3 Guys Do 200 Push ups a Day For 30 days, These Are The Results


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    3 Guys Do 200 Push ups a day for 30 days, These Are The Results
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    200 push ups a day for 30 days, is it something you should do, does it actually work? And for who, only for beginners? Will it do nothing, or will it get you a lot stronger and build you massive muscles?
    Well my brother did this 4 years ago, yes results, he was a starter back then and didn’t really work out after that until last year where I challenged him to transform his body in 90 days, and he did, but now I want to challenge him to do this again and see what happens...
    But, he is not the only one I am challenging. In this video you'll 3 guys with a ll a different level of experience do 200 pushups a day for 30 days. A beginner, an intermediate and a professional!

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    1. Browney

      They put in a lot of work! Scroll up and smash liek for the effort. Have you tried this challenge? 👀

      1. grasp fitness

        @Felix Larsson no bro because of my gym 🙁🙁

      2. Felix Larsson

        @grasp fitness did you do it?

      3. Garrett Duitman

        @Samet Şahin thank you, this is very inspiring to continue, I have seen a big change, and would like to see more!

      4. Samet Şahin

        @Garrett Duitman if you don't get giant or super muscular it's beacuse of your body don't worry everyones body works diffirent

      5. Garrett Duitman

        I'm trying this challenge, I'm doing pushups 25 at a time 8 times and I have been able to to it in 15 min relaxed, not going for max time

    2. Cristian Alejandro Flores Muñoz


    3. Flurin bader

      Pro pushupper

    4. Jona Cosyns

      Why not build up to 200

    5. C K

      3x Lauch 😀😀😀

    6. Koji Earl

      The longest it should take to do 200 push-ups is 20 mins. Let me explain. I was told a good way to do push-ups when I first started working out. Do 10 every minute. When you finish 10, use the rest of the minute to rest. 10 minutes 100 push-ups, and 20 minutes 200 push-ups. I know this sounds cocky a bit, but I do understand that people have different strengths and endurance. But for people who are new to push-ups/haven’t worked out before, this works really well. But it’s all about the person’s endurance and strength. It just worked for me from my starting point.

    7. Playboi Zah

      This motivates me

    8. Very Lonely

      blue shirt needs to learn how to do a push up or i swear im going to break my monitor

    9. Jay Zarate

      No rest days??

    10. GunDuggs

      just realized that all of these guys have become "0.5 punch man"

    11. Noah Stewart

      You guys seem so fun we Americans need a shipment of like 1,000,000 of you Northern European dudes to fix our dying social culture lol

    12. Radikal

      Okay I couldn't really place his accent, but then I saw the Feyenoord shirt and now I feel dumb, I'm Dutch too

    13. Radikal

      I do 20 push-ups and collapse, what

    14. Call me the stranger

      welp I have karate class and I do 200 pushups a day sun, mon, tue, wed, thu, fri and sat no days off....

    15. artūras Rugys

      and wouldn't it be better to do it every 2 days not every day to let muscules rest or at least do 50-100 pull ups every other day or any other muscule group exercise

    16. artūras Rugys

      you guys are that short or what? im slim 192cm hight guy and i need to gain weight because im only 74 kg

    17. Ed Beard

      Come on guys if anything don't cheat on the max push-ups. The advanced guy probably could have only done 60 if he was doing them right.

    18. Hxxther_

      I swear if i did that i would be taking too much breaks and my arms would shake

    19. Txunamii

      why aint no one talking about this lill show at 13:11? 😂

    20. Sven Vee

      Amazing video! Just finished a 30-day cycling challenge! I just love physical challenges like this one!

    21. Elliot Lovgren

      Arians push-ups shouldn’t count he barely goes down.

    22. Sarn

      I feel like if they had focused on rep improvement rather than just the number 200 you would have seen a lot more progress with the newer guy. Time wise clearly showed a difference but to get reps and more muscle the pyramid workout probably would have shown more. (of course you'd still have to get 200 a day). I would have liked to seen the differences in workouts to too. Like first guy was doing 100 morning and then 100 afternoon. Also, the flow of improvement makes sense (4 more, 19 more, 70 more) and provides a little more confidence to newer guys that large improvement doesn't come right away.

    23. Wilfred Bz

      Terrible form that why he did so much

    24. Philip Shapkin

      this is how u get a lifelong chronic injury. every time u push thru pain it creates micro tears which then evolve into tendonitis and then the collagen can be placed down properly when healing. this results in tendonosis. this can take up to half a year to fix and requires expensive physio treatments. its not worth it guys. 0ush yoyrselves but not past pain

    25. Jordy 229

      Overtraining at its finest

    26. • SuspectLiv •

      *Me over here can’t even do 1 proper one 🥸*

    27. Stéphane Nakamura

      Bros ... you’re amazing!! And you English is incredible! Where do you train guys ?

    28. J.C04

      You know ur nothing when even "noob" is better than you

    29. Assasin *

      Should tallest to shortest

    30. _._

      Not even joking I literally cannot do a push-up, like I’m not meaning I can go down and not back up, like I can literally not bend my arms without collapsing

      1. Momentum Active Remedy

        @_._ I didn’t get my first push up til I was 18! So don’t worry. I did a lot of push ups and fell on my face hahaha Now that I know what I know - try doing incline push ups! Have you done that yet?

      2. _._

        @Momentum Active Remedy lol what training 😭 I try and do modified pushups and I guess I can almost bend my arms now but yk

      3. Momentum Active Remedy

        What’s your training like?

      4. Momentum Active Remedy

        I was like that too!

    31. Mr Magmind

      I'm the noob rn lol

    32. Jyotiska Das

      The guy in the blue shirt 😂

    33. Jaclyn Lloyd

      Lol im 9 and in 1 min and 3 seconds i did 43 pushups

    34. Brian Myers

      It gets harder because you tear and rebuild stronger. You have reduced output initially due to that. The first 10 or so days are the hardest.

    35. julle st


    36. Noam Meijboom

      eeeeyyyy nederlanders!!! leuk kanaal trouwens

    37. A B

      wouldl be nice if you do this again but make them lower to a static height above the ground. rather than whatever they feel like

    38. A B

      are fast pushups without good lockout worth counting?

    39. Ivan Morgun

      I've done from 20 to 60 in 2 weeks. With ~30-40 push-ups a day. Because rest is important! Not like you dudes

    40. Boncholio VL

      I'm doing 100 pushups, 100 pullups, 100 squats, 100 situps for 30 days as a challenge for myself. 10 days later its going good but still cant do more than 26 pushups in a row.

      1. Momentum Active Remedy

        @Boncholio VL hehe nice work! I try to do that in busy times in my day to just accumulate x amount of reps too

      2. Boncholio VL

        @Momentum Active Remedy i do sets of 20 reps whenever i have a few minutes. And often in the evening I do the rest of the set. A longer workout is more enjoyable because you're warmed up and pumped. Also better for injuries. I also noticed that i need that half day of "rest".

      3. Momentum Active Remedy

        @Boncholio VL have you been breaking it up like 25 of each every 3-4 hours?

      4. Boncholio VL

        @Momentum Active Remedy no not that sore. Hardest thing is fitting it in my daily shedule in an effective way and staying motivated.

      5. Momentum Active Remedy

        Keep it up, you must be sore!

    41. ПАЈЧЕ

      7:29 just look at his spine

    42. ПАЈЧЕ

      this begginer half of push-ups did wrong... Browney why u didnt control that

    43. E i

      This video inspired me to start my pushup routine. I started off with 7 sets of 15 every weekday, and rest on weekends, for 1 month. I am now on month 2, with 7 sets of 20. (proper form was extremely difficult but I managed) I feel encouraged to know I'm not alone in this.

    44. Resay

      You know he had to stop at 69 huh? 17:38

    45. AB's Collection

      The guy in the blue shorts is btr choice for Captain America then walker..🤣

    46. Stefano Tampieri

      a Beginner that make more then 30 pushups ???

    47. Kip Jones

      At least you tried you did a good job

    48. Wessischulle

      guys, i think we all know the secret. It's the blue shorts!!!

    49. Nelas on blitz

      Noob looks better than average ngl 😅

    50. Josh Ford

      Mad props to Stan! This is just the beginning mate! Keep going and next video you can be the "expert!"

    51. Al North

      Rep doesn’t count unless your chest hits the ground

    52. Jayden D Roos

      Goede video

    53. Þór Chang Hlésson

      what country?

    54. Moksh Sharma

      Beginners can try 5 push ups a day

    55. Yann De la rivière

      Ur dutch?!

    56. Robbert Blok

      Feijenoord yeah. Only a little bit dissapointed about the form. Do better form and the overall result for strength and body as a whole will be so much better. Your number of push ups will drop a lot though. Good try.

    57. jatin pubg gamer

      does push-ups help us get abs??

    58. Liquid Peanut

      Cant believe that they are dutch and a feynoord fan...

    59. juSt AwAn

      This is my day 1 and I do 25 push-ups 💪

    60. Some Dude

      How you do 200 push ups a day for a month and only go up 5 in max. I went from doing 40 to 75 in less than 2 weeks. Probably cuz i was pushing myself till failure every time.

    61. Urdu Duniya

      Is this good for belly loss?

    62. Abdulrahman Gouda

      13:15 How could it be possible that you're wearing egypt's t-shirt

    63. Arjun Yadav

      MrBeaat copy hahaha

    64. FanApple iAlhdemar Parra Correa

      I want see one with dominates in a bar

    65. Adam Murillo

      Why aren't you doing it with them

    66. grovtm

      Guess what guys I'm a simp Super Intense Minecraft PlAyEr

    67. VoiceOver

      5:13 right dude is just repulsive

    68. ChickenJMC

      Thanks guys now the earth's surface is 2% lower

    69. based boi

      whats the music called?

    70. Aaron Unterseher

      Next challenge... 200 push ups every other day 200 sit ups every other day For 30 days

    71. SmokeFixNplay

      I tell people all the time that say they ain't got time to work out why don't you do 50 pushups 50 jumping jacks and 50 situps a day it really does work you all should have done 200 of each of them I bet the results would have been amazing.

    72. Jade Kanbi


    73. Legend Tayyab

      I subscribed bcz u desserve (love from pakistan brother😉)

    74. Wroat

      Ich wünsche jedem auf der Welt nur das Beste❤️❤️❤️

    75. P Step

      Fantastic information ladd

    76. Leano Aphane

      All good G dog Elece coach add Alec could you do the electrical train or is it Easter yeah yeah is those of a dog yeah bye mum

    77. Leano Aphane

      I did 100 push-ups 100 push-ups in one day and this is only my sister it’s nighttime so yeah by piece up yet like your brother don’t I look good you

    78. Kyle Shiller

      The graphic showing your brothers weight at day 30 is wrong. You show day 1 is 79.6kg / 168lbs (this should be 175.49lbs), then day 30 is 77.7kg/169lbs (this should be 171.3lbs). You have it correct on the original day 1 graphic at 3:57

    79. Poojari Creations

      Hi bro 👋👋 Love from india ❤️❤️ I will going to gim from last 2 months I will not gained a weight 😭😭 Give me a solution please 🙏🙏

    80. Jcsplashman32

      Me:I just did 300 Also me: realizing my behind was 10 inches in the air

      1. PeshPlays

        Same here haha. Recording yourself really helps

    81. MikeSomeRice X.x

      The “Pros” form was horrible....but props to the new guy. He had the best form and IMO blue shirt guy owes him his share

    82. fidelity

      I just tried the challenge myself i’m 17 y/o and my weight is 69kg I did the 200 pushups in 13:07 minutes.. Max rep was 51 pushups..

    83. Am4gedon

      Bruh the "beginner" can do 36 pushups in a row.

    84. Darren Craig

      I'd love to see how they went doing these with a full range of motion and proper form. Good effort though.

    85. Yellowdotcom

      Hey I watched your every single video at normal speed I liked , it just a challenge Do pushups all types in row means without taking break countinously

    86. Avihu Czapnik

      This video is excellent. keep it up!

    87. JustDylanNL !

      Is the beginner dude forgot his name dutch? I kinda hear his accent and saw a Feyenoord logo

    88. Jonas Milte

      Pls dont pronounce that „U“ in Push so hard😅

    89. Joel Dahlberg

      The guy in green got longer arms and goes deeper than the guy in blu shorts. Guy in green wins!


      Stan didn't give af about this challenge. 30 days later he max out at 40 pushups. After 36 day 1? How sway?

    91. Kairo 4670

      I will do this challenge starting next week for one month, PEACE.

      1. Elnaz Adel

        Don’t forget to give yourself some rest days so that you will see better results than they had.


      cant do 1

    93. Xentharas

      I wish, I had a friend/brother like Browney, who pushes me like that. I have to do everything alone and this is SO boring...

      1. PRO GAMER

        @Xentharas people like you are actually boring lol

      2. PRO GAMER

        @Xentharas yes

      3. Xentharas

        @Harsh Kaushik what do you mean? To do it alone?

      4. Harsh Kaushik

        Hey man it's actually an advantage

    94. Caden Lilley

      Took me 30 days to watch this video

    95. Lauro Lopez

      The bad form is killing me, but great job for sticking to it and much respect

    96. Pixel

      I did this with no results. WHY?

    97. yuch1102

      your brother's form is not good, elbow need to extend and lock out when coming up

    98. Elias 1402

      I really like that part when they do push-ups

    99. jack ellock

      Why do cats always do that when you're working out?

    100. DoyoTayo

      9:12 Weight issue in LBS 79.6 is not 169 LBS but 174,1652