The Raycons, Round Two.


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    1. rev does some things

      I bought the KZs and yeah, they're great. epiC even. I just had to switch to the smallest rubber things because I have tiny ear canals.

    2. JOYEE

      I bet I bet you they send you normal ones because to fall us off the track and also cause they don't really like you

    3. Logan Allison

      Freedom coins. As an American I’m very happy with this name. Never calling them dollars ever again.

    4. Ghost Guy

      What phone and or case is he using?

    5. hollapena97

      Oh my gosh, there totally is a bongo man in September. He's just groovin there on the right.

    6. Mitch Johnson

      Will you review the status flagship headphones?

    7. Cringe T_T


    8. Niko Leven

      I have literally never noticed the bongo man until you pointed it out, and I actually can't unhear it.

    9. Nxbnull

      5:55 what app is that?

      1. Jamie Vatarga


    10. Will Becker

      Rayon has left the chat

    11. Brad Lednik

      I wish I would have seen your review before I bought these… refund is on it’s way though. On my second use the left bud dropped to about 20% volume. I don’t know what all this bass talk is about because everything sounded incredibly thin. I do love my over ear V-Modas Crossfade wireless though. Definitely bass heavy but great sound, especially in that 3d sound stage arena. QCODE has a great library of narrative podcast series with amazing sound design. *not affiliated with any of these companies, just curious of your opinion on them. Love your channel!

    12. Ram Graphite

      Just a note for all of you guys, I have the kz zsn pro, you can get a Bluetooth module, and they’ll still sound amazing

    13. J.T.

      Not exactly related but I hate it when people try to sell a product so much. My friends were gonna buy AirPods at JB the other day and we asked for them, and two salespeople came and tried so hard to convince us to get these other random earbuds that we didn’t even know the brand of and was like $20 more expensive. They kept saying how these earbuds are way better than AirPods and like honestly we don’t give a fuck. My friends like the shape of the AirPods and it probably works better for them, just let them buy what they want. I genuinely wanted to leave cuz it was so annoying.

    14. Alicia Brigole

      who else thinks that that wiredearphone beutiful who else thinks its sponsord

    15. DW

      Who am I, the gal them suga 🎵 😆

    16. DW

      Who am I, the gal them suga 🎵 😆

    17. 3:all

      qcy,haylou makes great cheap tws buds tho…. if you gonna go higher sound peats or fiil is amazing

    18. Mark Lee

      I would also like to say Frank smells

    19. Loststylus

      There are reviews on amazon saying that KZ sound bad at quiet level of volume with some noise and feedback. Is that true or did they get a defective unit?

    20. Parker Pacifico


    21. James P

      My racons broke because I played a bass boasted song in them woops

    22. Matias Vinsten

      Oi! KZ has a pare of wireless earbuds out. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on these, for a true comparison with the Ran Cans.

    23. Connor de Wit

      (ME) is listening with my galaxy buds... (0_o) (0_0) Whelp gess im getting me some KayZeds.

    24. Előd Pásztor

      we hungarians need to pay 72000 forints for the E85. Ouch... thats a lot

    25. Tyler Milligan

      The mic on the KZ's are impressive

    26. Tyler Milligan

      What is wrong with you Frank? Take a shower.

    27. Wolfy BTD

      I was under the impression that “pay less for good sound” was under 100 dollars.

    28. Robert NES816

      I love Australian people. So honest, you guys just keep doing exactly what you're doing please 😀

    29. Anthony Narvaez

      Love you channel Bud . I have an issue I was wondering you could help me out with. My brother has Airpods And I have Some Cheap skull candy wireless headphones . So of course he makes fun of the fact that there not Apple ( You know the most overrated company ever). Just wanted to know if you absolutely had to pick an alternative To the airpods what would you recommend. ( PSI don't care about the size of the case lol I am a big guy so it's all small to me)

    30. SpeedyPalomino

      anything with the raycon name on them are pure GARBAGE!!!

    31. Metal Thrashing Man

      I'm so happy to find this review because I've been trying to find some good headphones and I kept seeing Raycons everywhere and was iffy about buying theme and I'm happy I didn't

    32. Yesaya Danu

      skip to 11:33 for the good stuff. always GOLD when Dank's testing mic. ROFL

    33. saba mikadze

      Watching this vid with zsn pro X (wich i bought after this video) *visible Proudness*

    34. gotonull

      Raycon good Wires bad

    35. Nathaniel Terdes

      Can a brother know what DAP that is? :(

    36. kiiturii

      I'm glad you addressed people being aggressive against youtubers who are sponsored by them

    37. Asa Gelly

      I love your music choices

    38. GengarsEvilSpirit

      I recently bought the E25's and they aren't bad. Though I got them for 20% off. I think I can justify the purchase because of the 20% off. Idk if I would recommend them at full price.

    39. OllieORT

      To quote Scott The Woz: "I've seen enough things sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends to the point where I truly know I never wanna play it"

    40. Kiki Yushima

      Thanks to you I invested in some KZs and they're pretty damn good in-ears. My preferred headphones are my Sennheiser PXC 550 (only really expensive pair I own lol). But the KZs are _much_ clearer in terms of speech even with the PXC's speech mode. They also have a wider sound stage (the front/back you're talking about). I won't say they're overall better than my PXC. But they definitely do _smash_ the PXC in a couple of areas.

    41. dog in bucket

      "oh boy i don't want to waste this one" *Wasted it (1) .mp4*

    42. ‌

      From previous episode: Con rays Ran cans Roy joys Ron dons (x2) Ray jay Ran cans Ray days This episode:

    43. Unknown Master

      frank smells

    44. Mr Cheemsburger

      Honestly raycons are like the raid shaddow legends of earbuds lol

    45. tyrianfan

      Have you tried the Fiio wireless earbuds?


      The zst x, zsn pro x and dq6 look better than the es4😐

    47. Hooting Weirdo83

      Where can I get those earbuds that only cost 18 freedom coins

    48. reaper

      Nice reverse psychology from raycon. They shove their products EVER YWHERE. that means they are mediocre. If they were amazing for its price then they wouldnt have to shove them into our faces

    49. Ez Poop on

      Yo wtf. I have a 130$ pair of samsung buds and they are actually pretty good if you want earbuds dont buy cheap crap

    50. Keane Adams

      Reveiw Jlab Go air's next

    51. Ecktor

      Airpods... Max? Is this an asia/aussie thing?

    52. Akram Safirul

      What dankpods receive: - a bunch of merch - free buds What raycon receive: - slightly more polite trashing

    53. Dex

      i love that people take the piss about brits and aussies saying “zed” bruh you say “zee” shut up

    54. rin55

      The only justification for raycons to be this expensive is if they are super sustainable, fair wages, awesome working conditions and stuff, and not like all the tech, children working 12 hour shifts for 70cents an hour in soul crushing factories and people risking their lives and dyinf in mines for 3 usd in a second poorest country in the world. But the truth is probably they blew the money on marketing and ads, and customers gotta cover all that.

    55. The game Human 3.0

      When I noticed so many youtubers were promoting this I instantly started feeling sketchy about these earbuds. "OH MY GOD GUYS CELEBRATIES HAVE USED THESE BUY THEM"

    56. John Gat

      Raycons the raid shadow legends of wireless earbuds without the champion

    57. shelterd Newb

      The microphone comparison bit, I'm screaming I didn't understand a word but it sent me laughing XD

    58. Dre Lawrence

      Homie, yours have a wire. Remember, people don't like wires

      1. Chill Sodaa

        Charging your earphones, ewww :0

      2. youtubə

        People don't like having to charge earbuds lmao

      3. Jamie Vatarga

        I like wires. I hate most wireless products

    59. Chocobroodje

      So what wireless earbuds should I buy now :(

    60. ¿WalkingPeace!

      mpow is the way bro. 30 pounds for a bundle of joy, i reccomend it its called the mpow m30 true wireless earbuds on amazon

    61. jameswalker199

      Bath your snek

    62. -Knuckles

      These are crapbuds

    63. JacksonKillroy

      Using a super exaggerated accent to test the mics is great because the mic quality actually becomes a deciding factor in whether I understand what he's saying or not

    64. Stream Spoart!

      My Zenith was in my pocket when i was swimming and diving 1 month ago and realized it after i finished, right now I'm still using it to watch your video like nothing's happened, very recommend headset 👍🏻

    65. Stream Spoart!

      Raycon: Write that down! Write that down!

    66. TheMTaddiction

      I cannot unhear the bongo....

    67. Drew Loeffler

      I always thought the bongo was a woodblock.

    68. The Remastered Gamer

      It’s not freedom coins, It’s freedom sheets

    69. Kyle Craven

      I'll just stick to my skullcandy indy evo!

    70. LilSprocket

      Frank indeed does smell

    71. Bol2009

      mate solo pros

    72. Hiroshi's Gift To The World

      Im litteraly watching this with 3$ buds and still find it good

    73. Barryd Heil

      Wow! Those KZ's sound really good!

    74. TheMemeKid2005

      FYI, I've had that crinkly sound when you put the ear piece in your ear with wired skullcandy in-ears

    75. david ludwig

      Raycon sucks

    76. imetators

      KZ's mic is waaaay better. Got KZ's myself, can't listen music in my Sony headphones anymore and I paid for Sony headphones over twice of the amount of what I've paid for KZ.

    77. Naynotaker

      I’m a student in High school, and I need some earbuds for music while studying, walking in the halls, eating lunch, etc. I have decent headphones, but they’re too bulky for me (and I like to wear beanies and my frizzy hair constantly gets in the way. I need something with good noise canceling, quality audio, and portability (the size of the case doesn’t matter, as I’d likely just keep it in my backpack with me at all times) Any suggestions?

    78. Karandeep Jhand

      Indeed Frank Smells

    79. Ryan Kim

      My parents are the kinds of people who think "expensive == better". They'd be suckered into buying raycons if they went out of their way to buy new earphones. They laughed at me hard when I got the KZ's, saying that the $20 means they're awful (they didn't even try to take a listen with them). The difficulties of living with headstrong parents during a pandemic, I guess.

    80. Vdub Boy

      I might buy these. I don't care about if there bass heavy or not balanced. I just like the idea of small earbuds and a small case. I've got the kz zsn's but small wireless earbuds which are simplistic. UPDATE: I'm just going to by a Bluetooth receiver for my kz's I'm not paying 60 queen's for some rancans

    81. kosche99

      test razer hamerhead, pls!

    82. Speed Junkie

      But Raycon = Good.... Wires = Bad

    83. Snipick7

      Yeah man oslid review. Months ago I got the KZs for my church musicians as stage IEMs and people really like how slim they are. They sound good and get the job done.

    84. SheliakDragon

      I'm glad I made the effort to find out that Frank smells and also be shown at the end of the video exactly who Frank is. Day made.

    85. Josh Galbraith

      It would be awesome if you made a playlist on Spotify or other streaming services of good songs with wide ranges of sounds for people to enjoy and experiment with

    86. robby lebotha

      But comparing the 3D effect of earbuds vs headphones isn't fair. Just that point

      1. Chill Sodaa

        My KZ have a wide and big soundstage, what you're talking about👁️👁️

      2. Jamie Vatarga

        Actually it is. Soundstage and imaging is more to replicating specific frequencies rather than the location the driver is. That's why you can have in ear monitors that have wider soundstage and better positional accuracy than a pair of over ear headphones like M50X

    87. Trash Heep

      man you gotta check out the skullcandy sesh xt's

    88. Angela Kartolína Luntian

      Why are bluetooth so low qual for the same price as trad wired earphones?

      1. GemCat

        Putting in a Bluetooth reciever/transmitter, battery, and adding the programming for all of that costs money that could have otherwise gone into better drivers or a better enclosure. Yeah, a cable still costs money, but way less than all the Bluetooth bits.

    89. Adam Wagner

      You should do a review on Otium wireless earbuds

    90. Pablo Honey

      sorry, what's that touch phone looking thing he uses for the music? I'm curious

      1. Mad_ Hatz

        Fiio M15 (he has a video on it)

    91. Yellow Letters

      Love how this is the first video to come up when you search "Raycon review"

    92. Konstantinos Michelinakis

      Please review the best cheap wireless earbuds

    93. Viper Slayer

      Can you do a review on Skullcandy sesh and Indy evo pls

    94. TopC 50 the raycons for 20 Europey bucks personally I think that's good value

    95. Bandit930

      i spent 16 bucks on some onn wireless earbuds, They're similar shape/size to raycons.

    96. Milk 7504

      Please review the MPOW M30s

    97. NeoKage

      Daaamn, im watching on my KZ pros

    98. Lord Adz

      What about kz zsn zs10 pros I think that's their flagship for like 50 bucks. For mid range sounds. If u want a bit more bass u can get zsn a10

    99. Adam J

      When he was testing the ray on microphones I can now confirm Australians speak a different language than I do

    100. ibrahim Alharbi

      KZ ZSN Pro are they the best 18 dollar or is there something better?