Roma 1-2 Milan | Milan keep the pressure on Inter with a big away win at Roma | Serie A TIM

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    Rebic scored the winner for Milan, as they keep the pressure on Inter! | Serie A TIM
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    1. Mert Alparslan

      Milan eski Milan değil , Roma eski Roma değil bende eski ben değilim zaten.

    2. Daisy Roberts

      Cool Energy 💓

    3. Valentine Beats

      Loving it 💯

    4. MrRodzilla

      football is better without fans

    5. He David

      You can really tell how much Kessi wants to defend when he just climbs back to block the shot

    6. Shauka Hodan

      ada harapan

    7. Helmi Makdiansyah

      AC Penalty

    8. mikea hiooi

      Comments are back!!

    9. Gradi Ezulu

      FORZA MILAN 🔥🔥🔥

    10. Eko Dinasty

      2:46 why did mancini stop running 🙄

      1. Shauka Hodan


    11. Hala Madridista

    12. Donild Donilčić


      1. mikea hiooi

        Rebic what a player... Constant nuisance


      AC Milan is indeed the king of the Italian league, Inter and Juventus are nobody, check our BGclip if you don't believe Forza Milan

    14. Rudy Iskandar

      Mancini stop his running before rebic shooting? And im back to this Vidio after handsball udinese what a??!!

    15. Felipe Leodat

      Zlatan top de best

    16. Cleo Pardo

      Ronaldo cuando sea viejito 1:38

    17. Dumb Dumber

      Can we finally now acknowledge that Rebic is the best play in Milan now?

    18. miko foin

      Rebic back on his way to top form!

    19. khaled lucas

      bravo milan. .forza milan

    20. Gregorio Sevilla

      The ordinary indonesia directly remain because duck recently knit underneath a coordinated wasp. lowly, far-flung speedboat

    21. Ait chattou mohamed

      1. Ait chattou mohamed

        @miko foin sì dal grande Milan tu vivi il mio video

      2. miko foin

        Forza Milan! Милан Вперёд!

    22. Aibon Basw3dan

      Nobody talk about "All the small thing~Blink 182" song? OK

    23. yasin kekeç

      Ve sonunda Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    24. Janda Kembang new


    25. Hersa Putra

      milan ale milan ale milan

    26. John Mwakilili

      Rebic what a player... Constant nuisance

    27. Naufal Sholahuddin R

      They play Blink-182 in the stadium

    28. Michael Holmgaard

      Simon Kjaer's last name is pronounced "Care" ffs


      Don't watch this video : 😱😱😱😱😱😱

    30. iclark2400

      Ante Rebić what a hit! Ibrahimovic with the backheel, should have passed it to Calhanoglou wasted opportunity

    31. Smart Guy Technology

      Can't wait! Man Utd Vs Milan 👇🏽😬

    32. Gerry Guinn


    33. Heru SanSiro

      Forza Milan

    34. Pyan Śöfian Mardī

      You know brow kaku is my best malay school with me...dont cry babe.... ..ok takedios amgass...🥰💪🎸🙏✌✌✌✌🌇😚

    35. Hadyn Milton

      Looks like Milan should of won around 4 maybe 5-2 Pau Lopez GGs

    36. PV

      Forza Milan! Милан Вперёд!

    37. Alessandro Buy

      too many Milan fans here. Game should've been a tie. Controversial pk given to Milan and this video fails to show a clear penalty for Rome not called

    38. resul potuk

      Kalitesiz iki takim

    39. sebastian zucchet

      what’s the name of the commentator

    40. Anahad Ahluwalia

      And now? He olalesfrhunf rdrrd

    41. Eddy Sandland

      Rebic Is Class! At least Juve won't win Serie A for The 12th Time in A Row!

    42. milan2311 yoyo

      It is too late ....Milan lost the scudetto in the 2 last games .... spezia and Inter.

    43. Liverpool Reds

      Milanın sampiyon olamacağini anlayan ibra ve Hakan ikisi birden salatlandi işte takmı satma ruhu diye buna derim şampiyon olamacağiz bari sakat numarası yapalım yük üstümüzden kalksın😂😂

    44. Chibuzor Chibuzor

      I so much love AC Milan

    45. Zaki

      Hopefully Milan will win the trophy 🏆 this year

    46. Дима Николишвили

      Placed a bet on Mkhitaryan's goal, he was so freaking close, but the ball just refused to find the back of the net 😕

    47. drew willis

      My Milan

    48. bilinas mini

      Roma against their level teams: 💩

    49. m a

      Important victory for the big Milan

    50. MrPineappleHero

      Where did roma's defence go for milan's second goal, it looked like they gave up that goal on purpose...

    51. Ak Go

      Rebic is a player. 👌👍

      1. bilinas mini


    52. Шариков SAY YOU


    53. Riobrother Brother

      Milan spirit the best

    54. Yigit YUKSEL

      ünder gitti roma bitti

    55. Fuadi Bondan

      Forza milan

    56. Tim Knott

      Something the EPL could take from Seri A - free kick and corner delivery ... they are so much better at it...

    57. Shit Ass

      Chelsea fans... we should just forget getting tomori back.

    58. Young Shqipe

      Ac Milan will be Italian Champion this Year❤️🖤

    59. Dr Silva

      Ok Rebic, I will shut up 😂

    60. Ahmad

      Roma didn’t win a single game against the big teams! What a disappointment.

    61. BRUNO LSTN

      Ibrahimovic necesitamos tus goles..

    62. Menunggu Keajaiban

      Forza milan

    63. Riduan Muhamad

      Tu rumput jelek amat kayak liga shopee



    65. Ace Ventura

      Elite..pls tell your commentator to learn how to pronounce that word

    66. Влад Жабченко


    67. Miswari Matlin

      Hakan have tattoo?


      ANTE ANTE ANTE 🔥🔥🔥

    69. Dario Pasha


    70. mm


    71. Bray Channel

      Penalty again and again

    72. PG trojka

      I like BOTH teams but in this particular moment i am really happy for Milan. Their confidence must be back now.

    73. 6rey6kie6

      Kessie, Tonali, Bennecer in midfield. Tomori, Kjaer, Romagnoli on the back line, and Gigio in goal. Milan have the makings of a REALLY really strong spine that could be the foundation for years of domination.

    74. Whowants Learnalot

      Roma won and Milan too

    75. Celine Delgado

      Roma only beats small team😅

    76. dessin de bâtiments 2021


    77. try_ martik

      Micki was a Maschine 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

    78. Гульнара Ааа

      Milan 💥💥💥⚡💪

    79. achats appro

      this roma is a piece of s...t forza inter

    80. Hayk Games

      Mikitaryan prnalty

    81. Hayk Games

      Guida fuuuuuyyy

    82. Ollie Martinelli

      This year the top games in Serie A have been much more exciting than the prem's top games.

    83. CR7 Ronaldo

      Forza Forza milaaan

    84. James Anthony Gaglione

      Allegri please. Enough of fonseca, the portuguese coach never learns. Drops points vs a benevento side last week, & now we lose a game we should have won or at least had a draw. DAJE' ROMA DAJE'!

    85. nabil hafiy

      facts: y'all came here cause wanna see zlatan sorry bout his fault

    86. Entiz Siswanto

      Hebat milan, musim ini pinalty nya tapi yg hebat. Dapet gosok hadiah mele. Coba kmren nyinyir team lain pinalty. Skrg tim mrka bs ny kebantu pinalty. Wkwkwkw

    87. RAMİL Azeri Buzovnali

      Hakan Çalxanoğlu ❤❤❤ Zlatan ibrahimoviç 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷❤❤❤🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

    88. Bo3abed 0176

      Leao need some soul and grit. Exceptional talent but zero passion and fire. If he keeps this attitude we will have a second Niang on our hands.

    89. Yosh Motovlog


    90. dávid klein

      Where is Ibra offside goal in 12min?




      MİLAN ♡♡♡

    93. Jakub Sadowski

      Dzięki .

    94. Duds Costa


    95. Reneko Rodriguez

      Forza Milan

    96. Mr Focks

      English accent: Roma won, Milan too.

    97. mauricio martinez

      #FORZAMILAN ⚫️🔴

    98. agi george

      Imagine both Romagnoli and Maguire at the defence of Manchester😂😂😂

    99. Elo Elo

      Where’s Piantek

    100. Fadil osmanovič

      Pa gdje ce te igrati bez edina dijmnta😊