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    iskall discovers who HermitCrafts biggest noob is, and it's not a pleasant find, but iskallman to the rescue as the biggest noob of hermitcraft.
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    1. Garrott Roddy

      you should make a eye of sauron at rens fortress

    2. Mosssaurus Rex

      yso hurry up, Grian is ending the season already

    3. Oi Taha

      Look at this noob

    4. Frenz Ioan Ledesma


    5. Emerald giss

      You should do a hermit chalange with all the members of it for reasons. Grian

    6. Emerald giss

      I got to tell you a secret For you segment he did not have them making noise.

    7. Sieto Goudswaard


    8. sehhi vooty

      I didn’t realize how much I missed Iskall until I clicked on this video

    9. Shourya Saini

      Is season coming to end for iskall also I am bit confused after the grian's latest episode

    10. AtomicKoala

      2:18 When you're 3 minutes into your overdue school assignment, but then you remember some other "productive thing" that you could so instead Edit: the more I watch this episode the more it is the *physical embodiment* of my work ethic throughout highschool

      1. sehhi vooty

        Techno blade Upload Schedule? Good video 😂

    11. Josh Guo

      The Gospel: We sin against God and for our sins we deserve hell. We fall short of God’s perfect standard for heaven. But the good news is we have a way to be forgiven, that way is through Jesus. Because he loved the world, he came, lived a sinless life then died on the cross for our sins, paying the price which is death. He was buried and rose again on the third day. Through Jesus we can be forgiven of our sins. If we put our faith in him we will be saved.✝️❤️🙏

    12. Liv Arnfred

      Iskall procrastinating: The tree will be done by episode 100! Iskall: Starts building a branch. Also Iskall: Let's get organized first!

    13. Cy-Enderdot

      Minecraft midlife crisis

    14. Jeremy Castro

      So does iskall still not realize that pasific is a Redstone shop?

    15. [Username Deleted]

      [Comment Deleted]

    16. dark theories

      It's just a bummer that pacific probably won't be finished.. I dunno it just feels like each member for HermitCraft is moving on to other things and getting burnt out on HermitCraft..

    17. Stephen Klein

      In terms of book trades, we have no book trades

    18. Pranaya Adhikari

      Love u man biggest fan

    19. Premium Bread


    20. jamie stagg

      Iskall your amazing keep up the amazing work also cant wait for your omega tree to get its finished Canopy...also what's the tree imprint reward? And when is it going to happen?

    21. Gaming Mayhem

      OMG! I JUST FOUND OUT. Direite can be crafted into ANdisite!

    22. nieooj gotoy

      The intro is like when your boyfriend doesn't text you for a week and then just calls and proceeds like nothing happened all nonchalant 😂😂

    23. Charlie Dunn

      You’re branching out Isjall

    24. kevin mendozahernandez08pb

      Wasnt ur last episode episode 99 ?

      1. nieooj gotoy

        i am happy your better, i missed you. POGGERS!!

    25. Kitty Cat Cat

      omg so boring.....

      1. Heer Shah

        What was "so boring" bruh

    26. Thunder Animations

      Techno blade Upload Schedule? Good video 😂

    27. c mister

      On this episode of iskall puts off building the tree.

    28. BrownR87

      "Iskall has been neglecting Hermicraft for monster hunters with Stress" "I was need ridden for a week" "As excuses go... That's not toooo bad I guess." Glad you're feeling better Iskall, can't wait to see more Pacific shenanigans ❤️

    29. Grace Thompson

      Have you unearthed the boxes you buried?

    30. Liam Gounden

      I tapped on the video thinking it was mumbo's

    31. doliio volay

      The intro is like when your boyfriend doesn't text you for a week and then just calls and proceeds like nothing happened all nonchalant 😂😂

    32. NotAGoat

      Don't worry, Iskall, no matter what you do you'll _never_ be as disorganized as Scar. I mean, did you _see_ his chest monster? I mean, even after Mumbo built a _massive_ item sorter for him (which took literal _days_ to finish sorting what Mumbo loaded into it), I'm pretty sure he's _still_ got at least 20 shulker boxes full of random bits and pieces.

    33. Talha Riaz

      Plz upload

      1. doliio volay

        Youuuuu take all them time u need to heal. We don't want Sickskall

    34. Slade Wilson

      This man looked at the library so many times and didn’t even notice it😂

    35. Chris Burrow

      Don't worry about being delayed. You was ill. Health before games. People will still watch when you get back as this video proves :-)

    36. Heidi Kindon

      Waiting patiently for more!

    37. kati3 kitkat17

      I honestly think introducing an assistant to iskall soon or maybe next hermitcraft season would help out with organizing his thing and reminders on what to do or where he could of left his things he constantly loses would be fun

      1. kati3 kitkat17

        Like doing little skits with them too like Jarvis with tony stark kinda things idk just an idea I had ( hope iskall reads this) 🤞🏻🤞🏻

    38. Lukas Demskis

      I can’t wait till iskall realizes grian is selling back up boxes 😂

    39. Owen Rollins

      Gotta get your shulker box setup from Etho!

    40. Romulus Maximus

      i am happy your better, i missed you. POGGERS!!

    41. Bor Tit Jerlah

      High temature. Hope it isn't the covid.;)

    42. DER Blitzkatze

      Um Iskall... Just a reminder but you only have 20 episodes left to complete the omega tree.

    43. Lucho

      1 ep for month hummm just quit

    44. Wurmi God

      really glad i unsubbed, one upload a month is just not it.

      1. Star Saber

        Did you even watch the full video , he said he was ill

      2. Neliesje

        and nothing happens in this episode lol

    45. Multi - Dimensional Gaming

      Ever thought about inviting a speedrunner type youtuber in the hermitcraft server? Maybe SB737?

    46. Keatonium765

      me playing minecraft for about six years and not owning shulker boxes

    47. Mask Apple

      Iskall: You know what time it is? Me: IT'S BUH-BUH-BUH-BUH-BOOAAAT TIME!!

    48. Carbon Gaming

      1:34 is that a burn stick?

    49. KoalaTeen

      Youuuuu take all them time u need to heal. We don't want Sickskall

    50. Ilias Char

      Everybody gangsta until iskals burns something in his tree.

    51. The Werewookiee

      You should invite other hermits to build branches for you

    52. julia nelson

      HAHAHAHA I love how you said "aj aj aj" I lost it

    53. julia nelson

      It's funny how I feel like I have a connection with you just because your swedish lmao

    54. whodon'tknowtousephone

      where is your spooke head (in the barrrel)

    55. Jun Rey Do

      Hes back

    56. yuoop noke

      Things Iskall probably forgot: 1. all the shulker boxes put underneath the floor 2. his house made out of diamond ore in the industrial district Are we missing anything?

    57. Jay Congo

      I love organizing

    58. Marx Strings

      Imagine someone trolled iskall and stripped his whole tree...

      1. yuoop noke

        Hit 3 on the keyboard

    59. WolfeGaming

      Me: Yay, Iskall is back on Hermitcraft!!! He's been gone so long!!! Iskall: *places one oak block and spends the rest of the episode just getting backup gear* Erm. Iskall. Plz mate. Jk jk, sorry to hear you got sick and I hope you're feeling better! Your true fans are here for you and would rather you take care of yourself first, I don't mind the break but I'm glad to have you back.

    60. Aaron Burchill

      It’s okay Iskall, if lack of organization makes you a noob, I think Scar is the biggest noob in hermitcraft. ;)

    61. Andy Zhang

      Are you dough???

    62. KheoriMC

      See you in three weeks!

    63. Vathilia Mage

      I'm glad your feeling better and that you haven't given up on the omega treeeeee.

    64. DoomRater

      "My richities box has BREAD in it." That should be a Twitch sound effect right there omg

    65. Cpt Fairgraves

      Iskall: I'll have the tree done by episode 100 Also Iskall *thinking* If I only release an episode every 3 weeks I have untill 2022 to finish the tree jokes aside love to see you back and glad you recovered

    66. Element of Kindness

      Boy, can this guy ever stall, on building his base! 😅😅😅

    67. Edward Lambert

      Hi Iskall, the important thing is that you are OK and feeling better, it doesn't matter that your episodes take longer to come out, I think I speak for a lot of your viewers when I say, we really like your episode's, but your health matters more, if you need to take that time to recover take it, we will still be here when you get back.

    68. itsmunah

      ... change your FOV for videos. Can’t even watch

    69. Mark Clemons

      Maybe you should try logging in more than once or twice a month....

    70. Hitherae

      Don't forget to do something nice for beef!

    71. DarliSs Ss

      episode once a month, nice idea to get rid of subscribers!

    72. yameen bakali

      Being a noob is not bad, But staying a noob is bad. ~ Flagoleon

    73. darknessblade

      4:44 Looks like it is chest monster time

    74. Jean-Philippe Cliche

      Hit 3 on the keyboard

    75. Tomasz Nazar

      Oh thats it *uncrafts hermitcraft

    76. maxwell slice


    77. bent Billie bob

      Get that bread sis

    78. metal

      "mumbo is one of the best redstoners in the world" my guy, you dont have a idea what that title means

    79. Jake Chaffers

      What do you do if you die with the back up box on you

    80. Psycho Yoda

      I loved this and I like vualt hunters also

    81. Rotem Eliaz

      last video: " a PINK return! episode 79" (After not uploading a video for a month) this video: "episode 80" *IGNORES the fact he didn't upload for a month* I know he explained why and what happened it's just a joke

    82. Psycho Yoda

      I am idiot I thought this was. A season 6 video 3 days ago and now I am late. BIG SAD

    83. Gage Groseclose

      Iskall i know the perfect solution for you, visit ethos organized shulkers for your ender chest , his employee may not be friendly but is worth it

    84. BeeDaWorker

      Best intro

    85. Prabhavathi Prakasam

      This a link for a petition to youtube....it's about animal abuses that are taking place in BGclip....like content creators are now gone to extreme levels and gone to abusing and upto even nearly killing them.......I hope you open the link and read the petition and sign it to help our little concern grow bigger and help these poor lives. ...our hope is to grow awarness and when you see something like this happening,you would stop these actions....... Thank you.... Here is the link below chng.it/5f2FPd8S And I'm in no way blaming this channel for such actions... Nice video btw😉 This petition is from the awarness that I got from you. I can thank you enough man.....thank you very much.....I hope you would somehow help us spread this....maybe make a video about this? It would be wonderful if you did a video on us thank you....

    86. DuCkY

      love how he says "i cant wait to get better" as hes falling down a hole

    87. Dustin Joosen

      Pacific is a 2 person project, but without any communication

    88. Sammit

      To think Iskall could have avoided the whole ender chest debacle by just visiting (and surviving) Etho’s organised shulker shop in Aquatown

    89. Mara Konstantara

      You realize you have to complete it before ep 100 right?

    90. Tomas Rocha Martins

      Iskall, tat lungs, viktigast är din hälsa. Hoppas du mår bättre.

    91. Joshua Isaac

      Why isn't stressmonster101 making any new hermitcraft videos

    92. Thomas Gray

      Little bit hungover, watching this video... Opening scene looks straight down from about 150 blocks off the ground 🤮🤮

    93. TheFunGalaxy

      Iskall ever time I watch your vids it makes me happy and helps me get over my current illness

    94. bilinas mini

      Iskall: "Turns out, I'm completely out of emeralds..." The "Merry Christmas" shulker box:

    95. thomas reddick

      HermitCraft took a back seat again.

    96. AA10YT GV

      Its been a long month

      1. bilinas mini

        Who knew branch time meant "avoid building any branches for a whole episode"

    97. suman kapali

      I won't be surprised if he takes another break now

    98. Adsy Soulstar

      Don’t forget your diamond building in the industrial zone

    99. KK World

      how would you feel if some hermit comes and strips all the logs xd

    100. Munchy FGC

      Oh iskalls back, nice