Trying Tik Tok Life Hacks to see if they work


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    Trying Tik Tok Life Hacks to see if they work! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last vid Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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    1. Saima Shahzad


    2. shahad kim

      7:35 idk if it's weird or not but i can easily touch my shoulder with my palm.👽👽

    3. Nikita Lobo

      I love your clothes when you were trying the hacks

    4. Sisley Nicole Gacura


    5. Fujooah Ulrich

      i am broking de eks wit my hent

    6. Jewelia coolia


    7. sunflxwerboy

      Palm to your shoulder😂 I tried it and I couldn't BUT... if you try to smack your shoulder with your palm it works!! 😂😂

    8. Niyah Robledo

      My dad said he really likes you 💕

    9. Bruh

      Rip sssiperwolfes mouth lol

    10. Katelyn Herring

      i can touch my palm to my shoulder its not imposible

    11. Dora Tryf

      I can touch my shoulders

    12. Asmaul Hosna

      Caramal Popkorn workkkkkkkkkkkk

    13. Girija Elangovan

      Umm should i be paniking right now cuz my palm touched my shoulder

    14. Gabriella Hobson

      Jacob William made would breathe underwater please tell me what do that everybody knows who was mermaids long time ago not now I've been told that we were really good at gaming sniper wolf

    15. Gina Esau

      Well sssniperwolf my sister can put her palm to her shoulder

    16. bowwow girl

      You guys seriously can’t do the shoulder thing?

    17. Maggie Playzz

      I did the palm and shoulder thing and it worked

    18. Jordan


    19. Eric Carter

      Coco powder be like 💧I hate you

    20. Lia ram

      For the soap Hack She needs to take it out when it expands not when it Bubbles

    21. Rae's Stories

      It didn’t work bc u used AirPod pro not the original AirPod

    22. Dom

      im ngl as a kid i would eat the butter just whole in the bar

    23. Valentina malfoy

      “Bought some big tortillas specifically for this hack.... and ended up making borates for breakfast” 🤣🤣🤣

    24. XxPurple_nightmare xX


    25. Ivy McLaughlan

      I can touch my shoulder with my palm

    26. ItsEmmaKala


    27. Keeveshin Perumal


    28. itsMochiCat

      Her: Can't touch her shoulder with her palm Me: *double jointed* ez

    29. Mareli Sias

      R u making a tik tok

    30. Infinite Isabella

      U need to use ivory soap

    31. sara badova

      Sssniperwolf i have the same hair cut

    32. Katie Hayes

      I can touch my palm to my shoulder (same arm)

    33. Nerile Kemzuraite


    34. FanBoy P001

      Wow...i can touch my shoulder with my palm

    35. Kíttéñ & Püppŷ

      I can touch my palm to my shoulder

    36. Kíttéñ & Püppŷ

      5:07 did anyone notice her dog

    37. Aisha Attempts


    38. Gavette Da master

      Am I the only one who could touch the palm to there shoulder

    39. Maia Tudose

      you need ivory soap

    40. KDP Plumbing

      yo whrer are you

    41. •Piånø_Silënt•


    42. tamara sumner

      I tried it and I only got a bubble and it soaked and it just failed me me:FOR SHAMEit:whatever me: AAAAaAAAA I will never drink coco milk again

    43. Crafty Art with Iva

      I can touch my palm to my shoulder... “ i’m built different!”

    44. Ester Gonzalez

      i like your dog

    45. Patrick Gaming

      I like those wethers sweets

    46. kitten_love

      I can touch my my poam to my sho

    47. Reem Hasafa

      Wait then how do I can touch my shoulder????

    48. Makoto

      Thanos daddy said no

    49. Mina Özdamar

      3:00 you did it wrong i think you make the popcorn in popcorn thingy or in a pot make the caramale and put the caramale on the popcorn

    50. Sxlent Gxcha

      I'm double jointed I could touch my Palm to my shoulder I can bend my arms weirdly

    51. Sxlent Gxcha

      Werther's are my favorite sweet They're in every shop here

    52. Maritza Gebhardt

      I can touch my palm to my shoulder

    53. Saurish Reddy

      I can touch my right palm to my right shoulder and left too.

    54. RosaViola's Verden

      7:30 **ME ACTUALLY DOING IT BE LIKE 👁 👄 👁 Level up! New rare thing discovered!

    55. Skye Watkins

      I did the shoulder palm tic tok!!! 😂

    56. Yuvan Roopnarian

      It has to be ivory soap

    57. Nia Blake

      Did anyone notice she’s in a different kitchen

    58. Avery Heming


    59. Ricky Raccoon

      I can put my palm on my sodger

    60. Alex Payat

      I can put my pulm in my shoulder? ( seem to be normal)

    61. its binnie

      7:03 but your left hand on your right shoulder like DUHHH

    62. William Lastra

      You did the air pod hack wrong the part that goes in you ear is suppse to be in the case the little stick ends are on the out side

    63. Tamir TikTok

      I can do that palm thing so I’m talented so

    64. Genelle Hamilton

      It's 2 am and I'm HUNGRY

    65. Erick Lindstrand

      I can

    66. Reign Sampiano

      Look at ash behind lia

    67. elijah catapang

      Only kids can do the palm thingy nvm I tried again it didint work

    68. Consorcio JR. Namoco

      i could touch my sholder with one side but my hand hurts

    69. Lauren Moss

      GIRL you gotta use ivory soap

    70. Lamiah The Lion

      i touched my palm to my shoulder

    71. Lamiah The Lion

      your house looks like the house im moving to lia

    72. KoZy koala QUEEN OF TRASH

      Is this your new kitchen?

    73. Coco Fleming

      The last hack... the AirPods one It works, it just dosent play the music that loud

    74. Lilah Grady

      i can touch my shoulder

    75. the_candle_ibuki

      I can touch my plum to my shoulder

    76. Jv Chin

      Lia: Doing the popcorn hack. Me: YOU FORGOT TO MIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    77. tedscheese

      You have to turn of that option if u want it to play without being in ur ears

    78. Anthony Aristidou

      Me every time I watch her me be like I ain't saying sniper I'm sayin snip her

    79. Evelyn Misner

      Dude u can do the chocolate powder with milk to

    80. McWolfiesDumbAnimations

      are you in another house ooooorr

    81. Cynthia Su

      I wish my hair was the coco powder

    82. Emma Gordon

      you have to use ivory soap thats why it didnt work

    83. Firas Hasan

      I could do that showder thing

    84. Christina Salas Pierce

      i can put my palm on my sholder

    85. Xander Pacana


    86. Chedy B

      I can touch it

    87. Ana Pilco

      I CAN touch my shoulder with my palm

    88. Azu Ma Hussain

      OMG you have a puppy 😮

    89. Connor Smith

      My parm can touch my shoulder

    90. Alexander Hägg

      I like you cooking

    91. your local bleh

      My palm hit my shoulder!!!!

    92. Shiva Shiva

      The dog in the cooking clip The dog be like why I am hear

    93. Zara Zing

      You’re supposed to use ivory soap to make cloud soap It’s important

    94. Miles Juevizino

      Bruh it.s a big butter u put the how can u take it😅😅😅

    95. IvoIva D

      when u search (trying tik tok life hacks) it pops up SSSniperWolf just u and I am like ( mind is plown).

    96. Candy Kidgirly

      I did the shoulder thing

    97. Legit Gamer

      I can put my plan to my shoulders

    98. ExoticScent Fragrances

      Subscribe👇 now

    99. Tavion Johnson

      Im a freak i can touch my shoulder with my palm

    100. Jada Anderson

      Shoulder and Palm Palm. Ughhhh IM TRYING!!! Shoulder. Dude just for get it