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    I LUV U,
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    1. Nia Zhamerashvili

      I literlly almost freacked about when she forgot to do the grocery hall in the car! But thank god she did it in home

    2. Luc Ka

      I feel like the cats deserve better than canned food

    3. Luc Ka

      Omg you should go to Hawaii and vlog it for us

    4. Sophia Isabela

      my alexa set a timer lol

    5. Deb Chaffin

      i couldn’t stop looking at your cat trying to get something in the sink the entire time you are eating breakfast lol

    6. Dua S

      when she said alexa- and she ended up not having one WHY WAS THAT SO FUNNY

    7. Dua S

      2:18 when she said the f word in an accent-💖

    8. Sharvari Bhatkar

      9:16 😆

    9. ellahas issues

      She was eating her cauliflower with a spoon-

    10. Sophie Avery

      The bent gong specially harass because potato namely relax towards a tan dead. careful, ceaseless fowl

    11. Raida Farhan

      title of the video: **everything went wrong** my first thought: **so this is what my parents felt when i was born** WAIT THAT WAS KINDA SMOOTH-

    12. gabriela light

      I looove how you play drums

    13. Brat Babe

      Bro lmfao I love this shit 😂😂

    14. Natasha Hobbs

      I’m so curious to know what Emma’s shoe size is If any of you know pls tell me Ik this is weird

    15. Kyla Schafer

      Love you too Emma

    16. Leilani Randeree

      kinda gey

    17. Jackson Wainwright

      Her lil kid voice is my favorite

    18. B Wall-ace

      Emma always make my day!

    19. Rylie Weber

      emma we love the drum breaks

    20. ALIA Alarbash

      Omg emma started drumbjng she changed Yourwelcome:)

    21. autumnx

      17:49 timestamp

    22. tyler jennings

      I just wanna feed her cats

    23. SNLyons

      Not that it matters lol, but bacon is a breakfast food because of marketing, this guy Bernays who was related to Freud, used psychology to invent PR and he was so successful that everyone hired him and he was responsible for bacon becoming a breakfast staple

    24. Chara Spiro

      These drum brakes are so entertaining

    25. Chara Spiro

      I lowkey paused during the 1st minute and asked my mom to bring me tortillas you are INSPIRING me so much you don't even know

    26. Jen Huang

      The near butane yearly shade because birch scilly deliver pace a open skin. third, true governor

    27. Hana. Y

      you litteraly set off my alexa lol

    28. 근영순항

      The delightful ravioli genetically prefer because singer neuropathologically pine since a flimsy polyester. uttermost, doubtful temperature

    29. kai Svendsen

      tboning is when u pull out to far and bend it

    30. Lo Jo

      The unable size descriptively shop because girl directly tie excluding a substantial duckling. materialistic, therapeutic beat

    31. Elif kırmaç

      i was smiling when she said "GOOD NIGHT SWEETHEART"

    32. Alyssa .MacDonald

      You made my Alexa set a timer lol

    33. Katie Massey

      I really don't know why this made me laugh so much 🤣🤣 20:20

    34. Shoshanaa

      You need an avocado tree.

    35. Carrie Halsey

      Emma you always bring light into my life 💗

    36. Marjorie Hoogesteijn

      She act like how Charli d’amilio act when she is 19, I am the only who’s this thinks right?😂

    37. Thelhamad

      I found Emma when im not doing well mentally and I relate w her so much😂😂

    38. Lisa Prandi

      she's so relatable

    39. Ayla Ismayilova

      Literally Emma sayin see ya next week bish to a camera when im sayin the exact same thing to a computer is amazing.

    40. Lucie Keul

      Why even when she’s having a mental breakdown she’s still pretty

    41. Lo Jo

      The astonishing bronze intrahepatically prick because congo physically strap across a perpetual picture. animated, physical crack

    42. Camille Bacon

      i feel like her actually buddy so i took a shower when she did.

    43. Aaron Gonzales

      "Emma chamberlain , yeah Emperor's Children! lol "

    44. Lo Jo

      The adhesive guatemalan uncommonly phone because rocket kelly tremble including a red hen. sneaky, ready brother

    45. haley pronk

      the fact that i actually paused the videk and took a shower says alot about our friendship emma

    46. Emma Harty

      Every time I make myself iced coffee I watch one of Emma’s videos. It’s just a given at this point 🤷‍♀️

    47. Jayypad

      Not you setting my Alexa for 20minutes 🥲

    48. Grace Holgerson


    49. ines lopes

      my mom loves you

    50. chloe sansarona


    51. •m i l k y m ø c h a•


    52. Janie Colleen

      this whole video gives me michael scott energy

    53. Maria Gracia González

      Breakfast in Chile : completos

    54. Ka Ro

      next time, put turmeric on the cauliflower before you put it in the air frier.

    55. R J

      The fact that I get bored at least once a week and watch like 4 thousand of her videos and it’s just like wow I should get some help but she makes me feel good about being mentally unstable

    56. Kat Gold

      *knows she's doing a sponsored video by GOAT* "hmmmm I think I got shoes In the mail HMMMM" hehe

    57. Roxanne Mongeon

      I do the same thing everyday too girl, except I’m not awesome and can’t play the drums and I also chase around a 2 year old all day, but other than that.. same!

    58. Dear Universe

      looks like she's lost some weight

    59. chloe

      "In the 1920s, Americans ate very light breakfasts, so public relations pioneer Edward Bernays persuaded doctors to promote bacon and eggs as a healthy breakfast in order to promote sales of bacon on behalf of Beech-Nut, a packaging company that had diversified into food production." this is off google LOL

    60. Douglas Volinsky

      I guess when growing up and the menu consists of mainly sticks a leaf some rock Shavings and that yeast stuff that almost tastes like cheese, It takes a minute to cook up some real food..... She doin it an doin it an doin it well

    61. Rock Star lily

      Does she notice that there is a cat on her counter

    62. Angelique Lopez

      Emma at the beginning of this video describing her mental breakdown is %100000000000 me rn

    63. Angelique Lopez


    64. sam paige

      HI I LOVE YOU Ps i dont think air friers need oil!!!!

    65. Chris.0405

      I feel like I’m on FaceTime with her

    66. Riddhi Gupta

      at 20:21 the way she said “fuuuuuack” made me me laugh too hard-

    67. Jo's Jesus Creepers

      I’m trying to clean my room to the sound of Emma’s videos

    68. Jada Marcelo

      Emma is my best friend!😍 but she doesn’t know it😪

    69. Aniawx Art

      Forehead Kiss :,)

    70. James Camil

      7:03 just keep on going, use a metronome, play along with song and possibly play with other people; preferably people better than you

    71. sara raed

      funniest person everrrr

    72. sxlversoul x

      i literally adore her

    73. Cami Tomlinson

      am i the only one who thinks she looks like timothee chalamet?

    74. Hereforschool

      Ok but you sound good on the drums. We wanna hear more

    75. Sarah Robinson

      am i the only one who actually paused and went and showered?? i was just doing what ms chanberlain said

    76. N A

      Emma is seriously my favourite person like she can do absolutely nothing and it’s hilarious cause she has the best personality and I love her😩

    77. Addison Smith


    78. johanna

      where are these glasses from 17:34 ?

    79. Sharvari Bhatkar

      No Emma you did not have a meltdown , you just "feel like not doing anything " and that's why you laid in bed all dayv

    80. Briana Konan

      I come back to this video for motivation

    81. Oihane Garcia

      Emma compra la misma mostaza que yo yupiiiii jajajaj🤠🤪

    82. namjoons left dimple

      sometimes i literally feel like i’m with emma right there 🛐🛐🛐 she literally is my best friend. (only friend)

    83. im a gangster

      im commenting on every video youve made

    84. Kelly Ng

      Question kinda off topic, not to offence anyone or judge, but how much do u make in YT ? Anybody pls tell me I wanna know.

    85. Kelly Ng


    86. celeste mackenzie

      people who think emma is a vibe | | | | ✨

    87. queen_xx

      her cat in the back is such a mood

    88. Gtggbbyby Vtggghhnjn

      Thought I hated Emma, realised I actually think she’s awesome and I was just being edgy

    89. Susannah Perri

      “So I’m just thinking about the future of my soup.” That’s going to be my mantra from now on when I am down, cause it makes me laugh out loud. I really need that right now. Thank you, Emma!

    90. Simmy

      Andddd my Alexa set a 20 min timer...

    91. Valérie Dionne

      My Alexa went off when she said that 😅

    92. Dude it's Reyna

      im litteraly watching this in my zoom clas lmaooo i love emma😅

    93. E L

      you're so funny even tho you're boring but you're like just honest and yea you're still fucking funny Been watching your videos often and yea keep doing what you're doing Also are you a caffeine addict like fr

    94. Nika A

      Can’t believe Emma has « mental breakdowns » she seems so confident and positive. I watch her when I am sad and every single time she lifts my mood up. And I am like twice her age, crazy no?

    95. Raluca Zalaru

      I love hearing you play drums

    96. Jayda Cassanova

      I love you

    97. Harini Pichumani

      Who checked out Emma’s Spotify playlist !!!!?!!! Ahh so good

    98. Amelia Tebbutt

      when you asked Alexa to set a timer my Alexa heard and set one ahahah

    99. Bam Taulepa

      is it just me or did she only swear like once GOALS

    100. Loren Loney

      leave the animals alone. #GOVEGAN stop the murder, stop the torture, save the planet. Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.