🐹 Hamster escapes the amazing maze! 🐹 Real life traps

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    New great adventure of Sunny the hamster!
    She managed to steal the Rare Seed.
    Will she be able to leave unnoticed?

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    1. Abryana Mowbray

      I really like your show how far you are from TickTock

    2. Felipe Nunes


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    4. Marta Mikołajczak-Kuhnert

      Ten chomik się męczy , chomiki nie powinny takich żeczy robić a ty za ich cierpienie i mękę dostajesz kasę

    5. Steve Monkey


    6. Aris Caprice

      Hamster ninja warrior

    7. Aris Caprice

      What was I doing with my life before these videos?!

    8. Syeda Shifa

      He is cute kid must watch

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    11. adrian

      Why poor hamster😭

    12. helena ferreira

      como ele cocegue 🤩🤨🤔

    13. milic vucic

      хамстери су много добри

    14. Cristian Linares

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    15. FOLOWCATpvz

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    16. leynalol

      That is one smarttt hamster

    17. Chantie P.

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    18. Noor Ali


    19. Renaissa Mondal

      I don't think this is a hamster but I think this is a MOST POWERFUL HAMSTER IN THE WORLD It is also not thinking about how dangerous the maze is but without fear it is continuing to solve the maze !!!! So cut and superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrb

    20. Елизавета Калошина


    21. Phantxm

      Am I the only one that is scared if it gets hurt?

    22. Adem Altunay


    23. Игорь Постухов


    24. O5-10

      H a m p t e r .

    25. jaswant singh

      To to to to to to to to to to to to to to good so cute well done

    26. Ngo Huy Hoang

      So great jop

    27. Maria Melendez

      hamter wow

    28. Stacy Smith

      SO COOL

    29. Ingram & Associates Real Estate Company

      love cvbg

    30. diário da isadoida

      Alguém que fala portugue

    31. Ebony Pegasus

      He's adorable!!!!

    32. E. Dervishi

      Wow it's beautiful 💯😁

    33. MinionSL24 - Profile

      Everybody gansta till he falls off the side

    34. Wiktoria Rejman

      I love

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    37. makkaizs

      Real hamster maze

    38. Hi Time

      Aww SOOo cute rn

    39. Aroon RAMSAMOOCH

      That hamsters is the best

    40. Bella Vostrejs

      I LOVE IT

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    45. Mukesh Kumar

      Hamster is cute but why are you killing hamster

    46. the GEOMETRY Jimenez

      5:10 5:15 uff

    47. the GEOMETRY Jimenez

      pause it well the minute 3:39 3:40 yes if it hit

    48. the GEOMETRY Jimenez

      how to clean all the green balls that fell 2:50

    49. Elif Nil KILIMCI Beylerbeyi

      This so bad.

    50. Ellie Aritao

      Super cute funny and amazing

    51. Анастасия Анастасия

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    52. Meral Freiburg

      Cool 😇😘😘😘

    53. Marc Joshmar

      wow a lot of work creating that set up, awesome loved it!!!!

    54. Very Cool Animals

      Good video !!!

    55. karla hernandez

      Pueden abalar español

    56. RALIFLYシ


    57. RALIFLYシ


    58. Maria Benitez

      Felicitaciones Jamás había visto tanto Ingenio en este tipo de cosas

    59. Gabriel Paz

      4:25 pls the music

    60. Pedro Rodriguez

      esta loco

    61. mikael samuelsson

      Your hamster is so so so CUTE

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    63. Grace Partridge

      Wow wow wow 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    64. Hamster & Co

      Your hamster is soo cute! Hamsters are cool

    65. Tom Hamster

      Great video ideas

    66. Perez Salazar Paula Alejandra

      lindo gánster me gusto lo que hicieron me encanta

    67. Perez Salazar Paula Alejandra

      increíble trabajo, mis felicitaciones a quien hizo ese gran trabajo

    68. Grace Halemath

      so kyot i love it

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    70. Alexander Ramirez

      your hamsters are smart

    71. Elizabeth Mary Canaza Cordova

      El hamster es bueno

    72. 닝구TV

      귀여워귀여워 x 10000000000000000000000000

    73. Subanti Bhagat

      Kya baat hai

    74. Commando Droid

      Why are there so many dislikes on these vids

    75. Addison Fuller

      Well done sunny

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    77. Mine Deniz


      1. Mine Deniz

        O my GOD

    78. диана0 Жопа

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    79. Yowi Kawa

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    80. Elizabeth Stenhouse

      Why would anyone dislike the hamster?

    81. Justin Baccanti

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    82. Justin Baccanti


    83. Justin Baccanti


    84. Justin Baccanti

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    85. Amazing Maizie

      Hi I like your hands for don’t really like it

    86. Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch

      O MY GOD 😱‼️‼️.. this is a crazy hamster 😍😍 great escape - done👌😅 🐹the hamster did a great job.❤️

    87. Alioune Ndaw


    88. Лада Хороля

    89. Mabaly Sada

      ​4:19​ It is amazing to see that this video make lot of views! Congratulations! Keep it up! We need more of this videos!!! This is the cutest and best video ever. It is funny and cute!

    90. Toni Davis

      This Maze is Amazing! Never knew a guinea pig Cld be so intelligent 🤓!!

      1. Ebony Pegasus

        He's a hamster not a guinea pig.

      2. h4ppy.heartsーさん

        lol it even says in the title that its a hamster

    91. Niwton Silva

      vc e um jenio da lampada

    92. Small Crafts

      Very bad to torture a hamster like that..... 😑😑

    93. Szymon Woś

      Love hamster🥰🥰😍😍💖💗💓💕💟❤🧡💛💚💙💜

    94. RDL23 The cool

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      Your Hamster is such a cutepie 😍😍😍😍😍

    98. Jessica Chenette

      I have a hamster named Shadow!!!!❤❤❤🐹🐹🐹