Demi Lovato - 15 Minutes (Visualizer)


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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing 15 Minutes (Visualizer). © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. love is love

      thank god she's not with that weirdo anymore

    2. Slowedo Music

      Beat of the song is so 🔥🔥✨✨

    3. Patsy Blas

      this is the perfect ex song! hahaha yessss Demi!

    4. João Iago Nobile Ferreira

      m*x was found crying... in malibu

    5. Isadora Cruz

      "Ain't goodbye but it's good riddance". Yeah. Right in the feelings.

    6. Klaudiusz Kordylewski

      Try to turn my friends into friends of the past! He really did it? This is why Demi unfollow Matthew on Instagram one day ? Omg! 😳

    7. Tiffany

      Don’t get the song

    8. Marília Sousa


    9. Je Se

      The homeless man Max

    10. holly weed

      this song is my favorite from the album

    11. Anne Carvalho

      perfeita nunca errou

    12. Jayden White-Nelson

      Everytime I play this I always say "pack yo shit you can come and get it"

    13. Young Town

      15 minutes already love the beginning to the end. Demi in repeat this shit in the morning while in the shower 😄❤️

    14. Sandra Wochna

      That little growl give me a dang shiver every dang time 😂 she's magic 💜

    15. Lucas Goncalves

      I'm in love whit this album ❤

    16. mila arce

      This song is catchy lol

    17. John carlo Llaban

      I love you Demi💖

    18. Aly Wilson

      I'm gonna be honest I've never been prouder of a human being Demi you gold 💛

    19. Ambrosine Isabelly


    20. Emma Caroline

      7 hearts :D

    21. Thainná Cardoso

      Perfect 👏🏼👏🏼

    22. Jordan Lee

      Demi Youre a queen

    23. Prince Rodriguez

      Me: *Snoozes my alarm for more 15 minutes of sleep* after 5 seconds My alarm: 'Cause you were looking for 15 minutes, now you got 15 minutes, hope you enjoy your 15 minutes. 🎶

    24. Carolina De Lucas

      you can tell how mad she was omg luv her

    25. Nadia H

      Me: Hmm *Googles Max Ehrich 'come and get it'* Nothing. Still me: Huh 🤔 *Googles Selena Gomez 'come and get it'* OHHHHHHHH



    27. Emily Anicetto

      "Pack your stuff you can COME AND GET IT"

    28. RILEY govender

      She deserves a gramny for Best album Best female artist Best song of the year

    29. noah Mejía

      Esta es mi fv❤❤❤

    30. Lety Reyes

      Could relate. Lots of love 😍 😘 4 her.

    31. Victória Vasconcelos

      I know I'm a headache but I'm working on it

    32. thescarletwitch

      this song is so underrated

    33. thescarletwitch


    34. thescarletwitch

      you got 15 minutes

    35. thescarletwitch


    36. Emily Napper

      The way she said looking with that growl😍

    37. Melissa Lima

      Amo o deboche dessa música

    38. raje jain

      Demi said everything without actually saying anything 😂😂

    39. raje jain

      It's about max 😂😂😂😂😂

    40. TopMusics


    41. cassie


    42. Jamaire Bowling

      All lovatics are here for you

    43. Pedro Henrique

      Yesssss baby ❤️❤️

    44. Pedro Henrique


    45. Coco Kalise

      You had your 15 minutes max timetago.....

    46. Samantha Lacerda


    47. Cima New

      This is definitely my favorite.. good for you demi hahaha That laugh omg hahahahaha that's my girl

    48. Rodrigo Parotti


    49. Rodrigo Parotti


    50. Rodrigo Parotti


    51. Rodrigo Parotti


    52. Pedro Henrique


    53. Ailin Sosa

      0:30 😍💞💜🤗

    54. Héctor

      Su risa de fondo 😅😍

    55. Destiny Ramirez

      Not only can TayTay do breakup songs so can Demi

    56. GAGA FANS

      Princess of pop

    57. GAGA FANS

      Demi love you

    58. Patricius

      Max, welcome to your tape

    59. Srishti Sinha

      kinda sad how this song isn't 15 mins long

    60. Badoui Hanna

      “You can come and get it” 🙈😉

    61. Mila Lima


    62. Trust NO1

      Love thaaaat!!

    63. Christopher Rodriguez

      We love you Demi!

    64. Christopher Rodriguez

      Love this song!

    65. Christopher Rodriguez

      Me encantaaaa💖

    66. Francesca Fabbio

      She's so confident and badass!! I love the way she is❤❤

    67. Symore Primus

      this is on repeat, is there any way the instrumental can be posted here on your page please, i beg oh (lol).

    68. Belinda Bauer

      You know whats funny? I am listening to this Song... and I am really trying hard. But... I cant remember his name. Guess the 15 minutes are over 😂👋🏻

    69. Gustavo Nassary


    70. ahmet Toprak

      Bunca yorum arasindan bu yorumu görürsen güzel bir tesadüf olur😉😊

    71. Ana Morla

      It’s giving Beyoncé. It’s giving to the left, to the left and I am HERE for it 👑

    72. Yuri Marques

      I stil CANNOT believe this is not the 15th song on the album!

    73. Antonio Garcia

      Probably my fav from the album atm

    74. taiye kk

      Yeah know your worth sisss

    75. Sz A

      Doesn't the clock look similar to the one from 'Future Now' poster?

    76. hfshzhr89

      omg before I listened to this I thought Easy is my fave song. This song is soo good it's a contender

    77. Banger Bang bang

      Brooo she really went in on him 😭😭😭

    78. MakeupbyRocky

      Dang that was like “you messed with the wrong one” 😅

    79. Lizeth Ivanova


    80. Lizeth Ivanova

      Espero haya disfrutado sus 15 minutos de atención

    81. J SK

      Come & Get It ... hahaha😭

    82. Stéphane Riopel

      he must be sobbing rn.

    83. Bel Izabel


    84. Bel Izabel


    85. Bel Izabel


    86. Kardoli

      vous êtes spécial dans chaque détail. chaque fois que je t'entends, je ressens de la joie. tu es incroyable. ta voix s'améliore. Je suis heureux d'être ton fan depuis 2014, je t'aime

    87. Kardoli

      je t'aime

    88. Kardoli

      Je suis heureux d'être ton fan depuis 2014

    89. Kardoli

      tu es incroyable. ta voix s'améliore.

    90. Kardoli

      chaque fois que je t'entends, je ressens de la joie.

    91. Kardoli

      vous êtes spécial dans chaque détail.

    92. Kardoli

      vous êtes spécial dans chaque détail. chaque fois que je t'entends, je ressens de la joie. tu es incroyable. ta voix s'améliore. Je suis heureux d'être ton fan depuis 2014, je t'aime

    93. c j

      One of my favorite songs on the album

    94. Erika

      How could someone want to hurt demi lovato he's so fucking stupid 😂

    95. Susanna Larini

    96. As Aparências Enganam

      Good song!!😍💚❤

    97. Tiago Sampaio


    98. Jahli Boss

      Wow demi drag

    99. leah unsworth

      GO OFF SIS YASS #Notgoodbyegodriddance

    100. John R.

      The intro reminds of another song but I can’t remember. Can anyone help??