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  1. Spinel The one and only

    Why is Aaron's voice so deep in English ? x)

  2. hombre mapache zash Caine

    Su primer cortometraje de dreworks

  3. Dean XCX

    The movie isn’t even out yet and the my showing everything in bits 🤦🏽‍♀️. Why can’t they just make an actual trailer that doesn’t show much?

  4. tryux8 xd


  5. Shirley Reyes


  6. Koleś z Gdańska

    I just realized how many cuts are here.

  7. Alejandra Armendariz

    Is cute 😖😖💕💕💞💞💕💕💜💕💜💕💕💜

  8. Mahatab Alam


  9. Eugene Godzilla

    My baby girl

  10. Bethany Gallop

    this song make me think of my mind

  11. Poldo94

    Bilby is a very Mother!!! Happy mother's day

  12. Brigi.b

    How can i see homecoming

  13. Borowa gaming

    This is crazy Why you do this

  14. NP Channel

    June 11th is my birthday 🥳

  15. Sin Sung

    Someone. Anyone. Please make this movie.

  16. Chu chu Train

    7:06 you know what this remind me of? (A screaming monke

  17. Srta. V.1


  18. Ali Imran


  19. BALWO studio Digital

    Paul worker

  20. Samantha Meski

    ich finde das die Folge deutsch sein Sol

  21. Michele Ange Desire

    Fjj Hmmm kg ce hcghhmnbbbbbbbbbbbb. Mmnnnmmmnnnnn

  22. Michele Ange Desire

    V bbmyy Hmmm je mlkkkkkk ki jhjm j

  23. Dewi Nafi'ah

    I like this love you so much,❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

  24. Jinu Turner

    i hat this soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  25. Jinu Turner


  26. Marta


  27. Circus Baby

    Is dum

  28. Juan Himmy

    Seems to be me but in Italy

  29. Lívia Borges

    *no one, absolutely no one* Finn: "YEEAAHH!"

  30. Lívia Borges

    S1: Looking for will👀🤨🧐🤔 S2: Saving Will😌 S3: Ignoring Will😶

  31. Lívia Borges

    2:00 even I laugh about it "it's your grandma" * me automatically * "🤭😆😆😆😂" 😐😐😐😐😐😐😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. azrin fashion


  33. Vincent Ven

    They actually going to space

  34. Ethem Öztürk

    Gays Shıb ınu coin Buy

  35. Minaminas CTFTLKHTTYDRATLDA&OFan99 2.0

    The bully kid looks like William from Violette1st

  36. Mora Amaro La Loba

    Thank you!

  37. Sam Perry

    Emma Stone is gonna do an awesome job as Cruella

  38. Cris Schaider

  39. Javad Poorkarim


  40. Aaron Alkor

    5:26 Tong’s Face is my fav

  41. Ace Montero

    i love this movie because there is a brave girl named raya and because there is a dragon there

  42. Mikey Patchy

    Looks all right but do we really need to keep rebooting the same shows over and over?

  43. CrxsoutWolf

    Aww 🥺 charlie is just giggling at him not being able to pick up the axe

  44. Amanda Bell

    WOW!!!! What a beautiful story!!

  45. Salazar Avon

    Roman is always ask the logical question

  46. The Girl 3000

    Did no one else see Sean

  47. Augusta Vásquez


  48. Dillon Davis

    I can’t believe they are growing up so fast, they have become teenagers, they are awesome !!!

  49. Santiago Acosta

    Creo que Este cortó es para Madagascar 4 en el cine que se estrenó en 2018 pero está cuarta Película fue cancelada pero sé creaba un corto que se llama BILBY un corto animado que es muy re parecida la de zootopia qué es una especie de la animación de Disney Pero esté cortó no es de Disney es de DreamWorks

  50. Eugene Godzilla

    Hotel transylvania 4

  51. Facet

    I kinda get zootopia vibes here

  52. Ryan Park

    I cried watching this for the first time at the theaters😭😭

  53. Marvel Escobedo

    I have two alternative titles for this movie: 1: Arlo the innocent dino 2: the boy and the Dino

  54. Regan Hendricks

    I'll prepare myself with the previous 8 fast & furious movies, then end with the ninth edition

  55. milica cvetkovic


  56. Flowerdia0

    they have ran out of ideas

  57. Josh's Reviews.

    I hope they don't make her sympathetic because someone who wants to wear the fur of puppies is someone you should not feel sorry for.

  58. Adriel Gaming


  59. Asya Bulduk

    This trailer sucks

  60. Sunny Madison

    I need spoilers fast pls !,!!!! Tell me

  61. Janna Pitts

    “There is nothing more powerful than the love of family.....but when you turn that into ANGER.....there is nothing more dangerous....” It hard to believe how true that is.....

  62. Ioana Andreescu


  63. Ioana Andreescu


  64. jim nguyen

    That tony stark shit get copy by batman

  65. Florizx

    I miss the OG theme not this

  66. Aygun Aygun


  67. Bharat Singh


  68. Zain amjad

    Why everytime there's an overaction in this movie

  69. Alpaca Jasmine

    Is so sed :'(

  70. Дмитрий Короленко

    It's so... touching?

  71. Creepeeer

    “Iron man” I’m shocked to since of what happened in..l you know....

  72. cerberus0814

    no, just.... no

  73. Olga Stelmaszewska