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    1. Just Bob

      I love how Tom isn’t just super serious and actually has a sense of humor other than just being super serious

    2. Swarnendu Mondal

      I don't have team brother...😑😑😑

    3. Om Kataria

      I am your fan and i saw you on BGclip channel tribe gaming and lex and it was amazing

    4. Alextreme

      Ok on the last map The map #6

    5. Carlos Santiago

      I feel bad however doesn't have this skin

    6. AceLitForYou

      5:12 Tom screen crash :(

    7. ArthurWasHere _

      5:13 crash*

    8. Jakubíček Kubíček

      i did it 9-0 with randoms 2 times

    9. Suleyman Mammadov

      I got 9-1 on my mini and 9-3 on my main

    10. Jefferson Iz here

      Where is spenlc

    11. gamer rudy Hernandes

      Yeah it was hard tougher but Mike skin as well

    12. Og_Wolf21TTV

      I’m almost as good as Tom I’m this cup. I went randoms whole way and went 9-1

    13. 7evan2

      i got 9-0 too!

    14. Matteo 1

      I don't know why, but the challenge was very easy🤔. I had a 9-0 with randoms

    15. Maarten Segers

      i lost on the last level...

    16. Jurassic Brawl

      So easy

    17. Muhammad Hasan

      I got 9 - 0 too

    18. Chun Hei Jason LAU

      i got him in 0 tros acc

    19. Ansh36

      he kinda got carried ngl

    20. The Chocolate Donut

      I lost because literally none of my randoms were above 10k

    21. Brenda Niederst

      I won 1-9

    22. Aditi Chhirang

      I didn't win the championship but feeling good to see that Tom has won with 9-0

    23. khairiyyah Zhafirah

      I'm 9-6 👁👄👁

    24. Dagger -

      one year later and we might get the PSG Trio of OP brawlers

    25. Pʜᴀɴᴛᴜᴍ

      How do I find teammates to play with?

    26. William Phyoe

      I did not get psg mike but i got a discount for maple barley and i just bought it. and yes i am happy and yes this is my dad's acc

    27. Pʜᴀɴᴛᴜᴍ

      I only won one game in this because I can’t find any good teammates, and I’m actually good.

    28. Hila TV

      I won the challenge using only mortis💪

    29. Ali Fazli

      i got 0 loses

    30. Нұрислам Мәдіқұл

      I 9/3

    31. atrapSlilaK .-.

      1:28 basically what he says there is if you suck at the psg cup dont forget to use code TOM :) also 5:34 airpods making the cameo

    32. Ryan Nasser (ACS Beirut Student)

      Tom flexing his AirPods pro

    33. Jonas

      This challenge was the easiest challenge so far

    34. Harsh Khedekar

      I have taken piper on cavern churn but we move 😂😂😂

    35. Kryptox Gaming

      this was easiest challenge ever 9-0 challenge destroyed with my friend

    36. Project Nintendo Switch

      Everyone : "How many times can you win?" Tom : "Yes"

    37. LoxKy - Brawl Stars

      İst soo esay

      1. SK

        @LoxKy - Brawl Stars did you solo or team?

      2. LoxKy - Brawl Stars

        @SK that soo bad I do only Bibi And only 3 Defat

      3. SK

        It’s annoying, I had bad randoms in mine

    38. Øyvind Eide

      I got it on my main and was one win away on my other :( My second has like 15 brawlers and we played against LLL | Milan

    39. ZERO N1

      I got 9-0 too

    40. weiners po

      I was at 8 wins and I lost I spent all my 85 gems on extra life

    41. ojfams999

      Didn’t go 9-0 but went 9-2 with your comps

    42. RGS Sunny

      I did all mortis challenge and got 9-0

    43. SirPandaFluff

      As a wise OJ once said: "ZERO LOSSES"

    44. Aadith Arayan

      How do you win every one of tham

    45. Ali Shulaiba

      I got 1 loss :( wanted 9-0

    46. Gustavo Escobar

      Forgot to use code tom.. i’m sorry tom 😞

    47. Herolight

      Me kt and someone else did it 9-0 it was fairly easy

    48. Apple Juice Gaming

      Yoooo I beat the psg challenge with out losing once

    49. 4Rfamily !

      5:12 WHAT THAT CRAZY

    50. 4Rfamily !

      I unlocked it FINALY I got a skin this is my first time ever getting a skin

    51. Amir Sela

      I completed it 9-1

    52. kecup squad

      5:13 what momment

    53. Carlos Cuadros Centenera

      You love to see it

    54. CheckMyCrocs

      For the first 4 games my team used dynamike Shelly and mortis but then it got harder so we switched!

    55. Aidan Kerrigan

      These PSG challenges are so easy for some quality skins… all u need to do is use Stu or Rosa imo. That’s what i did

      1. Aidan Kerrigan

        Btw I used stu for the beginning and final and rosa for the middle. I went 9-1 if anyone was wondering.

    56. Leyton Kahle

      I lost at 8 wins

    57. KlumsyGamer

      I completed the challenge with no extra games

    58. Jesus Camargo

      I'm so proud of myself that I got it in solos

    59. Rami Abdelmajid

      Bro it is ez 4 u cuz u r a pro player/top global but i am at 16.4k and my 15fps device does nlt help me

    60. Crack3dz Groot

      wth happened at 5:13

    61. Toxyc -Gameplay

      😂 9:51

    62. I have ligma lol 😳

      Ngl it was pretty easy

    63. LilMexican 1207

      This is like the easiest challenge there's been so far.

    64. Cyrus Ketter

      Omg the luck is real I pushed my psg mike to rank 25

    65. James Lin

      Be watching Tom to see what brawlers to user Me: have non of the brawlers and only got 4 win No PSG dynamite skin for me

      1. James Lin

        @Mister Y yes do I got him to 600 trophies

    66. spacebudd

      If Byron double tank didn't exist I would've gotten 9-0 but I got 9-1 (still good tho)

    67. Lucio Valenzuela

      Yeah for some reason this one seemed very easy

    68. Bastian PSD


      1. Purple infires man

        @Tom - Brawl Stars 😂

      2. Tom - Brawl Stars


    69. Angry Sandwich

      i lost ;( no psg mike for me

    70. Rahul Karatha

      "The challenge is very easy'' Toms opponents 😢

    71. Mehmet Emre YILDIRIM

      hello tom me snowman tick got✌

    72. Šimon Hedvig

      5:13 Video bug or its just me?

    73. Ulduzlar sayrlşanda


    74. Syed Rafiq

      i played championship challenge and won but the twist is that i only lost one time. this was epic

    75. Manas Mishra

      Just play max stu and rosa . They destro everything 😂😂. Or u can replace rosa with mr.p

    76. alex joseph

      I won the challenge with randoms

    77. Hirdyansh Bhatt

      I won it

    78. Suolanen bs

      I won 9-0 with randoms pretty easy challenge ngl.

    79. TNEG UKRAM

      i almost got 9-0 but i lost once in the last match that i almost won.. IM CRYINNGGGGGG

      1. M. Chen

        Hey, at least you won!

    80. NovaSix - Brawl Stars

      Did anyone see the glitch in the screen recording?

    81. M. Vincentius

      so you all just gonna act like 0:45 was nothing??? smh

    82. Mohammadreza Mehri

      The psg Mike is easy for some people but I lost and I played with randoms because no one was available:(

      1. Mohammadreza Mehri

        @SK Its okay I missed out to but even so I don't think the feature will make you win that's just my opinion.

      2. SK

        @Mohammadreza Mehri awhhh man, so i really missed out and played with bad randoms 😔

      3. Mohammadreza Mehri

        @SK Its a feature where it will find some random online players to be in your team.

      4. SK

        @Mister Y wait whatttt there’s a team feature??? FFS

      5. Mohammadreza Mehri

        @Mister Y Well I was dumb and forgotten about that feature and besides I don't think it would of worked very well.

    83. Bot 2 Gaming

      The reason why you killed the Shelly in the round cursed used dyna is because the Shelly not was using PSG Shelly

    84. Hi-tech Dudez

      Bro I literally carried randummbs to 6-4 (6wins n 4 losses)

    85. Pass 112

      9-0 gg psg

    86. Ahmad Abu Srour

      Bruh I literally went 7 wins and 0 losses, then lost 4 games on that last map, honestly felt targeted we literally got counter comps in every game in that last map like wth, and I don't have gems for more trys🥲🥲

    87. Quabble

      I only got 4 wins. :( I had knowbody to play with so i had to do randoms. I was the only one to pick a de ent brawler for them maps. I like the skin but i just got spicy mike so i don’t really care.

    88. fer ents

      petition to change the name to POG Mike

    89. DrFishStick

      8:41 and you have kc, cursed and the brawl stars championship

    90. Tovarishch Shiba

      I got 9-1

    91. Master Panda

      Best skin?

    92. Landon Treadway

      I got all the way up to eight wins and three losses and it was up to the last game and I lost and I have zero gems 💎

    93. Gerardo Lopez

      I got him! Went 6-0 with Amber

    94. Diamond elbeg

      I won Psg Mike 9-0

    95. Pr0grammed

    96. Cristian Delpiero

      I thought he just gonna show us the highlight only, but turns out he literally killed it less then 10 minutes.. Thats sick

    97. AARISH AHMED JAFRI Safavi Campus

      If there was a Barcelona cup 21 i was sure to win 😋

    98. gabriel oliveira vieira

      me: bought spicy mike supercell: ight free dyna skin

    99. Frizzy Gaming

      PSG Shelly shouldn't be forgotten..·´¯`(>▂

    100. Imran Ahmed Jafri

      Friend: you didnt play psg cup why. Me: I hate psg .I love byern 😋

      1. Le I Grec

        bayern nub