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  1. ExEssex :

    Sign: "When your in Romford or Basildon..." should read "When you're in Romford or Basildon..."

  2. Dennias Muranganwa

    I feel sorry for you, but you should not run away from the reporter

  3. Albert Alberto

    Pep should come back to Barcelona

  4. Dennias Muranganwa

    The team was better with Pochettinho. Not you Josee. You are finished. Look at Pochettinho at PSG. He is a good coach not a clown

  5. Dennias Muranganwa

    It's not the same sing, but thing come on Josee

  6. Dennias Muranganwa

    It's not sink, it's think Josee

  7. Simon Birtles

    Sad to see this but you know what Brian? You are a bigger legend than you could possibly believe to know

  8. Chad Tyrone

    37" put the subtitles on 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭

  9. Rejmin Begum

    Gary Neville better than old winkrily phil

  10. Andres Villavicencio

    stupidist actio ever seen

  11. Lejba Kohne

    ok, but can someone explain to me what happened before, what lead to this situation? I really don't know

  12. Dynamic gamer


  13. Neem Noa

    Spartans were required to serve in the army until they were 60. Had they been all Graeme Sounesses the age limit would have been 70.

  14. Zla

    I thought you cant buy those anymore

  15. W҉e҉e҉b҉ T҉a҉k҉u҉

    The Guy from today who speaks better english than Harry Kane

  16. AffordableUKWactchCollector

    If Joe Hart didn't have such a long neck he wouldn't have been able to make it as a goalkeeper

  17. Gurpreet Singh

    "European championships without England is going to be boring" Dumps England out Himself.

  18. Solomon Mohlala

    Arsenal > Spuds; and that will always be

  19. Saksham Makin

    me: puts subtitles on to understand him subtitles: what're you looking at me for? i have no idea what he just said

  20. Richard Calisi

    this guy would be awesome in Barca with Messi!!! They have GREAT connection!

  21. Freekzilla87

    That 2-2 didn't work out too bad in the end though did it, for every irish man except Keane obviously.

  22. David Cartagena

    and he will be crying every game

  23. No Sir

    He looks like a mix between Didier Drogba and Anthony Joshua

  24. Rockin Hype

    The flawless sunflower morphologically nail because twilight demographically head throughout a condemned macaroni. majestic, upbeat literature

  25. Guth

    It's been downhill since

  26. timothy bruns

    About ten years later he died. Absolute legend and he got portrayed well enough by Michael Sheen.

  27. Jen Sou

    Go home to Portugal??.... the guy’s from Brazil! 😂😂😂

  28. Stan Gable

    He backed down against Steffan Effenburg and Alan Shearer....keane was a fake hard man

  29. milner3

    Jason who???

  30. Alex O'Donnell

    That would be the Christopher Hitchins view of ' mother Theresa '...lol😁

  31. phuk luzin

    Thierry can throw dem thangs can't he sheeeet 😏

  32. Kushagra Khanna

    0:34 those teeth though.

  33. PaganBoris

    had a punchable face even back then

  34. SKAR

    Thanks. Wasnt sure what to watch. Now i know its Roy Keane for the next 4 hours until work. Job fuckin done!

  35. Jay Walker crew

    Why, what do you mean how; What do think 🤔 your thinking 🤨 why did you have to think 🤔😂🤣😅

  36. Marc Smith

    I am aged 44. I am so bored of Roy Keane. Who now cares??

  37. Miki Juliardi -

    Gary Neville was so really deserve to be a captain and mentoring plenty talented young lads in MU back in the days. Salute Him.

  38. Wayne Donoghue

    Ever score 4 goals before? - No, just 2 times before 2 times you scored 4 goals? - No just hatricks, never scored 4 goals before Good start to an Interview

  39. GSD

    Gary Kelly shaking like he was on the sniff the night before.

  40. Oli C

    Fuckin love this man you'll always get TRUTH

  41. everything will be ok

    Lambalebaba Jeff

  42. Scott Young

    "After Arsenal lost the 2006 Champions League Final with Arsenal." do you reckon he was managing Arsenal?

  43. Simon Page

    Big dunc would have made him back down

  44. Ark Kimia

    logic . no need dance, just 1 punch . btw funny

  45. The Big Dog

    Weak people with the victim mentality can't stand Keane. That man is a truth teller......love the guy and I'm a Liverpool fan.

  46. 俺はエミリアが好きだ

    Their parents are either winners and losers or neither after

  47. Seánbonella

    typical reporter, stirring shite to something nobody wants to answer....all reporters the same

  48. Captain cringe Cpt

    Robbed. No other club brushed aside teams all the way to the final like arsenal did. They were a completely different class.. 11 v 11 they were the better team without a doubt.. just a shame the red took away what could have been an amazing final.. #kroenkeout clubs now a dead club 💀

  49. Aslan

    I want to see him speak to Harry Kane

  50. TrainsByH 92

    That was last time that we saw prime Arsene Wenger 💯

  51. ACM 1899

    You can just tell by looking at him it's crushed his soul not winning that

  52. Hamz Ron

    Arsene Wenger is an absolute class of a manager. Always conducted himself well and speaks eloquently. Revolutionised the game with his methods and is continuing his innovations in higher level now with FIFA

  53. Ppp

    Jack the lad

  54. Jonathan Fagan

    Carras ego wouldn't let him lose judas fnk bin dipper.

  55. kristoff ziegler

    Peter Hillwood ruined Arsenal

  56. Beats Buds

    Sky are you a bot ??

  57. Colin-Miles Trinidad

    ‘That day has come.’ -Vinicius JR- 😂

  58. Kenny Wickham

    Could be a decent little player in the near future

  59. Mr Hussain

    Stupid Arsenal fans complain about the referee for sending Lehman off? He was the last man and took Eto'o out. Also Ludovic Guily scored whilst the ball was still in play after Lehman fouled Eto'o. I think they think in their deluded head that going 1-0 down Vs the best team in Europe at the time is a good thing 😂😂. Deservedly lost. Referee probably did them a favour, If Barca went 1-0 up Ronaldinho, Deco and Eto'o would've destroyed them on the counter the rest of the game.

  60. Angles Mcmuffin

    Forest got releagated because sold teddy to Tottenham, teddy would have been difficult to replace

  61. Dubem Udemezue

    Thierry Henry was still the best player in the world in his prime and he is the greatest player to ever grace the premier league.

  62. zaddy b

    😂😂😂😂 he should be banned for years

  63. leggo legg25

    I think bale doesnt love to play football

  64. Sidrotul Muntaha

    Tall guy in the front is one season wonder.

  65. carl cederhorn

    Before all the plastic surgery Cristiano actually looked like a human

  66. KL TOONS

    "Yeh is good game,is good performance .team win is important " CR7

  67. James Phillips

    Sky sports looked so weird in 1998

  68. King Guerin

    EFL cup :|

  69. Lmfy

    When you look back at it, it's kinda ironic how Ronaldo didn't know what "confidence" meant back then, when you realize he's the epitome of it now. And Zlatan, of course.

  70. reg World

    A once great player who turned to C***P before our very eyes. Do not know what happened to him.

  71. paul occs

    I'm a Manchester United fan and it gives me goosebumps watching this footage. City deserved there first title... unbelievable Geoff 🤣🤣👏👏

  72. Not Gary Oldman

    He totally deserved to win at least one UCL.

  73. Shredder

    Ben sheperd trying to pretend he knows stuff

  74. Jeevan Krishna

    The god😎

  75. Daddy Cool

    It's an Irish and Northern Irish thing, being abrasive, contrary, doing the best to look hard and never smiling it's part of the culture!

    1. Bobby Sutherland

      Scottish the same mate

  76. Louis Goodwin

    The nine dislikes are all Mark Noble

  77. Secret Guy

    A domestic woman abuser.

  78. Shane Mcgivern

    From here Arsenal FC changed their name to Banter FC

  79. Gareth Alexander


  80. Coach Cookie

    Keano! Damn right about that rude phone going off, let it ring out..... Turn it off you idiot!