A Very Chanel Halloween (Short Film)

Mario Selman

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    A Very Chanel Halloween (directed by Hunter Moreno) tells the story of three rich hot legends being stalked by the hot red devil.

    WARNING: We're hot.

    And a giant thank you to Scream Queens for being our inspiration. Obvi.

    Directed, Produced \u0026 Edited by: Hunter Moreno
    Written by: Nicholas Galarza
    Starring: Larray, Mario Selman, Ravon, Tana Mongeau, Nikita Dragun, Brady Potter
    Music by: James Quick
    Director of Photography: Donald Turner


    1. Madison Washington

      I’m not from mars

    2. PanDuh

      There needs to be a 2nd film this Halloween

    3. pisceshippiequeen


    4. Shooting stars 101

      You’re giving symptoms lol

    5. Cyber

      Those shades on Larry’s I need

    6. Ally

      Omg it's Danny phantom and Bob the builder 😂

    7. Draw_with_Fin

      Tbh in the thumbnail larray looks like iann dior wtf

    8. Haziq Afdhal

      6:08 WTH

    9. Charlotte Underwood

      Larri just didn’t care. That ravon got murrderd like lmao

    10. Zera Lisa

      Ravon was just laying on the floor and he gets back into he’s position

    11. Aracely Martinez

      "should I go investigate¨-Mario ¨"what tf do you think this is riverdale¨-larray

    12. Ethan Johnson

      LOLLLLL brady stabes larri larri: *uChhg UGCChh Uhcch do i keep going uChhhggg*

    13. ava. iiin

      This is mad funny yo the part when he goes live and dies

    14. Markia Langston

      tana: did i just get fuckin stabbed

    15. Markia Langston

      we gonna get a part 2

    16. Jazmine rocks

      Please put part two of this

    17. Jazmine rocks

      This is a little scary and funny

    18. Sage Henderson

      I dont think they were acting at the beginning.......

    19. SF Lazyfries ツ

      I knew it, it was Brady!

    20. Ravonslyfe fan

      I'm in love with this

    21. Cláudio Santos


    22. Get Noob

      We'll be seeing this in the cinema soon

    23. Makayla Austria

      1:14 thats the hype house ( the house the hype house used to live in)

    24. Priscilla Sommers

      I love this too much

    25. Jurie Ricardo Bense


    26. A

      We want movie bitch🙄

    27. TTR-Roblox

      Larry: omg like we’re are my friends Me: you literally just step over all of them Larry gets stabbed: uh WTF is wrong wit you bitch Me:hahahahaha

    28. Sweetgamergirl Sweet

      Ik knew it was Brady I f Ing new it

    29. Ava Kahn

      Every white girl horror movie be like

    30. Bubba White


    31. Leif Trejo


    32. lorensmarshh

      We need more

    33. Ana TV Time!

      Omg this is good.. I couldn't stop laughing.. Larray's references kill me. 🤣 he said"What are you IOS 2" 🤣

    34. thiquegorgeous vegan

      this was so funny i loved it 😝😝😝🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    35. thiquegorgeous vegan

      the fact that we can see the camer man tho 🤣🤣🤣 p.s. no hate just a joke love you guys so much💛💛💛💛

    36. Gianna Almonte

      MORE OF THIS!!!

    37. 0Care ._. bear0

      Omg nikta omg bitch you got stabbed😂, Larry “don’t care”

    38. Sengetile Msibi

      i love this so much, scream queens was so iconic. y'all killed it

    39. Aisha Ibrahim Alzaabi


    40. Emerie McCullum

      The fact that Larray at the end said " Do I keep going?"

    41. Jaylee Garcia

      why did i read it as channel 😭

    42. Jenean Qweider

      not larrays gems falling off his glasses

    43. faridah ismail

      Muah bottiful👌

    44. Matilda

      dO i KeEp GoINg

    45. LaKaiya Bradley

      Yall should do the heathers tiktok

    46. yakisramen

      tana was so funny omg i love her

    47. Anthony Lopez

      Ain't no one else se larray join his Live Asking where he was LMAOOOOOOOO

    48. Dashyia Brown

      Nikita is so petty. " U just fucking died" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    49. De’vorris Robinson

      2:05 I didn’t hear that 😂

    50. Aiden the Beast

      Oh shit

    51. BloxyKxren

      les talk about the fact that larray walked over bodies and asked where my friends les talk about the fact that ravon made sure her ahhhh $$ was poking out les talk about the fact that me and mario is getting married les talk about the fact that larray was like "wat do i keep going ?" while faking to be dying II LOOOOOVE THIS BABEZZZ

    52. leah h

      i watched this before i watched scream queens and it was confusing but now i’ve watched scream queens it makes so much more sense ! love u guys

    53. nana gaming

      Tana is such a good actor though

    54. Manoa Kalawe

      Killing your own boyfreind

    55. Sam Howard

      I’m confused why this has only got 400k views whattt

    56. Daniella R

      "Why u look like et" 🤣🤣🤣

    57. MRFAN


    58. Mya Moore

      Loved it

    59. Lucas Curtis

      Scream Queens round of applause 👏

    60. Alex.noob.girl7 1234

      Lamooooo love it gurl good one at the end

    61. flennox50

      "Do I keep going" LMAOO

    62. Reagan Young

      Nobody: Larrie: ahh. aah. Do I keep going? Oh ok. *continues "screaming"

    63. Im Ch


    64. Angelina Agreste

      The fact that larray was on ravon's live

    65. Meme Star

      why diddint this get more likes and view- THIS DESERVES AN AWARD

    66. Danny Dark

      I would so be Mario's surgar daddy lol he is SO ADORABLE. 😍🥰😁😇

    67. Gemma Malcom

      “Do I keep going??” Haha I’m dying

    68. Zak Massoud

      when larri said "uh- who tf is you??" felt that

    69. emシ

      The people that disliked are next.


      He walked over everyone lmao 😂😂😂💀

    71. Lil Halo

      Brady was smiling even when he got revealed he’s the cutest

    72. Lil Halo

      6:24 💅

    73.   ۵𝔹  𝕚  𝕥  𝕔  𝕙   𝕓  𝕠  𝕪 ♡

      chu-ba-ca got me LMAOO

    74. Ellaplays

      Larri always with that attitude yes girlies 3:24

    75. Madz Robloxgamer

      Me knowing it was Brady

    76. Madz Robloxgamer


    77. FARAH The happiness

      That’s amazing


      Omg this was the best I love it 😍 it should be on netflix 💓💖🤣❤️💕🔥

    79. Kevi’Yana Langhorne

      I come from TikTok 😅

    80. Mandie Name

      larry-do i keep going me-🤣🤣🤣🤣

    81. ⸝ letoom

      2:46 , ariana? is that you!? sorry if it late tho

    82. Anayelliplaysadoutme

      I like how there not scared 😂

    83. Paula Jackson

      how you get in the hype house?

    84. Eliandro Miranda


    85. Yonni World

      Yes Bitch

    86. Amy Why u looking -w-

      This acting is on point I love it!

    87. morganmillycorbett

      Brady slaying though

    88. Kaite Hardeen

      dO i KeEp GoInG

    89. Thaneesha Haran


    90. Pop

      I can't with the rinestones coming off those glasses

    91. Unicorn Awesome


    92. Benize Jaide Hinkle

      WE need a full movie!!! I LOVE ITT!!

    93. Raymond Watts

      What Are you Bob the builder

    94. Sofia Held

      He shared his brush during Covid... NOOOOOO

    95. CH squad

      He said do I keep going

    96. kyndal lee

      This is so very cringe he but it was hilarious love it

    97. Babylix XX

      Give this guy's an OSCAR😹😹

    98. Milli's life xoxo

      3:01 lmao larray in the live WHERE ARE YOU THE UBER IS HERE

    99. Milli's life xoxo

      It would have been so funny if flash back Mary was the killer

    100. Gamer Pigen

      So funny