Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO vs Apple AirPods Pro [Honest Comparison]

Mike O'Brien

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    Basic differences
    Price: $250 vs $200 (but sales make them almost the same)
    Appearance: Vote! I personally prefer GB
    Three colors vs one color
    Comfort? AirPods are easier to put in
    IPX4 AirPods vs IPX7 Galaxy Buds
    Both have wireless charging
    Battery = 4.5-5/24 AP Pro, 5-8/18-28 GB Pro
    Microphone test
    Intelligent ANC (Buds only)
    Gaming mode on Galaxy Buds
    Find my Earbuds on Galaxy Buds
    Smart voice on Galaxy Buds
    Adaptive EQ on AirPods
    Audio Sharing on AirPods
    Fit test on AirPods
    BOTH have spatial audio in some way
    Sound Quality
    Airpods lack bass
    They both work with any BT connections, but there is no AirPods app for Android. On the flipside, there is a Galaxy Wear app for iOS

    Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers!
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    1. poopbandit

      The buds pro are literally AirPod pro clones

    2. Splash

      I think I will get the buds pro in the summer. Wish they had the wingtip though

    3. Geo Hall

      So please someone answer this: Can the GALAXY BUDS PRO work well with Iphone XR ??!!

    4. G

      I think it's clear if you are android it would be Samsung while the latter would be IOS users.

    5. Tayyab Javed

      I have watched a few videos just to compare the two and your video has explained it very well. I would certainly look out for videos on your channel when I plan to buy a technology

    6. Furious Mojo

      Galaxy bud sound better

    7. User

      I’m on iOS, and I chose the Buds+ bc of iOS support, 2-3x the battery of either the AirPods Pro or Buds Pro, as well as great sound and a good fit all at a price that’s cheaper than both of these. Love them

    8. Sen Gnanam

      No one talks about apple's crap design for all airpods lol. It just looks like some just cut the cord...they could have got so much more creative

    9. Shawn M.

      Samsung > Apple

    10. Nathan Weatherspoon

      In my opinion all around the board the mic quality on the galaxy pros were just better.

    11. Jed ovtqy

      Air pods Pro look like someone has got a pair of poundland headphones and chopped the wire off

    12. Joshua Rush

      Galaxy buds pro looks like big hearing aides in your ear. I own samsung products and I just hate the look of the galaxy buds. So big and ugly. Airpods look more streamline and pretty

    13. Lolao Pajaks

      For the price, it's the Galaxy Buds for me ! Not in my possession but i hope to get one soon !

    14. Hjalte Rosenberg

      My guy just wants the galaxy buds pro to win 😂

    15. katten Ris

      Galaxy buds pro i like the most and my old wireless headphones / the only pair of headphones / earbuds that i have

    16. Ting Le Cheah

      dude, put on timestamp for each category or a big text tittle will help to improve the viewing experience, it's really hard to navigate round your video

    17. Monster7Arena

      249$ for those nah man iam good with galaxy buds

    18. Rish Modi

      Great video! Helped me with making an informed decision. Subscribed!

    19. JesseFernandesTV

      I love how the outcome of all of these videos between these two different headphones are always the same conclusion. Airpods are overpriced garbage and Galaxy buds are significantly more advanced and it's cheaper. Quality from Samsung.

    20. Adool

      Is Samsung buds pro works on iPhone 12 ?

    21. Jay C

      The AirPods are better

    22. moe

      I got the buds today it is absolutely outstanding

    23. SY Tan

      Hi Mike. How about Galaxy buds pro vs Jabra 85t?

    24. R34L17Y

      Thank you. Very well laid out.

    25. Marcelo Pérez

      Most of you guys said that the buds have a better mic than the AirPods, it seems to me that this is true just outdoors right? in my opinion, the AirPods have better quality indoors. Am I right?

    26. Walter D Wormack

      As a old geezer who has had MAJOR DIFFICULTY finding a set of Earbuds that will stay in my somewhat ancient ears. I need to find a set Samsung Earbuds that will STAY in MY EARS!

      1. Walter D Wormack

        Well. I bought a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. I've been 'sweating' owning them for almost a full TWENTY FOUR HOURS. The Buds have fallen out of my ears at least FIVE TIMES. My hair gets that much 'greyer' every time I have to chase these Buds across a floor to retrieve them!

    27. suresh b

      Buds pro looks better cuz I hate pencil style buds

    28. Nick Signorelli

      They make gloves now in mind u might use ur phone or touch stuff like earbuds so have to say big advantage to Samsung

      1. Rael Grim


    29. Sky Maceda

      I have the Apple Airpods Pro... Now and looking forward to get the Galaxy Buds Pro in Purple 💜💜💜

    30. Arav Bansal

      Galaxy buds have a feature that it automatically enables you to listen to people when it detects a voice! This is called ambient mode!

    31. BlueHyena

      Before the age of masks, the pro would’ve been great. Now that stem is just a snag point for most mask types.

    32. Quantum

      Lol he mentioned more positive feedback for the galaxy buds pro than the airpods.

    33. Ciprian Circa

      Galaxy buds are far superior outside, in a noisy background. Indoors Airpods microphone is way better, I don't know why Airpods microphone are not cancelling the outside noise properly, I wonder what settings you used on both , I hope you used same,if so, than its a matter of prefference about where you use them more often. In my opinion they both have flaws ,maybe next generation will work better inside and outside. Not too happy about neighter of them. I have the Airpods Pro and the Galaxy Buds Live. Galaxy buds sound a little better in my opinion and Airpods for me are more comfortable and also they sound lovely, I wish they have a bit more bass. I have no ideea if the Buds Pro are more comfortable, I never tried them. Not bad, both have nice specs.Noise cancelling and spatial sound on the Airpods Pro are magic.Hard to say which one wins, I love them both, so like I said, its just how and where you want to use them more,and of course, the price should be considered!

    34. Eduardo

      airpod microphones sound like a 2008 webcam

    35. codelbodel 21

      I'd rather galaxy buds pro Cuz airbuds pro doesnt fit in my wallet 😅

    36. deepali parmar

      Airpods pro

    37. Larry Johnson

      You give great Reviews 👍🏾

    38. MrEmoji Cat

      I think galaxy buds pro looks better than AirPods pro

      1. MrEmoji Cat

        AirPods pro for inside galaxy buds pro for outside by a busy road (yes I can hear you with the AirPods pro by a bussy road)

      2. MrEmoji Cat

        again galaxy buds pro for controls

    39. Rexx Sade

      100% samsung galaxy pro I had air pods BUT when I bought Samsung galaxy Ear buds Pro, Oh! My God they are amazing. I recommend them.

    40. Blank

      All they had to do was give all the features of the buds pro to the buds plus and it would probably be the perfect true wireless for me.the wingtips help a LOT during working out and even without them they still stick. The buds pro seem like they portrude out a bit and while doing suicides or something they could loosen and fall off

    41. ɢᴀʏ ᴘɪɴᴋғʟᴏʏᴅ

      I about to buy these or sennheisers cx 400bt Very indecise

      1. Marta Sala

        @ɢᴀʏ ᴘɪɴᴋғʟᴏʏᴅ mm

      2. ɢᴀʏ ᴘɪɴᴋғʟᴏʏᴅ

        @Amrta sasala

      3. ɢᴀʏ ᴘɪɴᴋғʟᴏʏᴅ

        @Marta Sala @marta sala

      4. ɢᴀʏ ᴘɪɴᴋғʟᴏʏᴅ

        @Marta Sala ti tagga automaticamente @marta saluz

      5. ɢᴀʏ ᴘɪɴᴋғʟᴏʏᴅ

        @Marta Sala ma

    42. Elias Munoz

      My only problem with the original buds was the constent disconnect.. has that been fixed ?

    43. jerry P.

      I don't like stem style earbuds. 😕 I also have better luck, with eartips that fit a bit deeper in my ears.

    44. Bruno Raydan

      Galaxy Buds Pro is the Best !!

    45. Jicky Supnet

      I have galaxy buds pto and much better for me

    46. Nasrdin Yusuf

      Iphone 11 pro max vs s10 ultra

    47. imahemmo

      Switching from buds plus to pro

    48. Nasrdin Yusuf

      Nice vid dude subbed keep up the work

      1. Mike O'Brien

        Thanks for the sub!

    49. Jeremy

      On call Quality side - indoors the airpods pro - outdoors the Galaxy buds pro

    50. DevineGamingTV

      The sound quality part did not do the Airpods Pro justice, If you listen to Podcasts or Edsheeran? I feel that the Airpods Pro does alot better in most cases in sound wuality aslong as it isn't hard hitting bass songs. I listen to alot of Avenged Sevenfold, Hollywood Undead, Eminem etc and the Airpods Pro outshines the Galaxy Buds Pro in sound quality. I have the Galaxy Buds Pro, and my girlfriend have the Airpods Pro, I have tested both, and I like the Airpods alot better. The ANC on the Airpods is alot better than the Galaxy's. I use the Galaxy ones at work, and I can really hear the noice from my surroundings, while when using the Airpods the sound is a toin more muffled. Try to be less biased if you want new subscribers.

      1. lolo mo

        Sound quality is better on Samsung with all the EQ options. Customizable controls is better on samsung too. ANC, ambient sound, latency, bluetooth connectivity are better on airpods. Id personally choose airpods because of the better ANC and latency.

    51. charles

      Galaxy ones, looks CHUNKY

    52. Games We Play

      Which has the best noise cancellation chat???

    53. Cards Fan420

      apple just hit a homerun with mic phone call quality, to this day you can't find a mic that blocks out surrounding sounds like cars or jackhammers ect, better then airpods pro. your voice is clear and even better then phone mics.. i'd say when it comes to pure sound quality when listening to music galaxy buds are better, but airpods pro don't sound bad at all and are just more convenient and overall a better package.

    54. Storm Wolf

      Airpods inside galaxy buds outaide

    55. Colin Zimmerman

      Apple airpods is better inside and outside. I was going to get samsung galaxy buds pro, but I'm now getting apple airpods pro, and a iPhone SE 2020! Thank you for the review you need way more views, likes, and subscribers.

    56. Probably TheAmaziiingTim

      It's funny how whenever an Apple product is compared to others, the content owner has to mention HONEST, because lost content creators' video are biased

    57. Marcus Monger

      I don't like the voice recognition feature... If a song I like comes on and I start singing, the music turns down 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    58. Marcus Monger

      My buds stay in my ear for about 30 minutes before they fall out. I can be sitting down doing nothing and they still fall out. I tried walking with them. Didn't make it a mile. And I've changed the tips!!


      Can you review huawei free buds pro pls... I'm torn between xm3, buds pro or freebuds pro

    60. six nine

      Galaxy bud pro

    61. Malkeet Sran

      Samsung is better

    62. Malkeet Sran

      Really helpful 👍

    63. Still Dre

      the airpods look so good with a black skin over the buds

    64. preet Singh

      I think you're also talking about the Galaxy buds plus while you are introducing by the battery so it's a pretty confusing your comparing these 2 orioles comparing their Galaxy but plus can you please clarify that

    65. Made Evan P

      So 'find my buds' isn't available for iOS?

      1. Upek D

        It is, it’s in the ‘find my’ app

    66. Dem Tingz

      Dude looks like Barry Allen

    67. VVindicator

      FINALLY, bro I've been tryna determine which I should get but since I have a Samsung, I might as well get the Galaxy Buds Pro

    68. Santosh Teja

      I have buds pro which sucks. Waste of money and time. Worst samsung invention. Apple airpods big win win

    69. Diego Sanchez

      Respect 📈📈 for being honest

    70. 75 EpiclyGrapes

      Apple users: so your telling me I should switch? Samsung: YeS pLz

    71. Jacob Indigo

      Pod have a big advantage w the mic. But the music goes to buds.

    72. Shubham Dhyani

      This made me feel better about my purchase/upgrade, which is still on its way (buds to buds pro).

    73. JN1099

      I got the Buds Pro their Insane

    74. Dubem .Ugwuozor

      Watched this with my all new Galaxy Buds Pro. Great audio and call quality. Awesome battery life. Nice upgrade from the Buds Live. Loved your review.

    75. Z_trizzy2times G

      He forgot the compatibility i bought airpods pro as im buying an iPhone 12 next so the airpods made sense as it is made for the apple ecosystem and Samsung with theres

    76. CHI Nation

      Team Samsung!

    77. Vishal Farma

      Is it possible for me to turn off the motion controls on the Samsung earbuds and control it via my Samsung smart watch instead?

    78. PeDrO Velez Jr

      Just got the buds pro and I'm blown away.these things sound amazing.great job samsung

    79. sean lim

      Is the buds pro a significant upgrade from the buds plus? Please respond.

      1. Mad Man

        It is, believe me, i jumped from buds live to buds pro and its already huge, let alone jumping from buds plus to buds pro hahaha

    80. Christopher Sola

      Galaxy Buds Pro all the way. If nothing else I just hate, nay detest the look of the Airpods.

    81. Yashpreet Singh

      Guys without doubt airpods 100 times better

    82. ً

      The ANC in Buds pro is a joke and they're really uncomfortable

    83. B. W.

      Apple AirPods aren’t loud enough, they’re a tad overpriced and they don’t hold much of a charge. Maybe it was the ones I bought.

      1. Kirby Olsen

        AirPods or AirPods Pro? If you think AirPods Pro aren’t loud enough I’d think your deaf and say you need a hearing aid

    84. Deon Jooste

      Mic quality on the Airpods pro is SO BAD. I returned mine after a week, wasn't happy at all

    85. little rock

      Yeah he said busy road buds pro had way less cars coming thru , does the auto transparency turn on if there’s other people talking around you

    86. James lisenby

      In conclusion. Earbuds are bad buy the sony xm4s or xm3s. Thank you thank you

    87. Ka hin Hui

      3:36 so I can go showering with galaxy buds on?

    88. MR. Brandias

      I just got my Galaxy buds pro today and I am very disappointed with them because they are very tough to put in the ears and when I have been using them for just a few minutes I feel some kind of pain in my ears don't know why and I have even tried every single earpiece that came with them and the sound quality is okay as long as it's not something with high notes but the worst about them is transparency mode it doesn't sound natural to me at all but I like that this mode can get so loud that with high music volume it's still easy to hear you're surroundings

    89. marvelous LIE

      I'm likely going to grab the Galaxy Buds Pro when I get my S21+ whenever this next stimulus passes.

    90. Maestro's ACOG

      Not really a good review, hes missing some important parts, case build quality being one of them. Watch dankpods video about the galaxy buds and he compares them with 2 others including airpods pro, he goes more indepth than this video does.

    91. Maestro's ACOG

      Don't get either at full price, you can easily get pros for 200 right now, no idea about the other earbuds.

    92. Dirk Mönnigmann

      Apple over Samsung!

    93. Dolev

      Like your deeo reviews and head to head comparations

    94. lucas andrew

      anyone know how good galaxy buds pro hold up when working out and running, do they fall out, lose seal for sound quality?

    95. j. b.

      Could you maybe please do a comparison between the Galaxy Buds Pro and the Jabra elite active 75ts? I would appreciate that really much and it would help me out a lot :)

      1. Mad Man

        @j. b. buds pro bro

      2. j. b.

        Or maybe just give me a quick personal assessment? :) I'm looking for a pair of earbuds I can work out with and which have a good sound, preferably with a good base. I've watched multiple videos of yours, where you've described the jabras and the galaxy bud pros, and from what I've seen they seem to have quiet similar qualities, but maybe you prefer one of them and can recommend one, based on which has a better sound and is better for workouts (like running or jumping around without them falling out)

    96. CosMo I

      The galaxy things are just as normal airpods lol

    97. SV Singh

      Can we connect earbubs pro to iphone 12 pro

    98. Tests Sub

      The new wind block on the galaxy buds pro sounds awsome!!!!

    99. OLGMC

      Another reason why I love the Galaxy buds pro: they came free together with my S21, lol

      1. Japhet Medina

        @BBB bbb I'm buying my phone at at&t cause my mom

      2. BBB bbb

        @Japhet Medina I just bought the s21 plus and I got the buds pro and a wireless charger for free. Are you buying them on the Samsung website?

      3. Japhet Medina

        @OLGMC must be nice I'm getting mine this Saturday, 200 dollars for the buds, and 50 or 60 dollars for wireless charger 😬, my pockets hurt and I hope it's worth it

      4. OLGMC

        @Japhet Medina No but when I pre ordered it, samsung gave a pair of buds pro and a smart tag as a present :) (pre order deal)

      5. Japhet Medina

        wait it came in the box?

    100. James A

      Watching using my AirPods pro, now I wanna try that galaxy buds pro

      1. ً

        I tried and it's a disappointment it's uncomfortable and the ANC is like not there only the transparency mode is good