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  1. Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah

    Number 11 looks like the only guy on 2k who didn't do the demigod glitch lmao 😂😂😂

  2. Nastydealer_YT

    Number 11 on the white team Ain’t he a NBA player also ⁉️🤨👀

  3. RJ

    I see ya Raymond Taylor. Sunbelt 2011-12 💪🏽

  4. Mike B

    Anybody else feel embarrassed for the bums that keep coming on the court to celebrate like they part of the show?

  5. SilentHero


  6. ThinkItsAGame -_-


  7. Postjay_2k

    Miles bridges nice wit it bro💪

    1. Jb_Goated •

      Shut up 2k kid

  8. Stefhanie Fulton

    Jordan Clarkson at 12:40

  9. Morgz7

    Imagine if Eric Collins was there commentating

  10. mike A.D.

    No more mic'ing up zach, alot more likeable without all the unnecessary trash talk

  11. sunnyboy8644

    damn Slim is quick AF.......

  12. Huncho

    🔥 🔥

  13. Huncho

    I’m here

  14. Stefhanie Fulton

    Boy really called it an illegal screen it didn’t even affect the play

  15. 黃獻主

    Can someone tell the commentator to stfu

  16. 黃獻主

    That short guy is really op

  17. Kaam

    Definitely a early mip candidate next year

  18. Allen H

    Miles Bridges MIP 2022

  19. Michael Ortiz

    Best video yet. Love this squad! Good vibes and passion at this park fr fr 💯 🏀

  20. EjDaboss 62

    How tf are y’all at every game everywhere

    1. Morgz7

      Ballislife has camermana all around the country its not the same dude recording every game.

  21. Marswxn

    Yo the intro music was fire

  22. Josh.Prodigy

    If you think miles bridges got bounce youll heart this comment!!! GELO TO THE HORNETS

  23. Kaio Bispo

    First!! Very good game

  24. bigsal340


  25. Littt Mo

    Anybody reading this keep grinding your almost there 💯

  26. Chan!!


  27. Chris Barclay




  29. RealTiny Diamond


  30. Peez Money

    why they called "east coast" squad and only play in florida?😂

  31. Toxicly Crazy

    Fans: “Overrated” “Brick” “You missed” Lamelo: proceeds to destroy the other team

  32. william mathis

    Duke Trash. Slim put a body on him no dunks. A Milli Respect!

  33. Peez Money

    y'all complain about get fouled so much but be out the hacking like a mfer😂

  34. aka Rezify

    come to kissimmee. ill dead ass pull up.

  35. Michael Roman

    Homeboy got packed by a one-handed dude wow

  36. Jwett Man

    Bra ain even travel 😹

  37. Electric Mocha

    Conner: I can’t dunk Also Conner: murders the fucking rim

  38. Michael Johnson

    why is nobody talking ab #10? dawg was cookin

  39. The Moonchild

    Go green!

  40. thereal_mojo_ point of view and sports reviews

    I think he’s gonna be a really good college player…like top tier he hasn’t open up yet

  41. Vincent H.

    Can’t stand these no defense games.

  42. H1GHD3FF

    Some of little dudes aint legal. 34 white jersey is illegal. lol

  43. Micah Reid

    Ayo @ 9:24 am I buggin or is that a carry?


    You mean BALL HOG FOR LIFE...No more rings without Bron Bron Boy!!!!

  45. Shawny Tv

    22:47 😂😭that boy was gone. Real niggas know

  46. Mar Pettwades


  47. Liik

    Ball is Life East will take the easy W!

  48. Alex Guevara

    30 min mark was not a travel

  49. paris howard

    West coast winning baby

  50. FreeSmoke Entertainment

    Force Left 🙇

  51. Killamanslime_5

    Bro I’m about to unsubscribe ballislife I’m a fan and live in St. Pete when y’all come back I need to know

  52. Brady Bunch

    When did Janero Pargo start running park 😂😂😂😂

  53. Manmechetti

    No way slim made that

  54. BG

    That want no illegal screen, man got cook on that last play

  55. Kameron Mathis

    Bruh all you heard after that explosion was a unanimous “ooooooh sh**t”

  56. Eric Rodriguez

    bro west don’t have a chance 😂

  57. Eain Davis

    Wtf was that bomb going off💀

  58. Krystian Barkley

    Tim was a track star

  59. XVJAY901

    I know I’m not tha only one who noticed Melo is taller than Bron but they listed at the same height

  60. Electric Mocha

    My favorite thing is when Tim is playing full court defense and he’s putting in hella effort then you see his dissapointed look after they just pass the ball 😂 he’s definitely my favorite in these videos. Keep it up Tim!

  61. Vetorio Swarn

    Crazy thing is, I don't think he is every giving it his all, he never looks tired, wait until he's a senior; I think he's gonna be a problem... He definitely has the athletic ability and a better shot then his dad had... better and better every game.

  62. Angelo Mejia-jaime

    Ian gon cap but east coast be going against harder and tougher people than west coast squad. East def winning

  63. Dave Flowers

    East coast got this whole squad nasty

  64. Sherard Davis

    East coast

  65. Anthony Brown

    That boy austin was hacking dude 😂

  66. Its Squidzz

    buddy in the green looks like a ripoff Andrew Rowsey LMAO

  67. Andrew Rochlaeu

    Gawd Damn!!!! Balling out control 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  68. Ashton Shook

    Number 3 a beast too

  69. Ashton Shook

    Forgot how annoying high school kids are

  70. Rob Grier

    Tims Defense is on another level.

  71. Bigga Bless

    East Coast gonna win but White Iverson gonna get buckets

  72. SheHateBallout

    this is some real shit i love this

  73. manuel sanchez

    Why edit the running after the explosion.. Lame!!

  74. kabo moetse

    Slim is all over 😂

  75. koolaidhunter 2136

    The dude with the waves reminds me of Anthony Anderson 😭

  76. Gary Castillo

    Jamal croford nice crossover