How To Beat Your EVIL MOM In "The Babadook"

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    Your mother has locked you in a house with a demon that’s haunting you at night and wants to eat your soul. There’s no here to help, no one around who believes you, and now it’s possessed your mother. What do you do?

    Thank you for watching The Babadook explained and review of how to beat.

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    1. Cinema Summary

      You can't get rid of the Babadook. (He's even in the ad) Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS:​ ✅ Android:​ ✅ PC:​ and start summoning awesome champions! 💥

      1. Sheena Cardwell

        I just completed 60 days

      2. Karen Martinez

        @Cinema Summary I WILL

      3. rosario panergo

        Not me

      4. Caroline Salinas

        Kim como

      5. Nina


    2. Armand Bier

      Was this the origin for the meme Mom:why can't you just be normal?! Child:*screams

    3. espresso cookie

      Put lego on floor for extra pain

    4. chill'n

      I wonder is it babadook or babaduk

    5. Bᴇʟʟ

      we totally did not expect that at all

    6. Sakura Chan

      Tf is babadook

    7. Pigeon

      Wait this is the meme!

      1. Pigeon

        Finally found the origin

    8. Nelson Nong

      Guess who's not invited to the next bbq birthday

    9. PurplePatrick

      babadook got turned into a fucking pet LMAOOO

    10. sun g eason

      Why did the dog have to die:(

    11. Samantha Del Valle

      the sacrifices have prevailed: NO MORE DOG NO MORE DOG, SNAP IT'S NECK, IT WILL GO DOWN LIKE A HERO.

    12. Jude Cruz-Sweeney

      Oh what I would do is fucking run out

    13. LIFE IS   P A I N   (╥﹏╥)

      Heh.. dumb demon! Jokes on you I don't live with my mom

    14. THE MEMES the about meme

      More like babydook

    15. Laughing Coffin King Of Darkness And Evil

      Hey bro is the mayor of the country are bad this movie they need to stop saying that people killing animals

    16. Sheena Cardwell

      I knew the dog would die

    17. Zebra Friday

      How i would : I wouldn’t xD

    18. Christian Holzschuh

      How would you beat the Babaduke? It made the mother confront her feelings about her son and her dead husband, forced her to take her son seriously and reawakened her motherly love. I would be grateful to anyone who helped me in that way! And now they feed him worms and keep him in their cellar. It just wanted in, to be a part of their family. On the other hand it murdered a dog, so it probably deserves worse.

    19. potato :D

      dang moms are scary- she scared a DEMON

    20. Ellie Young


    21. Maevelyn Santos

      1:55 C T H U L H U

    22. deku drip

      it's always the white girls.....

    23. Filemon Renti

      ive always hate marry jane

    24. littletornado gaming

      The slap refrence


      me that's 10 whatching this be like: Alright if i whatch this i will get a chance of a nightmare and intense fear of closets, but i will learn more ways to deal with highly intelligent people, however if i don't whatch this i wont get any fears or nightmares HMMMMMMMMMM OF COURSE I MUST ACT RATIONALY SO I WILL CHOOSE THE NIGHTMARE

    26. Nachiket Dhamane

      probably this was the best sponser ad i watched it till the end without skipping lol

    27. Luqario_95_

      Me when I was 6 years old: *shits aggresively* Him when he's 6 years old: Trying to save his mother from a demon which possessed her mother.

    28. 𝑪𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒓𝒚

      I would say to the babadook to be nice and say that screaming so it’s nice and i would try to be friends


      Just say that the game is sponsored Don’t say it will kill the monster lol

    30. Dave Roughley


    31. xxRNGBRAZYxx

      Love this Chanel

    32. Bread Lord

      Man is talking like the six year old can freeze time and is as smart as Albert Einstein

    33. rZeltツ

      How to beat your evil mom *flings belt* if you say so…

    34. DISCO 56

      Bro in one night the kid made a makeshift crossbow and a makeshift backpack catapult. He also seemed awake in the morning which is impressive.


      mans knows how to go into a sponsor so smoothly

    36. mical 385

      that pikachu is the same as my profile pic tho

    37. Starman


    38. AstolfoSimp

      The balls to actually keep a literal demon hostage

    39. Some random memer of some sort

      My sisters locked me in my room by myself either making me watch this or don’t be afraid of the dark, scared the hell out of me

    40. roblox Army

      If I see the babadook I will rage and Head but then kick the ass out of the babadook then shoot a rubber band at him or she and bring him to a far place

    41. Rizzoo

      The reason Amelia seems distant from Samuel is because the day he was born, her husband died so looking at Samuel just reminds her of the pain she suffered after his death. She knows she has to be a better mother to Samuel and she's trying but she doesn't seem to actually love him as a mother should until the end, when Amelia has accepted the babadook as a permanent resident in their lives. And also moving out would just mean the babadook would follow them and giving the book away will only just make the book reappear

    42. Eileen the wierdo

      My mom:what are you doing? Me:oh just watching something that might or might not let me save my life one day Mom:can I see? Me:yeah sure! Mom:*looks* Mom:*YOUR WATCHING HOW TO SURVIVE A MOVIE* Me*:it’s survivor 101*

    43. Jakey Snakey

      Bro where can I watch or find this film

    44. When The imposter

      Summary: you find a demon in your house and you keep it as a pet in your basement

    45. WxRP3D TSL

      I can read the Hebrew and it also means he will find you

    46. James Peason


    47. Void The night wing hybrid.

      *mom kills dog* Me: WHYYYYYYY NOOOOO...



    49. Kelly Hissey

      Fun fact raid shadow legends rarely sponsors people

    50. TizzoneKids

      Babadook: yeets child My mind:so he has the power to yeet

    51. RudestLibra

      So the babadook is a discount pennywise

    52. Side that Burns

      We did it we found cinema summary's son

    53. Stephen Hill

      Hey lead I am watching a movie What are you watching shale? Babadook

    54. iiwaterful roblox

      Well the babadook certainly messed with the wrong family

    55. Being Bizzare

      6:47 imagine Babadook become your Stand

    56. Jay jay on G fuel

      I’m burning that sh!t

    57. Jay jay on G fuel

      I’m burning that sh!t

    58. Hania Domado

      i cannot emphasize how smooth that ad transition was 😭😭✨

    59. Steven Enright


    60. thewolfking

      This really creeped me out I constantly looked at dark spots but I wasn’t like peeing pants kinda level so I rate it a 4/10 on the spoopy meter

    61. steven animations

      Sam is the goat

    62. Violent Vailery

      What i would do is bring cross and a bible. *problemo solved.*

    63. Elham Noamani

      When I see the book I am gonna rip it until I can’t see it

    64. Town of gaming

      Kids are not completely powerless

    65. greeni plays

      Raid garbage legends is terrible so make babadook cringeeeee to death

    66. Ham H

      Babadook is powerless if you dont fear it? Karens will end his career

    67. L Galoso

      I saw a video about that book... *yay im not possesed*

    68. Chunyan Xu

      ngl the only reason i clicked on this video is because it was a 20 minute summary and not one of those lame 5 minute trailers you ususaly see

    69. Chunyan Xu


    70. Chunyan Xu

      Even though this video is fake, it is giving me the creeps. So that is why I have married a random. person and moved in with their 6 child family.

    71. bacon man


    72. rosario panergo

      My plan is give him some money

    73. Drako

      4:14 god you ruined the vibes

    74. 1noxv

      2:36 the *S L A P*

    75. Micah Johnson

      I called the babadook the badbadbook-

    76. reggie cadang


    77. RåñdømVįbēś

      “Guys don’t worry about the babadook I watched Cinema Summary”

    78. Harsha Dhavala


    79. humorus medicineal

      That intro was smoother then my dads bald head

    80. Kimberly Ray

      The Babadook seeing this vid: R.I.P on me, ayyyyyy

    81. OCD1

      This proves book good phone bad is wrong

    82. NotDoom Guy

      Oh no... RAIDs gotten to him...

    83. ooga booga

      Honestly how the book opened and showed raid was soooo sick

    84. Sleepy._.Taurus

      Bro this kid is smart LITERALLY MADE A CROSSBOW- Plus I’ve gotten my birthday taken away before like 2 times for getting bad grades in school-

    85. Death the DeathWing

      I hate this movie because they killed the dog. Yes, I'm that attached to animals that I've seen for a few minutes. Just like in Zombeavers. Out of all things, why the animals?

      1. yes no

        To make the viewers hate the monster more

    86. fyr dude sej

      the babadook is a demon so you could use holy water to plast its ass

    87. mothman lol

      Babadook wouldn't eat my soul they would simply make me a cup of warm cocoa and wish me a happy pride

      1. mothman lol

        Babadook would hurt no one that I wouldn't want to be hurt because they're an icon and they know I wouldn't want that

      2. mothman lol

        The babadook wouldn't kill my dogs because my dogs are lgbt allies just like them

    88. Gosling

      Boy that's a pretty smart 6 yr old

    89. I'm A Loli

      So he just wanted worms? What.

    90. Paweł Pawłowicz

      how much iq must this child have, how can he build a portable catapult and crossbows IN SCHOOL ?!

    91. Dovahkiin 1122

      I understand letting something or someone go and have it in your past but even if she couldn't and it still happens she could've called a priest to get rid or subdue the babadook and work on letting go of her husband

    92. Raditya Putra Djohan

      This is the MEME! OMG

    93. adam magnaye

      BABADOOKKKKK DONT WORRY I HAVE GOD AND Todays sponsor Raid Shadow Legends On my side Babadook:GAME ON

    94. The King of Hearts

      17:19 this girl is hot

    95. ꧁kaneki -san꧂

      damn this kid must be cracked at fortnite

    96. SUS

      Nooo the dog

    97. Subi Debbarma

      Home alone horror edition

    98. Candice Perez

      Doesn't the Babadook become a friendly but still deadly pet or something in the end of the Movie-

    99. TheSilentPuppeteer

      pet demon

    100. Margeline Aghniya William Wea

      i bet when she goes downstairs she look at the babadook an says hah beach duck you i bet