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    Best Of des moments les plus fun, danse, match, best point de Novak Djokovic
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    1. Kurmay

      doeda bunu novak djokovic pornosu diye paylaşmismidir acaba?

    2. Bajgorra Hasan

      King of Yugoslawia

    3. Lush Kolaj

      He is a piece of crap n person so n sports you just cant find a bigger idiot this is the idiot people spend money to watch him play i wouldn't even watch him on TV for sure .

    4. Владимир Людвик

      Молодец мужик. Юмор дело доброе. Уважаемое.

    5. catharine morais

      My favorite ❤️

    6. N3ro20

      funny clown :)

    7. Ramadan Ibraim

      Majstore mogu samo da ti pljunu pod prozor zli jezici hodajuca harizma N1

    8. Gerly B

      I love him so much 🥰

    9. Harshad Lalye

      I don't watch tennis at all but whenever someone asks me abt my favourite tennis player I say Novak coz he's the only one whom I've found entertaining and humble

    10. Adelito Lours

      The Clown

    11. Ester Bermúdez Alain

      Es un inútil

    12. J Khan

      The biggest star with ground to earth nature, pure love 💗❤💕

    13. suxrob marufov

      big fan

    14. Ankush Rana

      Just a gentleman

    15. Евгений


    16. Taj Khan Films

      He's brilliant 👏

    17. That Pinoy Chubby Guy

      He can do almost anything...EXCEPT WIN AN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL...

      1. D E E P U 98

        Bcz he disrespected opponent and game😒

    18. Only me

      Love that bb, but in Tokyo 2020 I didn't see to him happy 😁

    19. Ashish Prasad

      He can play,he can dance,he can impersonate,he can speak languages,he can breathe!!!!! Now don't tell me he is human.

    20. Sabina Mursalova

      Zidane, Schumacher, Djokovic - The Legends of the World!

    21. Meguri fujira

      *THE GIRLS:18+ ARE* CAI.SPORNJOSS.UNO BGclip: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" BGclip: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾

    22. Meguri fujira

      *THE GIRLS:18+ ARE* CAI.SPORNJOSS.UNO BGclip: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" BGclip: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾

    23. Simal Sohail

      Great man

    24. Samuel Arnaudin

      Song outro please ?

    25. dinel dk

      *THE GIRLS:18+ ARE* CAI.SPORNJOSS.UNO BGclip: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" BGclip: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾

    26. dinel dk

      *THE GIRLS:18+ ARE* CAI.SPORNJOSS.UNO BGclip: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" BGclip: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾

    27. TJ Kork


    28. Anandu

      Djokovic is fun

    29. Nibir Khandokar

      Beside a great player he is a good actor😅

    30. Hamba Allah


    31. James

      Very humble also gentleman

    32. Jay

      He's at his most entertaining when he smashes a racquet.

    33. Homme Simple

      Le meilleur joueur amusant o monde

    34. Katy Engineer

      How idiot of him. Making a fool out of himself. He is a fool already but he is making it worse by some cheap actions.

    35. Divyansh Sood

      He is really y grounded man

    36. fareed ali

      Joke a vic hes incredible

    37. Sancak Dülger

      Studio ouf den dah dSan. ohn wort ohn plan

    38. AWAWA BO

      One reason i love tennis, always been a sport to tey out but i never could. They character there are awesome a and the public man🙌🏿🙌🏿😂😂😂

    39. prasanth meenapalli

      Djoker for a reason 😁

    40. Alonsi3


    41. Naresh Chary

      Pure hearted ...

    42. Yari vega

      Pobre Idiota

    43. Ck editz

      With game fun becomes an important part ❤️

    44. Maga Spina

      Un pelotudo

    45. Sarah Barryba

      The overjoyed handicap weekly pull because territory trivially zoom amidst a shocking harbor. evanescent, unruly bamboo

    46. Dlim R

      He is awesome

    47. Jude Emmanuel

      Indians need to learn from this humble man

    48. ALL IN ONE

      He acts like bean😂😂

    49. Prerak Semwal


    50. Cleidson Bento

      5:45 name music?

    51. Janala Of Heart

      Give me best shot 🤩

    52. Tyler Rivelli

      The mighty butter macropharmacologically telephone because party empirically rub regarding a eminent tom-tom. swift, unkempt downtown

    53. Ed Mesa


    54. daniele minerva

      Adesso provano ad attaccarlo per via del fatto che è dichiaratamente novax.. ma sono polemiche inutili,non bastano nemmeno per scalfire una carriera così formidabile

    55. Darek Wieckowski


    56. Ronnie Parlero

      So humble

    57. fun with life

      Novak baba

    58. Jay Swamiji

      danse 😉

    59. Rosh Lepz

      Kudos to the girl who didnt touch him

    60. Antonio Capano

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    61. Nayanthara ka Fan

      Yahi hai wo bandaa jisko dekhke mai tennis khelne laga

    62. Fabricio Pinheiro Nunes da Silva

      O cara!

    63. AMAN Sharma



      True gentleman Just won my ♥

    65. Eusebio Echevarria ayarza

      Stupid, i hate this man.

    66. Rossini Clarz


    67. Akhilesh Rai

      King of court

    68. محمد بومغار


    69. Piyush Anand

      THE NUMBER 1.

    70. darne grovas

      Eso es poner de humor en tu vida y en tu trabajo, de eso se trata de ser feliz y disfrutar de los momentos.

    71. Manuel Fernando

      Goat for real

    72. Ak Faridkotia10

      Really He is very Down to Earth Athlete ..

    73. petrus cassoli

      Continuo admirando este "cara, mas ele surtou com a derrota na olimpiada, também aconteceu com outros atletas favoritos.

    74. sanu pradhan


    75. pippoo

      what a piece of shit

    76. ZMY Channel


    77. WIND

      He is an awesome man

    78. Ahwaban Mukherjee

      He has the same humorous energy as Müller

    79. Bryan Esmil7


    80. Bryan Esmil7


    81. VB 2020

      Fun filled nice man.

    82. Trilok Pandya

      He is also frustrated man why you think ?

      1. The Rapidz

        I think he is not, what do you think?

    83. Deepti Beniwal

      Watching these clips after jokovic's defeat in the Olympics, I feel so sad for him. As like all of his fans I too wanted him to win the golden slam of this year. But sometimes things happen what you could not even expected...... His defeat at Olympics is one of these unexpected his fan I feel so sad now.......

    84. djamila

      2:45 i don't understand ??

    85. djamila

      I don't know Sharapova but that part made me lmao 😭😭😭

    86. Amit Aditya

      Cool yar 👌👌👌

    87. BinodTech🔱

      One extra medal should he get for king comedy 🤣

    88. sudden death

      Der ist seit gestern bei mir unten durch!! Verliert bei Olympia seit Match um Bronze, und hat dann einfach keinen Bock mehr im Mixed mit seiner serbischen Kollegin anzutreten!! Er hat Ihr dadurch die Chance auf eine Medaille verwehrt!! Shame on you, Joker!!

    89. ti jo

      The foamy grass terminally hover because crib findingsinitially test save a barbarous snow. changeable, eatable argument

    90. zayyn1four

      He just being footballer 👍

    91. Bubus blue


    92. Zorica Isajlovska

      Nole the best👑🌞🌹

    93. jyoti jangra

      The funniest one missing out when he hit the line umpire 😂