Demi Lovato - Sober (Live From Rock In Rio / 2018)


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    Demi Lovato - "Sober":

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    1. Raissa Cláudia

      Brazil it's with you, Demi!❤💫

    2. Paulo Martins

      I'm so lonely

    3. Larosita

      Nobody's perfect Demi, still.. we love you 😍

    4. Kaylee

      this one gets me every single time I hear it

    5. Pavese शांति

      There's a shadow just behind, shrouding every step I step... Oops, wrong song

    6. Catarina Cordeiro

      I was there and it was the best day of my life. We love and miss you so much. 💚

    7. maria de la vega del sol

      i instantly cried when she sang "im sorry for the fans i've lost" and all the fans cheered for her. that was just too beautiful and heartbreaking. she's so strong for being able to sing through the tears

    8. Карен Мирзоян

      Послушайте єту пісню в исподнение Дениз Форро!А єто гвано

    9. dariana galvan

      Every time when the fans scream after she says “I’m sorry for the fans I lost” I get absolute chills and tear up a bit. Love you Demi!!!

    10. simplysicko

      You gained a fan Demi

    11. Manu Venân

      Ouvindo essa música, como ninguém perto dela fez nada? Eu me pergunto isso todo dia

    12. Sarah Grace

      holy shit that's so many people :O

    13. princess sammie

      After watching her docuseries this hits alot harder

    14. Ayline

      Courage half courage my beautiful we are the we know that you can not fix everything overnight ok but we believe in you you are strong you will gradually get we love you and we want the best really💓💓😢💓

    15. Gustavo Guerra

      Quem veio depois de dancing with the devil ??

    16. luaa x

      eu te amo, demi

    17. Anna

      How come no one actually understood the fact that she was not sober ? Like she SAYS it a fucking million times in the song. Like jeez, even me, I feel dumb like fr she says she’s not sober anymore and nobody gets it like

    18. thescarletwitch

      This video makes me cry

    19. Lizeth Ivanova

      Mi bebe

    20. Lina Belli

      I am sure it was so hard for her to sing this song in this difficult time...

    21. Hunniii

      i'm new to the fandom but i've known her for this woman and y'all lovatics

    22. Jaylann Robinson

      This was only a few days before the od stay strong we love you Demi💕

    23. Олежа Вонофага

      The ultimate addiction slayer!!!! Like fir real! What an inspiration!

    24. philippe lev55

      I thought it was going to be a Tool cover at first. lol

    25. Sean Raymond

      Why can’t we not be sober ??

    26. Thalita Karttalian

      Coitada da Demi sofreu tanto por causa das drogas. Que ela consiga encontrar um equilíbrio e que ela se encontre verdadeiramente.

    27. Ana Carolina


    28. WS22Official Channel

      If you're watching in 2021, you're a legend. #STAYSAFE. 😷♥️🙌🇧🇷

    29. Isabela Czario

      Brazil and the whole world loves you Demi...

    30. Kimmie Hamilton

      I love you Demi Lovato ❤️ you are amazing girl!

    31. Joshua Diggs

      i really love this song of hers you can hear her pain and how much she is sorry for relapsing😢

    32. Little Itachi

      I cried, I love Demi so much

    33. Emily !!

      alr but who’s here after watching dancing with the devil ? much love and respect to Demi a queen 👑 🤍

    34. Brenda Cantú Cruz

      I'm not even a fan of Demi but this is so heartbreaking :(

    35. Aubrey Morrow


    36. Gabrielle Lima

      Como que isso foi visto em público e ninguém fez nada pra 1 mês depois ela ter a overdose? É explícito o sofrimento, mas infelizmente as pessoas acham que artistas fazem tudo apenas para lacrar. Espero que ela fique bem pra sempre daqui por diante! Amamos vc Demi ❤

    37. Dina


    38. Solana Satterwhite

      my god demi. im crying. im crying so much rn. my moms asking me if im okay. i said no. "i just watched sober by demi. and its breaking my heart bc she's singing everything im feeling." demi you are an amazing person with a beautiful voice. and i know that you know this but no. you're not lonely anymore. luvs

    39. Alissa Rodriguez

      i love you so much DEMI !!! we are all here for you girl.

    40. anxiety overload

      Hits different after the dancing with the devil documentary...

    41. JessC92

      I’m pretty sure I saw this when it first aired, I felt something was wrong when I saw this. Then a month later she overdosed. So damn sad.

    42. JessC92

      This was a month before her overdose right? :(

      1. Beca smidt

        Yep :(

    43. Lynn L

      Sobbing! After watching dancing with the devil documentary, demi is the strongest person ❤❤

    44. Thomás Sobral


    45. Eryk Przedborski

      This is not a sober. BULLSHIT. ONLY TRUE SOBER IS FROM TOOL

    46. Zaynas life

      chord progression x3 lit sounds like anyone, so emotional and gorgeous

    47. Zaynas life

      just me or does the piano 1:32 sounds like anyone by her as well xx

    48. Zaynas life

      dont make me tear up again, jus so beautiful,

    49. Catalin Constantin

      Can't believe this makes me so emotional from the very first seconds of the video. This, together with "Anyone" just break my heart. Love you, Demi. So happy you're in a better place now and I really hope you're surrounded by good people. 🖤

    50. Loise Mwangi

      Am here after dancing with the devil.

    51. Fernanda Silva


    52. cassandra graikowski

      "i wanna be a role model" her voice is full of pain here ):

    53. Maximo Exequiel Kotch

      2:03 a butterfly flies 🌻

    54. Suellen Ignacio

      I love u so so so much ❤️🥲

    55. Juliana Durães

      Man sometimes I listen to this song and I think "how the hell did her team let her record this song without even considering sending her to get treatment or something like that?" I mean... This song is a cry for help and they just heard it and thought it was ok and just said "Oh fine, let's record it"

    56. Pedro Baldez

      Here after wacthing dancing with the devil. Demi i fucking love you

    57. Saldanna Walters

      Girl you'll be OKAY...stay strong amd trust God

    58. cry baby

      who is here after dancing with the devil era started

    59. Barbara Santos

      i was there. i heard the pain in her voice. i saw the pain in her face. and we never left her. i wish that, someday in the future, she come back and we can celebrate her life, like she deserve! we love you Demi!

    60. lalala_ lisa

      only God knows how much i love you. so so so so so fucking much. Demi.

    61. Water H2O

      I’m crying

    62. António Nunes

      This are her portuguese fans😍😍😍

    63. Cinthia G Flores

      I can feel her pain :´(

    64. 222

      The way the fans started cheering to let her know they’re there when she sings “I’m sorry for the fans I lost” I AM CRYING

    65. Nico Domancich

      The way she was struggling here to staying strong and screaming for help breaks my heart 🥺

    66. Jesús González

      1:50 is what brings you back to life

    67. marisalovesyou1

      Love you so hard.

    68. Almarie Gentry

      I’m sober now and I couldn’t have done this without your music. You’ve brought me peace and happiness. I love you. 💕 your strength gives many MANY the strength to go in and fight.

    69. T M

      We'll always love you Demi💜 you've been my inspiration for years now

    70. Amber Leyah

      I just came here because I'm lost and I'm hurting and abused emotionally and mentally. I have no family no friends all I have is 911 and the suicide hotline on my phone. I have a mother that has abused me emotionally and mentally and attempt murder from having me. Why do I even matter. I reach out and left hanging. Broken promises. Broken hopes. I could get help counseling but Im still alone once I walk out the door. Alone in a room on Friday night. Going to college very lonely to the point I committed suicide the day before my 24th birthday. Now I'm 27 I realize I'm better off dead. No one will miss me who I'm kidding no one will notice that I'm even gone. Especially this comment

      1. Amber Leyah

        @Nico Domancich why ? I hate the breathe in me.

      2. Nico Domancich

        Don't do that baby. You're here for a reason.

      3. Malou Masereel

        A year from now, your life could be so different. Don’t give up dear, get all the resources that are out there, you can even make a gofundme, people are willing to donate to help someone get back on their feet. There are people out there who will be so grateful in a few years that you were still alive to meet them

    71. EEJURADO

      She was SCREAMING for help 😭😭😭😭😭😕😕😕😣😣

    72. sylvio gomes

      Rock in rio?

    73. Murder On my mind

      4 years sober for me in August 2021

    74. Helen Balaoing

      When this song was released, I remember thinking to myself, "Oh my god, is she okay?" And then her overdose happened and I was mad that no one from her team saw it coming. Now the documentary is out, and she literally played it for people. And I'm still furious that no one close to her saw the overdose coming. How tf does someone come to you with this song and you not see it as a cry for help??

      1. Helen Balaoing

        It's also fucking crazy to think that this is almost the last song we ever got from her. "Anyone" would've been the last song she ever recorded for us, but with the way Phillymac was, we might not have ever gotten to hear it. He probably would've buried it since it was such an obvious and desperate cry for help. (Again, that they ignored.. smh)

      2. Bryan Gallacher

        Precisely my thoughts

      3. Marosse Alexander

        Same. She literally performed it for them and they clapped smh

    75. Juliana Lopes

      This performance just hits differently after watching the new documentary

    76. mackenzie gallagher

      1 month before her overdose

    77. Jhonnie B

      Here after watching Dancing with the Devil? Coz I am 🥺♥️

    78. Sade Russell

      U can tell she was about cry ugh I still watch this now she so powerful uhh I love u always

    79. Gustavo Diniz


    80. Samantha Lone


    81. Maia Jay

      Love u Demi ❤️

    82. Kirsty Hussain

      Stay strong demi

    83. idcntunderstand

      holy crap, this was right before she OD'd :(

    84. Rocío Gasser

      Tu eres mi ejemplo, por mas caídas aun asi intentamos levantarnos ❤️ Se feliz Demi, desde Argentina🥰

    85. Bi

      Portugal 🖤 saw this live

    86. BeckyBoom123

      Here after watching the first few episodes. So sad that she felt there was no reason to be sober. So sad on what her dealer did to her. She went through SO much.

      1. Malou Masereel

        Same. I wish her all the love in the world

    87. Alexandre Donzelli


    88. jiniah Williams

      Damn it’s crazy to know she made this song the night she realized she was addicted to heroine and crack.

      1. Amber Cherise Manzoni

        You hear the pain in her voice

    89. Charlie Rees

      After watching dancing with the devil, no one understood that when she wrote this she was actually relapsing. What a brave girl

      1. Amber Cherise Manzoni

        And also kind about being taking advantage of lowkey

    90. Londyńskie Porady

      Isnt it that couple of days before she overdosed?

    91. Alejandra Bolanos

      coming back after her first episode of her new documentary and it breaks my heart to know how broken she was at that time. she felt hopeless and never in a million years would I have guessed the thoughts and emotions going inside her soul and head. we love you so much demi baby

    92. Alexa Grace Oropeza

      Love you so much demi 🥺

    93. Marcelly Alves

      😔eu vendo essa musica com outros olhos depois do documentário 🥺🥺

    94. D K S

      Who's here after her documentry out?

    95. Bye By Bui

      Just came here from Demi's Documentary: Dancing with the Devil. Wow, it was powerful to know the backstory. Thanks Demi for being vulnerable and open. So much emotions behind this song.

    96. cesar INTEC

      Who is here after watching dancing with the devil 🙋🏾‍♂️

    97. Daniele Lima

      Seeing this on the documentary just breaks my heart. It was her cry for help :(

    98. Jian Shi Rumiche Rebaza

      Quien vino después de dancing with the davil ?

    99. A Avi

      I'm sorry Demi. Who's here after her new documentary? The pain in her voice hurts.

    100. Lottie GC

      came here after watching her new documentary and I really saw a new meaning in this song xx