Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni - Italy 🇮🇹 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2021

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    Måneskin represented Italy at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Zitti E Buoni
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    1. Eurovision Song Contest

      Read more about Måneskin here: eurovision.tv/participant/maneskin-2021

      1. Σταματης Σταματης


      2. Игорь †

        Read (listen to audiobooks) the Gospel and watch the films The Life of Jesus Christ and The Passion of Christ.

      3. Brigitte An

        @CIA Central intelligence agency it's not true!I'm french and i like so much them...and not the french sing...🤗

      4. User Mister

        Zitti Buoni ... e Suonate Dal Vivo

      5. Libera Masiello



      3 non english songs at the first place, it's time for more non english song at the eurovision 3 chansons chantées dans leur lengue et pas en anglais on peut espérer plus de pays chantant dans leur langue en 2022 !!!!

    3. Marice Adraneda


    4. Liana Offiziell


    5. Liana Offiziell

      Italy Tolle Musik 🎧🎵🎶

    6. Liana Offiziell


    7. Liana Offiziell

      Ja das ist Tol Ja Einfech 2021 Gewonnen😎

    8. ZL Productions

      Yohio should have participated years ago. We were so ahead of the curve...

    9. Игорь †

      Read (listen to audiobooks) the Gospel and watch the films The Life of Jesus Christ and The Passion of Christ.

    10. vanhese tuur

      Best song

    11. :)

      Aşırı iyi abiii

    12. Hhe Nsn

      So bad

    13. Gioele Gurrera

      Måneskin 🖤

    14. Tomkaja Naja

      On Tiktok so hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥 in Thailand

    15. nemo munya

      я так понял я здесь один русский

    16. Aero Zg

      I am a big fan

    17. Mix World

      Poor music

      1. Hashtagsandtapas

        Go cry

    18. Sis

      After 2 months of discovering them I can say... THEY DESERVED TO WIN!!

    19. Manase channel

      Gakda artinya ni bg ?

    20. panocho grana

      Can enyone explain to me how is possible this song can win Eurovision?? The world is turning in one directon and I am doing it in the opossite one.......pufff

      1. Hashtagsandtapas

        @Kristina B 🤣 👏

      2. Kristina B

        Why not? Brilliant guitar riffs same as the rest of instrumental parts. Strong LIVE vocals, catchy tune, outstanding stage confidence, very strong lyrics, native language. Self compose, self produced song. If you can accept fluffy cheesy pop only, you are definitely going wrong direction.

    21. Jayantha Kumara

      I can't get over Damiano's voice. The grunge and control he has are exceptional.

    22. Pipoy Beloso

      Ciao e bella la musica

    23. Pipoy Beloso

      Hi and my Italy and super wow omg

    24. Caroline F.

      I hope this will finally bring back performers singing in their OWN language. I'm sick and tired of hearing everyone catering to the English-speaking audience with shitty songs in English. Vivent les identités culturelles multiples et la diversité !!! Special mention to the amazing contestant from Portugal a few years back. ❤️

    25. Max Meyer

      I love it

    26. Любоня


    27. Nadya Solntseva

      100% заслуженная победа, ребята просто потрясающие! Яркие, харизматичные, безумно талантливые!🔥🔥🔥 Спасибо Евровидению за это открытие ♥️ 2й месяц на репите😄

    28. L D

      The gesture he does when he says buonasera makes my knees weak...

    29. Licorice Bubble

      Måneskin world domination

    30. Sorcha

      The "Thank You Europe" at the end

    31. Лариса Тарасенко

      Кто русский пиши я

      1. Алиса Фархутдинова


    32. Claire Parouti

      Italy 🇮🇹💚❤️🤤🤤

    33. Лариса Тарасенко


    34. Pekka Melleri

      Italy need to send songs like this every year

    35. Melek Köse

      Can't stop listening again and again. I'm afraid of getting bored of listening this masterpiece ✋

    36. Jürgen Degen

      Super Lied!

    37. M Silva

      Zitti e Buoni is now my mantra!

    38. Martino Ricci

      Che schifooo la vergogna dell italia erano drogati così dicono

      1. Hashtagsandtapas

        🤣🤣🤣🤣 ma vai a dormire

      2. Franco Lindiri


      3. Passione Blue

        Perché parli senza approfondire? La gente purtroppo parla, non sa di che cosa parla.

    39. Gianluca Brandi

      Francesi ciao ciao....

    40. Oséias Gonçalves

      Lembra mamonas assasinas, uma banda brasileira.

    41. Doğukan or Chettomas

      Manga 2010da nasıl birinci olamadı

    42. LunaLu666 Lucifuge

      Italy: so they screwed us up for Il Volo and Mahmood,Its payback time bi*ches! *Proceeds to win both Eurovision and Euro2021*

    43. Jose luis Sanchez ñaupac

      Pero que carajooo muy buena música 🤪🤪🤪🤪

    44. 𝙄𝙣𝙛𝙪𝙯𝙤𝙧𝙞𝙮𝙖

      ❤ Italy

    45. yustesu

      1:57 IS ICONIC

    46. Gabri Tata

      I'm proud of our maneskin!!!greetings from Italy😚😊

    47. Hashtagsandtapas

      I keep forgetting that they won the whole thing singing in Italian 🥲

    48. Elizaveta Bernar

      🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    49. defne

      sonuna kadar hakettiler

    50. Özkan Çayır


    51. suprise game

      realy fun song ! but why that clothes ?

      1. Adrian Neagoe

        He outfits are great

    52. Vin3 Anywhere

      Too 👎

    53. Montse Moreso millan

      The worst song Eurovisión ever

      1. Hashtagsandtapas

        @Montse Moreso millan no pasa nada everything is gonna be alright. Måneskin world domination

      2. Montse Moreso millan

        @Hashtagsandtapas ???

      3. Hashtagsandtapas

        @Montse Moreso millan 🥲 stay mad

      4. Montse Moreso millan

        @Cristina Crari the songs that i like were: norway, switerland, Bulgaria, finland,San Marino, Austria and Lithuania.

      5. Montse Moreso millan

        @Cristina Crari i don't like the song of the Spain, i' m spanish but the song of Spain wasn't well

    54. Darlan Mendes

      Okay We already need a kind of world cup music bands. Planet earth needs one!

    55. Bingo Bongo

      This is the revolution, not only in music. Open your mind free your body fight for those who can't

    56. Joana Karla Rodriguez

      This is a Maneskin concert than a contest

    57. Addili Biraç

      İl volo, Mahmood and Maneskin. You are King of the music 🇮🇹❤️

    58. Vitro📌

      1:21 che fiato

    59. Ash

      So good

    60. MiltEX_RL

      I can't stop watching it 2 months after ughh insane🇮🇹

    61. Natsuki Scuderi

      Manga nasıl 1. Olamadı ya

    62. Lessy shik

      I can’t stop watching this 😩❤️🇮🇹

    63. Lessy shik

      Just best ❤️

    64. Alexandros Ioannis Tsakmakidis

      Damiano Μπράβο για το τρόπαιο στη Eurovision

    65. Alexandros Ioannis Tsakmakidis

      Εγώ θέλω να γίνω επαγγελματίας σαν εσένα όταν μεγαλώσω

    66. Alexandros Ioannis Tsakmakidis


    67. haroldpinkcum

      UGH YES

    68. İbrahim Alpay

      59 M views, probably 1M because of me

    69. shoto todoroki

      i watch this video everyday religiously

    70. U R A N I A

      I'm in love with Måneskin I'm in love with Italian Musics I'm in love with Italian Mens I'm in love with Italian Womans I'm in love with Italian Foods Shortly I'm in love with Italy as a Turkish 🇮🇹 🇹🇷 LOVE YOU ITALYYY!

      1. U R A N I A

        @İbrahim Alpay upss forgot that yeah also I'm in love with Italian Mafias ;)

      2. İbrahim Alpay

        Also Italian Mafias 🔫

    71. Tmbsai ysnyr

      maNga aklıma geldi gene, yaktım... :')

    72. w e i r d o

      one of the most iconic performances in esc history

    73. käppänä

      Finland and italy are the best🔥🎸🖤

    74. Ras'al Ghul

      Arkadaşlar Lena yüzünden 1. Olamadık bari bu şarkının onun şarkısından fazla dinlenmesini sağlayalım.🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷


      Only here because I read Hooverphonic was competing (I'm from California) only artist I knew, wanted to hear the winning song. It rocks....I guess.

    76. letunet

      ну что, два месяца прошло, а я все продолжаю пересматривать этот шедевр!!!

    77. Pekka Melleri

      Finally someone singing with their native language.

    78. wkdlins

      What a talented man he can speak Italian and English I have met him before he’s so sweet

    79. вечно молодой, вечно пьяный

      Как же приятно смотреть на молодых и талантливых ребят! Måneskin, вы лучшие! From Russia with love!

    80. walli219

      grazie per aver vinto contro l'inghilterra :) la germania ringrazia 🇮🇹🇩🇪

      1. Deborah C


    81. thanos dallas

      Forza forza forza italy eurovison and euro !!!!!

    82. Syifa Farah

      I would commit a crime to watch this performance for the first time again...

    83. Lece4ka_


    84. MaZGiD

      Okay I'm really tired of this band , but this performance is banger

      1. Passione Blue

        @MaZGiD unfortunately they are everywhere with the same 2 songs.

      2. MaZGiD

        @Passione Blue They are just everywhere. Just overhyped. Not saying, that they are talentless.

      3. Passione Blue

        Their Italian songs are great!

    85. Tatiana Muñoz

      victoria’s little stomps are so cute

    86. Florian

      My phone don't want to play again this song. That's only the 6823rd time...

    87. 2 жена витковского

      Девчонки, лайк за этого красавца

    88. ATATÜRK

      Türk yok mu ?

      1. Özkan Çayır


      2. Katherine Pierce

        Olmaz mı

    89. Jailyn Noort

      Damiano is wearing the highest heels I have ever seen

    90. uki_krlaljica


    91. a_m1811 Koko


    92. Teresa Borsotti

      I maneskin sono i miglioriiiii

    93. Karl Boland

      No disrespect but is Damiano slightly flat for the first chorus? 0:55

      1. Crane

        Probably nerves

    94. Аяна Норзаева


    95. Lera Revutskaya

      Нереальный ⚡

    96. eren bastug

      It is the best Eurovision song for last 10 years

    97. Brigitte An

      J'adoreeee 🥰🇮🇹

    98. suzy sheep

      grazie, for making addicted to Italy.

    99. Enrico Forte


    100. Vase 424

      Love it