Billie Eilish “When the Party’s Over” Live on the Howard Stern Show

The Howard Stern Show

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    Seventeen-year-old Billie Eilish said it’s hard enough hitting the two octaves in her song “When the Party’s Over,” let alone doing it as early as she did live on the Stern Show.

    Watch Howard Stern's FULL interview with Billie Eilish and Finneas here:

    For more info on Billie Eilish's debut album "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" click here:

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    1. The Howard Stern Show

      Watch Howard Stern's FULL interview with Billie Eilish and Finneas here:

      1. Amy Nunya


      2. Christian Hardman


      3. Sarah Williams

        Billie Eillish is a fucking national treasure! It’s insane that she was like 16 / 17 years old in this Howard stern performance.

      4. Boss Dog

        @Dww Gaa Army Surplus...

      5. The TRUTH

        @wuchi51 FINNEAS! He's amazing at producing among many other things.

    2. bassiepotterbillie tijburg

      WE ARE THE NEW PEOPLE BILLY, Time of suffering has gone, Finally, after all those thousnad years. We are there, We found love. I love you

    3. Ikbal Maulana

      i think that time before billie perform she ate gorengan, yk what am i sayin' that's why her voice a lil bit ilang

    4. klove69flava

      So smooth

    5. Adrian Collins

      Such precision.

    6. Chu Ka

      This song makes me forget about how much Buhari 🇳🇬 hates the people in the dot⭕

    7. ak76


    8. ak76


    9. Brionna Marieee

      Y’all 2:25when her brother looked at her omg is so beautiful

    10. Cristina gabrielli


    11. jen amirgholi

      wow if i didn't get gaslighted i am a contender

    12. DM

      Oh my God! It's sooo goood ( God!) ;)

    13. Isabella Jimenez

      the “call me back” is just ✨

    14. Delicca Tollner

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    15. Mooi Lux

      I miss this era of Billie 🥺

    16. Chad Myler

      Billie Eillish is the best!

    17. Rebeka Morgado


    18. Harriet Castle

      Legit the best performance I have ever witnessed. Breathtaking

    19. Asad Ali

      Phenomenal Billie ...

    20. Magdalena Krakowiak


    21. Jeffery Zielke

      She impressed me. Took me awhile.

    22. Tomorrow Man Official


    23. starboi

      Damn this song made me teary

    24. Joe Bratovich

      She's trying to profit from the LGBTQ community

    25. Kentucky Blugrass

      Jesus Christ 😭🙏🏻👊🏻

    26. Evi Namsem

      So soft💚💚💚💚💚

    27. D-vus K4RMA

      Awesome, perfect, briliant verry verry big lile i love ❤️🖤

    28. All You Want

      Auto tune Billie : what is it?

    29. T. Sunzy Jamir

      Just wow.. Gives me goosebumps

    30. Delicca Tollner

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    31. Alana Lima


    32. The DankFish

      Not a hair on my body that doesn’t stand up

    33. vittu_gamer 2.0 xd


    34. Justin Y

      She can’t sing

      1. Adi bear

        Ummm are you deaf ??🤨🤔

    35. Adi bear

      This is the song I listen to when I can't sleep or I am crying cause I love her so muchh!!!😭😭😭

    36. Kill Smith

      When ever I hear or see Billie Eilish I'm so happy

    37. Kenny Kreick

      Such a good recording of this song.

    38. Lauren Stanley

      That is so beautiful!

    39. nikos ftilakis

      billie is a real talended

    40. Sandy Conneely


    41. rasa ivo

      иному комми пюоьл о о оюоьиби и и пол о оюомо

    42. Ogbe Osagie

      Billie Eillsh can you please tell me no if you can also be interested to my birthday. I will give you 1000millon.

    43. Andres Moore

      why so many dislikes?

    44. Solemn Legacy

    45. Bob Mcdougall

      She's so cringe. I laughed at her saying to vanity fair she thought a box of froot loops costs $35. Out of touch silly little girl.

    46. tete Elliott

      Girl u knew dern well you could sing this lol

    47. Bot 04

      The resonant example optionally strengthen because stepson complementarily desert circa a slimy oil. comfortable, offbeat chicken

    48. Luke Blankenship

      That was insane

    49. Willian Thomas

      she killed it!!

    50. Nasser Saleh

      Who thinks this video is better than bad guy

    51. Josué Calle

      Are two octaves difficult?

    52. ognarw

      Two voices. One piano. And a powerful song. Unbelievable.

    53. Delicca Tollner

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    54. Victoria Mahmood

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    55. Pauline Brasch

      how awesome...

    56. N N

      I just love this song.... She's beautiful

    57. Riza Rachman

      Very heard .. i can't cry listen that...

    58. Phoenix supreme

      My idol my queen yes I love anime but I love billie more 🤩🤩🤩👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽✨✨♥♥♥♥



    60. Mr. Or Mrs. Greene

      Wtf is this mess?

      1. Adi bear

        It's called a ✨masterpiece✨ 👏💜🥺

    61. Delicca Tollner

      The scientific hen extremely lock because desert fortunately coil aboard a safe yoke. luxuriant, graceful tire

    62. Adam Drake

      I wish I was dead

      1. Adi bear

        It will be alright😁

    63. Fabiola De antuñano

      Shes so talented :)

    64. kryztvinn Sating


    65. Juliette’s Ridiculous Cinema

      Beautiful, that word doesn’t even contain it.

    66. Sheena Gill

      Angelic voice 😇😇🥰

    67. Aoife McGlanaghey

      I have one question HOWWW

    68. Fernando De Avila


    69. Vivek Anand

      Love from India❤️

    70. Эльнара Калкабаева

      Классно! Очень понравилось!

    71. Eric Norris

      I gots' gets jobs Today. I need a real Jabba. Too much free time flappin' mu buck skins.

    72. Eric Norris

      It could be a lil' Eilish army. Love birds flocking for a little while maybe.

    73. Eric Norris

      What a gorgeous young woman/artist. I am honored.


      8.5k people that disliked has no taste in music.


      My favorite song of Billie Eilish

    76. Hardik Patel

      🎈 floating over the feelings

    77. Sufia Montoya

      Billie eilish is so talented i love her voice

    78. Delicca Tollner

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    80. Tammylee McWrenn

      Love her

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    82. Siwaphiwe Siwaphiwe


    83. Becky Brodkorb

      This song is one of the best songs I have ever heard

    84. ЛизунНяшкаTV

      Привет Билляшь ❤️

    85. Stealthi

      There is no autotune, she is the autotune itself

    86. Jagger Spring

      Crushed it

    87. Skochko !

      sheis failling but its sweet that she tries really hard to sing it good

    88. spod32827

      Drops me every time. Incomparable.

    89. RasBerryPie !


    90. Sherlyn Castillo

      love this😭☝🏻

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      i love you

    93. Scatizza


    94. DOUBLE Pp


    95. Fabielo

      uuwenak mbak lagune samean, mantap jiwa jan an ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. DOUBLE Pp


    96. Zelda Herondale

      Where can I find this sheet music for piano?

    97. TK-421 Has Left His Post

      Wish I had a brother like that. Or a sister.

    98. Дарья Алибекова

      Can't help writing a comment, looking at this performance, I'm so touched , sister and brother , the power, deep to heart , you are so natural , bless you!

    99. Thomas Nappo

      Best duo EVER

    100. Ha Ei

      There's something in this songg