Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u (Official Video)

Olivia Rodrigo

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    Directed by Petra Collins
    Starring Olivia Rodrigo

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    Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing good 4 u. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


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    1. Key Genius

      Cried herself a pool and became a shark.

    2. Nizam Uddin

      The brown tv lily ban because bell inspiringly beam plus a macabre customer. learned, harmonious sweater

    3. Linda Starr

      Abril Lavigne vibes

    4. bylicheese

      Sour vinyl out soon, let's back good 4 u to #1

    5. Dyana Axume

      Wow, it's really weird knowing that you watched her on Disney when you were young seeing how much older she is now, and also CUSSING it out!? Like dang, but the song is still bomb 🤟 I love it ✨, love you, Olivia

    6. midajonas2007

      pov: you're here to find the comment which liv replied on GQ.

      1. Mondo Leanos

        Dang I just commented this

      2. Lovely Liv_stan

        YESSSSSS!!!!! I just want to find where it is!!!!

    7. Bijaya Kumar

      I am now addicted to this song.

    8. brixchel_i

      I love this song


      I know want to have a person to fall in love with than to break up which is just the way I can be talented as like her lol

    10. Gladys Perez

      or by God you are a goddess, I love you, you are the best singer in the world

    11. hun ginnshie

      bgclip.info/run/laFpdIbHyY_R3Gk/video Peaky

    12. Fallinginsound


    13. Darren Seah

      the song background sounds exactly like misery business

    14. Paul M

      Well thank god I am a 40+ year old man that doesn't need to worry about revenge.... oh wait, my ex wife burnt my house down too

      1. Erin’s World

        Omg 😳

    15. Gabriela Santos

      Olivia Rodrigo please don't leave high school musical.If you leave l'll be very sad and l'll never want to watch it again 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    16. maeby vii

      2:04 literally me at every gas station

    17. Yuri Teras

      Holy shit this made me rediscover both Paramore and Eisley, Jesus fuck I love this genre of like early 2000s alt music

    18. Jason Christian

      Damn! that hook is catchy! Cheers!

    19. Larissa

      Eu cantando no off pq se não levo hate

    20. Akhil Suresh

      Watching this in 360p oddly brings me high school memories😅😅

    21. maj lol

      this is sm better then drivers license i’m not sorry

    22. Ori Maldonado


    23. big b0ii

      Wtf are we teach teens/young adults? Because we all know well this is a teen/young adult song. If you boy breaks up with you… just light his shit on fire. WTF!!! Didn’t Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez teach us anything? God help this generation

      1. AllGoodNamesRGone

        bro the music vid is just a joke she didnt actually do it lol. ppl with brains will know not do that.

    24. Humberto Vargas

      Read this if you want, we all fall short of Gods Glory, and broken Gods law (murder in the heart, and lust, etc) and there must be a punishment for sin, but the good news is that JESUS CHRIST TOOK OUR PLACE, we must repent and turn to Christ and don’t trust in your own understanding, Repent and put your trust in Christ...He who endures to the end shall be saved •The gospel⬇️ bgclip.info/run/iK5unY6Wsn6oyKQ/video •Watch a poem "THE GREAT I AM"⬇️ bgclip.info/run/lo6MrKm4xJevx2U/video American Gospel (movie): bgclip.info/run/o5iAoGqb2Y2mq4Y/video NO ONE KNOWS THE DAY OF HIS RETURN: bgclip.info/run/rZSQY2yuyX_UnJQ/video

    25. Kanye’s nonexistent Jacuzzi

      Don’t mind me, I’m just looking for the GQ comment on here 👀 🕵️‍♀️

    26. Be kind and eat fruit

      Flash back to them playing this song at a sixth grade orientation I volunteered at-

    27. Sea

      Am I the only one who tought this video was like 7 years or smth but turns out it was posted in 2021 lol

    28. XOMINARI

      POV: you're from the GQ video and are looking for her comment

      1. Sharanya Mukherjee

        I for sure am...did u find it?

    29. Rasputin


    30. AllGoodNamesRGone

      Everyone's talking about how great her singing is (ITS AWESOME IM THE BIGGEST LIVIE EVER) but can we take a second to talk about what an amazing actress she is? She KILLED the breaking TV scene (deja vu mv) and the fire scene (g4u mv), all the other scenes and all the TV shows/movies she acted/made appearances in!

    31. Ivan&Nathan vlogs

      I love this song

    32. rliu9l


    33. Jared Laskowski

      When I first heard the chorus I thought this was a new Paramore song

    34. Benjamin Lam

      Everyone now looking for that comment by "@Hoodie Guy" on GQ YT

    35. weebarea

      Okay this is me after coming out of *principals office* 1:10

    36. Muevo

      Idk why every x disney star thinks they can sing..

    37. Sean

      Did she say “screw that, screw you? Im in love with this song.

    38. Saif Khan

      Ricky What Did You do?...

    39. Crackity

      Come on boys amid it this song is lit

    40. Jeff Jana

      Taylor swift as Olivia Rodrigo's Godmother must be so proud of her cuz she is following her footsteps and that is revenge 👻👻👻

    41. Zavier Rogers


    42. Silvana Hofman

      bom 4 você

    43. polpr


    44. Vhina Rose Conje

      im literally here finding the comments Olivia replied to on gq 😭😂

    45. calming moon

      best song ever

    46. Alexandra Maria

      Getting Jennifer's Body vibes from this video

    47. Max Grimm

      Early 2000s vibe!

    48. Alexander Boggs

      Good song and it might just be me but her arms look kinda weird

    49. Lizzy_gacha

      She went melanie martinez quick

    50. Aguilar Tórrez Erlan Mauricio

      I'm too old for this.

    51. lovelyxlovely

      Im addicted good job keep it up girl!

    52. Armand

      I know you're also looking for the comment she replied to at GQ

      1. xxbubbly_blossomxx

        Yup 🌝

    53. Álvaro Camps

      It´s just Misery Bussines but worse.

    54. Ana Vitoria

      Alguem mais ai veio pelo tiktok? Kakakakakak

    55. addison houseworth

      ok but where is this “hoodie guy” comment. i wanna see if that was actually real lol

    56. Johnny Whitfield

      I hate how she rub the camera 😡

    57. Travis - Minecraft and more!

      YES 1B VIEWS!

    58. Dara Kapusta

      Get this comment so Olivia Rodrigo can see it because I want her to see my comment for god sake

    59. Jakayla Hoffler

      I love this song

    60. SimplyJay ☆

      The intro tho work that

    61. Garcia bruhh

      Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting thur the air

    62. milena sardon

      te falto mas autotun

      1. Valeria López Reyes

        No así esta bien ella si canta original no como otras 😊

    63. Thomas Jones

      The b**** should have insinuated she's going to cheat

    64. Roxanne Jose

      Bro fuck this remix good for you are good keep it up bro

    65. Kitty_animatedstuff

      Who came here from tiktok?

    66. MooBerry2009

      First time hearing this I thought it was La Roux. Anyways it's a boo for me.

    67. Moonlight_Shawdow

      Your to pretty to watch 😭😭😭

    68. Cleydson Silveira

      algum brasileiro aqui

    69. Fireman 17

      Totally got Paramore Vibes from this song

    70. *Hey* Laura games

      Lenda olivia Rogéria

    71. VegetableNinja

      patient: this is my first prostate exam, it'll just be the finger, right? the doctor's gloves: 1:18

    72. Cami .tiktok

      Okay girl!!! I want to meet u so bad! Good for u is my favourite song and it’s my break up song you helped me learn that I was tough! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    73. Nicholas Bocchiaro


    74. Daniel Maclean

      Damn this a sponsored video for Samsung

    75. sophie


      1. Victoria Morales


    76. Federico Salguero

      *I'm here just for TikTok*

    77. Mauro Moretta

      Whoa, I never meant to brag But I got him where I want him now Whoa, it was never my intention to brag To steal it all away from you now I love the music industry, its so diverse!!!

    78. glass co cain


    79. Amanda Peixoto

      Eu amo essas musicas de paixão

    80. rafosto

      2:34 best part

    81. JET PENGO

      who let u become an artist

    82. Leonard Saputra

      Nice paramore song

    83. Eric Cartmann

      Hated this song so much I’m starting to like it

    84. winner Mike

      i have heard the song exactly 85 times 4 hours and 15 minutes 😋😋😋😋

    85. andrea


    86. Daniela Medina

      I LOVE

    87. Caleb Hooper

      it's like shutter island water truth fire lies bad

    88. ruby

      #1 albumn on spotify Cool

    89. Liesbeth wuyts


    90. Sunbeam Sparkledash


    91. * HANA *




      2. Ana Bia Green


    92. Amber Hinton

      She said * WHAT THE F*** IS UP WITH THAT* 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    93. Maira Avila

      soy la unica que conoce a esta chica por ''Bizaardvark'' xD?/ Am I the only one who knows this girl from "Bizaardvark" xD?

    94. Roselia

      This song is the only song I will listen the whole thing and sing it

    95. Liliana Gonzaez

      I was to!🙃

    96. Meghan Junior

      Imagine how many people are listening to this masterpiece with u!