Anti-Lag - Is It Worth Installing?

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    So if you’ve been watching Money Pit for a while you already know that we tried to make the Miata shoot fire with some very sketchy methods. However, now we have a turbo which means that we can do all sorts of fire spitting! Headphone users beware, it’s gonna get loud!
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    1. LayZ Lifts

      Anti-lag vs lag reduction is how I labeled it in my head.

    2. Alif AR

      More fire please

    3. herculano valada

      with that launch control I guess maybe 12.100

    4. Dukes Jeeps and trails

      High 13s

    5. Dudeman9339


    6. Russell Marsh

      Super secret, huh?

    7. Frbrbr Grblgrr

      Ok so it's not a full on anti lag system. Kinda glad because as someone who had one it fucking sucks outside of racing and is expensive to keep up with. I do love this series on this miata

    8. Mohamed Yasin Arakkal

      8:29 Eddie got scared

    9. Gordon Ladner

      You should have used a vw jetta 2.0t something different and are expensive to upgrade lol

    10. Jumpstart rc

      Be lucky if it cracks 100 in the quarter

    11. Velverika Max Post

      Achievment unlock : Miata with a keyboard

    12. Clash Robert

      I don't understand where that fuel you're burning before the turbo comes from. My thinking says there's an injector on the exhaust manifold lol

    13. D Assasin

      Me: a teenager that is a car guy that's new to car stuff *interesting*

    14. Joseph Salter

      The clutch: heeellpppp mmeeeeeee!!!

    15. Lafika16

      I wasn’t expecting an ak miata tbh

    16. SIXOGUY

      Scotch locks and butt connectors on a standalone setup :(

    17. Jonathan Haines

      A lot of the times I watch these videos and I’m like “wow, I would really love to work at donut” 😭

    18. Dom Johnson

      You let him say ASS. Awesome.

    19. Maximilian Kummer

      Donate for supporting ALS research

    20. soiung toiue

      Everyone have just been waiting for a money pit video Edit: this is a bad ass Miata

      1. Rock girl

        so i had no other choice but to close the tab in disgust.

    21. Isaac Feldmann

      Wear ur seatbelt

    22. Kingz

      Miata with a laptop 🥶🥶🥶🥶🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯😫😫😫😫😳😳😳😳😳😳😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

    23. eZaF- STON3R

      Yeaaaaaahhhhh fiaaaaaa!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. sehhi vooty

        Add a bigger turbo 🐌

    24. Steven Irwin

      Step system what're you doing?

      1. Steven Irwin

        Didn't get the joke I see

      2. soiung toiue

        Add a bigger turbo 🐌

    25. Rock girl

      We all know why we’re here... to see how much Zach’s hair grows each week

      1. sehhi vooty

        Do NOT use scotch locks. Why do you not know this? Open barrel crimps are a MUCH more reliable option.

    26. Chris Book

      I always wonder, "Who from Donut staff is responding to the comments?" (When they respond, I mean)

    27. Feurin

      I cannot believe you're using scotch locks

    28. PoohOnYourShoe

      Yea.... it does a 2.09 second 0-60 ....... ft

    29. TROPIX_YT


      1. Rock girl

        My man's got truck nuts on his keychain :D

    30. Bojan Eiter

      whats up american jesus

    31. Cody's Tech


    32. asioe kiou

      Are we not gonna talk about how that sponsorship part was so entertaining I kind of want to buy one right now

    33. Sad

      my mental guess for the 1/4 mile time was 13.3 and then you said 13.2 and i was like hell yeah brother we’re close 😂

    34. GrugMan

      That turbo flutter hurts to listen to. "Is installing a blowoff valve worth it" episode in the future?

    35. Excessum

      Actually, for the first time ever, i checked out the product advertised in the video. But then they asked me my height in feet and inches without the option to switch to normal units, so i had no other choice but to close the tab in disgust.

      1. asioe kiou

        My man's got truck nuts on his keychain :D

    36. bouytt guyt

      Would you consider doing a video where you go over all the mods you’ve made to the miata and maybe what the most/least impactful ones have been?

    37. Jamie Carl

      Do NOT use scotch locks. Why do you not know this? Open barrel crimps are a MUCH more reliable option.

    38. nigel nixon

      Add a bigger turbo 🐌

    39. Zohar Modifier

      lighter zippo make a fire :) pop a wooden stick with fuel soaked cloth

      1. Zohar Modifier

        @bouytt guyt only Turbo ... as Supercharge is crank powered ... turbo is exhaust gas powered

      2. bouytt guyt

        Can this be done with a supercharged car or just turbo cars?

    40. Will GADD

      ONE DAY we need to get a Donut Media vs Car Thottle vs Carwow - MX5 showdown

    41. Jimmy wolfe

      Does he remind anyone else of Brad Leone?

    42. Michael Dorado

      ..... I want that black donut hat 🥺

    43. vbddfy euuyt

      My man's got truck nuts on his keychain :D

    44. Jack Lianos

      13:03 I smell a little Cleetus McFarland there...

    45. Paul Cox

      I’m thinking 13.5 quarters

    46. Clichecon

      Why does zach have a pair of testicles on his keychain for the miata 11:59

    47. Hugo Torres

      Can you do a video on changing the door weatherstripping my drivers since is also getting out of the door

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Anyone notice the Miata has the same seats as Chrisfixits drift stang does?? No just me?

    48. Dennis Samoilov

      Ignition Cut Launch Control Valves Be Like:,,Are we a Joke to you?"

    49. demonsinmybrain _

      9 second 1/4 mile.

    50. Leonardo Ramon

      Where did you buy your grey jeans?

    51. yasio bolo

      My man's got truck nuts on his keychain :D

    52. tom dewitt


    53. Shworsh

      You could just use nitrous

    54. Mene Center

      Can this be done with a supercharged car or just turbo cars?

      1. Pablo Kelevra

        The point of a blower is no lag lol I guess if its like a vortec or some other centrifugal I could see hanging the rpm in the boost map of the compressor but its really not the same as a turbski... What Id love to see is a turbine housing bolted to an alternator and then an AC motor bolted to a rotrex compressor, and then a lithium racing battery, starting capacitor, and a controller that rolls in boost off of an rpm trigger... theres your fugging antilag. Boost on demand ayyyeee

      2. Mene Center

        @Pablo Kelevra I realize that, but I was wondering about anti lag or 2 step

      3. Pablo Kelevra

        No lift shift isnt going to give you much with a blower though, this is just an evolution of left foot braking like team audi perfected in group b ralley back in the day with the UR Quattro

      4. Pablo Kelevra

        It can be done with NA for launch control. New mustangs come with it, plus a line lock...

    55. Lil Swamp


      1. yasio bolo

        Cringe at splice connector

    56. ceerw buty

      Everyone have just been waiting for a money pit video Edit: this is a bad ass Miata

      1. Pablo Kelevra

        Like for hot girl car person ❤

    57. Royce Stricker

      Just got tune on my Volkswagen Eos I need your hookup at ECS Tuning

      1. seeni gzty

        wouldn't flat foot shifting shred your clutch?

    58. kris jones

      You shouldn't be dumping that clutch on a radial like that. Use the 2 step and slip the clutch. They also make a slipper valve that slips the clutch for you that's adjustable.

      1. seeni gzty

        Help, step-system, I'm stuck at 3500 RPM.

    59. Jacob Rossow

      Never use those splice connectors they partially cut the wire when installed and WILL cause problems in the future. Use good quality connectors and get a quality system that works.

      1. Pablo Kelevra

        I was thinking the same thing. Building a track car with lawnmower repair technology... I only use A: solder and marine heatshrink tubing for signal wires B: quality crimp splices AND marine heat shrink for power connections (big current will melt solder) If you live in a damp wet shithole, you can even roll hotglue over connections BEFORE marine heatshrink so its ALL hotglue inside with no voids water could sneak into (this is how I modify engine harnesses)

    60. LOST Bxbx

      What are you doing step system

    61. Tigerishchaff 75

      Anyone notice the Miata has the same seats as Chrisfixits drift stang does?? No just me?

    62. l34052

      I hate turbos, NA for life. Immediate throttle response all the time and a fantastic exhaust note☺

    63. arskab0b

      My man's got truck nuts on his keychain :D

    64. LIL ARCTIC

      Man I love donut media

    65. seeni gzty

      James' dog made my day I hope James would show it a bit closer

    66. hitechperc30bugjuice

      every time we see zach he has more and more facial hair

    67. David Blalock

      My best calculations indicate that if everything goes perfectly, you could dip into the 12.9's, but realistically I'm thinking a 13.5 - 13.2 ET, with an 1/8th of 8.75 and a 110 trap.

    68. jraskin carcleaning

      1/4 12.90

    69. Dee10

      Cringe at splice connector

    70. Walter Bryan

      My man here has a keyboard to control his dash. I’m impressed.

    71. Šimon Horáček

      Help, step-system, I'm stuck at 3500 RPM.

    72. Charlie Getz

      wouldn't flat foot shifting shred your clutch?

    73. Manuel

      Hey, what are you doing Stepsystem?

    74. Jordan McDaniel

      You should get some skateboard grip tape for your pedals since they’re missing the rubber

    75. Nathan West

      you should really give diesel tuning a shot 1.9tdi can get 20-30% more power in 2 hours(when you're taking it slow)

    76. Wilstaman

      Are those Home Depot shelves in the garage?

    77. sehhi vooty

      James' dog made my day I hope James would show it a bit closer

    78. Crash N Burn Racing

      Gotta do the quarter. 1/8: 8.7 @ 81mph 1/4 13.5 @ 101mph

    79. MustangSquad 302

      I run a fuel based anti lag. I know my spark cut 2 step rev limiter will end up dumping some fuel but I have a secondary table that activates with my 2 step that adds a little more fuel based on throttle position, Since my throttle will be at 100% I add about 5% to the duty cycle, it dumps enough fuel to fire off in the exhaust to have my single 88 spooled in seconds. And since I dont have an option for a three step i have another table set up that cuts spark based on throttle position (100%) and mph (10+) that only activates when the clutch is in

    80. ISAAC

      11:49 fire

    81. Haedez 2

      Get a bodykit for the miata!

    82. Randomly Entertaining

      60 feet in 2.09 seconds? You mean 4.63 Miatas in 2.09 seconds.

    83. Baltic Supra Fan

      Did he say step sister or step sistem?

    84. Jose Deacon

      I'am starting to wonder where does the 350z's are....

    85. MLMguitarguy

      Thats a deceiving title when you don't install actual anti-lag for off throttle like most people think you'd be doing. Should say Two Step is it worth it?

    86. Rus Clay

      Love the car Zach, but aren't you concerned about the wiring splicing over time? Or am I just trippin and over thinking it?

      1. Pablo Kelevra

        No its trash lol

    87. Eric Neumann

      Can this be applied to stock vehicles ecu in some way. Say, a 2018 civic for the flat foot shifting. Cuz it would be cool to try, if nothing else.

    88. jerry henderson

      Helix was a semi successful heavy metal band from the 1980s , now they make mattresses ?

    89. Kevin Fabish

      1/4= 12.07 8th= 13.01

    90. Merxedess

      M I S F I R I N G S Y S T E M

    91. Josh Morrison

      My car shoots flames and it’s only a 1.5l 4 cylinder all I had to to is cut the exhaust off and turn it on and off quickly

    92. octane

      only if you are playing pc games with shitty ping...

    93. chris bruni

      Make some laugh every time you mention the ecu ...had a girl I called that 🤣

    94. Musti1337


    95. Brody Heilig

      Mid 10s

    96. Carter Beckett

      12.4 fs

    97. KUBS XD

      oh there is ae86

    98. mijuo roui

      Are we not gonna talk about how that sponsorship part was so entertaining I kind of want to buy one right now

    99. Noan Mousy

      I fear a bit about the gearbox for the flatshifting. I got an Abarth 595 T-Jet tuned to 215hp. Do you think I can do that ?

    100. Joseph Denio

      So what we call this is suppressed lag