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  1. Tiny Star

    A delayed release only means a better polished end product.

  2. gage old horse

    Did story mode take place in before or after please answer me

  3. Ghxst

    What does every quarter mean?

  4. mandoplayindiccslayin

    Skip to 12:49 for the best part

  5. mandoplayindiccslayin

    Over 600k views?? What a stupid video. Damn time wasted watching this shit

  6. Nicola Fattorini

    Wtf I tried to bring the guy back and they just started shooting me .....

  7. popjay Ajaykal

    Please help me my gta5onine is not showing online mean button why please

  8. Lieu_

    im on one where i physically cant do it solo, the enemies constantly respawn so you dont have time to heal up or anything, its really annoying edit: the one youre doing at 4:44 have you got any tips?

  9. John O


  10. The Greeter

    Does replaying a mission send you back to Epilogue after completing the mission or does it keep you in the chapter that the mission is in?

  11. Mike L

    MrBossFTW What are the second and 3rd cars you were using in this video?

  12. Ben_ Tom_Max

    Give me oppreser

  13. ᴡɪʀᴇᴅ ᴄᴏʏᴏᴛᴇ ツ

    You've been called out by a gta 5 voice actor and your STILL waffling. Ffs grow up. Hi Unwanted Highlights


    So the expansion won’t be on Xbox one?

  15. none a ya bizness

    sounds like someone's autocorrect changed "Leopold" to "Leopard" on their script. and i guess you just read it as it's written. "I'm Ron Bergundy?" haha

  16. rvix

    " Huge fan of Tesla cars " Only 3 of them

  17. GEcommerce 7

    Gay video

  18. Franco Schatz

    Which mods are you using? The games looks amazing

  19. _anonymus _

    Rdr 3 Jack main caracter

  20. Pritchard _00

    Thanks for explaining this for the 10 millionth time ffs

  21. Black lce unknow

    Fake because I cant find it

  22. Vroole

    The best way to upgrade your lung capacity is by using a scuba suit

  23. Patrick Carr

    I'll be buying 2 on a the 5th. Hopefully the fox body mustang is in the works. It's been the longest body type to date. This car is awesome n I can't wait to get it. Thanks for the video.


    I'ma alive homie

  25. animeking69 toga

    I did not know

  26. I do edits

    I’m a bit of the lone wolf and also casual and outdororsman

  27. juan

    8:21 best part 🔥

  28. Paul Aaron

    high honor 50% or 25% discount :/

  29. Grazz Man

    honestly i don’t want gta6 to comeout any sooner because i don’t want there to be a possibility of pulling a cyberpunk

  30. V12Y

    omg 40k dislikes lol

  31. Beelze _sama

    I didnt know he shoots himself i just shot him in his sleep

  32. Ben that's all


  33. Ben that's all


  34. Ben that's all


  35. Ben that's all


  36. Ben that's all


  37. lewis McClelland

    That's why I like gta online because you don't really know what's expected to arrive sometimes

  38. Crisss S

    That’s funny as soon as the dude starts getting beat up he pulls the strap even though it’s a 2v1😭

  39. ITzGio XD

    “New title”

  40. MichaelTheBoss56

    "If you hear from Rockstar, then you know. If you don't hear from Rockstar, you don't know shit."

  41. Jorish Nathanael

    well i hope gta 6 would have half billion dollar budget

  42. Hoppergaming

    Thanks mrbossftw I love that u fucking tell me helicopters are supposed to have a fucking propeller god damn it

  43. 316 Videos

    How tf are his graphics so good

  44. Franklin Whitley

    So they are making GTA VI and it should be out 2023 and I hope that a lot more police bikes, firetrucks and ambulance please.

  45. Nedermoto

    Me seeing the title: Oh, that sounds great. Also me, hearing "Its MrBossFTW here": *Ah hell nah*

  46. Deep Umradiya

    Gta 6 is will not happen ever gta 5 was last title in gta series.

  47. Emily Goddard

    There was a saint denis bounty for 100 dollars

  48. Vi Car Emem

    is the previon based on the lexus sc300?

  49. Leon Paelinck

    I wish you could "accixently" throw the dynamite inside the cell

  50. Joe Hartley

    I saw this armoured truck today leaving the casino I thought you get get some free money but I didn't

  51. Orange Jacket

    Let rockstar release it as late as possible so then it can be a better game.

  52. My Kung Fu1

    How are these “Huge” changes?

  53. Nicky Morgan

    If his videos are apparently that bad, why do u still watch them

  54. Best compilations

    Love how I ain’t got 250k or any money

  55. Fulmerr

    Futo Auto Exotic livery is also mirrored

  56. Mike Nw1

    Bro that's alot of effort just pull up and kill every 1 send at you it only sends 4 waves at you then drive it back I never go over 2 g and is done qwick

  57. Lucifer

    TB is not a virus. It is a bacteria and it should be treated with antibiotics (anti-bacteria).

  58. Hassan Shareef

    Someone get this guy a job or a hobby or something.

  59. Hassan Shareef

    GTA this GTA that...yada yada yada. All these crappy as videos are what's wrong with BGclip

  60. Classic Me

    Now I am sad because I wont be getting any other console and I only have ps3 😞

  61. Ben Dowling

    Shut up about GTA 6 man you know nothing lol


    been long since i watched this boys videos,he still posts things like this lol hes a joke,he already knows what will happen 3 years in the future lol wow

  63. Hazeonthebeat

    They really, and i mean REALLY need to stop putting numbers on their liverys


    Oh so take 2 is basically just like you

  65. Chris Roberts

    Just shut up please you don't know anything about the game

  66. LuCo

    not me aiming in 30 fps on fucking ps4

  67. Alessandro De Angelis

    So he doesn't Say nothing about the performance? What kind of "everything you need to know" is this?

  68. Blessed in the Philippines

    As a collector,,,This is stupid. I have no garage space for all these new cars. My tiny ten car garage at the new shop is already full of tuner cars. Why couldn't they just give us thirty more slots instead of another ten car garage??? Struck n stuck by RS logic again jeez

  69. The BlueDiamondGamer

    Aggressive is the easiest one for me

  70. Aaron Hughes

    The hotel clerk changes depending if it's day or night

  71. Deadshot Sniper

    See ya on most wanted highlights cupcake

  72. Steamin Bimmin F30

    We may have to wait a couple years for GTA 6 but I don’t think GTA Online is going anywhere. I have a feeling that the online aspect of GTA is here to stay, kinda like Warzone. It’ll just get updated.

  73. tyler gaming29

    Yo I try to find griefers when I’m bored


    I don’t like this guy

  75. Sorryimtruthful

    How’s the handling?


    I don’t like u