The Off Seas̲on̲ Full Album


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    1. KidCudi’s#1

      1. 0:00 9 5 . s o u t h 2. 3:14 a m a r i 3. 5:42 m y . l i f e 4. 9:16 a p p l y i n g . p r e s s u r e 5. 12:11 p u n c h i n ‘ . t h e . c l o c k 6. 14:03 1 0 0 . m i l ‘ 7. 16:44 p r i d e . i s . t h e . d e v I l 8. 20:22 l e t . g o . m y . h a n d 9. 24:45 i n t e r l u d e 10. 26:56 t h e . c l i m b . b a c k 11. 31:59 c l o s e 12. 34:48 h u n g e r . o n . h i l l s i d e

      1. Tayfun Y

        @Freddie Eddins yes that's right 🙌✌

      2. Freddie Eddins

        That album iz good azz fuck

      3. Parks Tiger


      4. Tayfun Y


      5. R1THM


    2. Sxk_ Stormy

      Trash song

      1. Blackmaninyourcloset

        @BuRNiCe44 boy stfu

      2. Sxk_ Stormy

        @Blackmaninyourcloset bet😏

      3. BuRNiCe44

        Im going to need both of u goof balls to kiss n make up already

      4. Blackmaninyourcloset

        @Sxk_ Stormy bet I will be at new York little nigga

      5. Blackmaninyourcloset

        @Sxk_ Stormy I will find your IP boy don't play with me

    3. International Reverb

      Wowowwow. My ears have been blessed a million times over.

    4. BarelyGood

      God I hate that squarespace line

    5. H H

      Let’s go

    6. O’shay Price

      Cole + 21= BANGER!

    7. devon reid


    8. Death Is the only way

      Amari doe

    9. Dealer RSPS

      Can we all agree that j.cole is forever a legend ?

    10. martin rose

      kILLA cAM in the intro.

    11. Roman Rodgers

      Close is an allegory of the life of Jesus christ

    12. Keanu Smith

      he killed many with Applying Pressure😣😣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 RIP to them that be joking

    13. Robert Lin

      The sordid shirt approximately scare because estimate occasionally move around a cute laborer. mere, sordid sidecar

    14. warren hargrove


    15. Dustin Henderson

      This has been in repeat for the last 5 days anyone eles

    16. Abe the Bae

      "Ignorance is bliss, and ignorance is just ignorance until it's introduced to currency and clips "🔥🔥🔥

    17. Austin Garcia

      16:44 sounds like the beat on amines cant decide

    18. Tosan Anyafulu

      @KidCudi's#1 Why the fuck would you do this if you cant even monetize it? Just let people go hear it on streaming platforms or on Jcole's own fucking youtube page and give J.Cole his bag

      1. KidCudi’s#1

        ? He is getting his bag.

    19. Isaac Dua

      damn I needed this! quarantine fuel YES!

    20. Chyleen Lopez

      I’m the only one in the world not feeling this album at all.


      8;9;11;12 BEST TRACKS

    22. SpacedCashew39

      I put a M right on you head, you Luigi brother now

    23. SpacedCashew39

      Don't care if it's Michael B Jordan calling my women to fuck she ain't gon never pick up. Sadly I can't say the same bout you nigga's, a couple of dollars be changing you nigga's.

    24. Ndlovu Providence Mduduzi

      Its ma Birthday tromz, 21May , this is the best Gift ever, though it came early

    25. ares ares


    26. Mariam .Nette


    27. Mariam .Nette

      waw gongo am nga jaraama jcole

    28. back off my shi

      This is fucking 🔥

    29. 12:00 remember that luh bro !!

      “Lord Jesus I Love You So Much I Want To Be With You And Walk With you Lord Here on earth and in heaven In Jesus Holy Mighty Name We Pray Amen

    30. Jaime Quiroz

      "Pride is the Devil . left so many R.I.P" 👌👌🔥🔥

    31. Nate Styron

      Good album some classics, but doesn't give off that last album said all he had to say JayZ Black album vibe.....ryhme schemes and production show the growth, but feels incomplete as a last album.

    32. Ed McQ

      7 :50 21 savage not playin boy!!! He had to come hard goin on a track with Cole! He passed

    33. Ed McQ

      MDF 21 savage gone iinn!!!! 8:20

    34. Dnini


    35. DEE MILL

      Millions 🏆🥂

    36. Christopher Barnes

      he sound like the OLD JAYZ!!!!! J


      Alright he got some talent I hear the 🔥 in 2021

    38. Ketzy Martinez

      All those 717 people who don't like this something wrong with you 😶

    39. Darien Marsh

      This fire

    40. toast toasted


    41. AMEZ YOUNG

      I'm feeling the album but I'm trying to figure out the message behind the album cover.. WARLOCK? DARK ANGEL?

    42. Michael Heath SR

      Kinda reminds me of Jay z vs on Sorry not sorry

    43. RomeDCarlo

      That’s word to Kyla Pratt

    44. Grin Stylez

      9:16 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    45. Matthew Jason

      I wanna know if they understand me, put it all on A ain't no plan B

    46. Bacqwoodz Music

      I can’t believe no one said anything about these two bars off 95.South “ So many shells left on the ground, it make the Easter Bunny proud” and “ Krispy Kreme dreams, sometime my dawgs wanna kill 12”.

    47. Mira Ben

      The pretty router clinically point because wallaby kinetically curve for a puffy observation. yielding, wonderful mosquito

    48. Dana Hyde

      Man did say he had a plan✊👑

    49. Victor Santana

      "Kojima they tote steamers round the way we tippy toe" jeez, if you get it you get it

    50. Chrisoir O'duinn

      He finally sold out sorry not sorry I'm gonna go back to czarface and forget this dweep......j Cole is one of the great rappers of my generation but this is fucking trash

    51. RenegadesRacingLeague

      The calamity rhyme scheme was crazy

    52. RenegadesRacingLeague

      Off of niggas rocking textiles... Go hard af

    53. Letecia Brooks

      Listen you can’t even pick one line to write this man is untouchable


      Genius! no 🧢

    55. A D

      Man this has Kendrick Lamars album DAMN same vibes of greatness this is better in my opinion but best album since Kendricks...again imo

    56. Lawrence Kithinji

      Am falling in love with this album one more time each time I listen to it💥🎸💦

    57. Michael Harris

      Top of the morning. I know that ya'll thought I was dormant...... Not at all Cole. We all knew you'd bring it......

    58. javi.

      Spread the gospel before it’s to late

    59. ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ sᴇᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ

      The 100 mil track is so fire

    60. Zambi Zumbi

      Basquetebol / hiphopMAN . Jcole is PAWER.🔥🔥🥊

    61. The Orman

      Is j cole a real street nigga

    62. spades262

      More Ms then the real slim shady video ☝🏾


      Anyone know what song is featured with Lil baby, I can’t find it

    64. tj54441

      Money changes some of you ngas I pray for you ngas. Proceeds to make half an album flexing about his money

    65. Jerome Romero

      hey KidCudi's#1, howcome you're not being tagged by Copywrite issues ?

      1. KidCudi’s#1

        I’m not sure

    66. Sub Zero

      Was listenin to this while doing the dishes and the water turned into wine...

    67. keith david

      👀 Who who the $659 that didn't like this I want to personally beat them up stupid ass!!!!!🖕

    68. Big black

      Not Woke enough, 3 out of 10

    69. Miguel Leon

      Cole's level is so far away, this masterpiece will force hip hop critics to grade his lyrics with 6 mics!!! Uuuhhh....laaaa.....laaaahhhhhh!!! 🔥

    70. Mekita

      Oooookkkkkk Fayetteville 🤎🎯

    71. ashton collins

      Why did cam flow though??

      1. ashton collins

        Why didnt cam flow??

    72. TEXTs NOMASS


    73. JJKA_ rc

      Nah jcoles switch up to lil baby was so smooth I get goosebumps every time I replay it

    74. James Flash

      The exotic bail inferiorly sack because rainbow trivially carve per a right south korea. minor, literate geese

    75. Manuel Alexandre

      First 1🍋 congrats

    76. Marco Velez

      amari is very valid

      1. Marco Velez

        so is 100 mill

    77. Eddie Hacker

      let go my hand gives big under pressure logic vibes

    78. Kerry Rogers

      We sending them to YHWH - Hebrew for Jehovah ✌

    79. Bob Walker

      Great album 🥳🥳🥳 But it’s gonna take more for me to stop listening to HAVOC - Future of the streets. Dope album 🔥🔥🔥

    80. M double ob 911

      Voice looks like Joyner lucas 🤔

    81. Lovingme

      Listen this album hard as hell ....PERIOD!

    82. Bigfoot Anon

      slim shady video on mtv for years. still got a bit to catch up on

    83. Atlas Collective

      Cole tha god

    84. RiCh GoT 'eM

      cole world 2021

    85. Fate Hickson

      Been of my favorite concerts was J Cole's ft Big Sean, YG, Jeremiah and others in NC at the PNC!!!!

    86. Jimmyhieu Le

      The rotten taurus metrically stay because james visually mark mid a conscious process. new, petite cement

    87. BrysontheGhost Gaming

      Jockey got young bucks pulling their pants up and learning trades

    88. Andrew Hiedelburg

      Hip Hop could use a drink of water from the Red Sea! A duo Lp w/ this guy and Kendrick Lamar produced by DR. Dre! No features needed.

    89. Porsche Wheless

      I'm never disappointed when it comes to J.Cole it's a NC thang 🤪🤞🏾💯 I Love You 😘😍😊

    90. John Moore

      Album fire xcept Gang banging trash wit Cam

    91. John Moore

      Album fire besides that gang banging ish wit Cam

    92. Ran Dam01


    93. Leroy Kopera

      Applying pressure is my daisy dose right now!!!!!!

    94. Yomi Velez

      Te amo papi ♥

    95. DiiOsi

      dammit, Jermaine....👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥🎯🐐

    96. X X

      Give that man his roses , he has the Lebrun effect, makes others around him step they shit up

    97. Timmy Beduria

      Cole should put his LA leakers freestyle for deluxe edition or maybe 10th yr anniv.

    98. Nkosinathi Ntuli

      The Album should have came out when I'm done with college but still I'm still be playing it when I'm graduating next year.

    99. I AM

      A couple of dollars really be changing y’all?

    100. Brad Norris

      *raps in an aggressively southern style at you*