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  1. Jad Nashaat

    Liverpool need a better goalkeeper.

  2. tate oh

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  3. Cristian Villalva

    I think Bauer should buy keylor Navas.

  4. Christian C.

    Auba looking like Gervinho with the new doo

  5. Arun Singh

    Why the fuck is no one talking about Neymars performance? This guy is a beast

  6. Adrian Jimenez

    Every time Barca fans get cocky I come here

  7. Kobby Junior

    Bullshit analysis. That Center Back play was horrendous. How do you let a player you see 5 yards in front of you by a yard and control a >60 yard pass perfectly to set up a goal. No way Van Dijk or Matip allows that to happen, even Dejan Lovren. Trent was actually over-compensating on defense after the first goal. Just admit it, Liverpool's center back play is horrible

  8. Kyle Mutti

    Gnabry should go back to arsenal

  9. røsa

    Klopp: Zidane had a shiny head and our players got attracted by it !! Definitely a red card for Zidane

  10. jonki leshi

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  11. Mustafa Pinarci

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  13. Mark Chang

    Mbappe is the best striker in the world at the moment.

  14. Aaron D

    Messi decided to play Fifa with that strike!

  15. Aaron D

    I'm so glad they didn't insert crowd audio.

  16. jordan lichaa

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  17. Marc Salas

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  18. Laylan

    They was beating the fuck out of poor navas 😂😂😂

  19. Percival Hans

    Bayern Munich vs. Paris Saint-Germain? Are you sure it isn't Cameroon vs Sierra Leone?

  20. kRu503

    Can we just talk about these amazing camera views in sports . Feels like your looking at the person in real life

  21. StrikezTv

    Ajax should have won bs

  22. Adan Ahmed

    Why is kdb even compared to Bruno , Kevin miles better

  23. Suzan H

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  24. Aidan Vitticore

    Neymar was brilliant

  25. Edwon Rodrigues

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  26. David Miller

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  27. Jesse Douglas

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  28. Elvis vacaville

    Pathetic CBS , doesn’t show the disallowed goal for Dortmund.... I guess they’re in on the take along with the referee... how it doesn’t even make the highlights is crazy

  29. Christian Raymond

    Let’s go fellas !!! ❤️🇺🇸

  30. Ivan Martinez

    That was a great last minute assist by the defender.

  31. User 1115

    Penalty merchant does what penalty merchants do best

  32. Ivan Martinez

    That was a lovely slide mate. Do you get fined for marking the field?

  33. Ivan Martinez

    The goalkeeper is going to get banched next week.

  34. Ivan Martinez

    Neymar keeps getting grounded.

  35. RRVisions

    Neymar's passing was excellent...

  36. Ethan Reed

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  37. Chris George

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  38. Cliff Richmond

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  39. LYRICAL Soulz

    Dortmund need to better their defense!!!

  40. Alejandro Echeverria

    Funny how comentarios don't mention Navas's amazing work

  41. Mctoob YT

    I don’t know what happen to Jesus Corona, maybe the curve is flattened, 2021 not his year.

  42. Miguel D

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  43. Ilphan Nkrumbih

    Bayern munich everyone is a striker but only 3 are consistent at scoring a goal. This match was exciting


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  46. Yolanda Shikers

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  47. Yolanda Shikers

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  48. Eddie hernandez

    people talking about rashford hitting 20 goals, what about moreno who got 24 already with an overachieving villarreal side, he needs some respect

  49. Yolanda Shikers

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  50. yogaNYC

    Lewangolski, needs to come back!

  51. yogaNYC

    Without Lewy, Bayern just an average team.

  52. Ng Jeremy

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  53. 22shotz

    They’re just standing when they’re supposed to take a knee lmao Slavia lost all my respect for them now

  54. smurfyday

    Laughing at all the skeptics who dismissed the critics because of wins here or there. I gave up on the club once I saw Kroenke pulling the string. So many love letters to Emery and Arteta in the press and the fans. So dumb.

  55. Nate Brumfield

    PSG was off the second goal

  56. Andy From NYC

    Arsenal fan tv troopz embrassing

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  58. nguyen luong

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  59. Isaac Vicente

    I hope Prague win they played with no fear and kept fighting

  60. Ashton Castle

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  61. tate oh

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  62. ZehmYT

    Man united keep fouling Granada. Granada could have so much chances 🙄

  63. Columbia Pictures

    *History taught us Germans don’t do well in snow*

  64. The LORD Reigns

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  65. egymario

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  66. Shanae Schedel

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  67. jsickness21

    I really just watched 5 minutes of substitutions

  68. Power Cosmic

    The final corner was an argument for zonal marking bc Red Star, by design, put a non-defender in a difficult position. They probably do that often and it shouldve been picked up pregame, let alone let it happen in stoppage time

  69. TheMultipass

    When the FM match engine really doesn't want you to win a game

  70. Memong Samla

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  71. Kennn

    Can someone explain why psg second goal wasn’t off sides ?

  72. Memong Samla

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  73. Henok Yohannes

    The entire team couldn’t score including aubameyang but somehow Pepe scores a nice goal when his finishing is garbage

  74. NetCodeERROR

    3:25 Mad respect to the commentator. I was thinking "How the hell is that bad goal keeping, people blame everything of the keepers :/"

  75. Caden Karkoska

    De Bruyne is best player in the world currently

  76. Caden Brown

    Rashford needs to play through the middle more

  77. Ethan Reed

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  78. Ethan Reed

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  79. Kevin Antonio

    Good game but no Lewandowski

  80. tybaltyrant