Hello, I'm Luke TheNotable. Yes, my name is supposed to be spelled that way.

I play a range of popular video games and make content on those games.

Enjoy my interesting yet crude humor and always STAY NOTABLE!

The subject matter of the content on this channel is intended for audiences 13+ and in some cases 17+
Viewer discretion is advised

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  1. RiceFox

    0:32 Tors is RUSSIA

  2. Marcus Aurelius


  3. Tony Canciller

    I'm from Philippines

  4. Jasper Low

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  5. Luis Jogos

    If structures generated in Bedrock Superflat,i would play Superflat Hardcore in my phone. Edit: I play hardcore on my phone using a addon.

    1. Luis Jogos

      @Berkin Taygan addons.

    2. Berkin Taygan

      No you can’t play hardcore on bedrock

  6. fire and water


  7. fire and water


  8. Patience Ausmus

    Ok, minsoo.

  9. Juan Carlos Fortuno


  10. Patience Ausmus

    Bryant, what does "hey hey" mean?

  11. scop3_clapzz spycke83

    I don't see and link in the description

  12. Patience Ausmus

    Happy brf day, LTN!!!

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  14. EmanuelaAndFriends

    Bro are you okay how much day it happen in real day

  15. LIl drip

    I watch all his hardcore videos today

  16. Jordan Huff

    That roman numeral that popped up for the raid level was 4 not 6

  17. Schester Boongaling

    He had a netherite ingot?!?!?!

    1. Schester Boongaling


    2. Schester Boongaling

      He has a lodestone compass!

  18. LandyYT XD


  19. mira edorays

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  20. Harry Holliday-jamieson

    U should do the one block challange

  21. suck to suck

    segregating the horses....

  22. Sran Mill an

    Happy birthday Luke

  23. Amused Tundra

    please do 200 days

  24. Keoni Crain

    Before fortnite was removed on iOS u could Bluetooth a Xbox one remote to you phone and play like that and it was amazing

  25. Toby H

    luke do be simping tho

  26. Roger C

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  27. Layzky

    Happy Birthday Luke👑👑👑 Have a Blessed Birthday (March,6th)

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  29. Weber Ador

    U sound like the narrator of spongebob

  30. Zeythe#1

    But rationality be damned! I was laughing at that part, lol!

  31. all gordi

    december 19 is my b day

    1. Mr Meowmers

      cool nobody cares

  32. Alex Golembeski

    You should use a torrent file to share the world download. That way you don't need to worry about servers and bandwidth. In fact more people trying to download it will actually make it go faster.

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    1. An Le

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  35. Benton Frankie

    When is 3000 days.

    1. Mr Meowmers

      nobody fucking knows

  36. pixelatorAdvantures

    This video is so popular

  37. Logan Schmitt

    I wanna see 3000 days

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  39. LT. NOOB

    MaKe 200 DaYs pLeAsE

  40. Vitalis Anastasiadis

    When r u doing 200 days with tors

  41. the flipping bros

    For 3000 days luke is 10000000 % making a netherite beacon

  42. the flipping bros

    I just realised how trash his armour was when he first made it netherite damnn

  43. Paper Film World

    I didn't even know you could survive on a super flat

  44. COZMOLover :

    9000000 days ?

  45. PsychicWitchGaming

    He sounds like Hatty from battle block theater like not the voice but the dialog is close

  46. Bread Craft

    I don’t like pro controller I play on the joy cons

  47. Bread Craft

    I play on switch as my primary platform and it is always on 20 to 30 FPS and yes we are noobs but we never miss

  48. Blue Lego Boy

    wdym without armor

  49. trump

    8:10 he said the n word

    1. McSchiller21

      Listen closely he actually says “this thing is pretty huge” smh

    2. Luck


  50. Cloudz

    whoever watched the full thing has too much time

    1. Harlow Irwin

      lol i watched it all over like three days

  51. Franz Ingram

    maby i did sub or did't you need to check

  52. Vixen Stroup

    People who have never done hardcore r underestimating it because it is really really difficult😭

  53. Skeletal BlackHood


    1. chaos

      just wait

    2. Harlow Irwin

      I think he forgot about it :(

  54. fum gad

    i dont have sugar cane 5 min earlier shows a chest with sugar cane in it

  55. Bryant

    10:00 “hey hey some netherack”

  56. Kennedy Barton


  57. Frogman XBL

    1:34:45 This says a lot about our society

  58. lisa joy

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  59. Stephanie Lohmiller


  60. Stephanie Lohmiller

    I'm only on 1461 of them

  61. Andy Simionescu

    we love it we want more

  62. Moreover 243

    I watched this for a recap

  63. Chris Richter

    "You can't get gravel/flint in superflat" *Sad Gravel That Spawns in Nether Noises*

  64. Stephanie Lohmiller

    plz say hi to me

    1. Cloudz


    2. StupidProductons


  65. Stephanie Lohmiller


  66. Stephanie Lohmiller

    hi how are u love ur vids I'm 100000000 years old hahaha

  67. Xend Is POG

    I’ve been watching sense you did the dropping 100 times at different fn locations lmao

  68. Rachel Yip

    sooo good my friend told me this channel so I watched it and it so good

  69. Laura Sutton

    Oh little did he know what this would come to

  70. kain parrish

    how do you see the link in the bio

  71. Rong D. Memer

    It scared me when he put that totems on thumbnail

  72. Jude Laughto

    Switch players pressed(me) jk tho I’m pretty good too

  73. Gaming with Luka

    100000 days

  74. StupidProductons

    Love ur content keep it up

  75. Glitchy Gang

    Phil: *Laughs in 5 years IRL*

    1. Benjamin Haley


  76. boyd friesen

    Who’s Tors? :)

    1. Oliver Newsam

      I think it’s his wife, not sure if they’re married

    2. M_Moritz

      his girlfriend