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  1. Druv B

    I'm pretty sure the partially cooked rice at 1:24 is in mauritius 💀

  2. Ranger Wolf

    the car at like 9:58 its based off a gta online car one of the windsers

  3. Dark Angel

    9:55 GTA 5's Windsor car with Sessanta Livery

  4. Max 44

    Imagine an electric bus!? Where do live, under a rock behind the moon onr mars?

  5. BeK Gaming

    This fake dom toretto guy acts in a movie, parody of the fast and furious franchise. The movie is called superfast

  6. Fristaa

    if im in a V8 Supercharged land rover i going 45 mph through making everything Wet

  7. xoju


  8. Vijendran Vijay

    Seriously Malaysia honda Lamborghini is in Ur video u r awesome bro

  9. 𝟐𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐩 | afeeling

    im sorry but you want to talk about bad mods on cars? did you see your gta cars?

  10. jake barker

    btw if anyones looking for a really controlable drift setup use drift suspension drag tires and showcase dif

  11. Hardik Patel

    yellow plates of India are for Taxi cab !

  12. Gareth Bacon

    He talks about Horrible car mods, then you see his GTA oline garage.

  13. Anwin Syras

    This game is only to enjoy graphics and i played it only one time and deleted it, im playing nfs rivals now, i like the insane cops and graphics are just awesome

  14. Joshua Pakkiri

    Let's build a homemade group B car... Proceeds to use a pre-built rally car. Nickypoop logic

  15. The Purist

    That Hyundai has 2 doors on the passenger side and one door on the drivers side believe it or not.

  16. Fenrill_Ratz

    We have electric busses over here in germany. Atleast in Berlin.

  17. Beyondアスファルト

    9:41 literally the windsor

  18. eyemall ears

    Fast furious sucks balls Change my mind

  19. Bradley

    I stopped at the services not so long ago, in Oxford I think and I saw a 21 plate SUV with a silver wrap. Even the back window was wrapped with room for the windscreen wiper and the wrap was hanging off, it looked like tin foil 😂 After watching this video I wish I'd taken a picture 😂

  20. Rupam Das

    1:31 No, actually, yellow license plates are for commercially registered vehicles. Private owned ones are normal white.

  21. Yugam Rattan

    0:05 and 7:03 I cannot stop laughing 🤣 😂

  22. Teja Kaushik

    Indian vehicles used as income sources such as busses, vans, taxis have yellow plates, regular cars and bikes have white plates, electric vehicles have green plates with yellow and white writing depending on again usage, and finally black plates with yellow writing are Rentals

  23. Tom Rench

    I’d like to see meadow in one of these videos with you, not just because she’s super cute but she can also give the “American” perspective.

  24. Vroopz_mart3nYT

    10:14 🤣

  25. Security-1203

    i live by a supreme wrapped focus estate that can do 0-60 mph in eventually

  26. Blaster Anonymous

    10:15 i saw this just like in GTA V , it was Enus Windsor at Legendary Motorsport site

  27. Fernando Laviosa

    Hope u have a great personality w girls

  28. Daft Shoe

    11:00 oh them Russians 😉😂

  29. The TurdMan

    8:25 looks the baby Lamborghini is arrived in our country,Malaysia bruhhh😂😂😂

  30. Daft Shoe

    8:28 pretty nice ngl there are some people that can pull off eccentric stuff like that

  31. LoganDaBoi

    i tell you i am american and i am very awake

  32. Daft Shoe

    3:44 absolutely beautiful, simplicity is the way to go even if it’s an Astra

  33. otter rivers

    3 seconds of your voice and I'm out. Average "youtuber" shrill obnoxious vojce.

  34. Drona Agarwal

    Theo in India ghe normal plates are white And that is a Nissan march

  35. Daft Shoe

    2:16 it looks so bad it’s just to OTT but I agree with the idea of putting a mattress on it

  36. brad c

    this game was great for its time but diff consoles got slightly diff versions with was very strange, but still it was a solid game

  37. MrJulianess

    At 1:07

  38. MrJulianess

    Nissan micra

  39. Yao Cong Yong

    wait that green honda civic as lamborghini is in malaysia!!!

  40. Jellybean

    If theo thinks some of those window decals are bad, he should stay clear from any of the donegal rally commemorative ones.

  41. Mayank Maximum

    How is space with untie 3.0? Play Roblox horizon

  42. Macias_Elvergudo

    0:19 Hajwala Button

  43. Dev Krishna

    In india White no plate is for civilian car Yellow plate is for taxis Black with yellow text is for rental cars😁 and it's not from India as it's badge says nissan March but in india it's called micra.

  44. F/A Chaos

    The third car is a nissan micra

  45. Josh Perry

    “King of wang”🤣😏 5:57

  46. Austin James

    as an indian i can say that it wasnt an indian car or license plate

  47. Nong Narm

    I like all of your cars.

  48. Ishmael Brown

    That LV one was heavily inspired by GTA.

  49. Flavio Silva

    6:18 the turbo probably is broken that's why its white smoke! if it was diesel was black smoke!

  50. PlayStation 19191919

    At 3:12 when you win a car at botb 🤡

  51. Mayank Maximum

    Man gtr is older than me like 07 and it is considered as c8 compitor c6,c7 and c8

  52. XLo trap

    U getting me bored whenever i watch u tho :/ idk why ima have to unsuv

  53. Xandrix Calope

    11:27 260 WOW

  54. ARandomPerson

    Taxies are yellow plates in India........

  55. WhiteHatWarrior

    try carX drift

  56. Major is gamer

    The Yellow No. plates are only for taxies for civilians it's white

  57. Subham De

    That March is not from India because Nissan March is called Micra in India..and a personal car has white license plates whereas Yellow plates for commercial vehicles

  58. Crator86

    Yay my post was in the video

  59. Baraka Afrobama

    You smoked crack before thinking this was a good way to compare games. Who can get the cops and lose them first is a point for a better game? How does that make any sense 😂

  60. Sujoy Chatterjee

    3:21 that's vin petrol actually

  61. Raptor _TX

    Nah mate that 180 is uckers

  62. Joey Martinez

    Optimus primes cousin sure is fast o. O

  63. 34_Willy Oktavo

    It's the veloster theo 9:00

  64. Arjun

    In India, private vehicles have black on white plates and service vehicles have black on yellows.

  65. Osama Bajaber

    1:00 Its a nissan march

  66. whyareyoutakingsomuchtimetoreadmyusernameyouidiot

    7:00 What is that? The sexmobile?

  67. Siren Head87

    That’s a nice Ford Raptor you have there

  68. SandStinger 345

    1:35 yellow plates are for taxis in india. so i dont think that cars from here

  69. Instinct-Scopezy


  70. bloocookie1

    1:17 The Nissan Micra can't be in india, yellow plates mean it's a taxi.

  71. øl Xúyîxá lø

    Mans has a spoiler on a spoiler lol

  72. Mohamed Tawfiq

    I'm from India and the third car isn't an indian car. Only taxis have yellow plates in india.

  73. smokedog number1

    I got the need for speed rivals koenigsrgg pack add on but can't find the cars in game SMH can someone please help me

  74. Sinan Mubarak 6B

    Remainder Stock Ferrari

  75. smokedog number1

    Can someone please help me, i have download the need for speed koenigsegg pack, but a can't seem to find it in game


    "Put a wing, carry a mattress" - Theo 2021

  77. Ruslan Aiman

    That green civic with the lambo sign is from Malaysia. Defo need more recognition. Some of our car culture can be wild as well😅

  78. Eshy Singh Jr

    5:30 HOLLY SHITT that's Australia's motorway to the city. That car will infinitely crash into something as the city is Crowed AF

  79. TheTyisAwesome

    That Lexus looked so good! Dare I say better than the RCF