4000GB in an iPod Classic.


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    1. Sean K. Tech Dude

      Nobody: Dankpods: *proceeds to spend $1400 on SD cards for a 14-year-old media player*

    2. Phillip Bogue

      SanDisk/Samsung HAS to sponsor Mr. Dank

    3. brunoAS - Computery stuff

      Dank, Apple needs Samsung in order to exist or else we would all have androids. And Samsung needs apple cause they they are their best customers.

    4. Jeff Tkachuk

      You know what might be a cool vid.. 128 or 1 tb Mini.

    5. WindowsWhistler Gaming


    6. Joshua Gonzales21

      try format the cards AAP file

    7. Joshua Gonzales21

      How come you don't format them inside the iPod ?

    8. Canadian Tofu

      1:50 as a worker an ex-western digital, its western digital not SanDisk we bought it

    9. BZZZZ

      what if you zero out not working cards?

    10. Kyle G.

      Just wait until 2TB micro SD cards are released

    11. The Music Techie

      Me seeing on the computer which has 160 GB hardrive Computer : - 😠😡

    12. Jonathan Brady

      You're sooooo Australian..... And I love it! 🥰🤣

    13. Highered

      Where are the "actually, it's 4096 GB" comments?

    14. WindowsWhistler Gaming

      4000MB in an iPod Classic

    15. jezusmylord

      not gonna lie i hoped the 3 tb cards wont work and we would open the last one and it wouldnt work too just to see dankyboi get mad.

    16. ESR7784

      Hey guys how is this place doing 4TB in a classic? irefresher.com/collections/iupgradertm-custom-ipods/products/1tb-to-4tb-apple-classic-7th-gen-official-as-seen-on-cult-of-mac-space-grey if looks like its possible. Its the second place doing it that i have seen but i dont know how they do it when most guys in this comments section say not possible due to 32bit and MBR?

    17. ESR7784

      Can anyone explain how this is able to work with 4TB here then? www.ebay.com/itm/153957715335

    18. ESR7784

      I was thinking of doing exactly this. So is it impossible to do? anyone got it to work? if not so what would be better 4 x 512gb or 2 x 1TB cards? I dont want to waste money on 4 x 1TB cards if this is impossible to work on 7th gen classic. In which case i am glad to have found this video before i buy the cards. Whats the definitive answer? I read most of the comments before and there's like 20 different comments on what might be the cause of restricting it to 2TB and for every one of those you get someone saying no its not that that's the problem so i am just confused and not sure who is correct.Thanks

    19. MythicL

      when your £50 msd card dies

    20. scott04sa22

      8000GB 😍

    21. Mamosana Mamosana

      Let's make it hapoen bois. 4tb Ipod classic with a custome made Logic board that can support 4Tb!

    22. Jack P.

      4096 GB*

    23. 1ambob

      i just realized how insane it is that an entire terabyte can fit in a tiny little chip but cars are still like full of pipes and shit

    24. Ibrahimsitoo Elsariri Ceniceros

      I saw the source code on finder, and itunes' code was implanted to finder ._.

    25. SnowCYYCling

      Alternate title: Local australian man get increasingly annoyed over 18 minutes

    26. Scoopta

      2020GB isn't over 2TB, 2TB is 2048GB. My guess is partition tables? MBR has a limit of 2TB...then again I don't think apple has ever used MBR for literally anything ever but that's my best guess...ofc then disk utility would still show the entire size? So that doesn't make sense...yeah, I got nothing

    27. arthurnonimus

      The controller in the adaptor may be able to only address 2TB. If so, anything you plug in over the limit won't be visible to the system.

    28. Greard Florent

      i am preaty damn sure if i crahes the 1 tb cards are fake tho or some brand new thing i don't know

    29. Nhoque

      If someone sells an 4TB or 1TB ipod, i will probably buy one

    30. Don Hyon

      What next? 8TB (2TBx 4)?

    31. katie

      nothing more entertaining than watching an aussie bloke slowly spiral into insanity trying to mod his ipod

    32. Joezppy


    33. Eather Panda

      A friend put 1000gigs in his ipod. THE THING SAID 100 GIGS FREE. HOW

    34. kackers

      imagine spending upwards of AU$2000 on memory cards and two of them don't even read in what you want to use them for

    35. random brit

      Entirely necessary.

    36. Zachy Cat

      I believe it’s something with the iPod formatting.

    37. mint

      The reason it's not detecting more than 2 TB is because HFS (Mac OS Standard) and FAT32 have 2 TB filesystem limits. It may be possible to get it working if you use a third party firmware which supports newer filesystems (like ext3, ext4, btrfs, F2FS, NTFS or HFS+) Edit: I was wrong about FAT32. It has 16 TB as it's maximum capacity. It may also be hardware limitations.

    38. Jimmy Bungalo

      here is why this is dumb: if you were to have 240 hours of 192khz 8 channel 24 bit audio, it would encapsulate the sd cards. if you used the standard 44.1khz stereo 16 bit audio, you could store around 6500 hours of audio

    39. Lasciel Inviere

      Does anyone know what battery that is he is using? I would like to upgrade the battery in my classic.

    40. wibblox plays roblox

      the iPod is a prick

    41. Big Dogge Tom

      Random thought, but I wonder if for some weird reason, the two SD cards that didn't work were GPT rather than MBR (I imagine the iPod wouldn't work with GPT)

    42. TurkeyGobbleGod

      that’s more storage than my pc has

    43. Thunderous Avenger

      Tbh any more than 128gb on these tiny flash cards is unreliable

    44. denvera1g1

      Now do 2TB PSP with one of those dual micro SD to "memory stick duo"

    45. denvera1g1

      The most likely reason it only saw 800~GB when you had 1+1+0.5+0.5 is because these card controllers are required to present a as a single drive. There are only 2 ways to do this option 0: Raid 0, this will give the fastest speads as it spreads files across all compatible drives. Option 1: Raid 1, where all drives have a copy of the same data. The thing is. For this to work, all drives have to be "exactly the same" in either case. What likely happened, is that the adapter chose the two closest cards to the controller, put them in raid, and because computers are weird and it was still required to address all 2 TB of the other drives, it had to reserve a portion of the "1TB" raid array. Somewhat similar to how if you put 16GB of RAM in a 32bit computer(normally limited to 4GB) you will actually see significantly less usable RAM than 4GB because it still had to "address" the 16GB of RAM Ok yes technically there are ~8 ways to present the drives but i doubt this controller supports and or is intelligent enough to run extended partitions, or ZFS-Z3, or RAID50

    46. Slava Kid

      How dare u hate ipods and music player

    47. Idk studio

      Him: “it always works really well” *Doesn’t work*

    48. Steph V P

      My 8gb iPod 2g be like : wait What is Terabyte?!

    49. Junoh Productions

      This reminds me of the problem I ran into with trying to get a 4TB drive to run in a computer. It's probably limited by it being MBR which means 2TB per drive. That board tricks it into thinking 4 of those cards is a single drive so it'd have the same limitation. The fact that you were showing 800 and 300 GBs means that it was likely showing how much space it was going over the MBR limit but I'm not quite sure why it was showing 2020 GBs in the end. Computers are weird.

    50. Alexander R.

      I thought there were 1,200GB in 1TB

    51. Mecha Max

      this apple has gone rotten

    52. PolaroidBilder 4K

      I once had a 30Gb 5th gen which reported to the computer as 1.03 Tb even though it used the mechanical harddrive...

    53. Jared Kindy

      1:42 how'd I know he was gonna say carrots

    54. Hunt Krau

      So look up which bit the system is and you’re limited by the amount of memory it can handle in one slot due to the channels. You need to use MORE sd cards but in smaller sizes. 8x32 > 2x128

    55. Asura

      Wait, where did you find the MicroSD cards?

    56. Brian Chen

      The old-fashioned tanzania phylogentically phone because comma additionaly time afore a hoc authorization. maddening, nifty swimming

    57. Eiskalter Freund

      that limits are called firmware limtis, the firmware wasn't coded or made for above 2TB because everything has a end, Windows storage end is at some Peta bytes, android depends on phone and so, and apple i dont have any clue

    58. Forrest Carroll

      Try formatting the cards with a 4k sector size. If the limit is how many sectors can be addressed by the partitioning scheme, this should theoretically give you 8x the addressable space (512*8=4k) or 16tb of potential storage.

    59. Eefernet

      This is honestly the best fucking channel on BGclip.

    60. Sean G

      How bout 8 tb for a million sum special

    61. hegyimutymuty

      I bet it didn't work above 2 TBs because the iPod software is 32 bit, not 64 bit, and it cannot address ram over 4 GBs and storage over ~2 TBs, which is a huge oversight from your part...

    62. Michael

      Pain.exe has a critical error exeption

    63. Yagi Toshinori

      As he slowly crushes the disks memory capabilities over time lmao

    64. Yagi Toshinori

      It saves data in a vacuum so yes they do need to stay fresh lmao

    65. CHOAM Nomsky

      I hate Apple, I've never owned an iPod, and I love this channel.

    66. Max Hoyle

      Dude. Move your freaking iPad out of the way. Every single video you have your ipad in the middle of the shot. The case on it is scuffed up and bright green, which only adds to it being distracting.

    67. Karlo Terreros

      FOR THE MEEEEMES!!!!!!

    68. Adam Zawadzki

      they don't have any m.2 ssd for this

    69. Austin stratman

      He's raging

    70. AlexanderWest

      this reminds me of the ipod that I had that would pair perfectly with every computer I plugged it into... except the one I owned at home. The thing would pair and load music but the music would skip and stutter if I loaded from my own computer. Was the most annoying thing ever and it was only this one ipod with this one computer.

    71. Canal Encerrado

      How about 100TB

    72. Darshpal X-A #58

      8 TB here I come

    73. Jelmer vd Bij

      i love that i dont have to experience this personally, keep it up lol

    74. Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

      I think you need a new iPod to use as a project for videos on BGclip.

    75. Ushanka DLC

      4096 gb****

    76. Light the fox

      Please. Please dont do 8TB

    77. Donovan Stringer

      i love australian people

    78. Valera Nordstrom

      it is combing the cards in raid it is probaly doing four drives in raid 1 meaning you will never see 4tb you will see two tb but never 4 you would need raid 0 to do that

    79. RedstoneComposer

      sudo dd if=/dev/[working_card] of=/dev/[not_working_card] conv=noerror,sync bs=4096 status=progress

    80. Louis B.

      “Cue Daft Punk” Me in 2021: :’(

    81. JohnImran

      10:59 my fav clip

    82. Jayden Winkelbach

      you sound like graystilplays

    83. The Aussie Vampire

      I am here and the sub count is at 69K subs (nice😏)

    84. hamslice

      The cards have more memory than my ps4

    85. Jeremiah Kivi

      I want one.

    86. Joran van Gerwen

      Think the i flash board is broken because when u put 2 1tb sd cards in with a 512gb only the 512gb was seen by the ipod

    87. nikki callaghan

      I love your videos. So ambitious at times

    88. LkMMoDC

      It could be a limit of your iflash quad. A lot of memory controllers are made for a max of 2tb. Look up phones from 2016 and under that support micro SD. You'll see a common limit of max 2tb capacity on micro SD.

    89. N O

      those cards cost $269 USD. Wow. And two of them don’t work

      1. Tech World

        Lol 😆

    90. michael mccann

      2Tb will give you approx 611,415 mp3's and you want more? lol.

    91. Captain Cobalt

      This seems like something that Orks from 40k would do, if they had the materials to do so.

    92. Марат Муратов

      4000gb?? 1tb=1024gb... 4tb=4096gb... 4096gb≠4000gb

    93. Dragón de 8 cabezas

      isn't that like 3500 USD in micro sd cards?

    94. Domegamer HD

      I think you hit the 32-bit integer limit on the IPod config at 10:00 roughly. The IPoc cannot accept more than ~2,18 Terabytes of storage. Everything above that, it resets to 0 and counts from there: 1TB+1TB+512GB=2,5TB; 2,5-2,18=0,32 i think that's why... don't know tho. The Integer limit normally lies at ~2,1 GB. also 4TB-2,1=1,9 at 14:00 roughly

    95. Toni Lähdekorpi

      I just love those amazing diagnostic tools Apple gives you.

    96. Margarita Mikalauskaitė

      But how would 4TB be 4000GB if 1TB is 1024GB?

    97. I have too much spare time

      How do you fit 4 big ones lol

    98. Zeghetti

      I saw a image from the 1950s where there was a room the size of a school gym dedicated to 5 mb of storage with the data EVERYWHERE. how could we fit the 1tb into a such tiny package nowadays?

    99. HARUN KURT

      Os My frend Linux like os 2 000 gb has limit