzardvark

  47. Marv Noji

    If here her ex watch this uou really broke her heart and she taken revenge so enjoy Olivia ex she didn't need that guy anyways and she deserves beter🥺

  48. Zoe Lee

    *me listening to the song thinking* maybe im to emotional , yea ive been seen like a windowed soul" *chille anywayysss*

  49. Eclectic Riley

    I’m super she was super nervous, I kinda understand bc I’ve sang in front of crowds before(not saying my experience was anywhere near hers), but I think her first live performance of this song should have hit harder. If that makes sense.



  51. putrieshh

    idk why but i can relate this song

  52. dalia del valle gomez

    Joya de canción 😭💐

  53. bella

    these songs are so relatable Olivia understands pain.

  54. Tinicia Duke

    I thought she was sweet and soft I never knew she was this mean ,but I love the song anyways😏😘

  55. OneRedTomato

    brought to you by Samsung

  56. Ana Beatriz Toma

    Gosto de batata:)

  57. De_todo_un_poco Suscríbete plis


  58. Horacio Albarracin

    01:17 dkw but she reminds me of Britney ❤️

  59. RosA

    muito bom!!!

  60. Optimistic gacha

    Wow you have to sing and pay attention to the chorus at the same time sheesh that is true effort

  61. Kyogi Min


  62. Lilia Iturbe

    Girll is she really going places , like no joke, she got her drivers license

  63. Denize Portilho

    Omg who did that whit this girl? 🤧

  64. Carino Sinex

    I took a risk deal with *G4baby* on telegram now I can vouch for him thanks for the dl lookup site you got me bro is legit 💯

  65. Carino Sinex

    I took a risk deal with *G4baby* on telegram now I can vouch for him thanks for the dl lookup site you got me bro is legit 💯

  66. Gizmo Man

    This isn’t initial D

  67. andrea


  68. Victor Lopes

    Olivia Rodrigo supremacy 🛐

  69. erefy

    this is me watching my friends having their glowups while i sit here waiting for mine they’re all stunning. how the hell am do i bring myself to walk next to people who shine brighter than the sun?

  70. TJت︎☯︎

    Who remembers bizardvark😔😢

  71. aylin

    Buen temaa

  72. luisafer g

    3:11 Cómo Lauren cuando se enoja 👁♥️

  73. sewnewcreations

    I see this girl doing everything <33