One Year Solar Update! - Is Do it Yourself Solar worth it?


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    Today is the one year update on my Solar Panels! Grab your Anker Power House II 800 HERE: ($100 Discount Code: JRE1750111)
    We're also giving away 3 x Power House II 800 HERE:
    Installing my own solar panels was something I wanted to do for a long time. Its an expensive first investment, BUT has pretty incentivizing long term payout. Plus... its healthy for the planet. Win win win. The install video is here:
    HERE is the $250 dollar discount for your own DIY Solar Kit:
    HERE is the $100 dollar discount for Tesla Solar:
    Solar panel energy payback time:
    Attempt any DIY project at your own risk. Follow local code. Working with electricity can be dangerous.
    Get my razor knife here!
    Anker is named as the Official Charging Partner of JerryRigEverything:
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    The camera I used to film this video:
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    This is the drone I use:
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    JerryRigEverything assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. JerryRigEverything recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, expensive electronics, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of JerryRigEverything, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not JerryRigEverything. Only attempt your own repairs if you can accept personal responsibility for the results, whether they are good or bad.

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    1. JerryRigEverything

      We're giving away 3 of those Power House II 800's HERE:

      1. 0 -2

        Bearly Worth it in Utah. Stop being propiganda

      2. 0 -2

        Spoiler alert .. it's a terrible technology

      3. AtAnepes

        you are cool guy Jerry Rig Everything

      4. sameer khan

        Hey Zack, Why this promotion is not for India :(

      5. RaaX

        I mean dame that head of yours is already a good energy source, I mean look at that shine

    2. Marcus Hernandez

      Damm, time flys

    3. John Owen

      Love to see the amount of energy they can produce in the UK........"what??? we only got one week of sun!"

    4. TheSteveknockout

      Hey jerry , you didn’t mention if you signed up with a broker to get RECs for your solar system . Did you happen to do this also ?

    5. Joni Lundberg

      Unless you move and can't remove them.

    6. Spliff

      what drone do you use?

    7. Lonewanderer30

      Can you sell the power back to the energy company? Because if you're not using it as it's generated you're not saving nearly as much.

    8. J TIAGO

      This is the ideal situation on return investment! Labor and supplies average 10+ on return which isn't worth it for me now

    9. J TIAGO

      Can you put more panels on other half of roof? Double your savings?

    10. Bert Visscher

      You didn't put anything into the video description...? 4:42 Don't you mean "how much money *our* panels have saved *us*"?

    11. Sg Hector

      WAITING FOR IQOO 7 TEAR TEST🙄🙄🙄🙄🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️!!!!!

    12. Ushito Oso

      So you can return the panels if their output drops down significantly? 🤣🤣🤣 plus, without the tax incentive, you would be hoping it pays off in …10 years? 🤦🏽‍♂️

    13. Arthur Silva martins

      I can't imagine him with hair ... hahahah

    14. Darwin Jackson

      Pretty cool. I really like these videos, probably more than the durability tests and tear downs. All are great but this one was best.

    15. J Merli

      Quality video. I went with a reputable installer. My energy bill average is $187 per month x 12 months = $2,244 per year. Maryland electric prices are .12c per kWh. We have net metering, Baltimore Gas and Electric pays you for what you produce. For each 1Mwh produced you generate a solar credit that pays you, currently $75 per credit x 16 per year = $1,200. My system has been up since Sept. and has generated $1,000 in kWh so far and I have been paid for 6 credits for $437 (2 credits to be paid still). I will see a bigger amount of pay back over the next 4 months due to the summer sun. I project 100% generation for all my electric needs ($2,244) + 16 credits x $75 = $1,200. Total $3,444 per year. Wish I had done it myself, but my roof is 2 stories and a steeper pitch, plus I am not a fan of heights. 8.5 year payback. Key is to buy and pay with cash as, if possible. I got a 1 year 0% interest loan on the government subsidies. Paying interest will increase the payback period.

    16. soniclid1

      I got an add for the solar panels he used before the video

    17. ANV TV

      Great boss

    18. SeekNKnow

      Anything that offers $100 off is going to be too expensive for me to buy anyway. lol

    19. cb750

      How many years of energy savings do you have to do to make up that $8400? You're not getting anything for free till you make up that difference.

    20. Bogdan Bogdan

      Kilo = 1000. What's hard to understand about that??

    21. Michael Carson

      He took the Y out of DIY when he had the solar system installled.

    22. DeadEdd

      My 62yo dad said 'thanks pal, I'll be sure to tune into that video 29years from now' 😂

    23. hajkie

      Jerry loved the video.

    24. chopsuey8

      !remindme 29 years

    25. Alex De Leon

      I think it dropped to 22% now

    26. Hyder Ali Himmathi

      I saw this in Melbourne house's in 2012, hopefully they will get cheap in sunny India. add extra solar pannel to charge your ev car. 😇

    27. Chris

      While I am going solar, I am not buying into the bs green propaganda that surrounds panels.. 2 years to offset is bs as it never includes the raw materials to make the panels. As someone who worked overseas on polysilicon production plants, they are anything but green..

    28. phantomf41

      I clicked on this video because I see a taco in the background

    29. Goodvanilla

      See you in 29 years then

    30. Eddy Jenkins

      This guy has a cool voice

    31. Glenn Stewart

      With regards to east vs west power, it depends on where you live. In sunny parts of Australia it’s about 88% of the north (your south) facing. But in areas further from equator it goes over 90% so most new installs in Australia are east+north+west in 3 strings or micro. This is really a new thing with the efficiency of some of the later panels. If it’s a slightly longer ROI it doesn’t really matter. I know if really old systems going string after 15 years, so they would have paid for themselves many times over. And better still…. More solar means less coal.

    32. Glenn Stewart

      Great looking system and hello from north panel facing Australia. Confused about saving calculation. When talking about saving here we split it into self consumption and export. If you created 30kWh (during day) self consumption might be 10kWh (what you would normally pay your provider). So that would be 10kWh x 10c saved. The extra 20kWh we would normally export and the provider would pay us. Then of course taking into account usage at night that solar doesn’t pay for. In my case electricity is much more expensive than Utah. We get about 1/4 system paid for government which is effectively paying the REC’s in advance. We only get that if we have it installed professionally :( In USD systems are usually about 70c per watt installed. But high electricity price really helps incentivise with our kWh rate being closer to 20c (OUCH). But for exporting we get 15c. Utah’s giving back is actually a really, really good idea!! Loving solar though. The government and installers make it easy making it the highest per capita user of home solar. Payback given higher price got electricity and lower system and install costs is often 3-4 years here. But having seen so many systems here (over 20% of homes have solar), I must say yours is really good looking and would put most to shame

    33. JB Dragon

      I have to say that. that has to be one of the easiest solar installs. There is no roof vents anywhere on that side of the house which you then have to work around with the panels. No here. It's just full panels all the way across. That's pretty nice.

    34. Chosen R

      Amazing. Quick question, how much will I spend if I want to use solar system in a 4bedroom house with 3tvs, a refrigerator and a deep freezer… thank you.

    35. Victor Da Silva


    36. Sean Fretwell

      Jerry is the Bob Ross of tech

    37. Angel Gonzalez

      Search me up on Facebook to get a free quote on how much your home can save you money with our companies solar panel system @ RGV Solar Power

    38. Sneaky Ray

      I bought 2 Tapplock padlock because of you..

    39. Equine Emergency Rescue transport

      Your voice is so irritating and you hate your hair, plus you said saving the planet! arrogant self-righteous you don't know that! it's a theory, not a fact!

    40. Ectos

      scratches at level 6

    41. IdoNOThaveaBoss

      Yeah - making money is great - too bad the Swedish government slapped taxes on it - as everything else :)

    42. Rich Murdoch

      99% of comments are about his voice. Lol.

    43. Nick Chi

      Recycling them will be another problem though. Solar panel are hard to disassemble, currently only European has the recycling market. Helpfully in the future America will have the skill too.

    44. Danger Diaz

      Does your wife ever just fall asleep while youre talking to her?? Just so soothing to listen to

    45. DERA • 9 years ago

      Scratch Test please !

    46. Vishnu Prayag Gnanasekar

      The moment you see a DIY or do it yourself in something you know it's worth it 🤣.

    47. alex vasquez

      I’m subscribing only because your voice is so soothing

    48. Adnan Al Saleh

      That "Thanos Finger Snap" at 1:42 hahahaha I see what you did there!

    49. Martin Rokka

      Great video! I just want to mention that you proabably are going need to replace the inverter in 15 years since its the calculated lifespan of those.

    50. EZG

      Must be nice to pay such low energy rates in more rural areas....

    51. Papa Rob

      My electrical consumption is about 400 KW hours per month at 8 cents but the administration portion is double the electrical cost. My kilowatts cost around 19 cents each. After doing the math, it will take 50 years to make sense where I live. I pay Google $12 a month for no ads. I am feeling cheated with BGcliprs that feed me ads on useless products.

    52. Mike Buckley

      29 years from now I'll post an update.... That's quite the commitment to hold onto that house for all those years

    53. NY 7

      Sucks I couldn't do this. My southern part of the roof has a bunch of trees that shade it most of the day.

      1. A Face

        Sounds cooling lol

    54. first name

      you live in Utah, don't you get any snow ? that must cover the panels and give you zero energy and how do you clean the snow off

    55. Norman Dolinic

      Buy something with silver or gold.

    56. Dr. Cricket

      Incredible sound mate. What do use?

    57. Masud Abdulkadir

      Add crypto mining to this, and then you could get a swarm of employees making you dollahahaha

    58. Bhagath A

      How much kw on rainy day

    59. D Jay

      Can Hailstorm damage the panels??

    60. Henry Lafontaine

      You're going find out the hard way that the batteries need to be replaced 3 to 5 years and you're going have maintenance cost on your sinewave inverter at a hefty cost. Realistically your looking at 8 to 10 years just to break even. Not worth it only save bout 4k over 20 years, a bond would been a better choice.

    61. hsm_ epic_return

      There is nothing with East/West systems they work perfectly well.

    62. Stiaan Kruger

      Its only a matter of time before the factory that makes the pannels run on solar panels.

    63. ragu4545

      This guy has the voice of a cult leader.

    64. YT Cast

      my parents also recently for solar panels (non DIY) and they say it's 100% worth it it! also their company pays them the energy they didn't use which can range around 8k$ (at least)! there's no reason not to get them in my opinion.

    65. TechSide - Make Money Online

      This is pretty good and useful

    66. BLH BLH

      Ok, I have nobody capable of helping me install. How can I find installers w/o the "solar" markup.

    67. 123karismith

      Argh!!! I seriously need to STOP watching your videos....I just contacted SolarWholesale and they are getting me a quote on a system.....I think the least you could do is swing by Highland and help this old fart install it....jk....maybe....sorta...(bring a ladder)....:) You can check out my install on my car lift that I did....because of YOU....haha

      1. JerryRigEverything

        Lol you got this! 👊

    68. river_rat17

      green new deal propaganda....this is a lie he aint use this shit!!!

    69. Lee Pinnguin

      @JerrRigEverything: first, you put them in yourself but I see a tiny army of help, so that is very nice! 2nd, my neighbor is all about the Green, save the planet thing BUT are not solar panels produced using fossil fuels? (like phones, TVs, even the plastic for computers and cars with "batteries" in them?). My personal big concern is will it pay off before they go bad and when they do go bad, like wind turbines, how long will they sit in a landfill before they are broken down and not more toxic than what we are using now? If you know great if not, ok. Also a big thank you for doing a follow-up video, that is just wonderful.

    70. OnismmsinO

      Yeah it was a crazy year

    71. Alex Brd

      Hi Jerry, your calculation is truth if we consume all. Otherwise if you are input your extra energy in the public network. You loose your money.

    72. Hadjo Hadjic

      You should add some wind turbines to maximize the production

    73. Michael Duggan

      The fact that new houses are still being built without solar panels is insane

      1. Henry Lafontaine

        Because they do not save money and are a waste of money.

    74. V L

      And yet for those working from home there's a tax writeoff for utilities. lol

    75. Jesse Osborn

      10:30 don't mind me putting all my weight on one panel

    76. Milivoje Petrovic

      This mic is nuts

    77. Witt Sullivan

      I would build a carport over where you park your truck and a covering over your driveway and put up more panels. And if lumber is too expensive, It would be easy to do with steel and it would never be replaced, since most steel roofs have a 30 year warranty to match the panels' warranty (plus it's just your truck and driveway underneath, who cares if it leaks eventually?).

      1. Witt Sullivan

        A couple of years ago a buddy of mine looked into financing a system but he said it wouldn't be worth it. We live north of Tupelo, MS but he's got a lot of trees across the street that shade his house. Another thing I realized, whenever your power rates are increased, you'll save even more money and earn even more night time power from your system.

    78. Jef Larremore

      In a temperate climate like the middle latitudes of the U.S. are the best places for solar. If you have to produce much more output for increased heat or cold, solar won't be able to keep up. The more extreme the environment, the more solar falls behind hydrocarbons. You could get the same results by producing electricity with a parabolic closed system mirror water boiler. But, just like solar, when the sun goes away, you're done. Your best bet at production is harnessing wave energy from the sea or nuclear. Waves are consistent. Only maintenance is replacing parts rusted by seawater. Solar, wind, whatever, shouldn't be labeled "alternative", it should be called "supplemental". The real advancements will have to be in batteries and harnessing lightning in batteries to provide supplemental energy. Nuclear is still the way to go and stop looking at it like the boogy man.

    79. Sufail Abdulla

      Please do poco f3 zack

    80. funlovingJohn

      The city of Los Angles DWP only pays wholesale cost to you for power back to the grid. About 1 or 2 cents per KWH. Question: I have a over built 50 X 20' steel roof patio facing South could the panels be mounted on the patio and tilted up towards the sun? I do not want them on my house roof.

    81. Tim K

      Just curious what happens if there’s hail or lightning strikes the panels or a big tornado comes by with Highwinds will this stand up to the test thank you

    82. Humberto Bracho

      Jerry you forgot to take in account the delivery charges in the electric bill besides the .10 Cents

    83. jonNH123

      Great vid: thanks for breaking this all down for us - very helpful!

    84. The real human

      best honest advised by Zack 👍

    85. Mitch

      I feel like Utah is most remembered of all the forgotten states

    86. MorsusMihi

      based on how this guy talks and expressions on his face I think he would be a complete arrogant fuck

    87. NoGameNoCesco

      In italy the government gives you an incentive of 110% as tax reduction for solar power, insulation and energy efficency jobs for your home. Meaning that if you spent 10k€ for a solar panels, you'll get 11k€ back in 5 years as tax reduction

    88. Xxshoot PlayerxX

      6:41 “yes it’s worth it”

    89. Ben

      29.8 kWh? I use 3 - 5 kWh per day

    90. Michael Garcia

      ::cries in Texas::

    91. Richard Edwards

      This is so different to UK. We meter your production with a inline meter. Then you get payed for half your production at a feed in tariff rate which is higher than the cost we buy electric in at. So if you can use more than 50% you produce your winning.

    92. Krabby patty

      "Tesla was the lowest bidder" HAHAHAHAHA when you want that affiliate marketing commission so you say anything for the mula smh

    93. Ray Snow

      Been waiting all year for this update

    94. Gary Y

      Haha, it's the contractors who are making money.

    95. Schafer Cunningham

      Will you ever have to replace your roof?

    96. Dymo

      lowkey energy from sun is basically free energy if earth is only thing you focus at

    97. Dymo

      0:22 "crazy year eh" top right hidden :D

    98. Jesse B

      I don't understand anyone who looks at solar as a good investment. If I take the same $13000 and buy ATT stock who currently pay 6.72% in dividends and reinvest the earnings, after 30 years I will have $91478.25. You will have a very old solar system.

    99. Sam Chiu

      How will it compare to a Tesla roof?

    100. Syd Rivers

      U should add a windmill!