How To Beat Every Trap In "HOSTEL"

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    You’ve been kidnapped by criminals, and locked in a room with a human monster who wants to hurt you in the worst ways possible. No one’s coming to your rescue, and you’ll have to outsmart everyone if you want to survive. When you’re trapped underground and being hurt , what do you do?
    Thank you for watching Hostel explained and review of how to beat.
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    1. Quinn

      Have a damn good day

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    2. James Brookes

      i swear when i watched this movie he doesnt kidnap the daughter but kills the guy in the toilet cubicle lol, maybe it was sensored or something here in the UK due to kidnaping of a minor

    3. Arvi Animates

      The ending is so great, well deserved

    4. ahmadzubayr ahmadzubayr


    5. Allegory

      I've got a few people to watch this movie only telling them it was about some traveling and partying in Europe.

    6. Your Chair

      I am addicted to this sort of vis

    7. Melted Head

      This guy knows everything about death games and trap movies

    8. Guy Black

      I could’ve sworn he slit that guys throat in the bathroom at the end. Is this some Mandela effect shit?

    9. Random Person.


    10. Richard Garcia

      Ending: taking revenge by stealing the old man's daughter is awesome

    11. The spockzone

      That's pretty darn good freaking Revenge kidnap his daughter

    12. oliver thackeray

      hostel, *trivago*

    13. Mike Toth

      Funny in the german version of the movie he didn‘t kidnap the daughter at the end of the movie. He killed the man on the restroom. Haven‘t ever seen the other ending. Very cool.

    14. Mohammed Mustafa

      Dam this is a stupid type of movie

    15. Jordan H

      Bold of you to assume the police would care.

    16. Anthony Piromalli

      Is that an alternate ending I remember Paxton killing the guy at the end nit kidnapping his daughter

    17. Anderson

      Finland mentioned, lets meet at the market

    18. Robbie


    19. Crab Lord Quan

      middle age...bro you heard of old man strength? lmao

    20. RiFT _207

      I like to imagine that when Cinema Summary explains what the correct move would have been, he's just standing over/next to the people he's talking about looking at them in the eye, with the hand motions and all, as he says how dumb they are as they are dying.

    21. Mascall

      I have never had a bad experience taking drugs from strangers in foreign countries

    22. Aironas Paulauskas

      why did i read not HOSTEL but HOSPITAL

    23. MF88

      Wasn’t expecting to see Karl in this

    24. Alex Adkins

      The hostel i saw at the end he kills the man in the bathroom, is it just different endings?

    25. xprgaming

      How to beat hostel Don't go with girls 😂

    26. Red

      I'll just ignite my Red lightsaber

    27. Rehan Mahapure

      Can you do analysis on hostel 2 and hostel 3 plzzz

    28. Hikari

      Him : bumps into a girl Her boyfriend : Wtf you think you doing huh!? Him : im sorry The end!

    29. Basically, u are cool

      How to beat every horror movies: *Stay home*

    30. Nick Williamson

      I like the alternate ending. The businessman gets killed by the survivor in the bathroom.

    31. Taz M

      Errrrr wait what is this ending? I’ve seen this movie so many times and it doesn’t involve the guys daughter. Paxton kills him in the bathroom! I’ve never even heard of the ending like this 😂

    32. Dragon

      I know hes trying to get revenge but i mean like... Its an innocent kid

    33. tum poopy

      how to beat hostel-step 1,dont be down bad

    34. I have come to make a announcement

      I know the business man started that whole mess but kidnapping his daughter was a bit much

    35. Conrad

      Not saying this video is bad but the difference between these videos and Nerd Explains' videos is that Nerd gives common-sense solutions most people will know while this guy gives random-ass knowledge and plans most people won't know and will never learn in their lives.

    36. Plantcrepper

      We have beatufull women in slovakia and also natute, but thats all what is good in slovakia, i know, i live here

    37. the unknown SCORPION

      Even if he tried that he can't escape the cufs, becuse its a No chain cuf

    38. Kevin Peters

      Never trust a beautiful woman, especially if she's interested in you....

    39. Ieuan Smith

      Wait there’s two endings to this films?

    40. Mathias M

      How to beat? Dont watch it.

    41. Airehte

      i thought that country could be the safest clean neat absolute place but eh

    42. Scorpo

      I respect him taking his kid

    43. Marcus Lange

      iam from demak

    44. Ertjies B

      Other countries don't think all Americans have money.. They think something different. Don't ever make the mistake that other countries have the same reactions and response time for emergency services (police and ambulance) that your own country or America has. The police in this case are probably also in on this 'game'. In my country you will phone till you are blue in the face with no or very late results.

    45. Helltaker

      How to beat the hostel: don't take travel advice from a stranger who's WAY too eager for you to follow their advice

    46. Matias Hagelskjær

      I am from Denmark 😁😉

    47. Ploki Koki

      I’d just buy a handgun and that’s it!

    48. Grigore Vivat

      Those kids are going to hell😂

    49. rehan salam

      But isaw in the movie he killed the in the toilet

    50. ZachiMocha

      I wouldn't beat hostle I'd die becuase I'm not good at presuring decision making

    51. todoesdificil


    52. Manuel Castillo

      why scar the little girl for life tho 0_0

    53. Ken drake

      Here’s how you beat hostel, Don’t stay in a hostel.


      I really wish you hadn’t shown what you actually look like at the end of the video: I thought you were white but you’re some kind of creepy Asian looking guy.

    55. Mr LaPrune

      the ending i thought he was gonna kill the man but no he just took the kid LOL

    56. Sleazy Fabrezey

      I been trying to find this movie (years ago I seen it on tv) thanks for showing me this

    57. Wolf Morfa: The Thunder Squad

      Good to know that we can never trust you as a friend

    58. Uzumaki Naruto

      I’m glad I found this channel!!! Such a good time killer🔥🔥

    59. Nicholas Sherman

      Didn’t realize I was just watching an entire recap of the movie. Total burgenstein video, 3/10

    60. Justin_gacha Ninja

      I’ll beat hostel by not making my decision not to go to the hostel

    61. Mireya Hackett

      The normal hospital reassuringly trap because loss conjecturally bore midst a watery sand. guiltless, unhealthy knee

    62. •Sophora•

      How to beat hostel? Easy. DON'T GO TO A HOSTEL. :)) Luv ur vids!

    63. Roger sykes

      The ending that I saw was that he killed the business man.

    64. Goldenツ

      I'm thinking of another hostel that I found on another website but I can't remember it🤡🤡

    65. adam mack

      4.37 that Seth rogan ? Lol

    66. RatatRatR

      What? The version I saw ended with him killing the businessman in the bathroom.

      1. Yung Tay 2

        There is different endings (: My copy has the one you saw But also has deleted scenes And the kidnap ending is one

    67. Dude Smurfect

      I don’t remember him kidnapping the daughter

    68. Cryptic YTP

      i really liked the ending of HOSTEL, i wish they never made HOSTEL 2 just so Pakston won

    69. Colby Bouchard

      im 12 and have bad dreams, but after watching this i know how to almost kill every monster

    70. Dragon Hitman

      Who doesn't like asian girls? Gotta be crazy. Lol

    71. Lildan419 R

      Be rich an buy your way out lol

    72. CAY PLAYS


    73. RolledBeyondTime

      How to survive a horror movie: don’t do drugs

    74. Rusty R3volva

      After watching the video, what to watch next has 'how to beat', one video stood out... Hell's Kitchen. I guess do a video on 'how to beat Gordon Ramsay'.

    75. Scott Peltier

      Kidnapping the kidnappers daughter. Pretty ironic and funny revenge I’d say. Good taste of his own medicine,

    76. TheswordsmanTom

      this video's exactly 20 minutes

    77. Tran Sieu Cuong

      Can you do 47 meters down

    78. one piece fan

      Bro the end is so satisfying

    79. creeper1275

      I didnt know humans are the scariest creature on earth

    80. Robot Wizard

      Solution: just don't leave your house

    81. pman_is_twisted

      Its ao funny that the first thing you Hear is you have been kidnapped by human traffickers

    82. Gaming Life

      I'm not an attractive lad so if a bunch pretty young women approached me I know these some shading shit going down

    83. Trash Prince

      Watched the German version on DVD, the ending it had was the other one, though. Paxton killed the Dutch guy in the restroom, not doing anything do his daughter.

    84. Tim Lin

      Ethan winters

    85. HyperRed

      19:55 Man even though he cause you to lose 2 fingers That was harsh taking his child away, he looks so sad.

    86. Wafflos

      Me from Slovakia: *happy noises*

    87. John Wick

      i know i’m not prince charming so if a beautiful hot woman is into me somethings wrong lol

    88. Cotswold Kid

      Who else can say they’ve visited Slovakia

    89. Ikazune ฅ'ω'ฅ

      I love your voice so much 💙

    90. Toriel Dremurr

      How to beat the Hostel: Clubs are scary, lotsa people, don't go.

    91. BEAST

      Who else have nightmare because these video

    92. alli's production

      Cinema summary: *gives paranoia to everyone*

    93. Green Katana

      dont do drugs

    94. [e:LLUSIV ]

      Ok, these movies are tense enough for me to sweat my hands by just watching the summary. Holy shit.

      1. Teme

        Oh wow

    95. Emploice Muswashans

      But why is it called how to beat? YOu literally just told the movie ._.

    96. bob nick

      Finland got it

    97. Emploice Muswashans

      Movies like these, and TAKEN is scaring Americans to travel to beautiful Europe xD

    98. RequiemOfMan

      You breaking down why the photo was fake was wild

    99. Kiaa

      The kids went off on the guards 😭😳