Prosecutor Sends Innocent Black Man To Jail, Lives To Regret It | Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann

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    00:00 Prosecutor Sends Innocent Black Man To Jail
    09:53 Dhars Outro
    10:16 Recommended Video To Watch Next

    Writer: Dhar Mann, Kat Davila
    Idea: Michelle Do, Dhar Mann
    Director: Ruben Ortiz
    Editor: Grant Swanson
    Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
    Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller
    Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Byrrh Bryant
    Sound: Noel Palacios
    Judge - Sherwin Arae
    Prosectutor - Marc Nally
    Assistant - Colin Borden
    Robert - Melvin Ward
    Defense Attorney - James Troup
    Attorney - Anthony Soto
    Mom - Riki Westmoreland
    Daughter - Kiarra Beasley
    Bailiff - Jonathan Wesley Booker
    Court Spectator 1 - Recca Morgan
    Court Spectator 2 - Kenn Schmidt
    Court Spectator 3 - Sonja Inge
    Court Spectator 4 - Will Dunbar
    News Reporter - Shana May Jackson
    Bystander 1 - Maggie Gagliardi
    Bystander 2 - Joshua Harley Mcknight

    #LiveYourBestLife #Inspirational

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    1. Dhar Mann

      Hello #DharMannFam, did you know you can text me at 213-212-4550 or click this link and I’ll add you to my texting fam for daily inspirational messages! Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here:

      1. SuperGabe


      2. Carley Murphy

        Hi dear Mann

      3. Sniperz Play YT

        When he said "people like him are just the same just a bunch of criminals" it was kinda racist

      4. Jocelyn Pineda

        Black lives matter ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽

      5. Yousef Kayyali

        Dhar Mann you are one of the best super hero that I know, your super power is to changing the world, and I really like you

    2. PaintedRed150

      The guy who won the case has like a asmr mic

    3. YourLocalMason

      The actor for DA Graham gives me serious Lotso Hugging bear vibes

    4. Cliff Vaño

      You know there's an easier way to say this racist

    5. Gacha Lover Funniest

      That guy who wants to send black guy to jail is mean or is it just a play what some people are doing🤨😡

    6. Blastoiseboy

      It’s hard to believe that they didn’t check the Dodgers game tickets and see if he bought some.

    7. BeastPlayz RBLX

      To many videos i watch over and over again

    8. Niel Ivar Cataran

      Old guy: I can think of a thousand reasons Me: I can think a thousand reasons why are you saying that

    9. wbw 3500

      Wonder how the defending lawyer will be asking for his bill.

    10. Bacongirl: I play roblox

      If @dangmattsmith or @ssniperwolf comments on this I will like all their vids and sub their tiktok if they say so

    11. Yvette Noble

      I Love how the Prosecutor fixed his tie at the end. ;))))

    12. Angie Ramos

      'People like him, they're all a bunch of criminals.' ... Really, D.A. Graham, really? 😒😡 You should NEVER EVER judge a person based on the color of their skin, black or white! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿😁❤️

    13. Mia Camila Paucar

      Before I even started watching 3 seconds of it I already starting crying! 😭


      i wish this would have happened to my innocent brother...

    15. Early Bird Tax Services

      WhY aM I cRyInG sO mUcH

    16. Car Tales Conversations

      2 things about this video. Number 1 his lawyer should be fired, how didn't you do what seem to be easy stuff to find lol. And secondly this is a true story except it was for a murder a guy said he didn't do and he said he was at a dodger baseball game in 2003. His lawyer checked the mlb cameras from that game and internal cameras but couldn't find the guy. 2 months passed and he remembered a crew filming where he was seated. long story short it was the show "curb your enthusiasm" and there he was right in the shot. Look it up. And he got $320,000 for false imprisonment.

    17. TheVanishing87

      Okay but my question is why was the guy falsely accused of assaulting somebody in the first place when he wasn’t even at the scene of the crime to begin with? Somebody had to have pointed him out. Who and why?

    18. Prins Asenjo

      That guy is racist

    19. iwiprouwu e

      Flaminfo sad story

    20. Roody hareri

      ........I LITERly liked the ViDEo BEFOre iT EVenS STartS

    21. Marissa Renee

      when the dad started to cry after being stated innocent i lost it🤚

    22. Sans

      This melted my heart

    23. Gabriella Wilson

      Hey DaRR MaN

    24. Brenna Gifford

      Wait is it Robin Williams?? Has he come back from the dead??????

    25. Bertha Joseph

      How did you sleep at night, if because of a promotion you don’t have any remorse by sending an innocent man to jail.

    26. AP NBA Clips

      Was that lady his mum or wife ?

    27. AP NBA Clips

      This is so sad 😞

    28. John Swanson

      Heels up Harris did that several times and lived to be VP.

    29. Broda Yoda

      That guy looks like the grinch

    30. The Boys


    31. DISTRO MC

      This would be good but..... that’s not how court works if they don’t have proof of him doing it he is innocent but I get the msg

    32. X-gamer Pro-HD

      He would of said when he was getting arrested he should had yelled “YOU’RE FIRED!!”

    33. Jackie Ozane

      the ones who disliked haters

    34. Andrew Playz

      Bailif looks like Dwayne Rock Johnson

    35. Lanetta Taylor

      Sad part is most of the time no one stands up and tells the truth for real.

    36. ••Shadow•• •_•

      they’re acting so good

    37. Anonymous Man


    38. Darkasaurus Godzilla

      isn't nobody gonna talk about that the boss talks to quiet

    39. Adopt me Army

      Dhar man I’m ssniperwolfsbiggest fan and yours

    40. SuperBlockPlayerz

      wow so much racist people in this one i lost so much faith into humanity but still good job on the video!

    41. Monkey12_ YT

      It’s funny how he says take a seat

    42. Vishaan Shah

      Plot Twist: The mean man was the actual the one who did the crime and he didn’t want any trouble

    43. Thebestsnake 101

      OK ok hear me out what happened to the person who actually did the crime

    44. rauf sulaman


    45. Larry snyder

      If only people would start standing up for good.

    46. 20hammb Unknown

      god bless humainty

    47. Just a guy without hair

      Sad reality is that so many innocent people have got thrown in jail and never come out

    48. miaailson plays roblox

      I love ur videos I watch them all day XD

    49. animator

      I feel REALLY bad now.

    50. A.R.B

      I want him as my lawyer one day

    51. Diablo Gaming Army

      ok bro this video makes me want to be a lawyer

    52. Ninja 7019_YT

      Ok this is just racism

    53. Ashley Anor


    54. Homstar wars aka herobrine Hernandez

      Oh no 25 years in jail I rather stay out

    55. Hector Pacheco

      The other guy next to Robert...UR ONER!👋

    56. CJ

      can we please talk about how fresh the waves of the black man are

    57. Abid Hussain Shah

      "Never judge a book by its cover"

    58. Michael Yee

      This made me cry

    59. Devin Biette


    60. klaven777

      6:27 so were not going to talk about his eye glitching out of his socket?

    61. rosalina gagtan

      I'm cryying

    62. Pálinkás Balázs

      The old man is really sus

    63. Khalid Rahman

      white people who insults black people are called R A C I S T

      1. pusljivac

        What if it's the other way around?

    64. Megumi Murata

      Thats Called RACIST LIKE A KAREN-

      1. Megumi Murata

        Ok Myabe

    65. Insanebruh

      The no u meme has been taken to a new whole level

    66. Ethan

      Good thing that amount of racism is in a story

    67. Ezra Pivi

      Your videos piss me of these people are too racist

    68. Oce ToesFTW

      That’s what I wanna be when I grow up I wanna be a lawyer

    69. Aathif Azeez

      this made me cry :')

    70. marlana Moore

      I try not cry but it’s to hard I was dripping water from my eyes

    71. Medicine

      Hi dhar mann

    72. BrokeNCartX

      Prosecutor sounds like Yogi bear, or any other cowboy cartoon characters

    73. Benjamin Shembel

      that guy that was the janitor in another story is always the nice one

    74. Tiffany Ledcke

      When the man says you ain’t going to believe this I was like I bet he does LOL 😂

    75. valerie heagle

      He is racist as hell

    76. Jazlynn Villanueva

      That Was so inspiring and just shows how racism still lives on and it should stop

    77. Robert Nunez

      This is an awesome video. I would like to see a sequel to see what happens with the lawyer that’s doing time in jail. And to see how he’s getting his just desserts, so this way he knows how it feels to blame innocent people.

    78. Luis Santiago

      Rasicts can ruin your life in a blink of an eye never judge someone by there skin

    79. Angela Dunlop

      The character:so you see me:ah crap,here we go again

    80. SubToEPG

      Melvin wart looks alike Kevin Hart

    81. David Carey

      Really graham you are more interested of getting a promotion than saving an innocent man. Sad :(

    82. ruv is here

      that one officer was such a good helper he didn’t want Robert to go to jail

    83. Lord Ninja

      Alot of people think this is just another skit, but this skit details on some brothas today get treated in America who be in situations somewhat similar to this.

    84. roza_ rose

      There is something about Dhar Mann videos that makes it sooo addicting I swear 😅❤❤❤

    85. seek the zeek


    86. Golden Rex

      Racist old man 👴

    87. beast Lizardi

      Dhar mann should actually make a movie for yt red and an Netflix classic

    88. Luca Voros

      The jury is supposed to reach the verdict, and then the judge gives the sentence. The judge doesn't just decide.

    89. Manny Records

      Im 100% sure your changing lifes you are doing great work keep it up

    90. Tyrese Antoine

      White man just hate us black people

    91. Gaby Elizarraras

      Once I hear Dodgers game I had to scream out loud yes

    92. Paul VanRoosendaal


    93. Vjitsu 888

      I understand what the director was trying to do BUTit depicted the defense attorney is terrible. That didn’t give the defense attorney any credit-that he is incompetent black defense lawyer. Come on now! Terrible plot! 🤦🏻‍♀️

    94. Grow together Glow together

      You should never judge of their color

    95. GET LUT MY BISNues Checok

      Never judge someone by there race

    96. 8-Bit Stream

      Ok story, but I think this story is more of a “Do not let your ego-driven goals harm others” as in the story, the prosecution only decided to use the defendant’s race when desperately trying to cling onto a guilty verdict. The prosecution never pushes for a guilty verdict because the defendant was black, but rather the prosecutor’s ego. I acknowledge that black people are treated unfairly by the judicial system, but this was not exactly showing that. Also how does someone get arrested for concealing evidence, I understand it is a capital offence, but you don’t get arrested for it, you get disbarred.

    97. Doug Wilder

      Nobody in the world ever dose the right thing Nobody

    98. Shirley Harris

      Yes you are right it's never to late to do the right things, before it's to late" do y all know we're going pay for the thing" we do other, I don't what colors his skin is,,

    99. 8-Bit Stream

      Manfred Von Karma vibes from the prosecuting attorney

    100. Victor Centeno

      WHAT THE OOF WHY SKIN COLORS GET JUGGED POOR BLACK CREW!!! WHITE MAN GET SHOCKED NOW (I know it’s acting that’s what I will say if I did not know it was acting