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    I can't believe we made art using 3d pens and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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    1. ZHC Crafts

      Subscribe if you want to be in our videos :))

      1. Tay'shaun Casey

        That won't happen

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        I’m subscribed already I love you guy’s keep up the great work 👍🏻👍🏻 Sup

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        Hi can I be in your next video because I just subscribe

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      Done. ...ok it needs to be a new one-


      Bro where's leoo he's my favorite 😤 😭

    4. Shirley Gonzales

      Tbh I live in the Philiphins too nd Im only 9 with my moms phone Pls chose me next challenge pls? My birthday Just Happend..... Plss

      1. Shirley Gonzales

        Im subcribed Too

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    7. NeoN NiNjaz

      i love when people say LMAO is a swear word

    8. Anaiah Madawela

      I think pink hair girl will win

    9. Bassy456

      I have a 3D pen but it is so different the Merrell twins have a blue 3D pen and I do as well and I have a grey one

    10. niz Ali

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    14. Nokkap

      I'd pay $5000 for a pen that isn't 3D Am I right? Get it. Haha funny.

    15. Zalina Sabri

      Can you make art with minecraft

    16. Ajab gazibo

      Zach:If y dont win u go for a swim Michelle and everyone:NOOOOOOOO!! me: why no!??

    17. Karthis Cosmos

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    35. Kristen Zayon

      Hey don't touch the pen it's hot! Later... 30 degree burns on my thumb.

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    37. Amara Luzar

      I’ve been watching your videos for a long time and your art inspired me to do art myself! Thanks to you I even won $50 from a contest!!

    38. Jaymarie Altamirano

      I think Jake is going to win

    39. Marcus Alexandre

      alternative title zack giving them excersise

    40. Joshua Mitchell

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      Now I'd wanna lose. I love to swim

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      I hate everyone who said mekinze (how do u spell her name) the pink girl hair was amzingggg


      Hi ZHC 19.4 subscribers For ZHC

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    53. Jaxer 489

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