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  1. Korex

    ez clap for suppup

  2. Lofty

    jeudi c'est kcorp tous les jours kcorp


    Omg do you hate Balkans or something?? I mean for real your play no 1 is team winning a team fight and that team was 5k gold ahead.... You didn't even show that elder fight in Saim se SuppUp vs Misfits.... And in that fight a team that was losing 10k gold won the fight... That is showing skill and potential not winning a team fight when you are 5k ahead i mean for real.... Biggest upset and comeback in week 1 and we don't even get too see you show 10 seconds of that game... I guess we are sorry we took down LFL second best team...Pathetic...

  4. Муаммар Каддафи


  5. Antek Solok

    papatabatchi napierdalaaaaa

  6. 하프로투머피

    Lec has good mask coment..

  7. Mike Lytou

    I like this new role that Laure is taking, as some kind of special agent for the regional leagues.

  8. Aleblasco39


  9. Frank Vaso


  10. Clint Fischer

    you dont steal a penta when your kill is the first.. you deny a penta

  11. Bart Zdan


  12. Lazar Miletić

    5:1 SSU

  13. Antheis


  14. Devutrix

    Damn the accent and delivery. Could listen to this all day long.

  15. Just Stef

    Hope Suppup can get out of groups as EBL competitors this year. GLHF

  16. Bojan Strugalovic

    Is EM single or double round robin?

    1. Thibaud Barsby


  17. AofCastle

    As usual "Spain but the s is silent"

    1. Aleblasco39

      At least UCAM is doing well

  18. Филип Петровић


  19. Repl1ka

    Anorthosis will turn things around hopefully

  20. ivan stratimirovic

    Ajmo Suppup


      Pokazali playeve iz svakog game-a samo iz naseg nisu a nas je bio najveci upset i comeback mrze nas brate na max propast ziva koliko smo im trn u oku gde god da se pojavimo ne mislim samo na lol....

  21. Seller

    Let's go Szajek :P

  22. Levent Gülen

    nobody: armut: thats me

  23. Muratcan Gökdemir

    Carrzy knows all cause he is the intking

  24. Gustav van der Westhuizen

    Man Han sama played so well I hope they get a shot at the title again in summer

  25. RodriMustDie

    Even I didn't know the support of Golden Guardians was argentinian, and I'm argentinian

  26. Jungle! Diff.

    2:58 Jankos that is disgusting!😁

  27. Jungle! Diff.

    1:15 that teleport was something dope man!! Huge respect 😌

  28. Tobiáš Bartek

    Linkin park is lidl LEC :)

  29. Peter Lu

    What's the last song?!

  30. HoldOnTilMay

    They were one split too early

  31. The Cool Guy

    Who's Wukong? I only know WAH-KUNG...

  32. Burak arda Eyüp

    This is so handsome itzfayn

  33. Ayran

    When they asked about why do you pick Wukong Armut: hmmmmmh Monke

  34. Andrés Bravo

    More of this pls

  35. Geek Baristas

    Nobody talking about that kiss between the mad lions players huh? Hahahah

  36. Marie

    1:54 Can we now add "it's internet bills" ?

  37. Cristi NeT

    Damn it.. I can't take they take LEC. I'm not hatter but I don't think they will be better than TSM at Worlds ( 0/6 ). After last year when they didn't manage to go to Worlds I don't think they deserve this chance even if this a different team..

  38. Fiery Red

    I wanna win again. Then lost 😂

  39. Gabriele Pinto

    I want to see this weekly on broadcast

  40. Tyler Schweigert

    Found the song: empire by William Patrick Van Alstine

    1. There Is No Sandwich

      Up you go

  41. The Lord of Silence

    Well this one lands a bit differently after the finals.

  42. Lukas Boruta

    Best video in history!

  43. Fenrisulv987

    If Carzy 'actually' said "Reverse sweep these biitches" as they were blasting the 3rd Nexus to win it all, he is straight up gangster.

  44. Martín Samo


  45. rıdvan altın

    Song name ??

  46. FernandoAptero

    Best Pentakill cast in long time, Whiteknight's Renekton

  47. Shinrak

    remind my words: G2 Armut/Elyoya will happen at one day in the future!

  48. Starburst Stream

    Armut is the most handsome player in LEC

  49. Starburst Stream

    Most handsome player in LEC

  50. Václav Jochec

    6:15 why is this guy in lec

  51. Özgür Tuna

    LEC production is just insane... Best highlight i have ever seen

  52. Lorenzo Donati

    and yall keep hating on him

  53. オヌルイブラヒム

    three, two!

  54. Jay Pham


  55. Federico Romaldi

    a prueba de inclinación

  56. Raddy

    How do you think Rekkles is mentally? He said "I joined G2 cause I want to win again" then gets 3rd place. Wonder if he's doing alright. Here's to MSI, defend that trophy G2!

  57. Kyle DeFauw

    Why can't summer start already maaaannnnnnn. Also, editors smurfing it as always.

  58. Jan Solil

    Holy fk this is so bad ONLY two best of ones?? Then go into BO3?

  59. Skyflairl2p

    Selfmade legit seemed depressed half this split lol

  60. Skyflairl2p

    "Now that im on this side, you're more than welcome to buy mejai's" I swear throughout this split rekkles was just relaxing knowing he wouldnt have to face G2 again lmaoo

  61. Frese Garcia Dieter Frank

    rekkles joining g2 to win KEKW

  62. Pavamaster

    I come over and over again every day just to hear good

  63. Fortinbras

    first song pls????

    1. qpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbp

      april/2021. lets see in a few years

  64. Ramazan Cabbar

    Brokenblade ❤️

  65. Ramazan Cabbar

    Nisqy ❤️

  66. sam chan

    C'est clairement un clip sous acide xDDD

  67. sam chan

    Mais punaise que suis-je entrain de regarder.

  68. Budie

    This lec split is definitely a holy banger split. The rise of lec new champions, lec band, hans sama ashe > crowne ashe, wide armut > wipe bwipo.

  69. Ralph Pena

    Carrzy and the producer laughing at him anwsering he's the most handsome is too funny

  70. Hordeath

    Seversin sevmezsin bilemem ama bu sene LEC'de bir Türk rüzgarı esti. KolsuzNisqy Fnatic'i sırtına aldı, Broken G2'ya karşı penta attı, Malmut finalde iki maç taşıdı şampiyon oldu. Sizce de bu adamlara bu gereksiz lakapları takmayı bırakmak gerekmiyo mu artık? Ben şahsen tek tek hepsiyle gurur duydum. (Oldum olası hiç birine bu lakapları koymadım bu arada ironi olsun diye malmut falan yazdım da anlamazsınız falan)

  71. Nuri Arda Gürz


  72. Ramon Tavares da Cruz

    Came back for the nostalgia, miss Drakos and Frosk duo energy, Perkz being in EU, no Covid :(

  73. Purva


  74. 1992fafnir

    gj LEC production gj LEC teams gj LEC players it was a blast to watch this spring split

  75. Umut Yılmaz