Demi Lovato - The Art Of Starting Over (Visualizer)


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    Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over' out now:
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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing The Art Of Starting Over (Visualizer). © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. A P

      This album deserves a Grammy! PERIODT.

    2. WithADashOfPazazz

      This is the best song on the album.

    3. Destiny Ramirez

      Yee this song is a whole vibe ✨

    4. Ktip Bomb

      This should have more views

    5. Kameron Lyles

      Im really pissed that this album isnt more popular

    6. はな桜木

      Love this sounds great 🥰

    7. Alfred Gamer

      This song deserves a music video

    8. Stella Bolding

      I wish I could meet her

    9. stay mad.


    10. Micaela Saiquita

      The album is healing my soul

    11. Marília Sousa


    12. jorge luis Ruete


    13. Elias S Gatgens

      I love this whole album

    14. Joana Costa

      still not over this song

    15. Marie c

      Why isn’t this on the radio

    16. 도미니카

      I can not understand why this song and the kind of lover I am were not chosen as singles. Those are such bops.

    17. Naya Wah

      THIS. is how you start off your Sunday Morning, ladies, gentlemen, and non-binaries

    18. Hazel

      Anyone else still listening a month later? 🙋‍♀️

    19. King Flawless

      One thing about Demi is she is going to bring it

    20. OfficialLibraSingerX

      Fleetwood mac, stevie nicks style. Best album ever made well done demi. You have no idea how much you have helped me. I'm totally in love with you 💕 xxxx

    21. Lee

      this one! 🙌🏼

    22. Johm Tauã

      O RECOMEÇO!!!🦋🦋

    23. #Choke Kun#

      Nobody: Me:*trying to read something

    24. Leonardo Souza

      Eu amo essa música

    25. Bevvelyn

      I'm like a watch, I'm unwinding like a clock It's okay if I don't know what the time is I just woke up from drinking, had half of a cup The universe is trying to remind me Give me a pen, I need writing, another ending It didn't turn out the way that I wanted I had the armor, I wore it much in the summer But the arrow hit me right where the heart is I guess I'm mastering the art of Starting over (ooh-ooh-ooh) Starting over (ooh-ooh-ooh) New beginnings can be lonely Thank God I got me to hold me Starting over, over He was the cure, I was ready to be sure So I let him deeper under the surface (deeper under the surface) But it didn't take long to realize That the woman in me does not cry For a man who is a boy, and he does not deserve this I guess I'm mastering the art of Starting over (over, ooh-ooh-ooh) Starting over (starting over, no) New beginnings can be lonely Thank God I got me to hold me Starting over, over I let the darkness, I let the darkness out I let the darkness, oh, oh, oh, oh I let the darkness, I let the darkness out I let the darkness, oh, oh, oh, oh I let the darkness, I let the darkness out I let the darkness, oh, oh, oh, oh I let the darkness, I let the darkness out I let the darkness, oh, oh, oh, oh

    26. Ryan Hampson

      Giving me *Sia - Buttons* Vibes

    27. Marcelly Farias

      To amando essa música.

    28. c j

      This song grew on me frfr

    29. Micaela Saiquita

      I fucking love this song 😭♥️

    30. Carolina uribe

      Master piece

    31. bitch bitch aw

      any former lovatics think this sounds like here we go again era? 😭💗

    32. Nita Siahaan

      make the subtitle please, i'm not a native English speaker. I love you❤

      1. Mila

        Genius Lyrics on Google has the official lyrics for this song and many other songs❣️

    33. Emma Caroline

      7 hearts :D

    34. Elke Alexia

      now thats a song for post break up roadtrips

    35. Peqe Benitez

      Me la autodedico. Alguien más?

    36. Belén Arando

      The grammys NEED Demi Lovato

    37. Ismael_2493


    38. Tessa Peters

      This song. Amen.

    39. efi

      It has been 20 days since the release . Should I stop listening to the whole album all day ? NOOOO

    40. Adriane Vieira

      O privilégio de ouvir essa voz de novo, com músicas novas é surreal. Lembro do aperto no coração naquele 24 de julho como se fosse ontem 😔

    41. João Pedro Costa Tavares

      Grammy coming ❤

    42. Saad Shalgheen

      Beautiful love 💐💐💖😘💋 V 💐💐🔴 best

    43. ptwista16

      Am I the only one gettin some sweet Flletwood mac vibes!

      1. belle ange edits

        she’s in her stevie nicks bag and i live for it




      Wow, super!!!! 9.7 / 10 🌠☄️

    46. ariana Figueiredo

      um hinooo

    47. Rodrigo Parotti


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    57. Nana Vazquez

      Waow... Demi I'm so fucking proud of you for real. Making songs that actually help and heal others is the best we an do for such times that we're living.

    58. Victória Vasconcelos

      this song sounds so good

    59. thescarletwitch

      this song so underrated

    60. Dim Zam

      Thank God i got me to hold me

    61. Melissa Lima

      I let the depression, the addiction, I LET THE DARKNESS, I AM STARTING OVER ❤🦋

    62. Dd D

      BEAUTIFUL SONG DEMI .SO PROUD OF YOU 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊💖💖❤❤❤❤.yes you let the darkness go.You go girl

    63. Vinicius Vaccari

      Escuto todossss os dias

    64. Gabriella Jaftha

      Why am I getting Stevie Nicks vibes from this! Even Janis Joplin. So So So Good!

    65. Karl 2.0

      This song feels like a warm hug

    66. Rodrigo Parotti


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    76. Mila Lima


    77. Tony Edwards

      Omg I hear Selena on this would be perfect 🔥omg I really hear it fr

    78. Pedro Henrique


    79. Coco Kalise

      I literally listen to the whole album every day on repeat in my airpods during online school. EVERYDAY.

    80. Lirree88

      this is gorgeous

    81. Samantha Lacerda


    82. Junjie Olma

      Today I've just made the decision to move to Mexico with my boyfriend. It has been really hard for us as immigrants from two cultures living in the third country for the past five years. I am starting over, new language, new life...

      1. bitch bitch aw

        I wish you the best with everything💗🌻

      2. Anshika Bhargava

        stay safe hope you have the best life❤️

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    92. Rodrigo Parotti


    93. Stephany Santiago

      i just loved this album ❤😍

    94. Pedro Henrique


    95. fereirra _

      Why does her voice on this song remind me of Selena when she’s still with The Scene 🤧

    96. Belonce Kamz

      Yesssss Demi💕💕.


      Vibes to serenade by Selena Gómez :) love u Dlovato

    98. Valentina Farias


    99. Spicy

      This album is fiiiiiiire congrats Demi❤🔥

    100. Israel Ponce barajas

      the best song