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  1. C_Royal Official

    I thought Lebron was already back what’s going on

  2. Big Ken

    Shannon’s eyes at the beginning of the video🤣🤣🤣

  3. ysul


  4. Lloyd Y Benoit

    Baby bruh is already the better than his older brother

  5. Ryan Spencer Lauderdale

    You do not bet against the Comeback Kid.

  6. heyitsadam

    Even funnier in May.... LOL. Just rewatched that Super Bowl last night.

  7. gino dico

    9:44 you already know skip was just waiting to say that the whole time 😂😂

  8. Le'Bando

    "Iguadala stopped lebron, he just average 36 13 and 9...." Lebron was eating foh lol

  9. Kagors

    We all know why Shannon loves lebron. They both race baiters. Oh oh our team needs a bucket let me pass to Kyrie 😂

  10. scooby95219

    Is Skip pretending to be an idiot to make it more dramatic?

  11. Son Goku

    These are just guys lol this is a funny segment

  12. Mary Robinson

    I'm not saying he's perfect, but this man plays under the anointing of the 🕊️. You gonna 👀 him do things never done before. God has and will protect him. As he gives God the glory! 🙏🏾4you brother 💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤

  13. Backyard Specialist

    I’m taking Kobe Jordan Lebron Bird Wilt

  14. Justin Humphrey


  15. Big Ken

    Skips argument was alright until he mentioned James Harden😭🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. Ronell John

    He said Drammond is on Flocka!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Big Ken

    Shannon: “Noo!! Noo!! Noo!!”😂😂😂😂

  18. A

    Best boxer last 15 years by far .

  19. Mary Robinson

    Is it just me or has anyone notice, that Lamar is not winded. He is dancing and just having a lot of fun 🤣 🙂! He playing professional 🏈 like he's in the backyard after doing his homework on a school nite!

  20. Rayene Boussetta

    Why don't they upload every clip? I only watch thhis show on BGclip I rarely ever watch TV like most young people these days. Come on Undisputed I love the show but I hate how you let other people upload clips of your show cause you don't do it yourselves.

  21. prince akeem 41

    When he dropped that pen when skip said dirk is better than curry....i felt that in my soul

  22. Sebby Moreno

    Trevor seems like the kawhi of football

  23. Ronald Russoe

    Like my man Rob Parker says Styrofoam Stat Padford is a big hat with no cattle

  24. what other food? Fish

    Russell Westbrook doesn't win championships. Nothing else to talk about.

  25. TT R57

    "He gave himself that name"😂😂😂 Shannon a fool

  26. Simply Zai

    who is this Shannon guy??? he is so disrespectful.. shame on you Shannon.. haha Manu will always be Manu.. more than anyone else, more than you.!!!!

  27. Phillip Carter

    Skips right on! Rodman would’ve shut it down no freebies from #70

  28. Toney Beasley

    no offensive line will get you a low QRB and no defense

  29. Toney Beasley

    skip "STOP " all you want to do is talk cowgirls why don't you be more all around.

  30. T V

    Shannon’s takes never age well. Ha ha

  31. MegaMikey2006

    Damn. Skip reminds me of the guys from South Park that love to smell their own farts

  32. Big Ken

    I know this is old but, this is the type of bs that makes Mike look stupid and cave his own grave; alright so, what if I say... “Umm I don’t have Mike as the GOAT because, I don’t know... there’s something about 11 that I like more than 6, and Bill has 11 and Jordan only got 6, so therefore, Mike is not my GOAT.”

  33. Wendell Lewis

    Look like PlayOff P 😭💀

  34. MegaMikey2006

    Fair play to skip. Managed to go 30 secs before mentioning the Chicago tribune

  35. Rachel Kessinger

    Westbrook hasn't jumped Stockton, Thomas, Curry or West

  36. Jay Durant

    Skip, don't sweat brother. I'm the same way.

  37. Sir Mergatroyd

    meanwhile Rodgers can be the next Alex Smith or Luck and did I mention he will be 38 in Dec?

  38. joe doe

    My grandma has long arms.

  39. joe doe

    The press conference showed Parsons is full of himself. Negotiating a jersey number? hahaha Where did THAT come from? JJ quashed that in a hurry.

  40. Stephan Overton

    Jenny laughed when Shannon queued the playoff P highlight/lowlight. Argument over 🤣🤣

  41. Melvin King

    this guy never played basketball in the NBA ..Shaq did i take his opinion

  42. Eyob Family

    Kuwait ,Lakers they do not need him,they need need Coaching Change!!!

  43. joe doe

    Cowboy draft picks 'pan out very well?' hahaha

  44. joe doe

    People used to complain if a team drafted based on need instead of best available player. Now it's the other way around.

  45. Eyob Family

    Kawhai ,is a Snake who want easy way to be Star.....look what he done to Raptor!!!!!

  46. joe doe

    Answer to the posted question: NO.

  47. Miguel Neto

    Comparing Zion to Luka??? WTF Luka does evrything better

  48. Bigchris Big chris

    All skip is good at is remembering plays from games from years ago!!!! His thoughts on how good players are or not are soooo terrible and so far off that’s it’s embarrassing! He is worst analyst ever! Honestly! Everyone knows it! Most bias person I ever listened to

  49. John Booker

    Nobody bought that fight for Jake Paul vs Nate. We bought that fight for tyson vs jones

  50. Chicago Series

    African, American Indian, Chinese and every other Refugee was under valued of basic human decency

  51. Ronald Murphy

    Shannon what, Lebron ain't gonna take em' to the promise land? What's the problem now?

  52. jrod2422

    I hate skip sometimes. I like uncle shay shay better

  53. Running With Cat

    11:25 "I've been covering NBA for the longest time and I've seen..." blah blah blah for a guy who's been in the scene for the longest time he says "I've never seen anything like it!" too much...

  54. Alan Perez

    Ankle sprains are the worst smh

  55. Russell Bradwell

    Micheal Jordan years later broke through. Just another way of saying players got old, and expansion era.

  56. H H

    They gotta put more respect on Bill russels name

  57. Hristijan Dimitrovski

    Lebron averages more steals than Jordan 🤣🤣🤣

  58. Wayde Gardner

    Grading a draft before anyone shows up at The Star is like judging a restaurant by the menu but never having eaten there. Time will tell.

  59. pretorious700

    Bayliss is an idiot.

  60. irohied 1

    Sleeping on Luka......

  61. Justmy2cents

    Very surprised Shannon doesn't get "whiteballed" by the powers that be for his persistent and necessary rants on racism in America! He echoes the very same sentiments as Kaepernick & other black athletes historically but with more conviction & passion no doubt! Love his realness and his fortitude to not silence his frustration by simply being quite or staying in his lane! Telling America the truth and putting her on trial can be detrimental to ones lifestyle and damn near career ending without tenacity! Props to Skiiiiip ( Shannon's tone) on digesting the truth and absorbing the facts without trying to defend the hypocrisy of so-called white apologist! Big ups Uncle Shay keep speaking the facts & holding Americans accountable for a history that's distorted what true humanity is all about!!✌🏽

  62. Slumps

    They both have a chance to make it to the playoffs

  63. Ray Dingo

    Lamelo already has the better career already

  64. matthew jordan

    Iverson can't touch Steph? You high lmaoo

  65. Barry Hamilton

    His team has a 75% win percentage when he has a triple double. Shut up if y'all are not going to speak all of the facts.

  66. Stunted Growth

    Shoutout Skip! 😉

  67. La Gravitas

    Just came to see the boys speak on Jenny’s Nelly shot 😂 Never a disappointment! Jenny gon be these comments like 🤦‍♀️

  68. xx1j

    Goat James vs KD ain't a discussion lol KD has no chance of even being in the conversation

  69. Ronald K. Wiley Jr.

    Fields transferred due to a racial incident, nothing to do with football.

  70. ric barrera

    Difficulties? It's much more difficult to avoid it. It's everywhere.

  71. Melvin Gregory

    Those rings are meaningless anyway. Rings don't matter

  72. Eric Comrie

    Skip is an idiot. Any time Shannon proves he’s a hypocrite, he just says “okay” and changes the topic

  73. HollowArt

    Lebron never transitions a team to another star player. AD is now a "my buddy and me" doll. Where ever Lebron goes, AD has to go.

  74. David M

    Skip is right. Brady is loaded with WR and TE. Sorry Mahoney's/Allen/Ravens fans.

  75. Unkle Joe

    Why do they say the best player on this planet? Do they play basketball anywhere else in the galaxy!?

  76. David M

    And the NFC got weaker with Breeze retired, Rodgers retired. SF is probably the only competition for Tampa.TB will only get better in Brady's second year. Replay last year's SB for next year if Brady is healthy.

  77. David M

    Fortunately TB isn't near Vegas, NYC or Miami. Players can reform themselves when forced to sit out. Vick reformed himself. He is a top 10 WR. 7-10. TB repeat with AB. Genius resigning.

  78. Richard Longfellow

    This is the biggest joke in boxing history.

  79. Nope Son

    More fodder for barkley

  80. Emick1978

    TG the GOAT