HAZBIN HOTEL -(CLIP)- "Something Rotten" NOT FOR KIDS!


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    BOARDED BY: June VanOtterdyk
    So sorry for missing the 'r' Fairy!

    Sir Pentious certainly thinks he is a wicked and powerful demon overlord, but that doesn't make it true. There are plenty of others just egg-static to mess with him!

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    Huge additional thanks to the incredible team helping me make this happen and their incredible talents making my crazy characters look good! They worked so incredibly hard, determined to get this doof out in time for our goal of Christmas day! Without their extra effort this little gift wouldn't be here for everyone to enjoy! I owe them so much!

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    1. jill konyar

      He best snek

    2. Amazing Stella

      Guys I'm the only one who sir pentious reminds me plankton from SpongeBob?? Nobody? Only me? Fine...

    3. Alana Cum

      Не знала что вы знаете русский)

    4. TreBear xStream GAMING

      wait you have made my cheese ROTTEN OH YOU FU-

    5. Bradie C

      I am making a show with a main character very similar to sir pentius because I thought that would be cool it’s about him and his crew of villains trying to conquer the galaxy coming soon whenever I feel like not procrastinating

    6. ghost leviathan

      You know this is the guy who voiced the narrator in battle block theater

    7. Erick Massa

      Eggboy 🤣

    8. Michaela Loukas

      Is nobody going to talk about his vocabulary?

    9. Joseph Sosa

      is that 90s nick as egg boys?

    10. Impostor Sr. Serpientus

      Mi personaje que mas amoo ❤❤

    11. DarkFang777

      STRONG Superjail vibes I love it

    12. Dilya Ellis

      When that Vivzie say Russia🤪😳😳

    13. Devon Bickett


    14. Nether Illager

      That one egg is either making an innuendo or a seuiside comment

    15. Gacha_Potato _3

      look at the background

    16. Charlotte Jønson


    17. Zachary Chaber

      Why eggs?

    18. Чёта про что-то

      Я надеюсь не один русский тут :(

    19. _Nimfiriti_

      Почему название русское?._.

    20. tom Reyes


    21. Korahdapuppy 8


    22. Luna Farwell

      “And everyone will know the name of sir-“ That one perverted person:”BEDLORD” Cherrybomb:

    23. the youtubesenger

      It's says that it's not for kids, but for some reason the tone of this clip and the way the characters personality are makes me feel like it's a show for kids. Is there a reason for that?

    24. Laura Cabral

      Eu surtando pq o título tá em português 🇧🇷

    25. Steven c Gutierrez

      He looks almost like Michael Jackson.

    26. Isaac A

      Man I love stamper

    27. Carter Parker

      Love Stamper

    28. Prince Tony

      So like...Where did the eggs come from???

    29. Sarah Cristina


    30. Autumn&cat

      "I wish he shot me with his ray gun"

    31. Max Heath


    32. Laughin Jaxkss

      Because Viziepop did not just steal my online friend’s boyfriend’s character designs. And did not just whorifie them and then witch hunted him into making his Instagram accounts private. And did not steal someone else’s character designs known as Angel Dust, The dead white haired girl form hazbin hotel and many others. Let’s just ignore the fact that imma get witch hunted because I know all of the shit she’s done that’s she claims is her own. Let’s ignore the fact she stole designs and just appreciate how much work went into her animations that she made with majority of not her own characters.

    33. Slick

      I knew the eggs were UkinoJoe

    34. Carla Vives

      I love him ♡

    35. Мария Сосина

      Мне так нравится его голос 🤩

    36. Daniel Duanis

      I rather fight with bare handed

    37. Ann Herrick

      1:08 the sound when he saw it

    38. chocolate4cri

      I love him unconditionally. No matter what. I will love him. Always

    39. Daisy Dudes the amethyst

      I read it as something is rotten not for kids

    40. Glad Penguin Art

      Everyone is saying she said “edgelord” but I prefer to think she said “egg lord”

    41. Dexman777


    42. Marshok

      *Тоже пришел(-ла) поискать русские коменты?)*

    43. Timonin Sergei

      Бля, тут есть кто нибудь русский ?

      1. 0


    44. CinemaSans

      I loved him so much. Hope he returns someday.

    45. Roberto Izzo


    46. pinkhairedrat xo

      oh my god i fricking love his accent

    47. TalIuminum

      *"What did you just say to me you fried chicken Fetuses?!"*

    48. I am Gorb!

      The best characters are the Deviled eggs. Nobody can change my mind.

    49. Вилка и Рожок

      Почему написана на Русском? Я одна это заметила

      1. 0

        Я тоже

    50. 김그림

      I like this one the best. A cute old man. But my friends don't even know this animation exists. fuck

    51. Gabbie Playz

      im just imagining alistor hearing that and destroying that boi-

    52. milimoxy

      Really good👍

    53. PikachuTheHedgehog

      No one: Cherri: EDGELORD-

    54. Southern Fried Media

      look kids its STAMPER

      1. Jenno Toetenel

        Good olde times

      2. Jenno Toetenel

        I love stamper brings me back too battel Block theater

    55. nightshade

      He is probably the most expressively animated character out of all. Its really amazing.

    56. --

      Egg boiz

    57. Redgomor

      I can imagine Sir Pentious being the equivalent to Team Rocket in the upcoming Series. And to be honest, I can't wait to experience it!

    58. Kono Dio da!

      Is this dt.doofenshmirtz from phineas and ferb but he died an landed in hell

    59. Fluffychan

      Ты русская?

    60. boredom120

      "Egg lord" I finally caught what Cherri said after hearing this part for days.

    61. Starspeaker

      Sir pentious gives off the same category of vibes as Team rocket, yknow? The messy, dopey villain(s) that no one takes seriously and is pretty much an annoyance at the most. *AND I LOVE IT*

    62. Nicole

      Te amo 👊😔 #SrPentiousbbecito

    63. αᖇƗMค Todσгᗝк丨

      Sir Pentious: "WhAt DiD yOu SaY tO mE, yOu FrIeD cHicKeN fEtUsEs?! SsSsSpEaK uP!" Me: *Tis now my favorite thing to call my little sisters.*

    64. Lachlan Bain

      Wait is the hat sentient

    65. Juan Pablo

      Battle Block Theater narrator now in hell.

    66. Dio S h R I Mp

      Me and my brother fighing over the last of the cereal

    67. E- Weeb

      oH bOi!!!

    68. прототип прото

      Офигеть русское название водьбе и песня была тоже

    69. ГУЛДАН

      Ага попались а я русский 😶

    70. ГУЛДАН

      What's the name on Russian? Something suspicious. 🤔

    71. Furry Nanaki179


    72. BLKBRDSR71

      “No other demon can compare to the likes of I!” Alastor: Summons Cluthulu

    73. Last90's Dude

      Happy 1st Year Anniversary Viziepop's/Team & everyone involved in the creation of HazbinHotel. Can't believe it's been 1 year ago today that this amazing passion project premiered. Thank you to all the fan's for loving & supporting this kick @$$ series !!!

    74. ¿Gʀᴀᴅɪᴇɴᴛ?

      0:54 ah yes if you put it on 0.25 this is what will show you if you put 0:54

    75. -Weirdo-

      I like how it says not for kids but we sure in the hell know kids be watching this.

    76. Finnaginary


    77. AkAtSuKi


    78. Sebastian Miranda

      😈❤: I LOVE #23 🤣😍🥚

    79. CosmicSong

      i need more danger noodle in my life

    80. Fallen Star

      Everybody gangsta until a pink bomb crashes through your window

    81. -starry blessing-

      Ngl I really like his character tho

    82. Tina 131

      Hello (*´∇`)ノ Vivzipop!

    83. Tallest Purple

      1:08 his face tho 😂

      1. lucienne rosario


    84. RedBear I made the skin btw took me awhile

      Title: not for kids Me: I already seen hazbin hotel and I’m 8 and I understood every thing going so why not so *clikcs on this*

    85. Why Am I here

      The eggs are like my dog

    86. Lemon demon Official

      I'm buying fat nuggets and angel dust

    87. Tina 131

      вы знаете русский язык????

    88. Slightly Cooler Walter Bennett

      There are roughly 1 million words in the English language yet I still can't create a sentence out of said words that can fully express how much I love Sir Pentious

    89. Jay Johnson

      Theory: Sir Pentious = Nikola Tesla

    90. YaBoi_Nas

      Papyrus but snake

    91. Rosy Enigma

      the eggs talk like ever phrase they say is some kind of pun I wish he would shoot MEE with his ray gun.

    92. sans the skeleton

      the voice actor really did great here

    93. демоны 5

      Передаю привет русским

      1. Cor-man

        Ну привет

    94. Green-Night-Studios

      I love demons, I love snakes.... INSTANT FAVORITE

    95. Aleksandra Makari

      He sounds like Grell Sutcliff.

    96. Reiko Burton

      Sir pentious: NOTHING WILL STOP ME Alastor: *hold my staff*

    97. Maya Djihane


      1. Maya Djihane


    98. Fallout Patriot

      "i wish he would shoot ME with his ray gun" i felt that egg #23

      1. sans the skeleton



      А почему надпись на русском?

    100. daniela sigcoatza

      Doblage en español de Fasty Dups u