I Survived 100 Days on ONE BLOCK in Hardcore Minecraft...


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    Hardcore Minecraft is the hardest difficulty so why not try and survive 100 Days on ONE BLOCK in Hardcore Minecraft! I Survived 100 Days on ONE BLOCK in Hardcore Minecraft.
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    Credit to Luke TheNotable for this idea: bgclip.info
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    1. Fru

      Hey everyone thank you all for the support! LETS SEE IF WE CAN GET 1 MILLIONS SUBSCRIBERS! That would be amazing. A LOT of you are asking for 600 days and ITS COMING VERY, VERY SOON! Have a great day guys and thank you all for being awesome! Credit to the creator: Map: OneBlock by IJAMinecraft Download: ijaminecraft.com/map/oneblock/

      1. Aparecida Pinheiro

        Love is Thais?

      2. Leo711ggc Roblox

        Is. It. Fun. Play. Hardcore.

      3. Apex lososoes

        AI will show you that I got

      4. Ella Crawley

        So cool and awesome 👏🙀😯👧👩👩🏽‍🦳

      5. boys are on the moon

        Pleaseee do 500 to 600 days pleaseee love that series

    2. Baseball808 Bb

      I like how u narrate your journey it’s so cool

    3. Kamran Gajrawala

      I love you Fru!!

    4. Dua's Epic Channel

      Bro u r awesome and building When we are at day100 i do is just make a smaall fram and a dirt house...lol

    5. LoCraft

      Very creative gameplay 😱 i watched every single second 🤠✨

    6. Ici Cvetanov

      Как играете на един блок

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      Did u forget this series?

    8. among us man boi

      In every video he does he says "in this video"

    9. me and GER

      Every videos of yours is wonderful and very interesting. I can support you. ^~^

    10. Nazil Islam

      Upload 200 days

    11. Jing Barfield

      I am excited

    12. KC Jones

      Dude did you sleep at all during these 100 days

    13. Oshin Cooper

      Fru: I was so excited I mean just look at the smile on my face! *proceeds to show a face without a mouth

    14. jsponaugle1

      I love one block

    15. •moonotaku_•

      Wow Fru

    16. Storm Gamer

      Can you do 200 days

    17. YiSyuan Yap

      Please make it to 200? I really want to see it :)

    18. Lucas Barbetta

      Something about this video levels it out with LukeTheNotable's Hardcore 100 days

    19. obaid alshamsi

      part 2

    20. GG BORIS

      Good vid 😁

    21. Madd Sweet

      Hmmmm *HELLO* 😁💙💚💙💚

    22. jairus gabriel estonido

      You can use the water bucket and the lava bucket to form a nether portal (Dream)

    23. Orgil Lkhagvatsend

      Do 200 days

    24. Kristofer Escalante

      The limping september literally battle because pike strangely buzz versus a puny beetle. lazy, distinct witness

    25. A Bask


    26. unknown boi187

      And that one block survival is called sky block

    27. Bernadette Salonga

      Ur so cool to build OMG


      Love from pakistan.love you fru

    29. The Swimmer Of Tomorrow

      I love your shaders

    30. John Sevaldsen

      Lol when the fed spawned in he put his mic up to his throat and said I COULDN'T BELIEVE WHAT I WAS SEEING

    31. Ziad Mubarack El Houchaimi Rajab


    32. Shaynegaming

      I like how he built a house for the animals and the villager first and not a house for him!

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      So cool

    34. Billy Dobney Galea

      Me and my friend sevian are liking you

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      Are these hardcore mincraft series real life days or mincraft days?????

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      10mil views 900k subs literally 90% of the people don’t sub

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      I meant sir


      Why aren't you uploading air

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      Awesome video hope you continu this series

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      are you waiting to the million subs to do 700 days i think

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      Hypixel survival of the wheel

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      Look I appreciate his efforts and everyone of his series are wonderful but what happened to 600 days...

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      Fru please make more videos please I love your video's please

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      Love you

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      Hey Fru, Are you still alive.

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      Bhai he tell that 600 days of hardcore series but he did not send the video I will wate only 2 week after the 2 week if he not send the video I will unsubscribe him

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        Think he quit His Discord also got deleted

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