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  1. Jeet Kotedia

    Ross said the wrong name at the altar, almost went on a holiday with rachel after and kept choosing her toxic side over Emilys. But the show makes Emily look like the bad person. Make it make sense

  2. Alvaro b

    Warner bros has a gem here... why screw them over realising it on tv at the same time, i just wish the second film gets to be made. Warner please stop making dumb decisions.

  3. Johnny Sahn

    If you noobs think this trailer gives away the whole've no idea the depth of this epic!

  4. Robot E7

    Helluva cast! I've seen all the previous Dune duds I'm ready for something good. Keeping my fingers crossed and cautiously optimistic.

  5. Internet Enjoyer

    Normie cringe

  6. abikinebi


  7. Matt H

    Every character could be a villian.



  9. Eriona Pillow

    Yes ross shouldn't have said the wrong name and they never should have gotten engaged after knowing eachother for 6 weeks but Emily is still the worst. Glad that she never came back. She didn't even try to trust or reason with him and wanted him to move away with her leaving ben behind and then told him who he can and can't be friends with??? She was awful. Glad in the end ross was finally happy with Rachel. Feel sorry for who ever married Emily.

  10. Markus H

    After mon said that rach had moved the green ottoman, I loved the reaction of the group 😂❤️

  11. Tafheem Ul Haq

    The only thing that I am praying right now is that:- Don't ruin this masterpiece by rushing to the end, give it it's time.

  12. ninjabear30

    could this be are new game of thrones !! but way better !

  13. Mohammad

    Man, I still can’t get over Thanos’s voice!!! Anyone else??? 1:17

  14. Chelsea Daley

    Emily really reminds me of priyanka chopra Jonas because they both have that same similarities in their personality because they both want everything their way of doing things so fast and quick like all the time

  15. Scott_itall

    Cmon just drop it on Netflix

  16. cv Dean

    Why r people blaming Ross? If Ross said Rachel's name at the alter, Emily had choice to stop the wedding right after he took Rachel's name In order to maintain reputation she just got married like that Ross was wrong too to going to honeymoon with Rachel He infact shouldn't have met Rachel that whole day after taking her name at alter Both r equally wrong

  17. Marcus Anders


  18. Dreadpirate

    The more of the movie they show in the trailer the shittier the movie usually ends up being. I hope this movie is an exception to that trend.

  19. argovbz_ac

    #InfinityTrainHBOMax #SaveInfinityTrain #RenewInfinityTrain #InfinityTrain

  20. argovbz_ac


  21. Aejaz Ahmed

    1.12 Joey said HENCE 😂😂

  22. Gabriel Sabino


  23. William Orgeness II

    I will respect this enough to not Pirate It

  24. arjun js

    Kgf bgm?

  25. Tony Soprano

    Where’s the Gabagool

  26. Kevin Rubio

    You know I love your service. I watch more than Netflix, but you are a fucking killing this movie by releasing a day and date on this platform. DON’T DO IT MAN! You idiots are cutting yourselves off at the knees and cutting yourself off from potential profits in the long run in favor of a short term gain. Again; don’t be fucking idiots.

  27. Chaitanya Pandey

    *Zimmer challenges himself* ❤️

  28. hg82met

    Rachel just kept breaking up Ross's relationships, then finding a reason not to be with Ross, first Julie, then Emily, etc.

  29. Shiva Shankaran

    Seems like sylvie is female loki 😂😂

  30. thelasonj

    F YES! 🤣 I will watch this! 🖤🖤

  31. aali kane

    Someone I know hates Emily's time on Friends, and is a big Rachel/Ross fan. I tried asking her how she'd feel if her husband had said his ex's name at the altar. Then I remember that he did. They share the same name. XD

  32. Jericho Dela Cruz

    You just can't unhear Thanos voice.

  33. Exotic Car Facts Official Channel

    Please don't mess this movie up 🤞 muad'dib 🤣👍

  34. Glokib

    When did trailers start showing the whole movie?


    Is Star wars or Star Trek 🤣🤣🤣

  36. Sam Misner

    We need more of theses movies from Zack please #RestoreTheSndyerVerse



  38. dean

    i took a flower arrangement class. it's not easy, it's definitely an art form

  39. jdanielzuk

    Girl: "I'm pregnant, my mom is going to kill me!" Baby: "Oh no, my mom is going to kill me."

  40. Paridhi Varshney

    Joey needed a friend like Joey 🙂🥺

  41. Jass 22

    Is that the guy who breastfeeds on Got?

  42. Esteban Vega


  43. locoghoul

    Rachel looking like a snack

  44. Hải Vũ

    Imagine a man who always be compared to his father and considered as failure. People please stop killing Gorou's career, like you've did with Sean Lennon.

  45. John Winchester

    This is society collapsing before your eyes. My lord

  46. Mark Johnson

    Everyone listen, if for some reason you can't make it to a theater, buy a ticket on line, this is going to be just like an election, let's pull together to make sure this gets made into alot more movies

  47. Mr. BeanScout

    He turned himself into a pickle, funniest shit I’ve ever seen.

  48. Anthony BCI


  49. Balaji Sahil

    I have read the Dune trilogy, you can't make it in just one film, not even a complete book. Make it a series, it will be grander than Game of thrones. Perhaps not but certainly equivalent to GoT!! Come on, HBO!!

  50. Alesso Vermudi Galán

    NightWing 😎 Yeah

  51. Catur Bagas

    Oscar reserved 👍

  52. Yummcake30

    Please this show deserves more seasons!! #RenewInfinityTrain #SaveInfinityTrain


    1:02 Villueneuve got some humor lmao

  54. Syd Maker

    If Emily in Paris can get an Emmy Nod let's get Gossip Girl one

  55. karmanya kumar

    They should hate Rachel.

  56. Blue

    I goddamn love you HBO

  57. Drew L

    Spoiler: they get rid of the nice guys and hook up with the douchebags, then complain how there are no good men anymore. Now you don't have to watch. You're welcome

  58. chase6919


  59. Dr Dre

    We all hate Emily

  60. Faustino Zabala

    Oh, is Romeo Santos still a thing???? I thought his music had passed to a better life, it's so outdated now

  61. Adora Blink_Army

    Omg that video make me want to live in ghibli world 🥰🤧💜💜💜

  62. Racheal Chandler


  63. Adora Blink_Army

    Who think Ghibli is best and better than Disney

  64. Gene Leung

    But will omnius be in this movie????????

  65. chowda

    Welp I just watched the entire movie

  66. Montgomery Ward

    My guy walked out so slowly. Looked like he was strolling through a garden on a quiet British morning.

  67. Aozotra

    idk about the cgi, but overall, hope its good

  68. Nang Ephriam

    They all hate Emily and they also hate Roger 🤣🤣. They are very alike in what they hate.

  69. teah gosman


  70. Ryan M-W

    "It's beautiful. I've been looking at it for five hours."

  71. ghubbz36

    What an utterly useless documentary