James Joins Mark Wahlberg's 4am Workout Club

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    After seeing Mark Wahlberg's ridiculous daily schedule, beginning with a 2:30am wake-up call and a 4am workout, James Corden decides to adopt his schedule for the day and heads to Mark's house for a taste of the 4am workout club.
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    Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

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    6. akash panwar

      I think , waking up before 4 am is not healthy

    7. La Vie En Rose

      Gosh if this is what celebs to do age nice and look so good, I choose 15 extra pounds abs wrinkles and a normal schedule



    9. Vintage Oldies Music

      omg when james yawned at 0:50, i yawned right after haha. i guess yawns over screens ARE contagious!!

    10. Chu Huu Chien

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    11. Lei Montojo

      And now mark is so FAT 😂😂😂

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    13. DownTheYTRabbitHole

      Does anyone know what that jumping-bouncy-floor-platform thingy is called at 4:52?

    14. Daniel Maine

      I wonder how the Asian man that Mark beat and lost an eye is doing okay.

    15. Ashton B

      "The world got to see James Cordon as a big, fat pussy. He was also in the movie Cats." 😂 That's all I could think when watching this! Kudos to Ricky Gervais for lingering in my head at random times throughout the day!

    16. Rejeane Redmon

      Wat is he doing to tht pillow

    17. Rejeane Redmon

      His sweat pants

    18. Rejeane Redmon

      My baby

    19. Richard P

      Why gloves though....

    20. Flower yuyu

      The moment when james dropped to the floor at 4:29 is very hilarious I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂that would me if I went to the gym at 4 AM

    21. Emelie

      But.. why? Why not 5:30 to 10:30 pm....?


      i am praying he cancels 😂😂

    23. doointhedoo

      this was hilarious!!! lol

    24. Marcus Jemson

      4 am is to early for me I am a night owl

    25. John lonewolfe


    26. Anime Person

      I wonder what the wife and kids be hearing when James is singing

    27. Axel Vazquez

      He just shushed james in a big ass mansion. Kids are probable on the east wing of that house

    28. Fabian Cruz

      It’s so awesome how he is friends with all those awesome people! 😂♥️

    29. Laureen Warner

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    30. Jughead Smith

      Completely unnecessary and annoying laugh track that laughs at everything.. "he's praying right now" *hysteric laughter* what's so funny about that..?

    31. Sorin Andrei

      what time do your kids go to sleep? 6:45 ?

    32. Molleigh Ferrell

      Mark “shhhhh the kids are sleeping” James *literally screams the entire time*

    33. kdmil2002

      Looking at his schedule, I was wondering where he finds time to pencil the wife in for some lovin'.

    34. S

      so stupid

    35. Lucy Anna Nixon


    36. ninjatears

      What's with the old sitcom clapping and laughing?

    37. Big Kusho

      pro tip guys: mark wahlberg leaves his front door unlocked

    38. Russ Lleno

      I want James in my life!!! I have been wanting to say this for a long time!!! Clone him!!! he will make my life happy!!! so funny 🤭😁🤣😅

    39. _Krystaleyez_

      Mark Walberg will always be 🔥

    40. Samantha Tucker

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    41. Brucey Bog-trotter

      too much that schedule like

    42. Owen JAMES

      Must have soundproof rooms

    43. I Gede Setia Dharma

      Is Mark Stevie G's elder brother?

    44. Elit3 Ace

      *The schedule is insane 😂😂😂*

    45. Veluws

      Respect for the cameraman

    46. School of Serenity

      Amazing story!

    47. Marie M

      Now that’s what I call commitment. No wonder he looks so damn good.

    48. Craig Weir

      What I find fucking hilarious about this shit is its 9.50am UK time , Corden hadn't been in the US for long at this point so fat boy was over acting , aka Jim Carey here with his phoney BS shit .

    49. Jj

      0:33 why is it funny

    50. Kristallmensch Kristallwolf

      Wahlberg ist extrem durch trainiert und James ein fauler sack

    51. Kristallmensch Kristallwolf

      so würde ich 4 uhr morgens auch aussehen

    52. peddo B.

      What were those pushups tho?

    53. joshua bolton

      To be honest my grand parents go the bed at 4:30 pm and wake up at like 3 for the whole day so I see where it comes from.

    54. Darlene Martinez

      I have always liked mark!!

    55. Keisha Cameron

      MARK is soooooo awake hahha

    56. Carlos Romious

      30 minutes for playing golf?? Doesn't it take like 30 minutes to even drive to the club, drive to your hole, and hit the ball??? HOW?

    57. official vegthenx

      I thought he was bigger

    58. Des_ Terminus

      Its 2:47 where I am right now and Im praying with Mark Wahlberg

      1. Des_ Terminus

        @Manuel Baut104 idk to be honest James is probably not praying but sleeping

      2. Manuel Baut104

        Does James do It

    59. Mickey Altieri.

      And then Mark wahlberg gets busted for steroids 😂😂😂

    60. J M

      Love this gym!!!

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    63. Sticky Tones

      It seems crazy at first and then it just becomes routine............. And also you have no social life.... Ur jacked, but no social life

    64. GreyGhost

      This video was incomplete not playing “Good Vibrations”

    65. Darya Ionesco

      That's not getting up early, that's getting up in the middle of the night.

    66. eedd rr

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    67. Stephanie Michelle Eno

      Love Mark W

    68. Emir Muftuoglu

      Crossfitter alert 🚨

    69. Mounir Lamouchi

      Is mark wahlberg muslim or why did he standing up 2:45 for praying? 😁

    70. Yuvi Singh

      I could do this if I wasn’t working at my job from 9 am till 12am every night

    71. Micheal Fernandez

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    72. Faris Muhammed


    73. John Alden

      Took a shower before going to workout first mistake made

    74. Morgan Gavan

      Only real ones will know his workout with Bryn 😏😂

    75. Jacobite Jones

      Walberg has the physic of a professional referee

    76. Krysta Sollecito

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    79. Pj Mendoza

      3:30-4 am is the best. No one is around the gym and it’s great.

    80. Damian Clark

      This would be 10X better without the annoying audience laughing after every sentence.

    81. Dawson Owens

      Hey it’s the guy from doctor who !

    82. Rice and beans

      Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one gets to heaven except through Him. Repent before It’s too Late. It’s your choice heaven or hell change your ways and turn to Him !!!

    83. Ìtz Ākäsh

      "I'm Daniel Lugo & I believe in Fitness"

    84. Hermione Lodge


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      “Do you always work out in front of a cardboard cut out of yourself?” 😂

    92. Simon hollad

      Easy when one doesn't have any work in his schedule...

    93. Jimmy Savile

      Racist 🤮🤮🤮

    94. Moon Daniel

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    97. Adreena Arnold

      at least james tried! slow walking andy was complaining the whole time

    98. Nish

      6:31 how are Marks arms like not dislocated 😂