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  1. TheYoutubeGuy

    Meh, football sucks. Nothing of value would be lost.

  2. Daphnie Heckel13

    I think James sing better then Britney in opps I did it again

  3. Alan Cortes

    Yes they cancelled the super league

  4. ilovemypugdog

    Was Cindy pregnant here?

  5. Hi Hi

    That was the most entertaining this ever

  6. Júnnior Silva

    I Love Sarah!

  7. Aniket Kumar Sabat

    Oh man Dave at last⚡⚡

  8. Wendy Hugo

    WAO JAMES CORDEN!!! jajajajaaj fue muy entretenido me gusto que el príncipe tuviera esa energía de ayudarlo.

  9. Lynnette Delgado

    Thank you for the explanation. I now understand and am truly sorry. And yes, I will learn their names and remember them. -L

  10. M&TV YT

    The rich don't care about emotion, culture. Not surprised at all because It's gonna be financed by JPMorgan, a American investment bank and has huge American influence through Glazers. No disrespect to any American but Europe should ban American billionaires from buying football clubs. They'll make it a franchise and destroy what we love. Thankfully superleague has bottled and 8 teams are already withdrawing.

    1. Tanner Faust

      It’s dead...all Premier Teams have withdrawn

  11. سعيد حاتم

    I’m heartbroken: 😄

  12. Tanner Faust

    Wrong! Super League has already collapsed...

  13. Polly Tiks

    Not much of a sports fan, but this seems to be the trend everywhere. Can’t the fans protest? At least boo?

  14. TheCelticTyger

    7:49 *said in a deep menacing voice that sound bit is all I needed *fap fap fap fap fap fap

  15. Marky Guzman

    I'm a Filipino but I also against with this super league thing. Even though in our country the top sport is basketball. But I love the sport of football I experience to play sport back in high school and it was a great experience. My favorite teams were Barca and Manchester United. I know this news is not a big issue in our country but I wanted to be aware with this issue. Because this super league will put a disgrace on the sport. Teams and players have to commit to play in a single league only and it's dumb. Even though the league is filled with the powerhouse teams it will not feel the same vibe and energy on what the champions league have. And I hope this proposed league will not happen. Because major leagues like premier league, laliga, champions and europa league and even the world cup will never be the same. They just doing this for money. It will put football into a sinking ship and it must be saved.

  16. Nima Sharifi

    I thank you James, from the bottom of my heart.

  17. K Slim

    This has absolutely nothing to with football and everything to do with money. Fans should boycott them and the leagues should permanently kick them out if they go ahead. Football in Europe would recover quickly and other teams will fill the void at the top over the next few seasons.

  18. tanishka sharma

    i actually cried during this because for some reason i felt as if i was there with them but when paul bettney said "sNicThEs EnD uP In dItChEs" it really cheered me up lol

  19. Thatguyoverthere

    He said everything and more ❤️. It made me kinda sad tho that he’s speaking with all his heart and with that kind of compassion and people in that room didn’t feel a thing of what he said so they probably didn’t care

  20. smol bean

    Hey now, cow tongue actually tastes decent if made properly, especially in tacos 👀

  21. Guillermo Leiva

    Awesome rant James! You did it

  22. CG P

    The only people who care about someone wearing a side part and skinny jeans are spending their lives on insta and tiktok. Also I think the middle parts are long hairstyles, and cool hairstyle for guys is that one where the hair is all in the middle and falling down in their eyes or something idk.

  23. DiNoSaUr TrAiN

    How the fuck he find the door

  24. Jichowq


  25. Kemrickkk Knight

    Listening James passion on the beautiful game almost brought me to tears, The big comfort is that those skums back off. Once again football was save by the fans, players, managers and staff. All those owners care about is making more money no matter what's the cost to the people who make it possible (fans)

  26. Luke Gu

    sean hannity is one hundred times better and more successful than you

  27. Martin Ohnenamen

    The coming change with the just decided UEFA reform of the champions league is not much better than the Superleague, except that the UEFA get their cut. Sad day for club football all around.

  28. Zabala Nicole

    can we talk about how cute jimin is?

  29. Guy Austin

    Looking forward to John Oliver’s take on this

  30. Vinaluv

    Yessss. i feel this! I believe it! Outkast everyday!


    With all the respect.. why does it always feel like explaining stuff like this to Americans feels like talking to a child. 😶

  32. Dillinger Sam

    Leicester City F.C won the 2015-16 Premier League @ 5000/1 😊

  33. Jessie Albright

    💋✋ yes let’s please remember this moment in history as... umm 🤔.. well uh huh I’m listening

  34. jezz archie

    James right now knows a lot of songs.

  35. Jessie Albright

    💋✋ look we neee educated..😩😒🙄 do u c how I spell it’s terrible!

  36. Jessie Albright

    💋✋ Daniel he gets me

  37. Alberto Silva

    I'm 💯 with you mate.

  38. Maria Black

    Heartbreaking, Complete rubbish...

  39. jedidiah M

    I really love how well Ian and James work together. Ian is so funny he could have his own show but James definitely works better with celebs socially. It's just a highly underrated squad also it's 4/20 and I believe I'm just ranting at this point. Banana bread rocks!

  40. Jessie Albright

    💋✋🦆 foundation

  41. amir yazdanjoo

    such a gentleman so much respect james

  42. Dani


  43. Jessie Albright

    Quack 🦆

  44. Randy Lahey

    No one cares

  45. John Pearson

    Romans 3:23 states: "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;". We are all sinners, that have committed at least one sin in our lives, which earns us an eternal punishment in Hell. Revelation states 21:8 "But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.". God sent his Son, Jesus, to Earth as a perfect sinless sacrifice. To take on all the sins of the world; both past, present, and future sins. Shedding his blood on the cross as a blood atonement for all sins. After dying on the cross, he rose from the dead on the 3rd day and rose to Heaven. To show life after death. To show everlasting life through Jesus's sacrifice. John 14:6 states: "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.". Romans 10:13 states "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.". Eternal life in heaven is just one prayer away. All you have to do is believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the cross for your sins. As an atonement for your sins. And rose from the grave on the 3rd day. Ask Jesus to save you of your sins and give you eternal life in Heaven. Salvation is a free and everlasting gift from God. Please don't let pride drag you into eternal punishment in Hell, but ask Jesus to give you eternal life in Heaven. If you're getting a strong feeling of resistance while reading this, it's because Satan doesn't want you to get saved. He wants you to resist, and think it's not real. He wants you in Hell for all eternity with him. Hell is not a fun place, like worldly people like to imagine. It's everlasting torture with no relief. I'm only taking the time to text this, because I want to get the message out. There are so many distractions in life keeping people from witnessing to other people. Keeping people from thinking about salvation. Keeping you from thinking about life after death. Please, ask Jesus into your hearts to save you of your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. Ask him for a place in Heaven, and he will save you from eternal damnation in Hell.

  46. D L

    It’s funny how you should mention people rely on football. Last year when the pandemic hit and everything was cancelled, I hadn’t seen my son for what seemed like an eternity which was probably two months at the time and then the German football started up again and it was magic, the German league! It gave me something to actually get excited about and then the premier league finally started up again, the fantasy football also resumed and then Arteta did something so ridiculously beautiful and won us the FA cup (before Auba decided to throw it on the floor) Football is life, it can lift you when you’re down, it’s the topic of most conversations. That was heart wrenching stuff these past few days but common sense has prevailed. I hope my disappointment of Arsenal’s behaviour doesn’t last too long..

  47. Jessie Albright

    💋✋so I mean umm yea pay it fwd

  48. Jordan Lee

    1:53 *sis hits high note* Me: *chills*

  49. Jessie Albright

    💋✋ I love sports

  50. michael eli

    10:31 LMAO!! Talk about a funny bone!

  51. Will Floyd-Evans

    This American fell in love with the sport in 2012. Glad MY club (Everton) jumped on the right side if this. Well said, James, and I admire your passion...

  52. Jessie Albright

    💋✋ no way.

  53. Alejo Caride

    james musical is quite interesting, with the group that had him and the stranger things cast and this, no doubt he is where he is now

  54. Dillinger Sam

    Thank you James for mentioning the Super League - 3.5 + billion watch the beautiful game of football / soccer - Thank god the super league is off 😊

  55. Claire Sinclaire

    Oh he was SUCH a sex symbol in the 70’s! The man was sexy as hell!

  56. Jessie Albright

    💋✋ six . . . . . . 6 c c 😁

  57. Jessie Albright

    💋✋ team

  58. EmmahLisous PNG

    You will never find anyone like him. Steph is one of a kind. An awesome soul to be with❤💕 Love you Steph💕

  59. Jessie Albright

    💋✋ good

  60. Jessie Albright

    💋✋ yes!

  61. Jessie Albright

    💋✋ wat I’m seeing at glance is... get ur butt back here. Look I’m listening yup yup

  62. Justa Girl

    You made me give 0.5 sh*ts about football. That's really neat. Good job, James!

  63. Solmaz Sali

    football got destroyed when huge amount of money was included in it and its so sad

  64. Sofia Collins

    What's Fatso Know About Anything...When Our Leicester City Won The Premiership It Was Hardly News?. No One Wanted To Know!

  65. Carmen Menjivar

    The Best

  66. Ashley V

    Im happy to report as someone who DIDNT know anything about "english football" (and I mean nothing, I have a shirt that says SPORTS!, so that should really stress how informed I am on the subject) that the superleague thing that Im now watching and again, only understood because of James, that all 6 teams LEFT the SuperLeague. Congrats, I could see the emotion and pain you were feeling about this story. woohoo! its going in the right direction, the owners failed.

  67. Nox War

    ahhh the best part of this was the plastics straw.

  68. Anony Mouse

    hear hear, James.

  69. U K

    Brilliant! And today, football was saved!

  70. addZee

    1:33 RM sarcastic laugh 😭

  71. sa

    i can't the way Harry let James run ahead of him, but when they reached the finish line Harry got there first lmao

  72. Angelina Vivas

    Love Benito

  73. Kevin Fannon

    Niall looks like Alec Steele here 😂

  74. Markus Z

    a closed league with no relegation... Isn't that basically every major US sports league?

    1. It’s the bloody pink boots

      Yup it just doesn’t work with the competitive and culture aspect of football (soccer)

  75. T T

    I’m not a real American but been living in America for 20 yrs now. I’m pretty sure majority of American don’t give a shit about this.

    1. It’s the bloody pink boots

      Just like the owners of the clubs

  76. Oliv_


  77. Bala SMJ

    Linda 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  78. Lorento omashola omatseye

    That was so passionate 👌🏾

  79. Dell Boy

    This story needed to heard in America as it seems to be American owners driving this "super League" and pushing there sporting culture on Europe in terms of taking away jeopardy and closing of league's. Sport is competition anything can happen that's why it's the leading sport in the world and means so much to people. Football is a sport based on merit and competition. Big props to James here for bringing this up.. thankfully it's over now the fans have won people have a voice and have put a stop to it.. this is not fully over yet though these greedy owners have to go. We've stopped this super League from happening now we need to get these owners out of OUR sport

  80. Sam Wellaxe

    YG couldn’t decide on which kind color of shoes should Jennie have so he just gave her both colors😂😂😂