I bought Bose Audio Sunglasses.


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    1. vilhola2

      4:23 WOO FINLANDD

    2. Pillow wilderman

      saw these at a walmart for about 100 bucks. i really regret not picking them up. not to mention that the pair i saw was the second version.

    3. Dave

      PNG loser 😂

    4. Alp Tuna Tuncer

      I was expecting him to bring out the Freakish Ears On A Stand™

    5. Pratham Jain

      Why do you have Miner hands 👀

    6. Cheese

      Albert Wesker digs these.

    7. Lumina's Art

      He sound so happy!

    8. Jonathan Hull

      Have you obtained a mobiBLU Cube MP3 player yet? I bet that would be fun to review/smash.

    9. SkellyPunk

      Your videos either start positive then kick you in the balls with seething hatred. Or starting negative then getting suprised at the end. Like halfway through a video you're either snorting coke or injecting heroin.

    10. Pi Cubing Official

      I don't understand wireless charging, it's not very efficient and bad for the planet. The planet's health is more important than a bit of convenience.

    11. ken yamagami

      Huawei actually has one to I wonder if you can review them

    12. TheOutsider Jess

      I’m really happy bought the galaxy buds over the bean even tho I love the concept of the bean

    13. DatBoiDerrick _

      How did they manage to make the cheapest looking sunglasses for $170

    14. Southern Pixel

      I really can't focus on your videos that well lol. All I think is "this dude sounds like joshdub"

    15. gp556by45

      Ya know; if you did cut to you crouched in the corner with sunglasses over your eyes, hands behind your ears, and talking about how good the bass sounds; it REALLY wouldn't be the strangest thing we've seen on this channel.

    16. Lover Boy

      Does it Bleed ?

      1. gaming fire

        you should get sunglasses protetion for the place where it hangs if it starts bleeding

    17. Patrick Walker

      I really love how every aussie's 'doofus voice' is an exaggerated, throaty kiwi accent. Friendlyjordies does practically the same voice.

    18. Steven Groom

      disliked bc i hate appleqqq

    19. Some Sort of Road Trip

      6:09 *Laughs in AirPods max*

    20. fa lingo

      9:14 P. T. Cruiser!

    21. Libero

      Hey man can you try the Huawei x gentle monster sunglasses? I think they may address all the critiques you made

    22. Samuel Donaldson

      Guys I think I just found where the beans went

    23. Timillion

      i wish i had those as my prescription glasses so that i could listen to songs in schools during the lessons

    24. dvYEET d

      USB-A isn’t that bad, you’re just exaggerating and it got really old really quick

    25. smirkytiger

      In the audio clip you sounded like a 5 year old who saw 5 trucks go by

    26. mck stellar

      I'd love one that has prescription glasses instead of shades

    27. yMarcelo_Blox

      Watching in my akg phones

    28. kosche99

      test razer hammerheads pls!! x3

    29. GNerdful

      I also have these. Bought them on a whim and they're pretty good.

    30. T R

      Love your Finnish pronunciation of Symboli Kuvaus, mate

    31. tedscheese

      bgclip.info/run/ipupZYGbqKXOvnI/video DANK PODS CLICK THIS VIDEO HE GAVE U A SHOUTOUT PLS NOTICE DIS COMMENT` 5:41 is the timestamp on the video

    32. Peypeydog


    33. sillym3xican

      It's not supposed to be on your ear its bone conduction not sound

    34. ViridianBass

      I have genuine custom Oakleys and airpod pros for $450 USD

    35. Donnie M

      You covered your ears with audio in the car and on your motorcycle?

    36. Kevin playz12

      I like how I'm the 10th person to mention PR124 in this video

    37. TT100 Vbucks

      Yo brother plane rock 124 literately noticed you I think you should make a thank you video

      1. Aritra Areng

        Why tho?

    38. GEENUS

      Canon in D Canon in Dying

    39. Cenagirl

      When I bought the S21 I got the beans for free and I like them, but I didnt exect too much noise canceling and this was good... The sound, on the other hand, isn't as bad as portrayed in my opinion

    40. Mauronicker The new update

      yeah americans! why? WHY? why do you put months before days? you're strange

    41. ItzJosheyy

      Does anyone even know That Plainrock 124 watches DankPods?

      1. Itz me Mahir

        I do

      2. FoxGod 250

        I do I saw his glasses video

    42. Billards

      Here from Plainrock

    43. Luka Pažanin

      Whos here from Plainrock124?

    44. Fast Guy

      Plainrock124 was here

    45. Nic Condie

      Plainrock mentioned this video in one of his videos

    46. Coneco

      Plainrock124 says he is happy with them

    47. Singh Rattan


      1. uh no

        dude keep politics outta here

      2. JH

        That’s racist

    48. Daniel Janiš

      Plainrock124 is very happy!

    49. Mark6O9

      Plainrock124 sends his regards

      1. Coneco

        here before this comment gets most liked

    50. Vopa Deva

      fitted with a pair of transition lenses so they become glasses inside and I won't need another headset except for maybe a 2nd pair for long trips, that battery life could use some improvement.

    51. LinkJon05

      Us americans are built so different that we can't reconfigure our measurement systems. B) There was a law that made it optional but it flopped and only 1 town did or something

    52. Nobody From Nowhere

      I am fighting to like this channel through the support for Apple. Apple is evil, and they hate you.

    53. StrongestOnyx Blackxpearl

      Why is your mocking voice just Canadian lmao

    54. Andrew Mayo

      Tbf no one has a usb-c wall plug yet

    55. Will Anderson

      I know nothing about music and audio tech but these videos are so enjoyable

    56. among the master

      And PKCELLS

    57. among the master

      Man every u say beens i think about my bowl of beens i spilt on the floor

    58. Ian Lundquist

      Months before days makes way more sense!

    59. NIKKE568

      4.23 suomi mainittu, torille

    60. Neko

      what about that shit gloss on the glasses let me get some matte

    61. laura e

      Ok so I just stumbled across this video and I do not know why. Maybe it's because technology and jokes or maybe it's because of the awful slaughter of the Finnish language (at 4:24 when he tries to read out loud symboli and kuvaus ) so awful it's funny. But I like the video.

    62. kev

      Listening to this guy shitting on the beans while I'm using them is just sad 🥲

    63. silhouette

      i will most likely literally never buy anything you review here but i still watch your videos and enjoy them a lot for some reason.

    64. Bowler baller

      "lOoK It'S A 🅱️eAn cOFfiN!" 🤣🤣🤣

    65. Quentin Steiskal

      TLDR: kinda cheap, super cool, best with helmets.

    66. Cool Terra

      My friend had these and he would use them during School when we weren't doing much

    67. littleferrhis

      Why do Aussies put your days before months wtf? Y’all are weird.

    68. Wezuz

      I don’t even care about headphones I just like this guy

    69. Skerdoo

      S Y M B O L I H H H H U A V I S

    70. Voxl Valyx

      Can't say I agree with the "USB A is dead" mentality. My PC has one USB-C port on the back and I've never even seen a C to C cable in person. Love the video :D

    71. Party Weiner

      He is so cute and funny cool

    72. kyestar88

      Not everyone is an apple product owner you know us PC owners need USB A

    73. theodoesya

      what if u already have glasses

    74. Scoopta

      Did I see something about this video being uploaded 10/29/2020?

    75. el._.doggo

      6:42 😂😂

    76. Jack Masciantonio

      3:03 Lol

    77. Caden G

      This is actually super helpful, i just got a motorcycle

    78. Sir Chris

      Wait people actually use USB C?

    79. Scott Crowley

      I've just ordered a pair. I blame you.

    80. [Identity Redacted]

      Ive been looking at these for years, they would be so perfect for longboarding. Now that I know they have your seal of approval I think I'll invest in a pair.

    81. egg

      Good question, why do we have months before days?

    82. Whiphess

      Months before days make more sense. When you say a date out loud you say January 12th 2002 (1/12/2002) not 12th January 2002 (12/1/2002)

    83. Sky rocket5000

      0:15 the sound of getting fired

    84. Alexander Huebner

      Watching this video with Bose frames rn

    85. Vesin_

      yo its a sunglasses case not a headphones case

    86. Son69

      Months before days cause thats the faster way to say it, August 1st not First of August . US always #1

    87. time traveler

      They should add wireless charging in the case and it would be even batter

    88. Seek Zombies

      Ive had glasses my whole life and have wanted sunglasses for forever. When you said they can be swithed with perscription lens I FREAKED out. Now imma need to go and get me a pair

      1. Drew Rice


    89. Alex Stan

      The target audience is Australians

    90. Brenden Pragasam

      They now have knockoff ones... So how about a second round?

    91. Santeri Suominen

      4:24 torille

    92. Lau Da

      The smart sock lastly follow because mayonnaise intialy boast since a jazzy workshop. mountainous, incredible popcorn

    93. Humphrey Wolfe

      7:36 No I can't ignore this message. Spread the word For real though, why do you guys put months before days?

    94. minigun gaming

      Poor beans, don't worry i still love u

    95. Obi Wan Kenobi

      Frank wrangling I cant breathe

    96. Pleth

      When I want to watch videos in private I gotta wear shades?

    97. xMRxLAMAx

      I don’t have anything that uses usbc thooo

    98. Ur Mom

      Only people who work at the company being criticized dislike

    99. Meta Hec

      but what happened with the loose McDonald's sauce packet?

    100. ヒロHiro