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  1. Domino Masters

    That has silenced rival fans hahah

  2. JC Gaming

    Everyone does know that united have the funds to buy this kid right and also the connection to ole gunner just make easier for united to get him.

  3. Chris Phillips

    105 haters prefer long ball football

  4. Elliot Crown

    Havertz was immense today as well as pulisic and mount

  5. HanWarith

    "Cutting-edge report!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Anthony Johnson

    With a tough running Leciester might not make top 4

  7. Dylan Jakins

    english media really love wanking liverpool off dont they

  8. flyvon fernandes

    Portugal will win Euro this year (Cr7,jota,felix,pepe,bernado silva,dias,fernandes...)

  9. R K

    Pulisic will be main weapon against real Madrid..if he is fit we will easily beat real Madrid.. pulisic is fire 🔥..I think ziyech will play against real Madrid ...we r coming in form all gun blazing with mount Kai pulisic ziyech and CHO.we have lots of fire 🔥 power it's keep on improving each game ..we reach champion league final finger crossed 🤞 because Tuchel 😋 have to win Champion league 😁 Vs psg it's return in heaven God bless Chelsea 💪😋

  10. Ray Mullababii

    That fat jackass how can kante get into a team if he is injured? He has never gotten over his fitness issues since after the world cup, Chelsea and France literally plays the guy half fit most times 🤦‍♂️ he still walks into any central midfield in the world

  11. Jordan Laird

    Watkins the luckiest player I’ve ever seen.. bang average player

  12. Jordan Laird

    Trent showing England that Southgate is a fool who thinks he’s pep

  13. Templartwo Templartwo

    So if we behaved in a pub or on the street like that we would be arrested. Nothing gives these over paid tossers the right to get away it. Taking into consideration NOT ONE footballer agreed to take a pay cut while 13,000 staff and stadium workers lost their jobs when covid hit, they can all go to hell for all I care.

  14. Rob Davis

    If Chelsea have the second best squad in the Premier League then Man City have absolutely nothing to worry about going forward.

  15. shubham

    They are talking about donkey running horse's race....

  16. il capitano

    Do we have one of these interviews with Tuchel?

  17. NotFet717


  18. miguel albarran

    The stormy arithmetic preferably juggle because whiskey erroneously attach near a well-groomed spike. illegal, sloppy mother

  19. Dario

    You should've seen it!!!!! Yes, yes I should,ve.

  20. BasicGuy123

    god i have to say that leed have improved

  21. Nina

    Trent should just play as a left winger. He’s even more clinical than Coutinho.

  22. Shyam Young

    Why is Jamie being so rude???

  23. R A

    Jude Bellingham,Sancho and Saka has to be there and Tomori deserves a shout btw Nick Pope is soo underrated

    1. butti fdft

      What about adding Ben Godfrey to the squad. First hes better all round than Shaw and can play right across the back 4

  24. Cameron Emery

    the cookstown Cafu!!!!!


    He’s wasted in Dortmund. Shame he’s with that agent, puts earnings ahead of the sporting career of his clients

  26. Mithul B

    Chelsea wants to destroy another striker ?

  27. Lee Hughes

    Well done the boyz so happy for TAA YNWA 🔴👏👏 .. Bless up .✌📿💯

  28. Gareth James

    Carragher over neville 😂

    1. butti fdft

      where's lingardhino?

  29. 하빈다

    The moderator seems bad. As usual, the moderator should hold the board, and the guest is opening it.

  30. ItzMeCoolx

    Havertz doing something was a pleasant surprise tbh

  31. M D

    even in the interview , he coudnt help not saying " pass the ball" 7'20'

  32. Raws2000

    Pulisic is underrated

  33. Aaron J

    My volume was on no power and I still heard the e intro 😂

  34. luke garrard

    His scoring record is shocking has been at every team he been at

  35. Animelytical


  36. Hasan Al-Jarrah

    Who's here before we beat Spurs today (11/04/21)

  37. Free Bird

    Classic PL bias. If Sancho played in England, he'd make every pundit and critic's starting XI without a moment's thought.

  38. Kopano Theledi

    Croatia 😂😂

  39. Frieza 223

    such an incredible season. Now imagine telling him he won't play anymore and should leave the club 🤬

  40. Mh Ms

    Loved to see carra going mad at garry for picking TAA ahead of tripier after criticized TAA😂😂

  41. PrimateMiners

    Stuck in two minds between whether to embrace how good Foden/Grealish/Mount are and play two of them in the midfield or be safe and only play one

  42. Anton James Mix

    As soon as Romeo and zohore come on game over

  43. Joffa s

    Rip Earl and phill ❤️🪦

  44. v Manning

    the rules seem to change on a case by case basis this season, theres been offsides measured at the shoulder and offsides measured at the sleeve, and off sides given for clear on sides, WWE has more credibility than this soap opera the game has become

  45. Benjamin Franklin

    Why would Madrid buy kean? Benzima is unbelievable and still have few years to go.

  46. Kieranmerchant19981

    That boy could play anywhere on the pitch

  47. TheConquerMC

    I love good football talk

  48. Demon Headmaster

    Wtf 😂😂😂 chill out... the liverpool bias is so blatent.. how many different angle videos do you show of better goals than this? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ someone got upset during the week it looks like 🤣🤣🤣

  49. ASMR Immune

    It's funny because Norwich will come up to the PL, and they'll be the worst team in the league and go straight back down....again. Surely their fans must just want to stay in the Championship at this point.

  50. Jean-Christ Djelhi Yahot

    they should take him tbh he should change position, he should move into the midfield or play as a winger or something

  51. Corked Wolf

    Gotta love the fake fan crowd background haha

  52. Kenny Turner

    Even as a Scotland fan, England have a scary amount of ability in that squad

  53. ULAŞ 14

    Nice to see a minutes silence for DMX’s death

  54. Mo Yafai

    Alexander Arnold is a must go. Best right back in the world

  55. Ross Sullivan

    Not an Arsenal fan, not even English. Gary sounds like an old wifey with nothing better to do than stir up pish. Basically he sounds like a tabloid journalist.

  56. Nicholas Goodey

    It weren't even that special for crying out loud

  57. jimmy2minutes

    Bet the ref is gutted.

  58. DripplingDinero

    majority of the comments talking about the offside call 😂

  59. DripplingDinero

    Chelsea's back on track good to see

  60. Shane Doyle

    Kai is like Zidane Henry and Bergkamp in 1 person

  61. h e

    might have scored a nice goal but his overall performance was absolutely woeful, should be nowhere near the england squad

  62. Snake Eater

    You know you're bad when the German James Charles gets a goal and assist against you


    leeds beat a top class team who manc will win the prem ALAW good luck manc dont let the scum catch up

  64. Ciaran

    Roy Keane is the best centre midfielder the premier league has ever seen. He is by far, head and shoulders, the best

  65. DeanygamingHD

    Hearing benteke scream cross and get one is the stuff I live for

  66. Anonymous

    Man United are losing interest. Pep said City are losing interest. Realistically Barca won't sign him given their financial situation. So it's between Chelsea and Madrid tbh and Madrid look like they're more keen on Mbappe than Haaland. Chelsea have only been improving under Tuchel and Haaland would slot in perfectly into their team. They are also one of the few clubs that could afford his ridiculous price tag, wage and signing bonuses. It's honestly the perfect transfer.

    1. Anonymous

      @Mithul B of all the goals Torres scored for your Club, none will be as memorable as his one for Chelsea against Barcelona in the Champions Legaue final.

    2. Mithul B

      and Chelsea love signing strikers with a reputation and destroying that reputation , match made in heaven .

  67. Cormac

    I know Dallas will get the plaudits but what.a.ball from Alioski.

  68. AJ

    How do watford chop and change managers all the time and still manage to do well? Serious question. It makes NO sense to me