J. Cole - a m a r i (Official Music Video) (REACTION!!!)

No Life Shaq

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    1. No Life Shaq

      bgclip.info/run/mp-al4rMj5K2kWU/video go sub gang ...we almost at 200k

      1. Keshane Campbell

        Waiting on that reaction.......

      2. Keshane Campbell

        Please check out J. COLE new video applying pressure...........

      3. Rhys Williams

        Go back to the start of j cole and react to who dat

      4. Vonsheka Smith

        React to void please

      5. DJNaveE

        yo, how you miss him remote controlling the chopper. Coach....you fanboy'in too much....BACK TO WORK

    2. Aditya Suryawanshi


    3. Yung_asian

      Names his album Off-season makes the greatest album of the decade. Mind games

    4. Sebastian


    5. Delly Dabutcher gaming

      Favorite artist all time I’m tired of it it’s gotta be known this Nigga to Cole !!! Barzzzz cold/Cole

    6. Balterlenn

      Why this sound so much like Packy - Heat Check ...??

    7. Power Miller

      Chills man fr cole go hard af on this

    8. Samuel Adesuyi

      J cole is the freaking GOAT

    9. Nikolayski

      You gotta do some DMX reacts bro... DMX - I Can Feel It as a recomendation

    10. Santana

      wheres the intro music?

    11. Legendary gamer Racks

      5:43 cant tell me he don’t look like the weekend right here

    12. Amari Bennett

      My name Amari.

    13. Omar Ramos

      Amari is the hardest song on the album.

    14. Mechanicx Filmz

      REVIEW THIS : Birth of a Crip Presents Daytona Gold "How Can I Forget' (A Stanley Washington Tribute) bgclip.info/run/ZGWeeZ3GsGWrxZg/video

    15. mib

      the "co-o-O-OLD!" is CRAZY!!!

    16. Kade Thurton


    17. Xavier Minner

      Cole really got the vocals without auto tune

    18. Abdurrahim Chikaire

      Did y'all notice Shaq only uses the “its a beautiful day” line on Eminem & now Cole🔥🔥

    19. Micheal Whiteside

      Bruh I swear I already liked and subscribed but halfway through I went to like and sub again 🔥😂

    20. bural madden

      J. Cole>ur favorite rapper and that’s facts

    21. Josh Hanam

      That's my favorite song in the album

    22. Quicknick777

      Cole styling on em. LoL at the paperclip tv tho

    23. Rae Click

      I think j Cole's poster is missing in your room 😂

    24. Ozzi Hanafy

      I never know what to say when he says finish that man finish that man, do i say finish that man or am I suppose to say No Life Shaq? i have no idea but im with it

    25. sourav r sandeep

      Timbaland beats are always fire.

    26. Robert Goins

      He ain’t saying nothing I haven’t heard. Not feeling this song.

    27. AriXi

      Im new and idk what to finish for the intro

    28. Shush

      Bruh what happened to him reacting to the whole album that vid disappeared

    29. nelly price

      DAMN THIS IS HAAAAARD YES J COLE! The beat selection the words the bars ahhhh I’m going crazy this is to dooe

    30. Isauro Espinoza

      At first I thought shaq was invisible 💀

    31. Akasha Montague-Byrne

      Was watching you when that room was blank. Just walls. Now you stackin all kinds of stuff. That’s tough!! Congrats.

    32. Phantom Bandit

      I have to listen to this song a couple more times because after 95 South which was a Great opener but when it got to this one it brought me down completely. because I didn't know what The hell he was saying at all.

    33. J-Killa


    34. black lemon extra

      I think j.cole might be featuring on a ksi song now this is a stretch but ksi said hes a ledgend and his name ends in e but cole also wears the same drip as jme on pull up by ksi

    35. Mr Bryan

      I didn't even realise the shot at the end, thanks for pointing that out bro! That literally says a thousand words.

    36. Black_Frost45

      j cole is racist

    37. Marcel Lariviere

      No life shaq one second into coles verse "hold up, hold up!"

    38. Trenton Campbell

      "He eaten raymen noodles"

    39. Kriz- C

      Even if you’re in the military that room is definitely relatable! Same furniture 🤣

    40. Cthulhu

      J Cole late... AF, his own fault.. ngl! Made himself late...

    41. Ishmael Richard

      I listened to that song like a billion times ! I came here to see if anyone was as hyped as I am ! You never disappoint, @No Life Shaq !

    42. DJ Khaotic

      Still waiting for you to react to e40 - I stand on that ft Joyner Lucas and ti

    43. KAt Science Lacat

      Finish Em eyy😭✅✅😆

    44. Adiju

      This reaction video is just lit bro :)

    45. G lbx

      Salut to J.Cole one of the greatvideo i've ever seen ...damn! Playing a real chopper with remote control !shit

    46. Vonsheka Smith

      React to void please

    47. Jeryk Knutsen

      React to black snakes by prolific the rapper for you're native fan base you gotta man you won't be disappointed

    48. Andrew Hall

      Time to replace the Steelers banner with a J. Cole poster

    49. Jonny K

      Once Cole hits them notes 📝 🎵 🎶 from his soul.... curtains

    50. Greg Ory

      When shaq saw cole suited up he lost it in excitement lmaooo

    51. Mirko Masotti

      Can you react to Seeing Green? Drake, Nicki and Wayne had BARS. Drake has the verse of the year

    52. Maz 666

      You can’t just skip a roast 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂picnic vibe

    53. klikz

      Roddy ricch and travis scott on this would go hard ngl

    54. Zlapper TV

      were your merch at bro !

    55. BionicallyAComputer

      11:00 bruh how this nigga shaq and dontai got it the first time😭😔.

    56. BionicallyAComputer


    57. BionicallyAComputer

      7:20 DONT WORRY NIGGA, it took me a few times too bruh, ain't I heard that mf the first few times but then I did.... Nigga that sith too hard bruh 🌋🌋

    58. BionicallyAComputer

      4:46 yea LMFAOOO

    59. BionicallyAComputer

      3:43🥶🥶🥶🥶 NOO CAPPPP NIGGA

    60. BionicallyAComputer

      3:09 yea 💀💀

    61. BionicallyAComputer

      1:52 yessir


      im sure he already watched this

    63. Nicky Aung

      Real talk, J cole goat.

    64. Adam Holst

      Maybe the best ive heard in 20 years

    65. Mathie Norlin

      God fucking damn I love j. Cole. Impossible not to bang your head to this song. Love his new album.

    66. abdo brown

      Yooo shaq. got J Cole's poster yet???

    67. OKSB Podcast

      I’d like to think J Cole somewhere out there watching these

    68. Michal Pannkuk

      TBH this kinda trash

    69. Shray Shah

      bruh, no cap the album is low-key mid in my opinion, the lyrics don't really sync up with the beat sometimes, but he do got bars I'll give him that.

    70. Slim Squilliam

      Yo! I don’t wanna bother anyone we just to invite some of ya guys to my channel. I just made a dance video to this ridiculous heat 🔥🔥 I don’t want to steal subscribers or nothin. Just a young channel looking for feedback. Stay safe y’all!

    71. Roland and Shukura

      Inspirational bgclip.info/run/ZpyDeW7Vj6aermk/video

    72. Raushaun virgil

      Windows was cOOOOld🔥

    73. TheReal Dx3

      J Cole just different man! Noticed at 8:09 how you stopped the vid to check out on your kid, that's being a Goat! You're my reactor GOAT man!

    74. TheReal Dx3

      Bro, you're one of the channels I like the vids before watching! Keep it up

    75. Sina

      HE is the GODFATHER OF NEW YORK man!! Dont play wit him..

    76. Dylan Harrison

      Shaq!! Bro you have got to react to Seeing Green that Nicki Wayne and Drake just dropped. It sounds like it’s straight out of 2011!! Please bro for me 🙌🏼

    77. A-Block AS

      “i could hang that tv up with a paper clip” 😂😂

    78. Fran Florez

      J should make the remix with Roddy Rich

    79. JustinDifferent -

      this finna be the song of the year

    80. ICED out

      It's yaaaaaaa favorite reaction BGcliprs

    81. W'oWn

      Hold up... Put your fking pants up pls!

    82. kursong lepcha

      Bruh that ain't helicopter that's drone of helicopter.... You didn't recognize that...

    83. mofoman991

      React to Onefour- Breaks and caddies

    84. Douglas Hearon

      Goated as usual

    85. George Jung


    86. Benson Benjamins

      He said he never fall out with the bro. Hate when family turn to sum, then he said the meeny miny moe. In translation give me money more. Hard line ryt there.

    87. Abhi Kapoor

      I don't like j cole 😕🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

    88. collin sixx

      This my fav song on the whole album

    89. Oliver Perez

      My guy was half way through the video and he seriously played it all the way back

    90. Y Tie Hip Hop

      𝗦𝗵𝗮𝗾 𝗶𝘀 𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗺𝗼𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘄𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗯𝗼𝘁𝘁𝗹𝗲 𝗶𝗻 𝗱𝗶𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗹𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗹 💯

    91. Eileen Cruz

      Am in the only person who watch the part where he said I’m happy as shi* like 17 times

    92. eliborio camacho

      This song, 100 Mill, and Let Go My Hand are my favorites from the album

    93. Brayan 23

      Kendrick for life 💯💯 they need atleast one more song for the legacy 🤩🤩

    94. William Alejandre

      No Life Shaq forgot to react about the toy helicopter 🚁

    95. Sam Moskvych

      J cole is the top comment Loading.....

    96. incxrpt

      react to juggin - Trap with bro!!!!! UK rapper

    97. thug340pro

      React to rappers talking about J.cole 🙏

    98. Skiller

      J cole is not an animal stop saying he is a "GOAT"

      1. Skiller

        @Harsh Kumar Singh yeah its a joke bro

    99. ASC WR4TH

      I really wish and would do so much. I have to constantly skeep forward.

    100. Zachary Whichello

      Shaq in his pocket reacting to Cole 🔥