AirPods Pro VS. Galaxy Buds Pro: WHICH IS THE PRO-EST PRO?


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    The Galaxy Buds Pro was released recently and Samsung definitely wants them to compete against one of the best earbuds out there, AKA the Airpods Pro. Can they compete tho? Ummmm....
    Galaxy Buds Pro: |
    Airpods Pro: |

    0:00 Intro
    0:57 Sound Quality
    03:56 Noise Cancelling
    05:17 Transparency/Ambient Sound
    08:23 Microphones
    09:26 Design
    11:30 Seamlessness
    15:28 Extra Features
    18:24 Battery Life
    19:28 Not-so-good Things
    21:10 SO WHICH IS BETTER?!

    Music Used (Just for you, Le Lluc):
    'Nilly Willy' by Yung Logos
    'Hanging_Out' by ??
    'Giant_iPhone' by ??
    'You Should' by Patrick Patrikios

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    1. iAmPaulObelley

      CORRECTIONS: The AirPods Pro have a water resistance rating of IPX4, not IPX7 like the Galaxy Buds Pro. This means the Galaxy Buds Pro are better when it comes to water resistance. You should be able use GPS to find your Galaxy Buds Pro with the 'Smart Things' App just like you can with Apple's 'Find My'. So the Galaxy Bud Pros aren't worse in this area

      1. John G.

        The fit is very subjective. My buds pro fits perfectly for me, i did cardio and intense activity, it did not fall out.

      2. John G.

        It's sad that you did not mention the Voice detect on Buds Pro. It is very useful in office setting or Coffee shop working/studying stuff.

      3. MarekOnBike

        @cenen there was some firmware update that made it (ANC) better...

      4. Bill Ho

        You should edit the video at least with text overlay for these errors. Otherwise, it is misleading.

      5. Charan Chander

        I was about to say that you can find them with smartthings find

    2. Ada Ozer

      Good work man

    3. George Impraim

      I really hate pressing the 'like' button for some wierd reason but had no issues liking this vid and subscribing. Man's video is lit🔥🔥.....definitely deserves more likes, subs and views

      1. iAmPaulObelley


    4. Brad K

      Great video man! I love my Bud's Pro, no issues with rocking to BANG YOUR HEAD and having them fall out, they don't lol.. Samsung did a great job with their software/firmware updated! Keep up the great videos man.. Sub'd

    5. ryan castle

      Look at all tge commercials he put in here

    6. Breno Acker

      Great video, such an excellent work!

    7. Mistic DW

      Galaxy buds pro actually stay in my ears better than the airports pro, I also have GPS tracking but maybe that was in a software update, 360 Audio on the galaxy buds pro is so so, it depends on what you're listening to, the 3D effect is good but you also lose some punch and bass to the sound. I think the Galaxy Buds Pro feel less comfortable than the Gen 1 galaxy buds

    8. douglashaynes

      God damn bro. Brilliant, unique review.

    9. Nathan Ladd

      SAMSUNG has the SmartThings app that will show you the GPS coordinates of the Galaxy Buds Pro that may not be available on Apple ios. Also i didn't like the fit of the Galaxy Buds Pro with the factory ear tips but I bought the Diofit Silcone tips from Amazon and they fit way better. The new ear tips improved the loose fit issue and also the shake test. You should check the out. Diofit also makes a foam ear tip for the Galaxy Buds Pro that you may like better.

    10. John G.

      If you have a samsung phone you can turn on voice detect wherein if you start talking, the ANC will shift to Ambient/Transparency mode then after talking if will automatically go back to ANC or normal.

    11. Dire Tech

      I used galaxy buds+ and galaxy buds live, i loved them but i have one issue with it. When i am on phone call and other incoming call come in, the connection drop instantly, i have to go to bluetooth setting disable calls and enable again every single time when it drop the connection. I tried to fix it but i couldn't, i reset buds from wearable apps and connect it again i also tried to reset phone setting and connect the buds again. It doesn't matter what i do i am still suffering with this problem. Any help please😭

    12. T. Spiv

      Good stuff man!

    13. Malik J

      I found a pair of Galaxy bus pro on OfferUp for $100 very sweet deal instant buy, with my Galaxy phone & wearable app there's no comparison.

    14. Oualid Ettaghi

      Battery life on Buds pro is 5-8h

    15. Tania Amthor

      So entertaining and informative! Thanks a bunch! I also own both and agree! Question and suggestion for a video. Which can i use with IG live stream? I tried Apple AirPods Pro but IG used phone speaker instead. Suggestions? I want my voice to come through On AirPods or Buds pro with e cancellation. Thanks in advance!😇💯❤️🙏🏻🤩

    16. BenJo__ 1908

      Bro I hate watching long videos on BGclip but I really enjoyed that one. Keep up the good work

    17. samzz

      This review is so detailed and covers everything one can be concerned about and very well elaborated.

    18. Carla Portela

      Thank you for your videos them and learn a lot All the best to you 🥰💖

    19. Alexander Zapata

      Great video

    20. AKS

      I have Bud pro. And mate they fit awfully in my ears. Sometimes when I am running i have to keep pushing it in again and again 😭

      1. AKS

        @Clapper Dan will try that... Thanks

      2. Clapper Dan

        Might be better to buy some foam tips. Overall better and less slippery feeling with the waxy bits of your ear

    21. Edwin Beta

      You show a lot of promise man. Can't wait to see how you grow, you'll definitely learn new things along the way. Subbed.

      1. Edwin Beta

        also: pixel gang

    22. Montasim Billah Bikash

      considering the design an looks of both these airbuds samsung buds pro is far ahead in terms of design and asthetics. Buds pro looks more smarter and futuristic. That stem protruding outside is apple's same old desidn with no new concept. much like iphones still having that large disgusting notches in their displays...

    23. Root For Comedy

      Funniest thing ever when you couldn't decide which is better and kept reaching for both, perfect

    24. Vinh Lê

      Wow !

    25. Philip Binoy

      Eyy.... A well made video. Excellent content. Made the whole review worth watching. Great job.

    26. Antonio Medrano

      Most accurate review I watched! Believe me, I have seen a lot! Congrats and regards from 🇲🇽

      1. iAmPaulObelley

        Glad you liked it Antonio!

    27. Holy Water

      I'm thinking of getting the buds pro, but they're hella expensive 😭

      1. DoritoManSteve

        @Holy Water true, i got my buds plus for $150 nzd which is a good deal over here

      2. Holy Water

        @DoritoManSteve to me €150-€200 is still alot of money to spend on earbuds

      3. Holy Water

        @DoritoManSteve yeah, I ordered them last week from for €143 & they'll arrive on Monday/Tuesday

      4. DoritoManSteve

        They cost less than airpod pros tho?

    28. Aron Must

      yo, i love your style of videos

      1. iAmPaulObelley

        Thanks Aron!

    29. Watson L Jones

      Get the buds pro and take off the plastic tips and get you some foam tips ($20) then the quality can't be touched.

    30. Dahwid Flowers

      Bro u just earned another sub this video was very creative keep up the good work

    31. Ulti PG3D

      this is a great video, probably the best comparison I've seen so far, good video :)

    32. Angry Bird

      Budpro basically a beats by Dre product

    33. Jtaylor 2306

      Very well done. I see I have already subscribed to your channel, but never get any suggestions for them. Stupid algorithm. Keep it up man. I like your style, keep learning ALL aspects. We all know as far as a set goes all you need is a pair of hands and a cat with white shoes to be successful. Keep learning and your style can be so much more. Good work.

    34. Fayy

      Hey can you do Mac books review pls pls

    35. DefatGames

      You didn't talk about the voice detect feature or how long the battery is without ANC. Pre shit review if you're not gonna mention the feature in the ad for the Galaxy Buds.

    36. Twisted Nips

      The only reason I want an apple device is for the airpods max because a lot of youtuber say they sound better than the xm4s. Plus I kind of like the way they look. I kind of like the green variant.

    37. Twisted Nips

      I truthfully rarely use the anc on my buds pro but I noticed that the sound gets a bit louder with them on.

    38. Wellington Ferreira

      Excellent review and very funny 😂

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    39. mili•

      i really like the galaxy buds pro but sadly they didn’t upload the app for apple :( so i’m gonna get the airpods bc for the main thing that i want them it’s bc of the noise canceling

    40. nato nato

      This is the best review on any product i've ever watched. You can see you really put some effort in the video

      1. iAmPaulObelley

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    41. Parth Matanhelia

      Bro do not give up, your videos, no words.

    42. MarekOnBike

      I liked the drumms and how you elevated the tension :D, my Galaxy Buds Pro on order ;)

    43. Texas Made

      Wow dude. Your review is clean AF! Nice transitions mixed with humor! Loved the sound examples and noise cancelling examples. Your literally staring 1 million subscribers in the eye! Good video man!

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    44. some dude

      Lmao so what I got from this was don’t put your 200 dollar earbuds in water 💀 (Common sense for the average consumer)

    45. Adam Agly

      For me keep it simple, if you use apple product, just choose air pod, otherways like samsung

    46. Steve Shedd

      I have both of these. I also have 2 phones. Iphone 12 Pro Max (personal) and Galaxy S21 Ultra (work). I think both are great. The 360/spacial audio feature is incredible on both (like magic or something). I do find I get ear fatigue with the Buds pro quicker. The Airpods are much more comfortable for a longer time to me. I don't think either would disappoint. I would suggest keeping them with their ecosystem. Great review by the way. I subscribed.

    47. Dương Lớ

      wow how can you record the sound isolation of them?

    48. KM KRUZUM

      Bro please take a breath

    49. Nathan Stifel

      But the galaxy buds might fit better in other people's ear

    50. Nathan Stifel

      The extra high is probably for people with hearing problems

    51. Molly Liu

      Nice review.. so well done i am seeing twins..

    52. Johnny Jouha

      AirPods are better at cancelling loud/high pitch noises

      1. Cool Person

        Agreed, but when it comes to Audio quality, deep strong bass and an adjustable EQ setting, the win goes to the Galaxy Buds Pro, but its all preference, some may prefer the look and feel of the AirPods Pro. Both are really great earbuds in my opinion.

    53. Mike Schur

      Man, this is so cool video. You are the best!

    54. Jimmy Padilla

      This video is FIRE FIRE!!!! You're going places brotha

    55. Tik Tok Funny videos

      I dont know how did you did it.. but you did it bro.

    56. Marcus Kisum

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    57. Aaron Johnson

      Aayyyyeee h-town gang!

    58. Miguel Madrid

      On 8:00 the loud mode of ambient sound normally does work if a person are talking to you far away, so this will help you on that situation. Love your video🥰

    59. Dyon

      Do the Galaxy buds pro leak a lot of sound through?? Like will people hear my music when they are 3 meters away?

      1. Dyon

        @iAmPaulObelley Thanks a lot man!!

      2. iAmPaulObelley

        Nope. Most earbuds that actually go inside your ears don’t either

    60. Lone Ranger22

      Lovely in depth video 👌👏

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    61. Unknown Gaming

      Can I Switch From airpods pro to earbuds pro / Or WAIT FOR EARBUDS LIVE 2021 ?

      1. Unknown Gaming

        Helps me lot though thanks for replying [I WILL WAIT FOR AIRPODS WHATS NEW IN THAT THEN I WILL DECIDE] 😉

      2. iAmPaulObelley

        The Galaxy Live series isn't too exciting in my opinion and I personally wouldn't 'wait' for it. They could be great tho, you never know. What's more interesting, I think, are the new AirPods that'll be coming out soon. If you want to wait and see, I think these could be the earbuds worth waiting for. They should be interesting at least. If you don't want to wait tho, and you like what you hear in the video, the Galaxy Buds Pro will be a pretty good choice for you. As long as you get a good fit with them, they should be a decent upgrade from the AirPod Pros. Hope this helps!

      3. Unknown Gaming

        Reply please

    62. Zain Uddin

      I have both but I prefer the buds pro

    63. Mauricio Diaz ruiz

      Yeah galaxy buds pro wins

    64. larenzohunt

      Nice video. You didn't mention voice detection on the galaxy buds, that feature alone Kills! AMAZING convenienct. Also, the fact that you can charge your android phone and buds pro, simultaneously, thru power share. You also could've gotten the buds for free during the S21 pre-order due to a $200 credit. Currently, you still get a $100 accessories credit from Samsung. So your buds will only cost you $100.

    65. uTubeDat

      Don't the G buds pro work and sync Apple products and why you don't mention wireless charging time? Firmware update bro, G buds plus have find my GPS buds. I haven't upgraded because I like the wingtips... Great video tho...

    66. RAVI Chandra

      Video is good, but one thing is not correct about buds pro. If you install Smart Things app, the app will navigate you to the missed buds

      1. iAmPaulObelley

        Yup you are correct

    67. i_ Lunardi

      Great video I prefer the Galaxy buds pro too I had both and they actually better for me at the gym as well. The airpods pro where never good in my ears

    68. Eli Strickland

      Your going to be huge. Your a great writer director producer actor and I like your style. 💦

      1. iAmPaulObelley

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    69. Bloke With Stuff

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    70. Gabriel Miron

      17:00 galaxy buds have GPS use smart things

      1. iAmPaulObelley

        Thank you Gabriel! Lots more to come 🙌🏾

      2. Gabriel Miron

        @iAmPaulObelley I love your content

      3. iAmPaulObelley

        Yup you're right

    71. Antoinette

      Galaxy buds are uncomfortable (for me) and they don't stay in my ears, even with the different tips. But I do love the features.

      1. iAmPaulObelley

        Oh sorry to hear that. I actually wouldn’t keep them in that case if I were you. Do you know if they’re the best options for you?

    72. Elric MorningStar

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    73. Alpha plus

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      1. iAmPaulObelley

        Thank you for watching, Alexander!

    74. Dominic Apostol

      The Airpods Pro can now actually change its equalizer and transparency level under Accessibility>Airpods. The equalizer is actually really awesome cuz it would run a simulation that customizes ur sound to your liking, rather than using the traditional equalizer slider. It only works on ios tho.

    75. ismael rodríguez

      For me based on your comparison, the Airpods pro are a little bit better than the Earbuds pro, something that I find sad because the earbuds pro are actually nowadays more expensive. Also, I prefer the design of the earbuds pro but still they have to keep working on the sound quality during a call for example.

    76. nelson pagan

      With out watching I think he going to pick the ipods pros

      1. nelson pagan

        Happy I'm wrong ☺️

    77. Colin


    78. tarek amar

      for the extra features, you actually can use smartthings find to see the galaxy buds pro on the map. just like find my

      1. tarek amar

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    79. Dukes

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    81. vapefun

      I think the 2 best earbuds overall are: Jabra Elite 85t and Galaxy Buds Pro I've tried bose quietcomfort earbuds, sennheiser MTW2, pixel buds, buds live, bose sport earbuds too. Power user - pick Jabra Elite 85t as you can seamlessly switch between any 2 devices SAMSUNG ONLY User - and if you have a Galaxy smartphone with one ui 3.1, you will be able to enjoy 360 audio. Plus with any Samsung smartphone you will enjoy better sound quality as it will use SSC. Samsung Scalable Codec

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    85. Anthony

      Hey man! The reason the airpods pro don't work as well after putting them in water is because they are not IPX7 rated like the Samsung ear buds. They are only IPX4 rated.

      1. Anthony

        @iAmPaulObelley You're welcome! I think this is why they do not work as well after they were put in water.

      2. iAmPaulObelley

        You're right! Thanks!

    86. Aizam Rashid

      Galaxy bud pro have a new update now allow maximum ambient voice..more loud from before..

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    95. oy47

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