Demi Lovato - Melon Cake (Visualizer)


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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing Melon Cake (Visualizer). © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Quarantined Teen

      The story behind this song is so sad

    2. Wellington Mendes Barreto

      Sincerely, The Demi needs to win a Grammy for this album. ❤❤❤❤

    3. Kuroiscute

      Honestly I’m really happy that she’s free and able to do whatever she wants music wise The saddest thing is her ex management sabotage her career i’m still so mad that didn’t let her leave Hollywood records after the Demi era in 2013 but her management and label locked her in a six album contract

    4. Antonio Lima

      So interesting and good to see a music video clip not sexualising bodies within the pop world. Amazing work!

    5. Rúben Bernardo

      A minha mãe recusou fazer-me bolo de melão 🙄.

    6. #stayhome #wearmask #protectyourself

      I wish she'd appear on the video. She's so great to watch and this is her story.

    7. ANGELO

      Imagina se Ariana Grande estivesse nesse som

    8. Anjelika Tulalian

      i need mv for this!

    9. Serena Leach

      i love the new music!

    10. Ronny Muñoz

      DWTD...TAOSO 💿 se merece todos los premios del mundo

    11. Lety Reyes

      12 yr old me jamming 2 dis song after almost having a eating disorder cause of bullying @ skool.... But I did hv anerexia.. Bc most days my parents had nothing for me 2 eat... & u top of dat I suffer from anxiety.. & I'm a disable kid in a wheelchair... 😔Where's my life goin'? Lst Yr I found 1 of demi's song #skyscraper & she helped me w/ anyting I was goin' thro... She's my idol.. My role model.. I ❤️ her & respect her soo much.. Ps.. Her new docu series& album... Is what u call perfect... I cried when watching d documentary... & I find my self relating to sm of dese songs😔

    12. maria de la vega del sol

      it's trash, I want her to go back to pop rock ASAP...

    13. Kweson Abrams


    14. cloudxpositions

      aoty wbk

    15. Madi Wilson

      My favorite song, ever.

    16. Micaela Saiquita

      I love you Demi, thanks for making this album

    17. Micaela Saiquita

      Dear little me I’m sorry it took so long but baby u r free 😭😭😭

    18. Belén Arando

      This song must be a single

    19. Iker Lozano


    20. Marília Sousa


    21. can this

      underrated twerking

    22. Naya Wah

      0:54 😳 You could find me starvin' for attention most days Amongst other things, God help me 1:21 😳😩 But I wouldn't wish Those thoughts on my worst enemy They make you wish you don't exist

    23. Kuroiscute

      Honestly feel like Demi is being sabotaged by 🛴 honestly even though I’m happy that her album reached number one but I feel like he is not managing her Rright

      1. Kuroiscute

        @Dash120z true

      2. Dash120z

        true, also her record label is going under which they're hardly promoting her

    24. Robert Tarin

      Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who gets serious 'Cool' by Gwen Stefani vibes on the chorus!! Btw I loveeeee this song so much!

    25. Olga Szajkova

      she litteraly used to have lemon cakes for her bd.... fucked up

    26. Tatev Simonyan

      It's sad how relatable this song is. As someone who fruit cakes on her birthdays (100% fruit 0% cake), this song rings in my bones.

    27. Micaela Saiquita

      No more melon cake 🎂

    28. vanesa pardo

      Thse vibes are mean for freedom.

    29. LightsCamerasAshley

      glad you finally got your birthday cake, Demi

    30. Steven S

      This is so amazingwathads fkdals

    31. Anne Carvalho

      cara 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    32. #Choke Kun#

      this visualizer makes me hungry😅

    33. jennie queen

      Creo que esta canción tiene potencial para ser single, es muy pegadiza 💕

    34. TaxiFarmer

      so good

    35. cbro

      Never knew melon cake was a thing, I suppose it's probably only tasty if you really love watermelon

    36. Ульяна Ковалева

      Where good and White Mersedes mashup

    37. Melissa Arantes

      I'm an ED survivor.

    38. Young Town

      I love the music is so good and well done. Walk with faith

    39. Juliette

      Today is my birthday and I had 2 slices of cake... I felt so good! ✨🙌🏻 Recovery is a daily battle ❤️

    40. Twenty1Tracks !

      I know it's a sad thing about her old team, the story on Ellen if killed me. This is such a great summer jam, and a new start.

    41. Micaela Saiquita

      Demi your music makes my life better ♥️ I just decided to get therapy because you spread awareness about mental health. I used to be so unhappy before, and my doc diagnosed me depression and anxiety, I’m getting medication and I feel hope for the first time in a while ♥️ thank you so much

    42. Sara

      "Barricades in doorway" , related words

    43. Kuroiscute

      Demi had a ED so bad and ended up getting type two diabetes because of it everything you said about yogurt was right dieting cultures sucks you help me through so much when I when I was so severely depressed I would listen to your music and you literally saved my life I love you Demi and I will always stand by you because you’re a queen and warrior lovatics for life

      1. Micaela Saiquita

        Totally agree! Demi is right

    44. Karina Correa

      There was a time where the Captain mouse tried to make me barbie size...that hit deep😪😪😪

      1. JLTBABAxxx

        * cat and mouse not captain

    45. ᴀᴜɢᴜsᴛ

      Pls I saw a comment asking “what melon cake?” 😭

    46. Israel Ponce barajas


    47. Gianni Gotay

      Why does this LOWKEY sound like cool by Gwen stefani? Atleast the chorus I mean

    48. Paradise inmyworld

      Best song of album

    49. Micaela Saiquita

      I had eating disorders and I support you Demi, diet culture sucks

    50. Micaela Saiquita

      Ya quiero que sea mi cumpleaños para comerme un gran pastel y escuchar esta canción todo el día

      1. Franco Cerda

        siii, yo tambien! ese momento será épico

    51. Micaela Saiquita

      This is my jam!

    52. Ming Leong

      Dorami's favourite food

    53. Stew Little

      Is it just me curious about watermelon cake’s taste?I know story ok but watermelon cake with cream sounds delicious

    54. Belén Arando

      No more melon cake! 🚫🍉

    55. Katie Higson

      I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Demi’s songs to he,p me through my ibs

    56. Emma Caroline

      7 hearts :D

    57. •Shironeko•

      What song does the chorus sound like? I feel like it’s sampled off of Fergie or Gwen Stefani song help it’s so bothering me 😭😭😭

    58. Code Zero

      who else thinks she should make this a single and release a music video amid the yogurt drama?

    59. Shell Renee

      Whether you like the music or not, the story telling on this album is an art far superior than any melody. You deserve regular cake, Demi! Happy Rebirth-Day!

    60. Jonathan M

      What about frozen yogurt?

    61. dezeray Rankin

      finally get to do things my way ah la la la la la > well everything’s the same in the La La Land Machine. . machine 😘❤️

    62. efi

      It has been 20 days since the release . Should I stop listening to the whole album all day ? NOOOO

    63. Billy Karlsson

      This song kinda gives me like melanie martinez vibes? But i love it, one of the greatest albums demi have done

    64. Miray Gualder

      I'm so sorry happy for you Demi 🚫More 🍉🎂 😊💖😘

    65. Buffy Summers

      Fired for leaving chocolate in the back seat I hope she made it up to them

    66. PixelCode

      Melon Cake🥺 know i recall the ellen show. She told ellen that she really wanted to have a real Birthday cake, but her "team" didn't let her have one because of her food disorder.🥺❤ Demi i love you so much❤🥺😘🙏🏼

    67. Dim Zam

      I love that la la la la

    68. Sour livie

      The best in the album along side dancing with the devil

      1. Daniela Zavala


    69. Juliette Echo

      No more melon cakes...what about froyo???

      1. Franco C

        Also not me thinks

    70. Dash120z

      no more frozen yogurt ✨

      1. cami


    71. Pedro Henrique


    72. thinking bout you

      her old team didn't let her have cake on her bday so she didn't gain weight. she had melon cake instead. she had literally suffered with an eating disorder. fuck that team

    73. ella rowland

      Starving for attention. Evaluating myself...

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    94. Andrew Caine

      I love eating melon cake with this song



    96. Gilles Notard

      Clearly one of my favorite song of the last 10 years.

    97. Sara Barros

      essa música me traz uma paz imensa, e tbm uma tristeza saber que a demi tinha que lidar com tanta coisa. A demi é um anjo e a gente não merece ela. I LOVE YOU DEMI S2

    98. Jaime Muñoz Martinez

      This has to be a single

    99. Aries William

      Ive cried 8 times to this song 😌, I appreciate this song so much, to show how joyful it can be to grow and become a happy better person from your past mistakes.

    100. ariana Figueiredo

      needs a music vídeo for this sonh