KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G) [Official Video]


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    Little bit little bit
    I Need a little bit of patience
    Coz we be going through changes

    Polo G
    Ah, ah no patience i’ve had enough.
    Spent too much time through these phases, it’s just not adding up
    Felt all alone on those stages.
    Wanna get my passion up,
    It’s over, pack it up
    Don’t walk away from me.
    When the night falls, make the right call.
    Or she’ll be gone forever.

    I need a little bit of patience\
    Cos we’ve been going through changes
    I need a little bit of patience
    Get out of crazy situations
    And my heart won’t change
    If my head don’t break
    I need a little bit of patience
    Cos we’ve been going through changes

    Need a little space to slow the brain
    I don’t really wanna feel the pain.
    Seen a lot of shit to make me hate
    I don’t wanna hide until it’s too late
    Feels like i’m gonna break

    I need a little bit of patience\
    Cos we’ve been going through changes
    I need a little bit of patience
    Get out of crazy situations
    And my heart won’t change
    If my head don’t break
    I need a little bit of patience
    Cos we’ve been going through changes

    Bridges burning, i won’t let you get to me
    Tables turning i don’t need bad energy
    Now i’m learning, lying bout our chemistry
    No returnin,

    I need a little bit of patience\
    Cos we’ve been going through changes
    I need a little bit of patience
    Get out of crazy situations
    And my heart won’t change
    If my head don’t break
    I need a little bit of patience
    Cos we’ve been going through changes

    I need a little bit of patience\
    Cos we’ve been going through changes

    Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com
    Directed By Troy Roscoe - : troyroscoe
    Co-Directed By Nayip Ramos - nayipramos?hl=en
    RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/
    BMG - www.bmg.com/us/

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    1. caitlyn tyrrell

      I love this song

    2. Tommy Left

      Epic new song ksi keep it all

    3. Adam Murnin

      Anyone else thing yungblud looks like the guy from the prodigy

    4. Bubble1x

      i hate how polo g and ksi have such short verses and yungblud over here having a long ass verse saying the same thing over and over

    5. JDN JDN

      ngl Polo G had the shortest and best verse no cap

    6. Mika Voss


    7. Joe L

      Is it me or is this like really gay?

    8. archie matthewman

      Is young blud gay??

    9. Laura Antoniou

      I really love YUNGBLUD singing in this song

    10. Laura Antoniou

      I love KSI singing in all over his songs

    11. WarpedTime 2077

      Only time I've ever enjoyed a Polo verse

    12. Elizabeth K

      This is not my usual genre of music but I jam with song.

    13. Leo F

      so trash

    14. BGRoyal

      Why does this feel like YungBlud song though?

    15. KSI’s beard

      I heard this song on the radio and at wingstop in California

    16. dislike a mi video :v

      Yungblud 😈🤙

    17. Da Baby

      We accomplished YUNGBLUDS request to watch this video 20 million times lessss gooooo

    18. X hoyle

      Blud and You go extremely well!

      1. Do Nathan

        and Polo G

    19. X hoyle

      Shit this actually amazing.

    20. Keniel Vega

      Polo g carried

      1. Do Nathan

        Polo fanboys at it again.

    21. tourettictimmy

      It actually sounds good at 0.75x

      1. kinimon


    22. R____ 187


      1. tech [2̶0̶0̶4̶]!

        @dislike a mi video :v daddy

      2. dislike a mi video :v


    23. Archie C

      He didn’t pay 150k for the ft btw

      1. tech [2̶0̶0̶4̶]!

        @Middle Finger Canelo it’s cute how you believe everything Ksi says in his videos

      2. Middle Finger Canelo

        @tech [2̶0̶0̶4̶]! no he didnt

      3. tech [2̶0̶0̶4̶]!

        Yes he did

      4. Do Nathan


    24. Kacchan !

      Forgot to comment this on the 15th but like best bday gift ever !

    25. Kalix

      polo should own the song evn though ksi was the best part in the song but look at this and u have to agree with me [most participation in the song] 83% (polo) 3% (yungblud) 14% (ksi)

      1. Kalix

        it's the other way around

      2. Kalix


    26. Davin Adams

      KSI is a blood now?

      1. Do Nathan

        yeah 😂

    27. Davin Adams

      Yungblud is that weird kid

    28. Jamie _c16

      Your best song yet keep it up mate 🙏

    29. Barış Şen

      do yungblud must to do these cringe moves

    30. J .Woods

      20M in one month 🔥

    31. Faded Elmo

      Damm polo g with ksi seems good duo

      1. Do Nathan

        facts, I want a future collab from KSI and Polo G, on a more traditional rap song

    32. Elizabeth Harmon

      fire yungblud on a role!

    33. Harlow


    34. Browski Woski

      People actually call this music?

      1. Do Nathan

        better than Playboi Carti tho

    35. Anders Henriksen

      Can't believe polo and KSI is really on the same song

      1. Do Nathan

        facts. I lost my mind seeing KSI and Polo G

    36. Abdulmujeeb Bello


    37. Abdulmujeeb Bello

      Elemental cool 😎 😎😎

    38. Ayesha Munir

      i love this man

    39. joris bohnson

      This got more views than really love

    40. Alex Sharkey

      Love u jj keep it up bro

    41. Adriana Amado

      Ksi:lets get polo G Producer: is he going to be in the song a lot Ksi:no he is going to be in it for 5 seconds

      1. Do Nathan

        exactly 🤦🏾‍♂️

    42. Saw Htoo Htoo Nyein

      Did you guys use autotune?

    43. XXKEVINOXX ???

      this song is on the radio

    44. Zanicey

      FIRE BRO

    45. A Schulze

      Bremen Next ❗❌

    46. Terina Sargeant

      KSI has Seal hair😁so retro 90s

    47. GAMER GUY

      polo sounds different from his normal music

      1. Do Nathan

        cuz he doin something different. Shoutout to KSI and Polo G

    48. marinel

      This trash song

    49. BeastieModdz Gaming

      This shit is not fire bro polo g just lost my respect

      1. Do Nathan

        lmao Polo doin his thing regardless

    50. Mckenzie Lillywhite

      Yo jj

    51. Mr. Dust

      I think this song is inspired by the employee in mcdonalds when he ordered like 8 cheeseburger and another large fries

    52. Flaming wolfie

      I saw a video on where tommyinnit, Wilbur soot and Georgenotfound trying to fight u why did u hit Wilbur he didn't wanna fight u tommyinnit wanted to

      1. Middle Finger Canelo

        @Flaming wolfie it's fake you idiot. Ksi threw a right hook and wilbur fell to the right... if you throw a right hook then he should've fell to the left.... oh my gosh these people

      2. Flaming wolfie

        @ׄ idk sorry I'm just paranoid

      3. ׄ

        @Flaming wolfie its fake?

      4. Flaming wolfie

        @Cohn Jena - Mizo watch the video closely u should see Wilbur soot had a nose bleed

      5. Cohn Jena - Mizo

        Look kid , I get it in your innocent eyes the punch may look real but even KSI himself said that the punch was fake.

    53. neon infinity

      Post Malone wants Circles and Congratulations back

    54. Adam Geraghty

      00:15 to 00:37 is how long polo g is in this song

    55. Marie Hægland

      Roomie that u?

    56. chuzjg


    57. ImlikeFLAMINGO


    58. B DOG HD 123

      The vid is fire and I do think that polo g need a longer Verse in the song Ksi

    59. PlayingMinecraft

      Sometimes I forget that KSI can actually sing

    60. David Chambers

      The only thing that could have made this better is juice wrld

    61. Nayeem Salam

      37 second verse for 100k, good choice.

    62. Elite ¿Hi?

      Tbh instead of polo g singing first it should have been jj because everyone can agree that he was barely in his own song

    63. Link

      This is shit

      1. Do Nathan

        song is fire


        Link You Delusional

      3. fluids Visuals

        lets see your music laddo?

    64. Nozu Fn

      Polo g should have had more verses

      1. Do Nathan


    65. Tabby Cats

      Ft ksi

    66. Adam Murnin

      Yungblud would make a good joker

      1. Parth Chandra


    67. Jamie Fox

      Haters spitting on KSI's short verses while I'm actually enjoying the music.

      1. Do Nathan

        ppl hating on Polo G verse too smh

    68. Grace Atkinson

      patience- Yungblood ft ksi and polo g :)

    69. rob star

      You have the right to release songs

    70. John Parks

      There was a lot going on in this, but I liked it.

    71. dylanowski

      20 MIL

      1. Gangster 334

        @dylanowski oh my bad

      2. dylanowski

        @Gangster 334 I was talking about the views of the video

      3. Gangster 334

        He hit 20 mil like a year ago or 2

    72. Niemo

      Wow best Song for long time 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    73. Diana Isabel Loayza Buenaventura

      pruébalo en velocidad 1.25

    74. Wetk_


      1. Brisingr

        @Weedarr a fuck ton. He only has 6k views lol

      2. Weedarr

        How many subs this guy bought lmao



    75. Swerve_ yt

      Polo I can’t keep standing up for you bro🤦‍♂️

      1. Do Nathan

        Polo did somethin different and I respect that. What is with some of you Polo fanboys 🤦🏾‍♂️

    76. Megachin

      This is ksi and yungbluds song and polo just came to say hi

    77. Luc Lemal

      J'adore votre clip et votre musique elle déchire , merci a vous de cette mélodie si belle .

    78. TheClassicalGamer

      This guy with red hair looks like a person that uses drugs

    79. Xeno-Kirishi

      2 much autotune

      1. Arshman Khawar

        Listen to Travis Scott

    80. Elias Fenger

      Good song 👍🏻

    81. Christian Mccorquodale

      It kinda sounds like circles by post Malone

    82. Anna Galvis

      yungblud and ksi is the DREAM collab tho

    83. Kingnahj De guy

      Wow KSI actually has a good voice

    84. Megachin

      Yung blud sounds really good

    85. Mohd Azwandie

      ngl, thought young blud was Joe Weller when I saw him

    86. Hunterultragamer

      Best song

    87. Colin Bull

      Ksi music is just OP Love this!!

    88. yellari amarawathi

      Yungblud in this song is so fucking good

    89. Alam Sanchez

      Nooo ksi don’t auto tune your voice mannnnnnn

    90. SD Damage

      We hit 20 millions views let’s goo !!!🤩

    91. Aimayee

      From screaming I'm on a horse to this..

    92. Nacho aweonao

      Jake paul saying this is bad💀💀

    93. Shihab Isa

      Love this JJ! Keep it up.

    94. Swerve

      Polo G carried

      1. Do Nathan

        @Swerve ok

      2. u r monke

        @Swerve good for u mate

      3. Swerve

        @u r monke What ever mate that's my opinion

      4. u r monke

        @Swerve so, he didn't carry if anyone did it would be yungblud

      5. Swerve

        @u r monke He had the best line tho lmao

    95. Brandon yt

      One of KSIs best songs. It was an amazing idea to collab with Yungblud, his music is fire

    96. Zan

      In my opinion it would be better if he would do two sepperate songs. One wich could be really hard with polo g and with yung blud in pop style

      1. Do Nathan

        agreed. I want a hard KSI x Polo G song

    97. Itz ToxicMax

      I bet JJ always laughs when he’s filming a song

    98. Louis Volpe

      This song it a tune I think it’s so smooth and sick