Russia vs Poland | VNL 2021 | Highlights | Maxim Mikhaylov vs Wilfredo Leon

Titans Volleyball

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    Reigning world champions Poland stunned defending VNL champions Russia in four sets to take the lead in the 2021 FIVB Men's Volleyball Nations League standings at the conclusion of Week 2.

    Here's the reaction after the game, from the virtual Mixed Zone:

    Igor Kobzar (Russia): "We played quite well in the first set and then Poland started to serve very difficult serves that made a difference in this game. We couldn't find an answer or way to serve the same way. There was no turning point, I would say there was only this one element - service that was crucial for the result of this match."

    Wilfredo Leon (Poland): "I think that our team is growing day by day. We are doing a really hard job during training and also at the power gym. We have 18 players and everyone is ready to play, so I'm really happy with that. Today the game started not so well, but we found our way to win and we did it. It was the most important today. I can still grow, as we could see today I served 7 aces - I want to do better. When I say I want to do better, it's not about increasing the number of aces or speed, but about making fewer mistakes. I will try to do better in the next game. I'm working hard to improve the reception, defence and block to be an even better player."

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    1. Кайратбек К

      25:15 уят э Россия

    2. Celo Messias

      how Brazil did 3x0 and then 3x1 in this Poland???

    3. バレーボール

      Why was Muserski out of the national team?

    4. Pharida Norkeaw


    5. Capitalista malvadão

      Achou que ia acabar com o Brasil , mas só fez 8 pontos.

    6. afrizal pratama

      Wilfredo Leon is the best in Poland Team

    7. Mohammad Noori


    8. Apria Setiawan

      What can Poland do without Leon?

    9. duong duong

      I love leon and makhaylov

    10. Маке

      Че там атомная бомба не помогает)

    11. Дэрсу Узала

      Михайлов пушка.

    12. nefroc Trader


    13. Djalma Magalães Silva Magalhães

      sinto uma pena Cuba não poder contar com seus bons atletas, eles fazem escola.

    14. Djalma Magalães Silva Magalhães

      sem Leon a Polônia é nada kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    15. eduardo Sch


    16. Mohamed Hamza

      leon's day

    17. Rahul Biswas

      6:50 😀❤️

    18. Slavko Zlatić

      Znakomite ruch*nie. Na rożne sposoby. Polska Najlepsza!

    19. rajesh ssankar

      The female voice so beautiful..

    20. Jam Den

      Leon. Best among the Best.

    21. Jam Den

      OMG. He is not Leon, He is a TIGER

    22. melshane Mcforrest


    23. Akzhol Khasenov

      just talanted Leon

    24. Mark Aurelio

      Русские только водки жрать умеет

    25. Ярослав Моисеев

      Леон всю игру сделал)!

    26. ชื่อนี้ มีรัยป้ะ

      maxim ivan leon n'gapeth 4super legend of men's volleyball

    27. ナキブ

      What is Russia chanting before there players serve it sounds epic

    28. Caress

      Leon the GOAT

    29. matam srinadh mudiraj

      Wr s kurek

    30. LoveLass Bubblegumоv

      Туомас( дальше будет просто Томас. Томас Томас где ты был? Я в хгазпроме вуодку пил. Томас, Томас где победы? Я тут только за обьеды! Томас Томас кто играет? Я не знаю, кто жье знает?. Томас, Томас сколько врэмья? Я не знать такой Поэма. Томас, Томас не кричи. Ну ты руцкий памалчи!. Томас Томас, мы в пролете. Я ни поньял в самолете? Томас, Томас мы устали. Руский Ванька! Жмьи пэдальи. Томас, Томас уходи! Мы ребьята все впередьи

    31. miswati sardji

      Leon the King...😍😍🤣🤣

    32. Chris Zack

      Go Go Go Poland!!!!!

    33. Gabriel Oliveira

      What is the name of the music in 12:06 min?

    34. M R

      Cuba te sigue, Wilfre!!

    35. Phadindra Lato Newar

      Leon is king of vollyball(my best player)

    36. Thilan Maduranga

      Leon 🖤 The King of serve 👑

    37. Andri Wibowo

      Leon is the best no1👍👍👍

    38. Kasia Katarzyna


    39. Dariusz Michalski

      Leon ma zagrywke jak mu siedzi i przyjęcie w ataku jest słabiutki dokładnie taki sam gracz jak Bednorz więc skąd takie głupie komentarze że jest królem?

      1. janusz cebula

        Bo wystarczy jedno trafienie w ryj libero zagrywką Leona z prędkością ponad 130 km/h żeby kompletnie Rosjan zdemoralizować.

    40. ธฤต ชนะสงคราม

      Leon is supperman

    41. Anweldo parulian Siringoringo

      Lawan leon kek lawan 2 orang yang disatukan

    42. 田辺


    43. Andrii Iva

      Poland the best!!! russia go home!!!

    44. Tomasz Wojciechowski

      but this commentator is hopeless OMG!!!

    45. porfirij

      anyone else find it a bit funny that poland's best player is cuban? leon is such a beast, awesome match from him. also, big respect to mikhaylov - if you're still one of the outstanding players in russia's team at 33 years of age, you know you're a legend of the sport.

      1. Rafał Hrycko

        Well leon is beast but dont forget about kurek even without kuban monster poland win 2 world cup in a row

      2. Chuyew

        @porfirij "anyone else find it a bit funny that poland's best player is cuban? " I think Leon in every country would be the best player.

    46. Đãi Nguyễn Đức

      Cái ông Leon đập kinh thật

    47. Lux ML

      макс машина остальные тьфу блять

    48. Ktoś

      Co wy z tym Leonem. Sam meczu nie wygra. Musi być dobra drużyna. Fakt jest wzmocnieniem ale nie gra tam sam.

      1. janusz cebula

        Jest zawodnikiem który potrafi zdemoralizować cała drużyne przeciwnika. Rosyjski libero dostał taką plombe na ryj że wszystkich ścięło z nóg. Dobrze że zabrał rykoszetem bo po bezpośrednim to by się nie podniósł.

    49. Djaf Djo

      Léon is a monster.

    50. Nghĩa Nguyễn

      Kurek where?

      1. Nghĩa Nguyễn

        @Chuyew thanks you very much! I’m from vietnam! I’m a fan of Kurek.

      2. Chuyew

        @Nghĩa Nguyễn He was on the bench and cheering team with hitting bottle in the chair like professional drummer. He is not injured. Heynen just testing players and changing squads. Kurek will play in next matches.

      3. Nghĩa Nguyễn

        @neexqu thanks you very much!

    51. 김광현

      레온 서브가 후덜덜하네요

    52. Philip Hall

      Leon targeting the Libero and breaking the morale is legit a plot from Haikyuu season 4. Leon is the protagonist of volleyball irl

      1. Dr Thuganomics

        5 straight aces, that's heartbreaking lol

    53. Wellio Bruno

      Sério mesmo esse Leon pra me e melhor do mundo nego jogar de mas veio tu e doido

      1. Wellio Bruno

        @Carlos Murilo Dias Ferreira sim Aida tem melhor saque pra me ele e melhor

      2. Carlos Murilo Dias Ferreira

        Cara esse aí eu não tenho a melhor dúvida que ele é o melhor ponteiro do mundo na atualidade.

    54. văn ánh nguyễn

      Ido leon

    55. Jorge Lopez

      Leon es una maquina, no sabia que jugaba con Polonia.

    56. Drake Ser

      Leon OMG!

    57. Trần Danh Lưu Trần Danh Lưu

      Leon unstopable 💪, polan great!!!

    58. Moises Mariscal

      I knew its coming. Poland will get the Olympic Gold Medal. VNL is just their training ground.

      1. Fisher10333

        Expectations are extremely big. Hope we won't stuck at quarterfinals as usualy...

    59. Miras Kesebaev

      Мына Леон дегенің пәле екен.

    60. Camino Dane

      I'm afraid that at this point, other teams will be able to read and study leon for the olympics

      1. Chuyew

        @Camino Dane Yes but Leon is not a new star. He is in volleyball on that high level more than 10 years so other players and couches known him pretty well.

      2. Camino Dane

        serving isnt really his sole advantage

      3. Chuyew

        @Camino Dane You cannot be ready when Leon serving above 130 km/h.

    61. J K


    62. Дулат Успанов

      Leon on fire

    63. #Dragon Borgne

      Leon vs Russia

    64. Jakub Wiśniewski

      Poland is the power!! 🏐

    65. wer wer

      Edan tenan leon wi wong po uduk jane

    66. almaty jetkyenbay

      Mikhaylov and Leon volleyball legends. They are Under one club 3 time's champion of Champions league.

      1. Chuyew

        @ almaty jetkyenbay 4*

    67. Boggy_91 Svechnikov

      That Leon is a beast. He's a specialist is the service department and even a better attacker

    68. Barbell Binks

      Leon has to be the most monstrous player I've seen

    69. Joseph Lin

      I like both team..russo and polska...amazing so strong..

    70. trainmk

      Leon Polish Prince

    71. Voyenko

      i think we've got really strong team even if Leon takes all the fervor off the opponents :)

    72. Atul Pandey

      Awesome leon and mikhalov's accuracy and stability is mind blowing

    73. Rew Blue

      When Leon kicks in... there’s nothing to do

    74. Bena Patrice

      Leon serait vraiment un super joueur si il était moins arrogant et moins Pologne est sans doute la meilleure nation actuellement, mais quelle froideur ! C'est une machine de guerre...

    75. Ergo

      Какая же неинтересная ведущая

    76. Wilczuch

      5:58 7:52 8:26

    77. SpicyMusicPiano

      Author of this film loves Leon :D

    78. Joker72

      Леон набрал в этом матче 25 очков ... итак, он выиграл один сет :) ...

      1. Joker72

        @Влад Жданов Знаю, знаю, Влад ... Я шучу ... Понятия не имею, что случилось с Мусерским ... не играя, я помню его хорошие матчи.

      2. Влад Жданов

        ахахах ничего нового

    79. qusjuce nutabjor

      The acid purpose eventually harm because tablecloth formally contain to a tremendous frown. slimy, wide-eyed competition

    80. Paulo Henrique

      Melhor do mundo atualmente

    81. Paranormal TV

      Есть на что посмотреть

    82. SurMikas[PL]

      Changing Leon to Semeniuk / Fornal / Kurek would bring a similar result ^^

    83. Robert 38

      Not only leon plays the whole team who thinks otherwise is an idiot

    84. Dzalf Deolefeu

      How many aces did Leon make in this match??

      1. Szymon Misiek

        7 if I remember,13 in the previous one. ;)

    85. Joshuaa Exaudi siallagan

      Leon the best

    86. Ayyub Abu

      Why is kurek not playing in this match??

      1. Kacper66

        @Brydżo Kurek and Semeniuk are playing on different positions

      2. Brydżo

        Semeniuk is better for this time

      3. Hashtag Marcel

        Day off

    87. aNs 10

      6:51 I feel you buddy I feel you :(

    88. Panglima Polum

      Leon wanderfull

    89. Andrii Bakhtiozin

      I don't get Russian trainer, what was the strategy, he chose those 2 middle blockers, leaving Vlasov and Kurkaev on the bench. Muserskii and Volvich both slow and not young already, they good in attach, but not with a block definitely on fast passes. Maybe strategy was to destroy Poland by serves, cuz both Volvich and Muserskii has unpleasant serve, but not in this particular game. How many times Poland attack from sides Vs one block?

      1. Cheel Master

        @Andrii Bakhtiozin May be so. I'm not the one of them. All Russian teams should be banned from international competitions, and you know why.

      2. Andrii Bakhtiozin

        @Cheel Master I think Russian National Sport Committee cares and will ask trainer:) also a lot of fans cares and asking those questions

      3. Cheel Master

        And who the hell cares?? Poland won, Russia lost and that is the bottom line.

    90. Hong Tran

      Who will be champion"

    91. Mạnh kiên Bùi

      Đánh vậy ai chơi với má . Leon

    92. max zak

      hmmmm first osmany and now leon ..... this is not fair ! they are just too OP

    93. Độc Cô Nhiếp

      I remember Leon when he first appeared with Cuban team years ago as a youngster. Leon is 1st world OH indeed. Very Impressive!!!!

    94. Maciej Szymanski

      Mentality!!! They gave up first set, Russians the last one. Result was obvious. BTW I was against hiring Leon. It was like buing nuclear weapon somwhere abroad and use it! Very bad behaviour... :)

    95. Imran Ullah

      Is this Leon former Player of Cubian team?

      1. Kacper66

        @SurMikas[PL] also Juantorena which is playing for Italy

      2. Imran Ullah

        @Chuyew That's may be the right reason

      3. Chuyew

        ​@Imran UllahIt was not about paying money. Few years ago players from Cuba cannot played in clubs in another country than Cuba so Leon, Simon, Leal etc couldn't make money. So when they leave Cuba they were supsendend for 2 years. That's why they escaped from Cuba. Now law in Cuba was changeded. That's how Cuba lost potential gold generation.

      4. SurMikas[PL]

        @Imran Ullah If it was about money... everyone wanted to buy Leon, Poland would fall out [when it comes to money]

      5. Imran Ullah

        It's seems to me that Cubian vollyball board was not paying them sufficent payment

    96. nahuel aranda

      11:52 no tiene sentido

    97. Mandy Many

      leon is good ik but this is such a biased video the editor seems like a fan of leon

      1. AkihiroYamauchi06

        The video is based on the points both the players scored. Leon massively outweighed mikhaylov's 18 points while leon scored a total of 25. We can easily tell why leon was shown a lot during this video.

    98. Bekzat Amirhan


    99. Gema Muda

      Super leon

    100. buzz buzz

      Spiridonow🤣 where are you?