A Very Chanel Halloween (behind the scenes)

Mario Selman

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    A Very Chanel Halloween (behind the scenes)

    Short Film: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIKbF...

    Directed by: Ieuan Thomas
    Music by: @prodvshy

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    1. Mario Selman

      So much iconic content coming. I love y’all. Stay tuned ;)

      1. LarrayLuv

        Hey Mario Selman, I've been a fan for a very long time, ever since you started out, and I just want to tell you that I love you, you're amazing, and I'm proud of how far you've come. It would mean a lot to me if you could respond to me, ILYSM. 💞💞💞🥺

      2. Tanima fahima

        So when is it coming all out

      3. Ariana JM

        Más videos en español porfavoooor

      4. S. Brokenfeelz

        Whats the intro song tho?

      5. LaaJae petty

        can you make more bc I love that one

    2. happy llama

      Me thinking you guys just did it with a Regular camera then I see this (oop)

    3. Savanna Todd

      Ok did she say I'm gonna stab you with my tits hu wtf

    4. Bunny Boba

      real bad bitch

    5. Kaite Hardeen

      When Mario said Alexa volume 0 my Alexa thoght he was talking to her lol

    6. Kaite Hardeen


    7. Olivia Gulick

      Love u all soooooooooooo much💗✨💗✨💗 all of u are so amazing and super funny and always bring a smile to my face when I’m feeling down💗✨💗✨💗

    8. Yourlocalidiot

      “dOnT FiLm mE iM LiTeRaLlY dRuNk” ~RAVON 2020


      Yall did such a great job... I can't stop watching....💓💓💓💓💓

    10. jasmine burgess

      Part 2?

    11. KxsuSvmp

      6:27 when Ravon got SMACKED with blood, ON HIS WHITE PANTS, I was like “That smack tho- wait...HIS WHITE PANTS”

    12. Riah

      I loved this video love hw you just went for it and made ya own filmm❤ok queen

    13. kpzume

      7:47 *”hopefully he doesn’t stab me too hard, that’s kinda hot”*

    14. Justice

      Mario is so precious someone protect him at all costs 😭

    15. Michelle mensah

      Michelle and her family 👪 and I have been talking 👄 about the house 🏠 for a while and I was wondering 😔 what is the status of the application 🤔 I have a

    16. CAT

      Mario you honestly slayed this

    17. Alexa Yanez Valdez

      I am finishing homework as we watch this

    18. J A S O N · 12 years ago

      Imagine watching this right before Christmas

    19. seowyan

      Mario’s so cute tbh

    20. Kayson Council

      7 hour shoot for 7 minutes 😭

    21. Evan ahuh

      What song is that in the intro

      1. Emir Ç.

        did u find?

    22. Chibe

      You were so cool and cute at James Charles Among us video, I'm now a fan!

      1. molly percocets

        Welcome queen 😌

    23. Vanessa Serrano

      This is literally the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life😂😂 I love all of you guys ❤️❤️

    24. Samriddhi Soperna


    25. Minty Tea Roblox

      Let’s talk about the lil split of foundation on Mario’s hair 💀

    26. Norris Nuts

      Ugh I want there friendship

    27. LarrayLuv

      Hey Mario Selman, I've been a fan for a very long time, ever since you started out, and I just want to tell you that I love you, you're amazing, and I'm proud of how far you've come. It would mean a lot to me if you could respond to me, ILYSM. 💞💞💞🥺

    28. MoveFaster

      What a life riches.

      1. MoveFaster

        and weird clothes.

    29. Tabs

      Aaaagghddjgssfhkksksklbf I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

    30. Jessica W

      So proud of you!!! 💕

    31. Teresita Serrano


    32. MaryAnne Jordan

      200th comment♥️♥️

    33. Eboney James

      "If your walking on ice you might as well tap dance"

    34. Alannah Reynolds

      i'm so dead at how fast Nikita ran after pushing you into the pool

    35. Isabel Faustino

      5:18 “Did I get f***ing stabbed?” I’m dead

    36. Acasha Miley

      Ayyy It’s that Girl Slay Slay

    37. mrs styles

      There fucking has to be a “ Chanel Christmas”

    38. Mairy Lane

      I wouldn’t be shocked if it said ....filmed on a iPhone

    39. Purr

      Ravon tooooo much. But I love it.

    40. YouKnowMeAsDJ

      best youtubers out there? UHH.. YASSSSS DUHHHHH

    41. hi um bi

      Now we need a Very Chanel Christmas

    42. sami lopez

      1:11 ravons eyes were red here...

    43. Jasmine Sorto

      Queens 😌💜 periodt ✨💅

    44. Jeremy Oseh

      You can tell everyone loved it because the bts only has 9 dislikes and 2.3k thumbs up

    45. Krishika Chawla

      3:24 *starts singing* if we gonna die lets die somewhere pretty ohhhh

    46. Bilslefttoe

      CHANEL C Ute H ot A wesome N ever ugly E xciting L ovely

      1. Milana Milana

        its like first place and the lyrics go “im cute, im hawt, im everything ur not”

      2. Milana Milana

        no its should be Cute Hot Amanzing Never Ugly Everything your not Lovely

    47. liluzihurt

      "i'm gonna stab you with my tits"- nikita dragun 2020

    48. Shamani Turner

      Lovin this

    49. Mustyprince Unique

      Megan Thee Stallion Ehhhh😂😂😂

    50. Jasmine Bourque

      Tana underboob is not a Halloween costume

    51. Jaylee Toste

      Omg ahhh I was waiting for this❤️❤️❤️

    52. Marisol Urbina

      “Tana wouldn’t stop talking idk what to tell you”💀


      Chanel number one(Larri)and Chanel number two(Mario)was looking good,Chanel Three(Ravon)was looking pretty and skinny.

    54. Ms.Diva07 #2

      Mario thanks for volunteering to jump in the pool without that we would've lost a ICONIC moment

    55. Isabel Ynw

      Omg when he said Alexa volume 0 my Alexa Frr responded

    56. Chloe Floyd

      It require money to make money this is the best secret I have ever discovered we don't make money we Earn and multiply money

    57. Julius Guzman

      The Chanel’s need more camera time!

    58. Cam64 Shadow

      Yall did that The results are soo good

    59. Leonardo

      We better have a “ A Very Chanel Christmas”

    60. Ashiva Anozie

      Do more of these kind of stuff, it's gonna separate U from others 💙💚💗👍 Weldon

    61. Pablo Herrador

      when did nikita get another nose job lmao

    62. Zamira Campbell

      6:13 sounded like he was on a dating show 😭 like ex on the beach or love island

      1. skinny diet coke

        byeeee, cause he'd look good on it too

      2. Ms.Diva07 #2

        Hahahah for tho

      3. user G


    63. Ali Afzaal

      This was amazing ily guys

    64. xmikee

      Snapped 💅🏻✨

    65. Mimou BSM

      Brady gave me LIFE lmaoo

    66. Mariella Janelle

      And why was you not chanel1 you could of just had brady to your self but you know i love larray i even have his merch

    67. Mariella Janelle

      Not tana with the underboob And thats on cancelled

    68. valentina

      "do I keep going" 🤚🏽😭 💀

    69. alitrix

      Where’s the bleached black hoodie from?

    70. green leafy vegetables

      Why no chaneloween

    71. ⭑Hoshi⭑

      Bro larray is so extra- but I love it

    72. Mick Welch

      My Mommy loved it!

    73. night crawler

      i fucking love this so much

    74. Léon Iglesias

      hollywood should be scared for you taking their careers

    75. Léon Iglesias

      yall did that

    76. Léon Iglesias


    77. Léon Iglesias

      the editing reminds me of kuwtk

    78. Zarre

      I have a lot of homework to do but this is worth failing for

    79. user G

      i love how brady's just hitting larri's head and larri thinks it feels good they're so random

      1. Indira Nunez


      2. Jodean Booysen

        I love them for it 😹❤

      3. kpzume

        lmao larris used to it (not the bad type)

    80. nataly Hernandez

      Can we all appreciate how ravon was the one who started the chanels 😌💅💅

    81. 2nd floor gaming: Roblox and extras

      OH MY HECK I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING WHEN HE SAID “Alexa volume zero” my echo do was by my bed and it listened to him BAHAHAHAH😂😂😂😂

    82. Basically _Junko シ

      Omg you look so prettyyyy

    83. Alya Adel

      Love it

    84. Lakya Williams

      Love it

    85. koda

      not me watching this instead of going to bed

    86. reesecup

      ~Rules of the Chanels~ be PRETTY be SKINNY be RICH ~and that’s on PERIODT~

      1. Mia :D


      2. chqrli austin


    87. Jhilmil Somani

      You rock the colour pink!!! 😩❤️🦋

    88. Jhilmil Somani

      I'm doing school rn but this is more important!!!!

    89. Jossy Fuentes


    90. Dana Gabriel

      the four people that disliked are karens

    91. Jacquez Griffin

      Well done Mario!

    92. moments iconic.


      1. Kim_Park _Jane_

        like fr he looks prettier than some of the girls I knoww

    93. emo baddie

      I'm actually early for something lol

    94. Jack Ames

      nikita and tana acting together is an ICONIC DUO they’re so funny and good lmao

    95. Jack Ames

      oscar 👀

    96. RIANA RICE

      When I tell you I almost died of laugher I mean I choked on my rice and it took a while minute

    97. Angelyd Delgado


    98. Autumn N

      Wait why am I getting Deja Vu from this video? Like I feel like I watched this years ago

    99. Rosie Palace

      Icons I say 😌

    100. Bomiiepiphany

      I’m currently procrastinating but idc so I’m gonna watch Mario